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4:04 AM
@LeviMorrison I wish I shared your optimism. I am skeptical. But if you're up for showing me how to do that version, I will make the time to learn from you. :-D
4:23 AM
@NikiC To make |> a sequence point we need to add it to the AST as a binary node. Should I reuse the generic ZEND_AST_BINARY_OP or make a new ZEND_AST_PIPE element? It's unclear to me which way to go for new additions.
Looks like the former is intended to be a wrapper around certain binary opcodes? This wouldn't actually make it down to a PIPE opcode -- so maybe add a new AST node?
3 hours later…
7:33 AM
@Crell I moved the options from a floating panel to the footer, hope you like it
7:47 AM
@LeviMorrison Probably separate, because there will be no opcode for it
1 hour later…
9:04 AM
Ugh, I'm right now modifying a private extension manipulating curl … and all the structs disappeared into a curl_private.h …
There's no reason why this would need to happen, it's not like curl internals would need to change in patch releases :-(
/me copies the struct defs from the header…
9:20 AM
there is a javascript package named "nodemon" which is used to detect changes in the codebase and apply those changes in the running docker container
is the same thing for php?
@IluTov Nah should be fine, also sorry this week is a bit hectic will come back to it on Monday
@Girgias No problem. The implementation looks very simple. Many tests have changed, I'll have to verify that all of them are correct.
That doesn't surprise me lol
I'll also have to make sure there aren't any optimizations where the deprecation is skipped (e.g. 'foo ' . true => 'foo1' not triggering a deprecation)
@Girgias I assume we also wanna trigger on "$boolean"?
@IluTov Yeah, need to amend the RFC to include echo/print and string interpolation
@IluTov For literals you'll need to look into the optimizer for concat op, and function passing I think
9:27 AM
@Girgias This one could be annoying: ini_set('display_errors',true);
Oh... yeah... ini_set...
Might make sense to change the function signature then
9:41 AM
Determine if Closure is static ・ Reflection related ・ #81200
10:02 AM
@ramsey / @JoeWatkins Everything went well for 8.1alpha2?
nobody complained yet, I guess so
Hi o/
TFW I sleep through a tornado warning alert
@Tiffany did you also sleep through the tornado?
I slept through an earthquake as a child
10:20 AM
well, as long as your house is still standing I guess you're fine :P
I slept through the closest the UK has had to a hurricane in my lifetime: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_storm_of_1987
my parents woke me up because my bedroom was on the top floor and the roof had blown off
@Tiffany Did you woke up on a roof ?
Need to check my car when I wake up a bit more. A severe thunderstorm from a few years ago flung a branch into my car's windshield. Replacement was fortunately easy enough, but costly.
My favourite hurricane is by 30 seconds to mars
@ln-s nope, in bed, with my cats staring at me (breakfast)
10:24 AM
Is coco still there? Check all cats
@Tiffany Your cats are going to eat you for breakfast? O_O
Yeah, both cats are here
@MarkR waiting on breakfast XD but I can't feed them right now because Lucy is getting sedated grooming and can't be allowed to eat. I'll have to feed Ricky after I bring her
"I'm repressed ... you know what repression is ? It's when Irish Catholics in america stuff down, pushed down .... and then it comes out all strange"

This guy kills me
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12:19 PM
12:36 PM
the very fine good mornings.
@Girgias Yeah I think so, I think we need to make that part of the RFC.
Let me go update words, got somewhat of a break and need to fill 30min...
@IluTov are there any other functions like ini_set() where using a boolean argument is common when the arg is a string?
12:57 PM
@Girgias Probably, I haven't had time yet to go through all the tests, I just skimmed them.
Is there any way to add a ternary condition in the array. I am trying to achieve it but getting `Illegal offset` error
@IluTov Okay, I'll have a bullet list, just add them there :)
@Girgias If you want you can also wait until I do that, so you don't have to update it a bazillion times.
Or that, works for me too.
