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12:00 AM
@MarkR Upgrading to 2021.2 seems to have fixed things. For now.
@Trowski I think part of it may be that building it on WSL means the file paths are based on the WSL path so /home/mark/php_src so it's having trouble with them
@MarkR Ah, yeah, that's potentially not helping.
The CMakeList.txt looks relative to the folder, the makefile is full path
Definitions still appear module dependent. It can find macros within Zend, but in an extension still nothing.
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1:32 AM
Does anyone remember when we changed the input stream wrapper to rewind after a post request? Something about fgc won't read the stream after it's populated in GPC
2:02 AM
hello guys
i have a question
which of these 3 options do you like the most ???
2:33 AM
chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/11/php# what do you mean? Those are all different things.
3:18 AM
mb_convert_variables() corrupts reference of array element ・ mbstring related ・ #81312
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5:14 AM
2 hours later…
6:46 AM
Marianofog ・ *General Issues ・ #81313
3 hours later…
9:25 AM
Greetings Sir,
I am writing to discuss 200kg of Gold bars with you.
I solicit your opinion and feedback to enable us to proceed with the Deal negotiation.

With Thanks,
Advocate Curtis Djaba
Greeting magical genie,

I don't normally reply to these sorts of messages ... but count me in ...
I await instructions to receive 200kg of gold bars from you.

10:02 AM
@JoeWatkins Solomon Odonkoh. ^^
10:34 AM
I didn't actually reply :)
@NikiC that last trace from rasmus and then the message that followed it ... is there any chance this (the last trace) was actually caused by an error routine, have you fixed anything around that area ?
the other heap corruption bug is still apparently present, but that trace from rasmus is so short, it doesn't look very uopzy ...
10:52 AM
Hey guys
hi Joe o/
11:15 AM
anyone have any idea why CSS now supports "Color Functional Notation" e.g. rgb(200 100 50) to replace the old comma separated style like rgb(200, 100, 50) ?
Running out of ideas ?
Don't know
Why not?
11:32 AM
Hi Flavio
@FlávioHeleno vc e br ne ?
@ln-s sou sim e vc?
Nao, mais falo um poco sou Argentino o/
south america ftw
Conhece a o Kiko Loureiro?
11:36 AM
por nome não
O ex guitarrista de Angra
Tem que ouvir a o Kiko, ele e um verdadeiro genio youtube.com/watch?v=hkj1nt_u2U8&t=2906s
gostei do nome do album :)
eu tmb :D
se algum dia eu programar 1% tão bem quanto ele toca guitarra, eu seria um programador incrível hahaha
ótima recomendação
11:43 AM
@Danack see w3.org/TR/css-color-4/#changes-from-3 and the reference to wiki.csswg.org/ideas/functional-notation#general-principles it's not so much a replacement but a style decision to have function parameters space separated, also I doubt that the "old" syntax will be removed soon
pfft lol
kotlin trend ?
kotlin does that?
@makadev to me, those explain ‘what’ but not ‘why’. Duplicating syntax (and not supporting the old style in some new color functions) seems….
I remember it does something "similar" since it is "reduced java" not particulary sure about the commas but it does do it with some other things, I've used it for a month and I hated it
to be something that has a motivation. I just can’t see it.
11:48 AM
@Danack Feels like the same as not requiring HTML attributes to be quoted anymore
@Danack it just looks like they have some problems with comma being both (over)used to separate/group properties and other things like parameters in "mathy" stuff
perhaps ponder on what the comma meaning is, to me it means and, or I read as and
this, that, those
Those really sound like a set of aesthetic choices that reasonable people could disagree about. In particular rgb() is a mathy function.
ye, on the other hand it's not like you can write real expressions in css (except maybe for calc) and especially not at the time this styleguide was put together. Most of the functions are leafs, there is no need to separate expressions/parameters and in general you will use constants.
or maybe they are secretly hipsters and don't want to do what everyone else does.. who knows
12:53 PM
@salathe I have a couple changes to make to the tutorial I redid, that I didn't see until after I merged. Should I open a new PR? changes
1:07 PM
Is github.com/php/doc-en/issues/674 blocking the release of PHP 8.1.0?
@Dharman, [no-ci] is whishful thinking; it should be [ci-skip]. :)
ahh well
or maybe [ci skip]? maybe both work
@cmb Not really, it's just a TODO list of sort, we still have stuff which got missed from some of the PHP 7.x releases
Someone feels like reviewing four job interview assignments I've outlined? (Applicant only needs to do one, it's done at home, ~2h, hand-in does not include working code, only design.)

