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8:49 AM
This could be an API querying strategy initially handling 20 major tags, if we like to go to 50 major tags probably we should change to Strategy 2 in newest question and use data.stackexchange.com to update question older then 7 days.
9:13 AM
Strategy 2 sounds inefficient
Why not stay with per-tag filters (for the api reqs)?
I'm doing this in the initial strategy, it's just if you track many high traffic tags like 50 I guess 90 of question in a request with no tag are of those tags, so instead of querying on tags (that maybe also will return same questions hence tagged java and android), you could just more often check all new question. However I'm suggesting to start with strategy 1.
Ah, I see
5 hours later…
2:30 PM
Ok, I'm not really sure if you like to dev to bot in java or C#, just to give you some fun if in java I have committed a BotCommands to get some result (include the jar) and this is the basic code
Well, it seems we've got @Tuna on our side, so that's 2 Java vs. 1 C#.
Probably best to do it in Java.
Properties properties = new Properties(); // these are some props
properties.load(new FileInputStream("ini/SOCVService.properties"));
String tag = "php";
BotCommands botCmd = new BotCommands();
CherryPickResult result = botCmd.getCherryPickBatch(0L, 0L, tag, 10, null, null, null, null);
//CherryPickResult result = botCmd.getPossibileDuplicatesBatch(0, 0, tag, 10);
String html = result.getHTML();
which side am I on?
what are the possible sides?
the dark side
I want the side with waffles
2:33 PM
Then tuna already can try it out : ), just get the bot into chat parse the two ways, call as above, write to file in some place, and out put link
All done np : )
@Tunaki The Java side.
Of bot dev.
Oh the good side.
The Side of Truth.
The code is old 1.4 code (since I'm old and rusty), but it should work
2:34 PM
just use Java 8 but write 1.4 code with it
Its actually 1.7 otherwise Tuna whould shoot me if he saw Vector
Vector? Yeah don't use that
The only two parameter's that work are tag and maximum number of questions
We will get to filters later on ; )
I'll just sit here and cheer you guys on. :)
lol, you need to download eclipse and fix my code
if I can do some brutal c# I can't see why you can't do some nice java
2:40 PM
I've never written a single line of Java.
It's easy.
Java flows through your vein already.
You don't know it but you will.
Embrace the Force.
You will see the Light.
Anyway, I can't atm. Still battling with DBs.
See, Luke didn't know at first the Force was strong with him.
And that the Force was in every living thing.
Well, Java is that Force.
2:42 PM
See? Obvious :)
I'll give it some more thought later. :)
3:11 PM
its the same as C# as long as you do not need all the advanced java8 tunaki stuff, i++ and go : )
Maybe I'll have a look later :)
I'm not familiar with the framework either btw.
Thanks :D
^ I did NOT do that, no no
just so everyone can kick everyone : )
That's it for now if there is someone lurking and think that it could be interesting to dev some just speak up.
4:04 PM
@Sam Remember that we also need the UniSlack so you need to learn java :P, cya later
2 hours later…
5:38 PM
@Petter I had a brilliant idea. The guys over at CodeReview have a bot that listens to comments mentioning CodeReview and it posts them in chat
If somehow we have trouble, we could ask how they do it

 The 2nd Monitor

General discussion about codereview.stackexchange.com - Welcom...
Q: You are being watched! - Comments of Interest

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6:28 PM
@Tunaki Sounds really nice.
I completely forgot about it
If we listen to comments we can reduce the number of api calls...
We can do this : )
it uses the API (apparently) ;)
Have you seen that I commited some, the two batch mode calls
when you have some time try to get the bot up and running, if you call those two methods you will already have result.
fair enough
I saw your emails
6:33 PM
Yeah you will have some results, so you can test some basic stuff, I will improve the result later on...
@Tunaki Don't worry about the back-end for now (we can always improve it later), but just the chat bot and getting the two basic commands working. Do you already have an idea how to push the result online?