@Exception you can't use an array as a key
[TRUE ? array() : 'Item 2' => 'Another Value'] is the same as [array() => 'Another Value']
it's nothing to do with the ternary
1:15 PM
@Girgias 👍
@Sjon Much better, thanks.
@Crell np, thanks for the feedback
Actually, I trying to just remove that key value if certain condition fails.
@Girgias What about comparisons? 'foo' > true? That's probably usually a bug as well.
@IluTov Isn't that string to bool?
ngl don't know about those semantics
Need to go, let me know if it is really bool -> string, and I'll add it
1:30 PM
@Girgias Ok, I'll check and let you know.
Oh I think you're probably right.
It must be string -> int, bool -> int
I think it ends up as string -> bool here: heap.space/xref/php-src/Zend/zend_operators.c?r=b8e380ab#2205
in that particular case, I don't think any value will ever compare as "more than true"
but '-1' will compare as "more than false" and "equal to true", because it's a non-empty string
1:48 PM
If something is more than false, does that make it a lie?
new zval type: IS_PROPOGANDA
$x = false; $x++; // legit, I have no idea. Does this become int(1) maybe?
And "more than true" is T_REVEALED_TRUTH.
Nope. It stays bool(false)
I proposed at least making those consistent, but got flamed for "encouraging type juggling" or some such nonsense
1:53 PM
I mean, at least bool is consistent with itself.
Unlike string: 3v4l.org/h93XF
yeah, unlike null, which for some bizarre reason can be incremented but not decremented
I swear, I thought we "fixed" string inc/dec to be consistent at some point, guess not.
sPeCiAl CaSeS
PHP is just trying to be positive about life.
1:55 PM
Oh ffs, null: 3v4l.org/bmu4L
null++ is there because PHP being PHP and wanting people to be able to increment undefined variables
yes, but that applies to null-- as well
I don't think i've seen anyone ever try to purposefully increment an explicit null
the point is someone 15 years ago forgot to add a branch to case statement for decrementing nulls, and now it's "documenting behaviour", and trying to fix led to me being publicly ridiculed for a week
1:58 PM
I think I've been pretty vocal that it's awful :-)
@Crell Add a new element to the ast enum in zend_ast.h under the 2 node section called ZEND_AST_PIPE. Build that ast in the parser.y file instead of an fcall with the custom flag. You'll need to add cases to various switches like one in export; not sure the full deets. Maybe look at the usages of the BINARY_OP one.
eugh, it's making me feel crap just thinking about that discussion
Engine warnings needed like... 5 more votes to make 90% of those problems go away, if it was ranked choice it would already be gone
it wouldn't make the toxic culture of the mailing list go away, though
wiki.php.net/rfc/engine_warnings 56% in favour of removing access to undeclared vars
2:02 PM
yeah; I'm not convinced by that
Then, in the compiler you need to match against ZEND_AST_PIPE in one or more of the zend_compile_ functions.
@IMSoP I think it makes most sense to deprecate these kinds of things. There are no correct answers to an illogical question.
raw undefined vars, maybe; undefined array keys are just really, really useful
I am in favour of deprecating if and when we have useful alternatives
@LeviMorrison I... barely understood what you just said. I'll have to try and look at the code later and see if I can make any sense of it
anyway, I need to go distract myself from traumatic memories
2:04 PM
$foo['blah'] ?++ ... moar syntax, nullsafe increment
@IMSoP Sorry, I'm still talking about type juggling. Type juggling is fine, as long as the majority of people agree what it should do. When it comes to comparing values of inherently different types, no matter what answer, they rarely make a lot of sense.
@Crell It should make more sense when you are looking at the code, yes ^_^
@Sara That's just terrible
That's perl!
"The Aristocrats!"
2:09 PM
@Sara I see @Girgias and I are never gonna run out of deprecation RFCs ^^
"""The auto-decrement operator is not magical."""
Oh god no.
@Sara Yeah, wow.
PHP is a kitchen sink, and what happens in a kitchen sink you never empty? It gets nasty. And that nastiness seeps into the porcelain. And the stank never comes out.
