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Wow, The Fluent Design Pattern works!
@NATOBot tp
[ NATOBot ] OBD-II iOS WiFi Connection Body: can you give us the code of your apps to better help you ?
[ NATOBot ] I can not install Entity Framework Power Tools Beta 4 on VS 2013 express Desktop Edition Body: The solution blog post suggested by ErikEJ works completely fine. Just follow the steps. I myself have tried this solution for my Visual Studio 2015, Enterprise edition.
@NATOBot tp
@NATOBot tp
@petter When you are back ----^
5:21 PM
Cya - tps : 3/7
Woohoo, Finally the concurrency issues are solved.
Can now start working on that onebox and then edit.
Bye guys, I'll try to be back once more at night.
@NATOBot tp
@NATOBot tp spam
5:53 PM
@BhargavRao I still think there's something wrong with NATOBot, as it completely rules this room.
@πάνταῥεῖ still in testing phase so we need some patience : ), the issue is very interesting.
@PetterFriberg I'll be patient petter, Okey. Just wanted to notice ;)
Good that there also was an explanation added at the github link. Appreciate it.
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 4 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:true NaiveBayes:0.83 OpenNLP:0.91) comment cc: @PetterFriberg
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 4 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:true NaiveBayes:0.00 OpenNLP:0.35) comment cc: @PetterFriberg
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 4 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:false NaiveBayes:0.98 OpenNLP:0.98) comment cc: @PetterFriberg
6:17 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ Yeah its a way of giving this tool stackoverflow.com/tools/new-answers-old-questions to <10k users with automatic updates, the NAA incoming are really really a lot, you can spend all your flags in h.
6:29 PM
how is NATO not real-time?
> answered 26 secs ago
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 4 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:false NaiveBayes:1.00 OpenNLP:0.90) comment cc: @PetterFriberg
Cya - tps : 0/0
Hiya o/
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 5 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:false NaiveBayes:1.00 OpenNLP:0.99) comment cc: @PetterFriberg
6:44 PM
@Queen not a dupe, a bad question.
@bwoebi If not that, what?
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 9 ★★★★☆ (Regex:true NaiveBayes:1.00 OpenNLP:0.98) comment cc: @PetterFriberg
@ColdFire I love it, the original is from Aurora, great singer
[ NATOBot ] Share json file to dropbox / one drive / google drive on an ios react-native app Body: Looks like the device doesn&#39;t actually have google drive or dropbox installed. If those apps aren&#39;t installed, they won&#39;t be options for you to share to.
Cya - tps : 0/1
So NATObot
7:03 PM
@Queen tp
@AndrasDeak it does not update automatically, you need to refresh, you have new idea when new question is incomming
ah I see
7:32 PM
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 6 ★★★☆☆ (Regex:false NaiveBayes:1.00 OpenNLP:1.00) comment cc: @PetterFriberg
7:48 PM
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 5 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:false NaiveBayes:0.99 OpenNLP:1.00) comment cc: @PetterFriberg
8:04 PM
@Tunaki yeah nice song
ok guy gn
cya Cold
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 4 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:false NaiveBayes:1.00 OpenNLP:0.92) comment cc: @PetterFriberg
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 5 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:false NaiveBayes:0.99 OpenNLP:1.00) comment cc: @PetterFriberg
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 4 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:false NaiveBayes:0.89 OpenNLP:0.99) comment cc: @PetterFriberg
[ [NATOBot](https://git.io/vi0YX) ] [tag:javascript] [comparing 2 strings alphabetically for sorting purposes](//stackoverflow.com/a/39458103) Body: "a".localeCompare("b") should actually return -1 since a sorts before b
[ [NATOBot](https://git.io/vi0YX) ] [tag:extjs] [In ExtJS, what is dynamic() in SCSS?](//stackoverflow.com/a/39458113) Body: I tried to add a comment to Evan Trimboli's answer to update his link, but for some stupid reason I need 50 reputation to comment.

Here is the updated link: https://docs.sencha.com/cmd/guides/fashion.html#fashion\_-\_dynamic\_variables
@BhargavRao I am shutting down, I encountered error at the nullth run. Error: ParsingBodyException
hehe the initial link shouldn't be escaped :)
8:25 PM
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 5 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:false NaiveBayes:1.00 OpenNLP:0.98) comment cc: @PetterFriberg
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 4 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:false NaiveBayes:1.00 OpenNLP:0.82) comment cc: @PetterFriberg
@Queen fp
8:41 PM
@NATOBot Eh! Why?
@NATOBot at the nullth run :D
NullPointerException, or the only way to know you're doing real Java.
The issue is with the body parsing thingie. I used your title parsing stuff and then added some extra stuff.