1) Fullstack: How would you design a survey software from scratch? Say, with two question types, an admin part and a participant part.
2) Backend: How would you design the infrastructure to distribute third-party plugins to different servers on a hosting platform?
3) Frontend: How would you design Vue/React components for a WYSIWYG survey editor?
1:22 PM
@GabrielCaruso Como andas ?
@Sara Next week, can we pair for ~1/2 hour or so? The latest updates on my machine caused something funky, and now I can't upload stuff to downloads.php.net, and I want to fix that before the next release cycle :) looks like it's ssh related
@cmb for the PhD migration to PSR-4 should I already drop the whole PDF bits or not?
@Girgias sure. :) What I want to say is that we need to catch up on docs; I just did github.com/php/doc-en/commit/…, and that'll be outdated shortly (ReflectionIntersectionType), and this goes on (e.g. Máté's methodsynopsis PRs are still waiting for review).
@ln-s Muy bien, gracias! Necesito practicar mas mi español, hace años que no hablo :D Soy de Brasil, como @FlávioHeleno
@Girgias fine for me, but maybe others complain? Best to have separate PR and asking whether anybody objects (and wait for 1-2 weeks)?
1:24 PM
Si ya lo se, estuve con vos cuando hablaste con Sara la otra vez con este flaco de voices of the elephpant
@cmb Yeah I know :( I need to allocate some time which I should have after the 11th, Sergey has been very helpful for updating the French translation which doesn't need French knowledge so I've got something more manageable to look at
@cmb It's blocking the release of PHP 8.0 :P
I shall immediately unrelease PHP 8.0. ;)
@cmb Thought so, Ideally I'd like to merge this soon-ish so that we can set-up testing in CI, although I think we should move away from the php-src test runner
(for PhD obviously...)
well, we can't use PHPUnit, because we must not endorse external software ;)
1:28 PM
@cmb about that, don't do it, we are upgrading our stuff in the company this quarter :D
no worries :)
1:44 PM
@cmb meh
composer and phpunit don't count :P
and pest? :P
To clarify: I have no issues to use PHPUnit, but what's wrong with run-tests.php for PhD?
@cmb I don't see an easy way to include it, and ideally we would test the individual methods of the renderer to ensure minimal XML as input data
Because I'm not sure having whitespace and newlines be part of the test is very useful
ah, I see
Will an empty() check also execute an isset() check when checking an entry inside $_GET? Trying to determine if I'm wrong in a reddit comment. There are differences between empty and isset and I linked the type comparisons table, but the other person doesn't understand, and I have doubts about my comment
empty and isset are more or less the same OpCode
empty is basically isset($var) && !$var IIRC
1:59 PM
@Girgias the inverse, but yes
2:15 PM
Shouldn't we be concerned that we're shipping outdated pear/install-pear-nozlib.phar? Archive_Tar fixed CVEs in the meantime.
yeah we should
kind of related, does anyone know if anyone has re-written the extension packaging tool of pear packagein a composer installable library? Feel weird/bad having to apt install php-pear to do extension releases.
@Girgias but whom to ping about that? I tried cweiske, pear on Twitter and our RM mailing list – no repsonse so far.
@Danack there is pickle which has plans to integrate with composer; looks like a pie in the sky, though.
@cmb I wish I knew, there is systems... but that's also a black hole. So yeah no idea
2:30 PM
pickle seems to be unmaintained :-(
I'm actually reading through composer's plugin documentation thinking of how to streamline extension build/install
You can pass an object/class name and it's method in an array to call_user_func. Like call_user_func([$myobject, 'say_hello']); Is there a special name for this array here? Tuple?
Did I just look at the PEAR bugtracker? Silly me.
@cmb should I go ahead and merge the PSR-4 PR? So that we can continue to iterate in trunk
@FlávioHeleno The main chunk of work would probably to start on the PHP side of things. An RFC to add the capability to php-cli to look in the current directory for a config file for extensions, and be easier to load extensions from a sub-directory of a project, rather than a system directory, would probably be a precursor to getting stuff to work in composer.
Hey guys, this probably isn't the place to ask about a CKEditor 5 issue, but I'd be the happiest guy in town if somebody knew.

I'm running into the same issue this guy ha(s)(d), but an answer has yet to be given.
Has anyone of you ever run into this?