@Crell I think I'll have time this weekend to pair with you, if you are available. Definitely look at the pieces of code I mentioned ahead of time if we do, though.
We should make a collective effort to remove them all in the next major.... if anyone asks to keep them just reply: NINE NINE NINE NINE!
2:16 PM
hello, any of you can help on JS room?
If we could help with Javascript, we'd be in a Javascript room.
thats true, i was just asking :D
be happy
@NoobDEV-GBL why? That's a presumptuous thing to say.
/me will be cranky if he wishes to be, dagnabbit!
2:21 PM
@NoobDEV-GBL Maybe that's precisely why we're happy :P
I'm stressed right now about my cat, not exactly in a happy mood.
Poor kitty.:-(
@IluTov ya mate :D
@Tiffany good times will come
i was just asking becousa i'm having a bad time trying to convert a string in number ... stupid...but not working
Funny, that's just what we were talking about in PHP. :-) It's screwy in every language.
i whant to sum all values but it's adding to the current value...
like 1+1 = 2 and it returns 1+1 = '11'
2:27 PM
We said this isn't a JS room. Please don't try to sneak in JS questions.
@NoobDEV-GBL Try Number(x) + Number(y).
not really... thats parcial php
There's also parseInt() or parseFloat(), not sure if that work better for your situation.
JavaScript uses + for both string concatenation and number addition. That's just asking for trouble in a dynamic language.
No, that's not PHP. PHP's type juggling design, at least, doesn't have that problem.

My name is Sara and I am a Software Engineer from California. I hope you can help me with my bunions. I know this is the PHP room, but many of you may have had bunions in your life.
2:35 PM
oh ffs, another stupid PSR-7 stream bug; just give me the body as a string dammit
@IluTov thanks...but that i have tryed and i got the same result all the time... maby is more stupid thing...but ya, this is not a js room...
i will just keep looking for a sulution...
@NoobDEV-GBL Well, it's hard to help you without more information. Running this in the console will yield the correct result. Number('1') + Number('2'). There's probably some other error in your code. I'm ready to help you if you provide more information (preferably without spamming the chat).
@IluTov i have parcial code on js room
Hello, I have a question for you. I am creating a website that will generate a timetable for an event and I would like to use the GET value to check the event in the database. I only encountered a problem because I do not know if I can have IF in the query in the PDO
$sql->execute(["name"=> ($eventName || strtolower($eventName) || str_replace(" ", "-", $eventName) || str_replace(" ", "", $eventName))]);
@NoobDEV-GBL Ugh, nested ternaries. With + both operands need to be numbers for it to work. Try Number(cur.Fuel) + Number(cur.Fuel) and Number(cur.Fuel) (instead of cur.Fuel + 0).
2:44 PM
@DEVDJ I'm not sure what you're trying to do with those ||s, but it's not going to work; it will result in "name" => true
(or possibly false; but not any kind of name)
@IluTov result as string...same lenght
@DEVDJ Step one, don't put that fall back logic directly inline into the query call. It's too complex. Break it out to a separate variable.
any logic about checking multiple possibilities in the database needs to be in the SQL; PDO isn't going to write the query for you
@NoobDEV-GBL Split it up into separate statements. I can't tell what value will be a string or a number from your example. Then dump the values to see what you get.
2:47 PM
My point is that the name of the event taken from get can be in various forms, e.g. EventName, eventname, Event-Name, event-name and it needs to check if in the database or any of the names corresponds to the one in the database
yep, like I say, that needs to be in the SQL
PDO isn't controlling any logic in the query, it's just sending the SQL string and the data variables
Could you send us an example because I don't really understand how to check this name, since I have a name in the database, for example in the form of Event Name?
@DEVDJ You could do a WHERE IN () query, and feed it the various permutations of the string.
And e.g. when someone enters lineup/event-name or lineup/eventname, it will show him the specific one from the database
^ what Crell said; or, do the SQL version of the str_replace() calls on the database end
WHERE name IN (:name, :nameLower, :nameNoSpaces, :nameNoHyphens)
2:52 PM
@DEVDJ is there a reason the names aren't standardised before they're stored?