The problem is with the extra stuff :D
hiding now
@Tunaki Hah, That exception was caught 9 times in that line, So I know that it's the 10th run :D
@Tunaki Hehe, Might be. Coz, the title's parsing properly.
Yeah good work!
8:46 PM
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 4 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:false NaiveBayes:0.97 OpenNLP:0.99) comment cc: @PetterFriberg
That filter was : Rep = 1, Body length = 200
That's borderline -------------------------------------------------^
You should start to save the result to db..., that way you can know.
0 posts from unregistered users less than length 200. :/
I have a feeling also that if no code, most certainly NAA
@PetterFriberg Saving it in log files. But it's damn damn cluttered.
@PetterFriberg Yeah, That's after the onebox and edit.
I'll run that rep = 1 and length < 200 for 15 more mins. Let's see if we can freeze on that.
8:51 PM
@BhargavRao I also think a ? in body is a good indication
You should have multiple filters, like include al 1 lenght<200, include rep<50 ? in body etc..
The best filter is machine learning :)
but first we would need a nice way to review quickly
make NATOBot learn what a NAA is :)
defeats all review queues
Why not give me 2000 NAA and 2000 non NAA is guess we could try to build some models
I can easily have 2000 NAA
I can have 20k if you want.
8:54 PM
Guys, There's a NLP model from Microsoft (with Stanford). I'm trying to understand that.
That can easily tell if a post is a question or answer :D
That would be awesome.
I honestly think it would maybe be easier to classify NAA from not NAA, than rude comments from not rude comments.
It's from my friend's prof. I'm asking him for assistance
But it can't understand code. Only text.
There is less edgy sketchy opinion in the middle
@Tunaki probably more text to classify on
@PetterFriberg Yep
8:57 PM
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 6 ★★★☆☆ (Regex:true NaiveBayes:0.00 OpenNLP:0.98) comment cc: @PetterFriberg
@Queen fp
@PetterFriberg Is that an issue?
Code would be an issue.
Some NAA have lots of code.
Maybe code should be simply removed. It isn't a good measure.
meeh I think we can remove the code as we do for comments
it may be difficult to find spam but this is done by SD so maybe not an objective
8:59 PM
Also yep, but it might catch it as well
Length below 200 but rep above 1 : stackoverflow.com/a/39458684/4099593
@PetterFriberg 2 spam posts were caught by NATOBot that were then reported to smokey :D
For me it's really easy to create the model and give code to BR if we have the data
we would need like 2000 NAA and 2000 not NAA
I can produce a heck of a large dump of NAA
9:01 PM
@Tunaki Hmm, That's really good NAA :D
not NAA are easier, just take answers from the new answers list and review them a bit
@Tunaki large --> 25,000 ;)
I'll work on a userscript this week-end that extract content from the all NAA I flagged
and make some CSV out of it, or something
Maybe if we query api for old answers on even older question to get the non NAA
but API wouldn't return the deleted answers
9:04 PM
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 5 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:true NaiveBayes:0.55 OpenNLP:1.00) comment cc: @PetterFriberg
@Tunaki sorry edited : )
was think on how to retrive the non NAA
@PetterFriberg ah yes
non NAA, we can hit API
I've (perhaps tuna too) seen a few NAAs that are perfect questions with an MCVE. How can we train the model to find out those?
exactly tomorrow night I will see if I can make a query and store some stuff, @BhargavRao what is your filter (difference between answer date and question date)
@BhargavRao True.
9:06 PM
We need to perhaps read in bad/closed questions to add to the NAA data.
I even have a comment for those
that would make decent questions.
@PetterFriberg 30 days.
meeh I don't think they are a problem, hence we remove all code and classify text that is left.
^ agree
That actually sounds great.
Hmm, Does Java have a markdown processor library?
9:08 PM
Hmmm, not that I know of.
But I'm sure there is one.
Maven uses Doxia to create websites
That's all I know :)
If we have a solid md processor, we can detect bad markdown as a quality of poor answers. The chances of them being NAA are higher. (If we consider code also)
Doxia would be my start, since Maven uses it, and everyone knows Maven is awesome.
9:11 PM
Err, What's this MAVEN @petter?
That Mars Mission of NASA, rite?
NAA, just another small home built tool, that no one is using......
like jasper-reports : )
[ NATOBot ] Unable to get my custom JSF Login Portlet working Body: hello i have the same problem, only occurs when user anonimo
@NATOBot tp
@PetterFriberg Let's use maven itself, I don't wanna make tuna feel sad. :|
9:14 PM
[ NATOBot ] Getting the Username from the HKEY_USERS values Body: By searching for my userid in the registry, I found HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Volatile Environment\Username.
