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8:46 AM
I was curious too so I looked it up, biblio(n) = document, teca = case.
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1:16 PM
@MarkR I remember him saying the Spanish he learned through Duolingo is different (Latin American Spanish) than the Spanish used in Spain. Overheard "libreria" used as a Spanish word for "library" on a stream, but I remember learning biblioteca, so wondered if it was a regional difference.
He's in Catalonia
That's the problem, is that they don't speak Spanish lol
library vs book store (libreria), I guess sometimes it's used interchangeably too
1:48 PM
2:11 PM
similar in french, false friend word". Library => bibliothèque, Book shop => Librarie
2:27 PM
latin: liber = book; greek: biblio = book
Is there anyway to decode the header in the JWT?
I want using PHP
I decoded payload from JWT using firebase jwt-php library
but can't find anyway to decode the header
Can't find anything in stackoverflow talking about this
2:51 PM
what is the intent of decoding? verifying a value in your code? IIRC, you'll do the same encryption on your end, basically rebuilding the encrypted value on your end, and checking it against the encrypted value you receive... if they're the same, you can assume it's verified
so you'll need to be more specific about the problem you're encountering
Q: Unable to decode JWT tokens PHP

Ayaskant MishraI tried to decode the given token with the code below. The key is supposed to be base64 encoded. However when I attempt to decode it tells me I have invalid signature. The token is generated from a system using Java and I have to decode it in PHP. Token: eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJyZ...

I already saw it the question above
I got the JWT from Firebase Auth
After the user signed in
In my backend I want to decode the header from the JWT that I got it from Firebase Auth
I'm stuck with this more than 6 days
that's irrelevant
@Tiffany Check my question here for more details
Q: How can I decode the header from the JWT?

Taha SamiDeletePost.php <?php $connection = mysqli_connect("...", "...", "...", "..."); $isDeleted = mysqli_query($connection, "DELETE FROM POSTS WHERE ID = " . $_POST["postId"]); if($isDeleted) echo "Successfully deleted"; else echo "Something went wrong"; As you can see, The API is very weak an...

> If your backend is in a language not supported by Firebase Admin SDK
did you even read the docs, including the fineprint
PHP not supported with Firebase as I know
because of that the Firebase team said
If your backend is in a language not supported by the Firebase Admin SDK, you can still verify ID tokens. First, find a third-party JWT library for your language. Then, verify the header, payload, and signature of the ID token.
3:02 PM
okay, seems you're right, sorry for that
No problem
@Tiffany Thank you because you tried to help me
unfortunately, this is the extent of what I'm able to help with, I need to start $dayJob
4:00 PM
4:11 PM
whoever has access to the Room-11 github repo: github.com/Room-11/Room-11.github.io/pull/35
By. Your. Command.
4:35 PM
4:54 PM
@PeeHaa Used in a lot of shuffle dance videos right now- but I love this beat. youtube.com/watch?v=PTKyMgXEXCU
5:15 PM
@TahaSami: What prevents you to verify the header?
If the verification in \Firebase\JWT\JWT::decode() is not enough you also find in there how you can get the header from the token.
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8:00 PM
@StatikStasis ah ha, I was looking for that
and I couldn't be arsed to install soundhound on my phone
8:32 PM
@MarkR It took me an unusually long amount of time to find it than I feel like it should have.
Googling "shuffle dance song" returned a lot of different results.
The songs that had links were not the actual one. I finally came across a video that had several listed and I had to Google each one to find it. =P
@MarkR Here is a good hour mix of it. youtube.com/watch?v=gVSDKna42Dg
A shuffle dance was where I first saw it in a facebook clip
Very nice
9:11 PM
@Sara Hey, sorry, I think I forgot to release PHP today, I thought it wasn't my turn. I'll do it tomorrow morning
Who Let the Code Out!?
10:11 PM
I really need to set aside time to watch your array talk... or I think both array talks
not sure if there's one or two, or I'm thinking of one that's on NomadPHP

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