You could probably simplify it by doing a strtolower in both the SQL and the incoming variables, so it removes the case variants. (That may require a denormalized lowercase field in the DB for better performance.)
or perhaps WHERE LOWER(REPLACE(' ' , '', name)) = LOWER(REPLACE(' ' , '', :name))
@IluTov it returns in number inside the reducer..
Yes, because these full names are displayed in the panel and in its functions and I would like to give the user the opportunity to display the lineup by entering, for example, shorter versions
2:56 PM
@IMSoP Streams were a mistake. The thing is immutable, except then they allow streams, which can do whatever they want...
And, I told them this. PSR-7 is the one PSR I actually tried to contribute to...
(meaning, I did more than just a drive-by comment, which I've done on a few of them)
It's when I started pronouncing "PSRs" as "pissers."
So what I did now should work?
$sql = $pdo->prepare("SELECT * FROM events WHERE name IN(:name, :nameLover, :nameNoHyphens, :nameNoSpaces)");
$sql->execute(["name"=> $eventName, "nameLover"=> strtolower($eventName), "nameNoHyphens"=> str_replace(" ", "-", $eventName), "nameNoSpaces"=>str_replace(" ", "", $eventName)]);
$event = $sql->fetchAll(PDO::FETCH_ASSOC);
That is one way of doing it, yes. Though I think you want nameLower, not nameLover.
Not that there's anything wrong with loving what you do...
sounds dangerous to name lovers in SQL, must be an injection ...
You know, it only displays data, so injection won't help, because it's checking whether there is a value or not, if not, 404 shows
So there is no need to protect against SQL injection because it only displays data and not save or modify
Erf. First, Joe was making a joke. Second, SELECT queries are absolutely subject to SQL injection attacks.
3:05 PM
no joke, we've promoted every kind of SQL mistake to an injection ...
This idea is probably not very effective with this, because I am showing an empty board
@LeviMorrison yeah; I can imagine use cases for a separate StreamingRequestInterface, but having a buggy stream interface on every single object is unbelievably annoying
@DEVDJ the problem with that approach is that if the name in the database has mixed case, spaces, and hyphens, it won't match any of the variants
16 mins ago, by Stephen
@DEVDJ is there a reason the names aren't standardised before they're stored?
In the database, the names are like "Event Name"
right, so that's never going to match if someone types "event-name"
you need to strip down both sides
3:10 PM
And almost any event name can be entered into a space if it consists of several words
Then you need to do the strtolower approach, at least.
and as Crell says, for best performance, do the manipulation on insert, and have a column like "StrippedName" that holds "eventname" for comparisons
@Crell as a tip, questions like "is there a reason you haven't..." or "why didn't you just..." are often better phrased as something like "had you thought of ..."; it changes the implication from "you should have thought of this" to "you might have already thought of this, but in case you hadn't"
@DEVDJ will the query interact with any variable that could ever possibly be affected by user input? If yes, it's vulnerable to SQL injection.
@IMSoP It's not my question. It's Stephen's. It just hadn't been answered. :-P
oh, beg pardon
it's a subtle "tone of voice" thing I see on SO a lot
3:16 PM
(specifically, it can be vulnerable to SQL injection, and parameterized queries should be used)
@DEVDJ if the names in the DB are just space separated words (i.e. "Bobs Big BBQ Bash") - I'd take the user input and either: do a plain LIKE against each word, or if you really want to support lots of multiple word combinations, use a full text index and do a match() against the name column.
this of course assumes your database supports full text indexes. but, even mysql does so it seems pretty likely yours does.
you say "even mysql", but actually I think it's something mysql has more native support for than some
the match() syntax you mention, for instance, is MySQL-specific AFAIK
thats possible. I definitely was under the impression that most "grown up" RDBMS' had full text indexing before mysql had it for innodb
yeah; it's possible I've just never needed to look for it
when I've needed that kind of thing, I've always used a dedicated technology like ElasticSearch
(which is in fact what I'm working on right now)
but it wouldn't surprise me if one/some are missing it. Mysql has had much stronger replication options for years, compared to Postgres, so its not like mysql never has a feature sooner.