2:37 PM
@CanVural I'd probably call it a "callable in array format".
@Eef please delete that answer
@Girgias I have no objections, but maybe others; asked about that in a comment.
Thanks :-) Might wait until Monday in that case
@Dharman Surely, let's make an exact copy of a question in which case the original creator of the question will never know an answer was given.
@Eef you should listen to moderation feedback.
2:45 PM
Who said I'm not listening to his "feedback"?
I am - you spoke sharply to him instead of listening.
I'll be posting it as a question now
@Danack looking at extensions in the same way that we look at packages, I agree with you, but could also be the case to just start paving the way for composer to start handling extensions in the same fashion as it does with packages in terms of configuration and access. but this whole thing needs more thinking, I guess..
3:06 PM
@FlávioHeleno Pierre (who made Pickle) seems to be around more these days than he was for a few years, and taking part in dicussions again. So maybe talking to him about Pickle......though some people have found him slightly difficult to work with.....and also that Pickle name is absolutely terrible.
btw, any new thing should probably not depend on pecl or pear at all...but instead download extension code from github (or other VCS's) directly, as having packaged releases is annoying, and a security threat. e.g. see the trojans that are slipped into NPM releases every now and then.
What do you all think about for local variable naming using snake_case when something is a scalar type, callable, or array - and using camelCase when something is (or could be) an object?
Someone on my team is suggesting it but I don't love the idea of it. He says it's what he did to follow Drupal standards but I see in the Drupal coding standards it says Be consistent; do not mix camelCase and snake_case variable naming inside a file.
Just apply an existing standard, less to fight about.
@scorgn In my own experience consistency is more important. I don't see much value in mixing the casing you use within the code. If you want to maintain camelCase in code and snake_case in database schema that's one thing. But to have both cases intermixed within the same system? No thanks.
@Danack Thanks
3:23 PM
Constants are often written LIKE_THIS tho
And database columns $model->like_this;
That's fair about constants. I would expect to see $model->likeThis
Might depend on the ORM
Perhaps. I've never worked with an ORM that doesn't do this translation automatically actually in the wild.
Either way, you almost certainly shouldn't be swapping up local variable casing.
And those places you are swapping up casing, like constants or specific requirements for meta-programming, should be well-defined and consistent within its own context.
3:56 PM
@Danack I agree, using VCS as source of truth so to speak is better than trusting a 3rd party build/delivery. I'm gonna keep digging through this subject as it interests me quite a bit :)
@OlleHärstedt We're following PSR-12 where we can but it's intentionally vague on this one
@OlleHärstedt I think it's important to separate (mentally separate) your models from your database. The benefit of using an ORM with models is that you can switch out your data source. There shouldn't necessarily be a coupling of the model property and the database column. I think it's better to follow whatever other casing standard you use for properties when dealing with models
Add possibility to add MySQL Connection Attributes (incl. custom ones) ・ MySQLi related ・ #81314
4:15 PM
@scorgn Stupid? :P
@PeeHaa Thanks I just needed that validation :D
I don't even understand why anybody would suggest something like that?
They said it's so you can tell if something has methods or not easier
Me: _says a bunch of words, contemplating the deep meaning in the question_
PeeHaa: 1 word, more effective communication
The scope is too big if you do not understand what something is
4:16 PM
My argument was... what about if we type hint an iterable
@PeeHaa Right
It might have methods, it might not
If you go that route (please really don't) at least go proper hungarian instead of mongolian notation
@OlleHärstedt Only if you use active record I guess :P
Don't your people at least use an IDE? @scorgn
@PeeHaa :| This guy uses vim. Whether it's a vim plugin in an IDE or not, I'm not sure'
Tell they that if they want to be a cool kid using vim he needs to install proper plugins or use a proper IDE if they cannot makes sense of variables :D
4:28 PM
We use Hungarian notation to indicate scalar type. At this point, it's used for historical reasons and I find the code to be ugly most times.
o for object, n for number (int or float), s for string, b for boolean, and so forth
In SAP we use something similar: google.com/…
I have no idea why
newer code doesn't follow that, but still most of developers do that
I prefix all my variable names with "rumble" "gurrr" and "blrughghghg" ... I call it hungry stomach notation.
4:50 PM
I only use hungarian notation in code that is explicitly involved with converting types from one representation to another (common in FFI code).
5:08 PM
@PeeHaa He's technically lead because of years of experience so I'm a little bit hesitant to say that :p
lol, I can't imagine the response I'd get if I seriously suggested something like that because of an editor choice
@scorgn you could phrase it as "you've got years of experience, you should be able to think about code no matter the casing. But for newbies who are used to only using PSR2, it makes it easier for new developers to get used to the code."
/also, I'm thinking of switching to snake case in all my own code....
5:41 PM
@Dharman your VSCode is drunk
git grep "Format_" returns nothing
@Girgias Yeah, ok it was reading deleted file
What about "Undefined type 'ParseException'."
Is that in the PDF related files?
Undefined type 'phpdotnet\phd\Package\Generic\Config'.
Okay that's a legit one
Well the ParseException one looks bogus
I don't see how it can happen
highlight_string() doesn't throw from my knowledge
@Dharman can you pull the branch again?
@scorgn Roles based on years are awful :(
5:54 PM
no more errors
@Danack Yeah my argument was definitely about how it introduces complexity for a lot of the newer coders
@PeeHaa yeah :/
He is good at being a leader though
imagefilledellipse - draws strange shape in large size ・ GD related ・ #81315
6:11 PM
The origin of Hungarian notation isn't indicating type, but things the type system cannot handle. The original example was safeFoo, meaning "this has already been sanitized." In other words, it was intended for taint checking. :-)
6:33 PM
Is this a bug or expected? 3v4l.org/d13tj
@Girgias It could throw (ParseError) in PHP 7.0.0 and 7.0.1 (see 3v4l.org/v14srZ). The class was ParseException for a while (RFC) and changed to ParseError (RFC) before 7.0.0 arrived.
Also, I know you explicitly asked for my feedback again, since you've "fixed all of the issues and concerns" (*sideways glance*)... I'll look in again in a few days. I think this PR can benefit from more time "testing" (i.e. making sure more things aren't broken).
@Tiffany If you want a review before pushing to php/web-doc, sure create a new PR. Otherwise, you have write access to the repo so feel free to push any changes that you're happy with.
7:09 PM
@Trowski expected
@JoeWatkins I'm curious about the justification, func_get_args returning empty when you've clearly passed an arg
One special case to consider are variadic functions, which will collect unknown named parameters into the extra_named_params field in the call execute_data and set the ZEND_CALL_HAS_EXTRA_NAMED_PARAMS call info flag. On the assumption that most existing internal functions will not be able to do anything useful with this information ...
from rfc
7:40 PM
@JoeWatkins We were looking for a way to detect if positional vs named arguments had been used to call a function / constructor.
you can't do that
That was our impression
you could do this
diff --git a/Zend/zend_builtin_functions.c b/Zend/zend_builtin_functions.c
index ea1d084539..1b3bac55f9 100644
--- a/Zend/zend_builtin_functions.c
+++ b/Zend/zend_builtin_functions.c
@@ -165,6 +165,29 @@ ZEND_FUNCTION(func_num_args)
 /* }}} */