Yes, for now, if we can post a couple of messages here, that'd be great
Exactly just some fun : )
I will registered to get an api key for the back-end, I suggest you do the same for the bot (its not urgent, but without the api quota is really low)
why does the bot need an API key?
Since it also query api : )
It gets 100 question from db, query api to get live data (update database), filter out the best questions and on done query api on questions to have user count (batch result).
Naturally the api calls are lot less since its only 2 api calls for batch
it could handle like 5000 batches : ) a day and that is 50.000 questions, I guess the review que is cleared : )
@Sam what the heck is this OAuth Domain?
Why do I need this?
@Tuna however we can check the best strategy later, lets just get it running :P
7:06 PM
@PetterFriberg Huh?
(I haven't had a chance to open up the repo properly yet btw)
Can't really understand do I need do oath or is the api key enough?
oauth is for chat auth
the api key is needed to get 10k reqs per day from the API
what is the param to send api key?
access_token, I think.
Let me check for sure.
Nope, it's key.
so passing &key=sdsd is enough?
7:11 PM
great thanks I will test it
Yeah that worked it gave me 10K requests
Now I can really it hard : )
7:27 PM
They should change the 404 image :p
@Sam ok, thanks
I was wondering since the api key was displayed in that page : )
Yeah it's only viewable for you.
7:41 PM
well not anymore :P
I can't see it btw
why is GH so slow!
Depends only where you are looking ; )
I'm looking at my feet and I'm pretty sure I don't see it.
And just turned around, I still don't see it.
Look between the toes...
@Tunaki its slow here as well...
Did you break GitHub @Petter?!
I told you NOT to click the RED button!!!!!!
7:45 PM
yeah they gave me an api key there also
Btw, what does it mean "Enable Client Side OAuth Flow"?
when registering for an API key?
and what the heck in "OAuth Domain"?
They call you back on that, I have not really got it but in the end the key that was provided by giving arbitrary Domain was enough to get api quota...
I guess If you like to enter chat maybe you need to do that with the bot, buuh @Sam
@Tunaki no idea
@Tunaki just use "stackexchange.com"
ask no questions
@KevinMontrose: That's probably not a good idea (using the extension ID for the app's domain). I did that originally with Stack Alert but later abandoned it because the extension ID changes based on the key used to sign the extension - and since the Chrome Web Store provides its own key (different from the one you used for testing the extension) it can be a nightmare. A better approach I've found is to simply use stackexchange.com for the domain (which is enabled by default anyway) and have the extension use a new window to complete the authentication procedure. — Nathan Osman ♦ Apr 5 '12 at 0:09
okay fair enough
Did you manage to send blob blob with your client?
7:58 PM
Finished cleaning up the readme \o/
I don't get the authentication process
Can someone dumb this down for me? api.stackexchange.com/docs/authentication
Why do you need auth?
what's the difference between "server-side" and "desktop app"?
I had same issue, but I just skipped it : ), do you really need it?
If you already manage to send plop plop plop I guess you do not need it.
8:05 PM
is this Tuna or his bot version : )
Yeah, don't worry about auth
api key + chat auth is all you need
@PetterFriberg not sure myself
Tuna how the heck do we push the output down on internet, can we push to a git? anyone has any idea on this?
push to a Google docs?
8:09 PM
If you execute my BotCommand call you will have a result containing x question, it would be nice to not output this in chat, but push the html to a git or something similar.
whatever, every plan is good
baaah github is so slow
Q: Using Google Docs API ( Gdata) from Java web application to upload doc

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Don't we have a server available?
8:26 PM
email sent btw
Yeah thanks
@Tunaki for now if you manage to get the bot running after calling BotCommands, loop the question list and out it in chat, mean while we find the best solution for where to output the files.
To call for question see this readme
Then I will check with Sam, how I can upload the file to a server and in the CherryPickResult I will pass the url
8:42 PM
Hey @Petter I'm trying to pull from your repo but it fails
so I deleted everything
aaaah there's no code
there's no code?