3:27 PM
even a stopped clock is right once or twice a day :P
3:42 PM
It works fine, I was not able to write back to you earlier. I just forgot to change the order of str_replace because I left it in the previous code and it displayed an empty array for that. Thank you for all your help :)
4:31 PM
curl-setopt docs - Missing description of CURLOPT_PASSWORD option ・ Documentation problem ・ #81201
3 hours later…
7:27 PM
@IluTov is another victim of strict_types
7:38 PM
Strïct týpes bit my sister once.
Strict types robbed my dog
Strict types once lead me down a dark ally, kissed me passionately, then punched me in the stomach and yelled "Array to string conversion, bitch!"
You guys need to find better friends to hang out with.
At least it kissed me first, unlike "0" being falsey, which just kicks me repeatedly in the balls over, and over again.
@Crell Types are my friends.
7:44 PM
Strict types forced itself upon my callback, even when I told it no.
8:23 PM
Fun fact. I literally just now wrote code that could have used the "partial but prefill all values" use case.
@Exception that is not possible without unset(), and therefore not possible in a single statement
Without even intending to do so.
8:56 PM
I have two questions ...

I have created a CRM similar to Wordpress, this CRM (Wordpress) is mainly aimed at journalism or so it seems to me since its strength is Post management and SEO INDEXING ... and that practically the design based on templates facilitates the general configuration of the sites that implement it.

The CRM that I am creating is an intermediate point, instead of Create Page for POST, it creates empty Administrative Use Form; and it is the developer who must program and design the forms ...
You have two viable options.

1) Double-down on composer, let people install it with `composer create-project` or similar. Move on with life.
2) Ship a tarball that is you already running composer create-project and then zipping up the result.

All other alternatives suck in some way.
...personally I have a huge preference for the former
especially if you want people in the real world to use your thing, put it inside the ecosystem they already understand
I concur.
@DaveRandom sugestion???
@FranciscoNúñez-TodoPoderoso also to be clear, PHP does not allow variable namespaces like that
@FranciscoNúñez-TodoPoderoso just use composer
if that presents you with a specific problem, explain it here and we'll see if we can find a solution :-)
9:03 PM
have some guide or documentation to set my composer create-project Last-Hammer
besides what is available at getcomposer.org I don't, tho others may
@Crell Will this option be installed in root?
Root of what?
@Crell of local web server like www or htdocs etc...
you want a "routing script" or "servlet"
you can also solve problems like that with rewrites but typically proxying stuff through PHP is a better solution
afaik there is no way to have a shared doc-root, but that is the wrong way to do things anyway
9:06 PM
Depends on your configuration. The typical recommended configuration today is to have a public or web directory that is just a front controller (index.php), and configure your web server to serve that directory. Then as a sibling of that you have vendor (controlled by Composer), and src or similar for your own code. All of it autoloaded through Composer.
you might want bower (is that still a thing?) or similar front-end package manager
I don't front end
I think they are not understanding me: in the wordpress structure, for example, the index.php is included, I also do it, but wordpress is distributed through a compressed file, etc ... so I don't know if composer can recreate the entire structure (skeleton ) from the project as shown in this example: github.com/arcanisgk/…
keep all files up to date except the contents of the Workspace subfolder
is it possible to do this with composer create-project Last-Hammer
Don't copy Wordpress on how it's distributed. Just don't.
yeh, it sounds like what you have should be distributed as a package
don't try to be the "root" application, your users use your things, rather than have their code dictated by something else
i.e. your users should just "require" your package via composer
although far from a bastion of sanity, look at the "symfony model" instead of the "wordpress model"
9:24 PM
What I try to do is not a simple package with 3 files ... it is a CRM but aimed at managing development environments that are oriented to administrative developments: forms, reports or maintenance etc ...
like vtiger
size is irrelevant
it's not about what it is, it's about how people use it
also, if it's that big, consider breaking it up into smaller things
again, see symfony
If I use composer, the subfolder that is generated called workpspace would remain inside the vendors folder of composer together with everything ... workspace is where the other developers are supposed to place their scripts ... this seems to me not to be correct .. .
