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1:10 AM
@MarkR Good if true. Wow.
1:32 AM
@MarkR I mean, it was viral and toxic, not sure if Joe's QT was the thing that got the dude fired. Probably the dude being a toxic POS.
There were several people talking about it
3 hours later…
4:12 AM
@MarkR @Tiffany Which twitter post and what dudebro?
5:07 AM
It seems like it was deleted. It might be on web archive.
Oh, I'm wrong
^ view history, too gross to leave up
Fuck's sake.
Buy that bitch a shovel.
Fuck, and now that he's been fired, he's going to sue for... wait for it... discrimination.
Should php.net/manual/en/functions.user-defined.php be updated to explicitly clarify that it doesn't matter the conditional logic when requiring a function to be declared then called? Please see this demo: 3v4l.org/oo9iu and 3v4l.org/F2ZZa
5:23 AM
That phrasing you just used doesn't really track, could you say it differently?
Because conditional logic does matter: 3v4l.org/01QER
Just possibly not the way you're understanding it?
TL;DR - When a file is loaded, ALL class/function definitions in the file ARE built immediately, BUT if there's any kind of conditional logic around it, then it's not BOUND to a function name until later. See: 3v4l.org/qfXmH
Anyway. Night time. Zzzzz
5:55 AM
The "I'm fired from Facebook" is apparently a stupid meme he does
6 hours later…
11:31 AM
@Crell Yeah, I can work fully on PHP after tmr (well... probably going to have resists because I don't know why I'm doing this degree but...)
The main blocker is the iterable aliasing PR
Which hopefully Ilija has time to look at soon :)
11:56 AM
@Tiffany I don't know, maybe
12:44 PM
@MarkR Ugh. I really recommend avoiding being in car crashes. And if you are in a car crash, make sure you don't spend the next 20 years sitting in a single position for 16 hours a day. There's a small chance that will fuckup your neck, and the muscles in your neck will try to strangle you in revenge.
@MarkR I don't believe that's true.....afaik he's been an independent troll for a while, and repeatedly says shit like this to attract dudebros to signup to his stuff.
2 hours later…
2:34 PM
@SergeyPanteleev Are you around to sort out the machine access? Hopefully with 15 mins of undivided attention we can sort it.
@Girgias zorry for delay i have post it in code review:
Q: Magic Class Invoker for procedural script

ArcanisGK507I have inherited a project in bad conditions that contains the following class and I need your help to improve it, the truth is I don't know if it is correctly optimized or if it has security problems or if it can be simplified or refactored to mitigate some overload / overheating . I can't affor...

2:51 PM
Still change $result = call_user_func_array($functionName, $args); to $result = $functionName(...$args);
Exact same thing I said last time
@Danack =\ That seems like a wise recommendation
3:29 PM
I'll be in touch.

I used to have access to jump-host, but now I get a "Permission denied" error, both americas.* and europe.*
ssh key and google 2fa should be up-to-date there
@SergeyPanteleev Do you have time now?
@Derick yes, sure
OK. I need you to be here and answer immediately ;-) Otherwise I get distracted and it'll take ages :D
Let me get my phone for 2FA
@SergeyPanteleev Let's try europe.
@Derick Permission denied
hang on
can you link me to your ssh key?
never mind, try again it had the wrong permissions
ssh again?
the .google-auth file had wrong permissions too
so, again, please :-)
3:35 PM
@Derick europe.* works
ok, can you log out, and ssh into downloads.php.net ?
sergey@downloads.php.net's password:

But successfully connected to edit.php.net
ok, give me a few to check that
i've no rights for edit, but I think I fixed permissions for downloads
cool, works too?
@Derick It's connected, thank you!
@SergeyPanteleev Let us also fix americs
@SergeyPanteleev Can you reset your google auth on europe, as per the instructions that I linked to?
I can then copy over your file to americas
3:41 PM
@Derick, @cmb, @RemiCollet, @Sara I'll have to prepare 8.1.7RC1 later in the night, busy on an urgent issue
@SergeyPanteleev ? :-)
Should be doable around 0AM / 1AM CET (tomorrow) for sure, maybe 11PM CET tonight
@Derick 1 min) or can we clone it from europe?
@SergeyPanteleev No, you need to reset the one you emailed me first
it's a temp one
so ssh into europe, delete the .google-authenticator file, and regenerate it
you seem to have created a new file - can you ssh into from another terminal to make sure it works?
@Derick regenerated on europe
3:46 PM
@Girgias ok thank u
I said new terminal, not the same one ;-)
@SergeyPanteleev Copied that to americas, so can you try that now?
@Derick sergey@americas.jump.php.net: Permission denied (publickey).
@PatrickAllaert np (thanks for letting us know :)
@SergeyPanteleev Extra space in file - try again?
@Derick now it's ok
3:49 PM
@SergeyPanteleev That should be it then, right?
@Derick yup, thank you!
once @PatrickAllaert sends an email to the RM list tonight, you should get an email too. Let me know if you did, or did not, by tomorrow?
@Pierrick Are you around now too, so I can finish you off too?
@Derick I'm finishing a call. I'll be fully there in 5min.
@Pierrick Ok, I can wait 5 mins :-)
@Derick Ok I'm here
4:02 PM
all right
@Pierrick can you ssh into europe.jump.php.net?
Yep I'm in
Yes, you can. Can you now remove .google-authenticator, and recreate the file as per instructions?
Done ! And I tried to log using an other terminal and it worked
ok, let me copy it to americas
done, can you try ssh-ing into that one?
Got : pierrick@americas.jump.php.net: Permission denied (keyboard-interactive).
4:09 PM
my bad, try again?
Same error
I think it's because you use a fancy ed25519 key
Do you want me to create a less fancy one ? ;-)
mind trying?
scp it into your homedir on europe.jump please (with a useful name)
4:20 PM
ok, try to ssh again
Same error :-(
how odd
I can't tell why not. @Pierrick can you ssh into downloads through europe?
are you using your old or new key now?
OK, I've added both now - you can remove the one you don't need.
(from .ssh/authorized_keys)
Right now i'm using my new one.
I'm on downloads it worked using europe jump host.
I don't think so, I don't think downloads doesn't have ed25519 support either
it does have ecdsa though (like americas)
in any case, it works
so that's good enough for me :-)
You,re right I updated the key directly in my ~/.ssh
It's good enough for me to for the moment. If at some point I need to use americas I will let you know.
Is it just for redundancy / speed or are there other needs for americas vs europe ?
4:36 PM
Ok good so I should be fine ! Thanks for your help :-)
4:48 PM
I got a new trabajo.
5:26 PM
5:55 PM
@Tiffany the other day you told me that I was offering my self a disservice by not using composer...well...you couldn't be more right as I realize now
Some commercial leasing company
by using htaccess I have set the expect-ct header w a value of enforce....I am on localhost and my certificate is invalid..despite that requests are carried out normally....why that?
guess what they are using.
2 hours later…
7:39 PM
Not found any, but is there a way to set input on readline()? I.e. a pre-set text like if one use read -i "some text" in bash?
I can add to history and use arrow-up to get and modify it, but not as user friendly.
(PHP cli)
8:32 PM
@DimitrisPapageorgiou :) happy you're trying it out (and making your life easier as a result)
@user3342816 like argv?
I may be misunderstanding because I'm hungry
Ah, I think I am misunderstanding. Nevermind.
3 hours later…

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