+/* {{{ Get extra argument passed to the function */
+	zend_execute_data *ex = EX(prev_execute_data);
+	zend_string *name;
+		Z_PARAM_STR(name)
I'm not sure if we should be able to access those, but I guess it might be missing api ... feel free to open a pr if you think it's important ...
what we can't do is change the original API, it just doesn't fit ...
@FélixAdriyelGagnon-Grenier Dude is an amazing Guitarist
So what we were looking at is using exclusively named param constructors as 'shape-like' instances, which would prohibit positional args.
I was hoping that func_get_args would allow seeing named vs positional args but digging in we saw how it was converting them to positional
8:04 PM
It's not a global, not reference parameter, it is not returned or passed to any of the functions
OH FFS it's the PDF rendere
The thing is for the web rendering you need the fragment for it to link to: php.net/manual/en/… properly
But obviously it's part of one of those renderers....
Yeah, but not for PDF
If it's needed for PDF then it's seriously broken
@salathe So bump version requirement to 7.0.2 :D
@Dharman PDF is already broken the extension it uses isn't compatible with PHP 7 IIRC
Segmentation fault ・ Scripting Engine problem ・ #81316
@salathe The problem is I don't know what is meant to work and what isn't, if you want me to run all of the possible renderer packages with formats then sure, PDF is broken since forever, one part of the test suite is non-sensical, and I have no clue how the demo.php script in the API package is even meant to be used
9:01 PM
sshortt ・ *General Issues ・ #81317
2 hours later…
10:34 PM
There's a method called local_tx_start in mysqlnd that was described by author as a hook for __call. Does anyone have any idea how it was meant to be used? It looks like some really buggy functionality
@Dharman In which class you found this method?
It looks to me like it was some poor attempt at debugging. I have no explanation for that code.
@Dharman I have no explanation for all these lines :D Never read php sources before
11:04 PM
Anyone know the history on why {main} is appended to getTraceAsString()? I suppose it allows you to have an idea of whether it was truncated, but that's about it.
11:21 PM
just guessing - that word was copied from Java exception output?

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