There is in the subfolder
why is there a jar?
ah yes
how do I import that into Eclipse now
I need to make a .project by hand
I can commit mine
but its a bit messy to have it in git (so I put it in ignore)
8:47 PM
yes it is messy
that's why you need to make it Maven :p
I have sent you by email ; )
Maven is still obscure for me ... I'm happy that I know a little bit of ant...
bah this is italian
but I get it :)
Ha you have the Sonar builder, nice
afk for a bit
You need the project the two libs (log and json), the ini folder (set the properties API_KEY and THROTTLE (in ms) es = 1000, then if you like to see some log you need the log folder aswell (you can configure other folder in ini log4j.properties) then you are ready to call
do I need to parse the HTML?
8:58 PM
no go directly for the questions
they are in a list
I'll add a getter then :p
Yeah I have done that now, you can pull : )
I'll be spamming this room
Who cares : ), if you just pass 10 only 10 questions will be returned
or you can go for five
I'm going for the all-in.
9:01 PM
Have you all ready implement a method to understand chat command (we only need two simple ones, to understand and test the two commands)
DO something quick and dirty as me.... just force it in production : )
doing that
If you manage to parse also tag we already have a small sistem
Question number youo can set fixed to 5
Possible dupe: stackoverflow.com/q/37123810 - Possible duplicate of <a href="http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2885173/how-to-create-a-file-and-write-‌​to-a-file-in-java">How to create a file and write to a file in Java?</a>
Possible dupe: stackoverflow.com/q/37122419 - Possible duplicate of <a href="http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7071757/keylistener-keypressed-versus-k‌​eytyped">KeyListener, keyPressed versus keyTyped</a>
that format
9:05 PM
: D
wait it crashed :D
9:08 PM
Well it found a possibile dupe, test also the other command
@Tunaki me or you crashing....
me :)
it wasn't able to retrieve the id of the posted message somehow
use the [question.getTitle()] (the link) for now then I will solve the file transfer issue with Sam and pass you a link to all questions
if you manage then to take commands form chat implement the tag as first command...
do you have the title of the dupe?
no not now, but I was contemplating to get it
to get its title and to get vote count
9:13 PM
Possible dupe: [stackoverflow.com/q/37123810](How do you take input from jFrame text field and write it to a file in Java(using netbeans)) of stackoverflow.com/q/2885173
Possible dupe: [stackoverflow.com/q/37122419](KeyBindings seem to work improperly and don&#39;t know why | Java) of stackoverflow.com/q/7071757
Possible dupe: [stackoverflow.com/q/37121529](How to post a list of object using JAX-RS (to perform bean validation)) of stackoverflow.com/q/8194781
Possible dupe: [stackoverflow.com/q/37120838](Equivalent in c# of java generic type parameter) of stackoverflow.com/q/2486277
Possible dupe: [stackoverflow.com/q/37119778](Hibernate logging issue in Spring boot) of stackoverflow.com/q/36496178
Possible dupe: [stackoverflow.com/q/37119680](Java compiler - several methods, same behaviour, different output) of stackoverflow.com/q/2141029
Possible dupe: [stackoverflow.com/q/37119408](unhandled event loop exception gc overhead limit exceeded eclipse) of stackoverflow.com/q/14276892
Possible dupe: [stackoverflow.com/q/37119139](The output of this loop should be less than 1, but I get very large numbers) of stackoverflow.com/q/3144610
.... and it crashed
You have some work there ; )
@Sam Status=409 does it speak to you? :)
Try the other one the CherryPicker, [question.getTitle()] (stack.../question.getQuestionId()) ... getCloseVoteCount() + "CV"
all right
This is just to fun.....