@BhargavRao I personally never used it. It's a lib developed and maintained by the Maven guys though.
@BhargavRao hmm then you need to use some jasper-reports as well : )
@NATOBot vlq
ATM, I'll try to get that NLP model stuff. I am (almost) sure that there'll be a API for that.
Cya - tps : 1/2
If we manage to collect a feed I can build you a model and give you a class you can test
9:17 PM
> Petter Friberg says 39458867 is "@NATOBot vlq"
The logs :D
maybe even NAA, could not understand the answer : )
@PetterFriberg Yep, I'll try to spend some time after office hrs working on this. Looks like we' can solve the NAA problem
hmm then next step is to monitor for edit : ), lots of dev BR
9:20 PM
Haha, Yeah.
I am still not sure if NATOBot was required, By this week end, we'll have come to an conclusion. We can have our next sprint meeting then :D
Automatic classification of all new answers would be awesome
Not even late answers, all new answers
I'm actually scanning all the answers. Then I pass it through a filter for late answers.
Link-only vs not link-only will a lot harder IMO.
The difference can reside in very subtle details.
Well, TBH, I am quite satisfied if we can come to a level where we can say that a post is link only with a 75% guarantee.
That would be a good start yep
9:31 PM
Read the logs, Still can't understand why this occurred :/ chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/111347?m=32806781#32806781
There's always a tomorrow (But I'll be in office :()
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 5 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:true NaiveBayes:0.93 OpenNLP:0.32) comment cc: @PetterFriberg
@Queen fp
3 NAAs :D
9:33 PM
those would be fairly easy to detect
I think
Yeah, rep 1, less than 200 char.
Sam Sup!
there's a 4th one just below
'Sup o/
'Sup o/
9:35 PM
'Sup o/
Sam did you see the post bu Tim Post?
A: Why are PHP questions on Stack Overflow in decline?

Tim PostThere comes a point where a resource like php has reached the full breadth of what it can cover within the constraints of what Stack Overflow considers to be on topic. What remains is a lot of noise throwing itself at the wall, with a tiny bit of signal occasionally emerging and bringing more dep...

interesting for your dup hunter worker
For UniStack?
Notice how the post only talks about duplicates
9:37 PM
Bye all, Forgot that tomo was a working day. Need to sleep
Yeah this is the biggest problem of SO
lol, cya
@BhargavRao Cya
@PetterFriberg reading
@PetterFriberg It is. Closing crap as too broad isn't the problem.
That can be downvoted.
Duplicates, nope.
9:38 PM
> [..] the first things we hope to focus on:
> Much more intelligent duplication detection
How was your algo Sam? :)
@Tunaki Haven't worked on it since that optimisation marathon we had
@Tunaki I agree, but still agitated about new user experience..
I've actually got some free time now.
Lemme get an amazon rds running...
9:46 PM
[ Heat Detector ] SCORE: 4 ★★☆☆☆ (Regex:true NaiveBayes:0.50 OpenNLP:0.50) comment cc: @PetterFriberg
@Queen nice catch
Thanks honey
non English, flagging
too chatty I guess
oh geez one of those guys was just in the python room today, asking php-ish stuff
makes so much more sense now
Actually wait, didn't you say you had some room on your db or something? @petter
9:52 PM
Yeah I have the amazon stuff that I sent you credential to
we can setup a new schema on it
Oh yeah, I forgot about those creds lol
: )
give me schema name I can setup a new schema (don't know if those creds are enough to create a new schema)
Any chance of using postgres on there?
hmm, no you need another instance, but you could setup a free postgres instance
Well what are you using for queen?
@PetterFriberg Yeah, I've seen.
it has "it" but i guess it change to correct language... see you can click the free button : )
I guess I'll create another account
@PetterFriberg changing /it/rds/postgresql/ to /en/rds/postgresql/ works :)
Yeah if you like postgree that is best... to start with
Well it's only because I wrote all the code to target that db, as I was initially expecting to run all this (including the db itself) on my own vps.
But now that I'm using an external service for hosting the DB I'm not sure if it's worth re-writing it to target something else.
Or just create this account...
10:02 PM
yeah start with that, then if everyting is up and running well and you need more space or I/O we can do some fund-raising or I open a new instance on the firms account
I think a free account should be fine
At least its a good way to start... then as thingzzz grows more investments can be done : )
Yeah :)
I have bought a new play computer to the firm (only internet connection) but I have not set up the router yet... when I have some time I will check if on that we can run some crazy stuff
10:20 PM
@Burn stop
Bye Burni
Ok, creating the db...
Time for me to sleep to, have fun!
Thanks, sleep well!
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