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12:25 AM
@IluTov Yes
1 hour later…
1:34 AM
Hey, I have a bit of a dumb question - I'm trying to get a simple web page (using php) to autoselect a textbox onLoad.
<body onLoad="document.pin.id.focus()">
<div class="wrapper">
<img src="./clockin-logo.png" />
<hr />
<form action="?pin" method="GET" name="pin">
<input type="text" name="id" class="id" autofocus onBlur="var that= this; setTimeout(function() { }, 1000);" />
This works in Chrome, firefox, etc... but I can't get it to select the text box on Safari
I've got both onLoad and autofocus on the same textbox, but it won't do it in safari, at least not on an iPad
running iOS 12.5.7
3 hours later…
4:27 AM
Morning :-|)
4 hours later…
8:53 AM
@EvanShaw Oh ok. I was assuming you were able to reproduce this in your dev environment.
9:07 AM
@IluTov Nope, that's the biggest hurdle at the moment. I'd like to spend some time on it, but would like to get a better idea of what sorts of things are likely to affect JIT behavior. Reproducing in dev naturally involves changing some configuration, different workloads, etc., and all those things seem like they could affect my ability to reproduce.
1 hour later…
10:30 AM
Strangely 8.0.29 annoucement doesn't appear on php.net (while php.net/releases/8_0_29.php is there)
1 hour later…
11:52 AM
@RemiCollet The news entry for 8.0.29 had whitespace at the beginning, which broke generating the news for the website (fixed now).
@salathe thanks
1 hour later…
1:22 PM
1:50 PM
@kelunik is it normal that @IluTov and myself still can't grant Wiki karma?
2:16 PM
would that be a @Derick thing? ^
He's on holiday
Fair enough, sorry Derick!
2:47 PM
3:12 PM
Can this be considered a bug?

\Exception specifically states that the code must be an integer, however PDO exceptions ->getCode() do not return an integer but a SQL error code.

My suggestion would be that code could be string|int
We know about this
PDO did something dumb
However we can't really change the type of the code
The most sensible thing to do would have PDOException have a new SqlErrorCode property or whatever that is a string, and force the code property to be an actual int

wouldn't that solve it easily ?

I mean is int right now, I'm not seeing how switching it to int|string would complicate existing code in projects

Plus some users like 'CODE_BLAH123'
You are breaking expectations from every single code base that code is an int
I see
Yes we are currently lying, but in an extremely narrow case
3:20 PM
Well we set our codes to 0, we don't even account for SQL codes, we use a special parameter on a crafted PDO exception to allow us to have that code from SQL.
And I think that's what you are saying, have a 5th (or 4th? Cant remember how many out of my head) to add that special code
so the code remains as an integer
So basically one could $e->getSQLCode() or similar
Thanks Girgias o/
3:54 PM
@Girgias Does that mean only an extremely narrow are of your pants are on fire? :)
2 hours later…
6:04 PM
@Girgias yes, I haven't deployed that change, yet
6:38 PM
Is Jakub Zelenka on here?
6:49 PM
Is the announce@ mailing list having issues? We've approved messages sent to it today, but none are showing up via NNTP (and thus via news-web): news-web.php.net/php.announce
Hmm... now my and Pierrick's messages show up there, but not the one Gabriel sent earlier today.
3 hours later…
10:11 PM
@ramsey Not that I know of, let me ask him

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