9:17 PM
here it comes
CherryPicker: [What does this mean? static boolean validWord(String word, char[] letters)](stackoverflow.com/q/37124959), at 4 CV
CherryPicker: Segmentation Eye, at 4 CV
... boom
well let me close does one while you are trying to understand the error
@Tunaki The links are not correct but who cares for now : )
I think it's just the throttle
What throttle?, the time on which you send messages?
I'll slow it down and try again
@Tunaki huh?
(sorry, was afk)
9:20 PM
let's hit C#
Ha you crashed petter
Go with the cherry picker
Oh nice, you've got it working.
@Tunaki with c#...
it doesn't like c#
let me URL encode it :)
aah maybe url encoding... : )
9:21 PM
yeah I had a todo there : )
Btw, if you're getting throttled, just add a delay of 10 secs
Nice :D
9:24 PM
@Sam Yes I guess the 409 comes from that.
I just added 10 seconds of delay between each messages here and it worked
I even managed to reverse engineer the throttling algo
Well it will not be a problem since we will transfer the file to internet... Sam just put up a nice REST API and I can push it down, then send the link to Tuna
Turns out you're safe if you post once every 10 secs.
such a nice coordinated task :)
9:26 PM
in The SO Tavern (Free Snacks), Jul 28 '14 at 18:18, by Sam
@rene Here is it finally (I won't update it again) Math.Min((4.1484 * Math.Log(x) + 1.02242), 20).
How the heck did you found that out
don't tell me
Mathematical magic. :)
what is x in that expression?
9:28 PM
The total number of unthrottled consecutive messages.
It returns the number of secs you need to wait if you don't want to get throttled.
I never ended up using it though.
(just parse the throttle response)
Afk again
Well, I'll go for 10 seconds from now on :)
@Petter nicely done
we managed to spam the room \o/
@Tunaki and @Sam nicely done!
9:32 PM
all I want is to spam this room really
I don't care about the rest :p
I agree, but next task for you is to listen to command (at least tag)
I will check backend some to give all the nice stuff.
Sam will do a REST API
Just spam us with some PHP then we can go to bed :P
Need to pin that first bot message :D
@PetterFriberg i still need to know what data you will be sending
I will send you an html file I guess, I still need to know how...
What will the html file be of?
Because I thought you were just sending raw data, and I'd generate the html for the page.
9:41 PM
I can send an example via mail, wait
as you see its an html file, I can send it at bytes and telling you what file name i would like es Batch29_PHP_UNIXTIMESTAMP.html
Then when done I can call you so you can remove it
But this is just my guess... if you have another solution ok
9:46 PM
However the output between cherry pick and dups are different (since in cherrypick we are not displaying comments)
If you want to send me that html, I don't mind serving it.
I just think it would be better if you sent the raw data, and I'd generate the html/styles.
sure as you like...
It saves you bandwidth also :)
no problem
(will you be zipping the reqs btw?)
9:50 PM
you tell me... I can gzip them..
I'm already usiing that when calling api
Oh ok, good good. I was only asking if you had a specific reason not to zip the reqs.
Make up the specifications and I will follow them, if I manage
Ok :)
So what parts is @Tuna working on?
Lets hope taking commands @que
that would be his prime objective
9:53 PM
See the brutal getHTML in the end to understand what i use
When possibile duplicate, I also go for comments (dupe comment) and response comment if avialable
I'm think of adding duplicate_target_title and duplicate_target_score
Ah I see
(it would need another api call so I'm doing it so I can configure it)
I guess you would just need to send a collection of those Questions then?
(As JSON, probably)
9:56 PM
There style on vote count are (red=roomba) (yellow--> 1 vote from roomba maybe we nee to remove this), and on answer count (green if accepted)
I can send a gziped json.... seems easy.... , (since I'm not mapping :P with gson but using the old json.lib)
@PetterFriberg Yeah, I see how you're getting the styles.
@PetterFriberg Sounds good.
The brutal way : )
It works though.
9:59 PM
You bet : ) quick and simple ...
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