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12:06 AM
@FélixAdriyelGagnon-Grenier crash what how?
@Tiffany I'm both at Confoo and PHP UK
12:49 AM
6 hours later…
6:34 AM
@Derick I was thinking like foot hooligans at wednesday morning's xdebug talk. We'll be loudly asking for support for weird architectures and stuff ;-)
7:22 AM
posted on January 31, 2023

@FélixAdriyelGagnon-Grenier No wizzard, no selfie! No. Just kidding! Looking forward to seeing you!
@FélixAdriyelGagnon-Grenier That's gonna be hard then to help out 😂
8:20 AM
@FélixAdriyelGagnon-Grenier Like which?
9:02 AM
@MarkR The grid constantly puts out 251/252V here (refering to your "British energy drinks are 240v joke):

Utility Voltage.............. 252 V
2 hours later…
11:17 AM
@cmb Just to confirm: Have you seen the comment that mentioned you in that draft advisory? The author accidentally mentioned the wrong handle in the first version and I'm not sure if edits will also send you notifications.
Ah, thanks! I've just commented there.
Morning o/
2 hours later…
1:03 PM
@cmb Do you know what the deal is with this CI run failing often? For unrelated, or even unknown, reasons... app.travis-ci.com/github/php/php-src/jobs/594475700
@Derick Travis (at least the free services) is terrible; we should switch to something else, but Arm64 and s390x support are rare.
Likely unrelated, but I'm seeing a warning about missing credits at least.
Also, what cmb says. They were fine in the early days and then they were bought …
s390x is IBMi, innit?
I think so.
Yes, something IBM. The main benefit is that it's a big endian arch.
1:08 PM
I might have an idea. @cmb perhaps we can ask NattaNarwhal/Calvin Buckley if he has an idea.
Shouldn't arm64 be easy though?
For GitHub Actions using arm64 requires a self-hosted runner (or some virtualization), so unless you want to administer some ARM box, one needs to rely on a ready-made service.
I don't want to administer anything :-)
And self-hosted runners have the problem of being an absolute dumpster fire with regard to privilege separation and cleaning up after yourself, IIRC.
1:36 PM
Somewhat related.... although apple silicon is technically available through github actions, it seems to not actually have any runners available: "Build Apple silicon - This request was automatically failed because there were no enabled runners online to process the request for more than 1 days."
1:52 PM
Is there a particular reason why Closure names helpfully include the namespace, but anon classes do not
because they are anonymous and don't sit in a namespace?
@Derick you could argue the same for closures, yet they do.
@bwoebi afaik, no reason....and it would be nice if the information of __FILE__ and __LINE__ was also available.
@bwoebi yes
2:02 PM
Hey guys, what does this object mean please? /stdClass
@hbakouane other than the words in php.net/manual/en/class.stdclass.php - what info are you looking for?
am working with Laravel, what I don't understand is that why are we compairing a model to this object of /stdClass
$meta->model()->instance instanceof \stdClass
I don't know Laravel, so it's hard to say. It might just be some form of sanity checker....
I think it's for checking whether the model instance is empty or not
so basically /stdClass is an empty class :)
Not necessarily empty. Properties can be set on it. Just guessing, it's testing whether instance is a proper 'model type' or a placeholder
2:17 PM
Exactly, thanks for the help buddy :)
2:36 PM
@still_dreaming_1 I'd recommend against over-thinking performance of passing "copies" vs "references" - the engine is really good at managing those cleverly for you
e.g. most strings are passed around as reference counted pointers and copy-on-write, but string literals may be "interned" by the compiler and passed around as a pointer to immutable memory
integers, on the other hand, are not reference counted, because a pointer and count would just be extra overhead on top of something the CPU can copy efficiently itself
New OpenSSL security releases, next Tuesday: mta.openssl.org/pipermail/openssl-announce/2023-January/…
2:55 PM
I'm not really good with that code, but do I understand right that there is no way to tell PHP to not use capstone via a flag? github.com/php/php-src/blob/master/ext/opcache/config.m4#L71
3:08 PM
@Théo that appears to be the case.
damn, welp guess I don't have any other choice but to remove capstone then
@Théo if you're brave, you could modify that file. there's an example of testing for a custom flag - github.com/php/php-src/blob/…
might give it a go later :+1:
Jan 25 at 16:36, by Danack
Feb 24, 2022 at 22:45, by Danack
Oct 19, 2021 at 23:55, by Danack
Nov 23 '20 at 20:44, by Danack
It's a trick. They're trying to get you to look at m4 files. Get an axe.
But if you do, it should probably be something like:
// At top of file:

  [whether to enable capstone library in JIT],
    [Disable using capstone library in JIT])],

// [Line 73-ish](github.com/php/php-src/blob/…)

  if test "$PHP_JIT_USE_CAPSTONE" = "no"; then
    AC_MSG_RESULT(option to not use capstone was set)
  elif test "$have_capstone" = "yes"; then
3:32 PM
@IMSoP 👍 thanks
1 hour later…
4:35 PM
what would the different be between instanceof \stdClass and is_object()?
maybe version support... is_object() is from 7.2, instanceof is from... PHP 4?
@Tiffany Nearly every single object is not an instance of stdClass
4:59 PM
is_object() is more generic in it's nature, it doesn't need to know blueprint class used for instantiating object itself.
5:19 PM
@Tiffany "stdClass" is terribly named; it's not in any way "standard", it's more of a "dynamicEmptyClass"
or maybe it's an STD class :P
5:38 PM
what, something terribly named in PHP?! I wouldn't have thought.
2 hours later…
7:40 PM
One last step and then I'm ready to travel to the UK \o/
Last step being, picking up a prescription when I get the notification than it's filled
I dread to think how much alcohol at the socials will cost xD
7:57 PM
Wonder if we'll have drink tickets
But even then, I'm not going to be drinking much
@Tiffany So... I put in my request yesterday. Pharmacy called today and mine is ready. O_o
My physician said the Adderall shortage is no more
So Vyvanse should bounce back hopefully by the time I run out
8:24 PM
I think Tue evening is going to be a KFC night. Then again there's the social starting at 6.
I'm quite excited
8:41 PM
@MarkR Expect around £6ish for a pint I suppose? (usually cheaper but that's probably the higher end if you're not going for spirits/cocktails)
Ah, thanks for the context. I might save the wine for the Thursday evening.
9:12 PM
This annotation //<editor-fold desc="Description"> works no more in PhpStorm 2022.3.1 ?
1 hour later…
10:29 PM
@Tiffany IIRC, the conference socials had free drinks (soft/hard)
O rly
The on-venue ones, yes.
The most important bit is do they serve yorkshire tea?
They do have tea. Not sure whether it's Yorkshire tea, but IIRC it being pretty decent. And I'm a tea fanatic :-)
@MarkR I'm pretty sure if you want some I could take the box of Yorkshire tea IC TeaSoc has that we don't drink lol
10:32 PM
... You have a tea society and have a box of yorkshire you haven't drank? O_O
Yeah because we drink other stuff
Got a bunch of Marriage Frère, TWG, Twinning, some exotic Chinese tea and more lol
I'm actually packing a box in my travel case, not making that mistake again, the last hotel had I think it was PG tips
But I won't say no to free yorkshire tea :P
Are you and the other speakers booked in for breakfast at the hotel?
I would expect so yes
But Derick probably knows more as he has already spoken at PHP UK :')
10:58 PM
I want to try Yorkshire Gold from the UK... as in... stuff that hasn't been exported to here...
I'm curious if it tastes different
Should a class that implements __invoke() be able to pass a \Closure type hint?
No, callable yes, closure no
okay... that makes sense
I just wish I could use them where \Closure is hinted :-)
> hinted
since these places really want a callable
11:02 PM
You could if you did ($yourClass)(...)
oh... hmm
But \Closure itself has methods such as bind, call etc which a class with __invoke wont (and since Closure is final it can't extend it anyway)
Yeah, I'm aware of the bind, call, etc. methods. Unless a third-party library is using those methods, should they use callable instead?
@Tiffany If you don't get a chance, drop me a message, I am always happy to share the joy that is my favourite brand of tea that I totally don't big-up for theatrical purposes.
I mean the one issue with callable is you can't use it as a typed property
11:07 PM
You could use Closure::fromCallable() in the library code to convert it to a Closure in order to write it to a typed property, no?
You could if you wanted to, or you could just wrap it in your own short closure although that wouldn't auto copy the params. The problem I see with (edit) callable is it can be any of about 10 different things and meanings, depending on context
11:23 PM
@ramsey parameter type?
@ramsey Running into the Closure instead of callable in Amp?
We decided that using closure alone made sense on 8.1 since first-class callables made using closures simpler and cleaner than any other way of making a callable.
Most of those problems are gone since - wiki.php.net/rfc/deprecate_partially_supported_callables
11:41 PM
only deprecated so far from the looks of it, few years left
11:57 PM
@Trowski Yep. Exactly. Sounds good, though. The first class callable syntax is great for this.

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