@DaveRandom ok
@FranciscoNúñez-TodoPoderoso you are looking at it the wrong way round, don't try to control where other people put their code, rather you are just making your tool available for people to use
it's a huuuuge paradigm shift from wordpress and I understand why you are struggling with it, honestly they have the world turned on its head
@FranciscoNúñez-TodoPoderoso Your system is designed to have plugins? Add ons written by others?
more simply put, you shouldn't be includeing other people's code, rather they should include yours
9:30 PM
I would like to show you something more detailed, but I do not speak English natively, I have only created the seed to start with this project.
@Crell no
do you have a "hello world" example for using for your project?
(I am too tired to look at properly this eve but will be around on sunday)
@Crell i create a administrative tool (an UI) that create point process o point forms... it automaticaly create a folder pointed to it... were is placed the seed code to create a form/report view/logic/script ...
Then "where other developers place their scripts" is irrelevant, because they won't be.
@DaveRandom sunday sound good for me XD
You're writing to the disk for user data?
9:33 PM
@DaveRandom i can create it ...
Rather than a DB?
@Crell only configuration project...
I need to bail but I'm just gonna throw the term "inversion of control" out there
@Crell o yes i think use database
I do not understand your response.
But I have to run out myself. Bottom line: It sounds from your question like you're approaching the problem from the wrong direction.
9:34 PM
@FranciscoNúñez-TodoPoderoso si estas luchando para ser entenido, puedes hablar en espanol
@JoeWatkins que?
@JoeWatkins gracias
(sorry couldn't resist)
@JoeWatkins vengo del sitio en español XD
9:35 PM
de nada, y bienvenidas tambien :)
@DaveRandom no problem he suggest me to tal k in spanish XD
somehow I know enough to have understood ~80% of the spanish exchanged so far :-P
I can't write but apparently I can read
what is "sitio"?
mi espanol no es muy bueno, pero intentaré ...
I will at least say hola but I think that is my limit on things I know with googling
9:38 PM
let's keep the conversation in here, and English as much as possible, porque hay mas ayuda a ti en ingles, but I'll try to make you understood if you throw out some spanish
I don't think "dos cervesas por favor" is that relevant here
@DaveRandom yea
@JoeWatkins ok
I am chronically English, but at least I have the appropriate levels of guilt
I understand that the correct direction to create packages to implement in php is to make them small and elevate them with composer ... but it is not the case if you are creating a CRM / ERP
that's is a false statement, imho
traditionally "platforms" have taken that approach, that does not make it correct though
9:41 PM
@DaveRandom I do not see myself in the ability to create N amounts of independent projects to put them together and make a great whole.
there is no real difference (to you) between providing a docroot directory with a front controller, and asking your users to require __DIR__ . '/../vendor/autoload.php'; then invoke a function
I really have to bail ut will be around from ~3pm UTC on sun
of course that is not the problem the problem is to implement the structure (Skeleton) that is proposed in Last-Hammer
@FranciscoNúñez-TodoPoderoso piensamos en terminos de componentes, los componentes estan pequenos
9:43 PM
@DaveRandom yes
@DaveRandom send me a calendar plz to icarosnet@gmail.com
but also, symfony or any framework is also a component ...
that would imply me being more organised than I am :-P just ping me in here on sunday afternoon, I will be floating about, can deffo give you an hour or two at some point but not gonna pin down exactly when, sorry :-P
I mean unless you wanna pay me for consulting but there's no need for that
(also I don't think I would offer value for money)
@JoeWatkins but these are framework and iam creating a CRM o ERP like Sap business one ...
but it is for desktop enviromet and my project is for web enviroment
@DaveRandom ok zorry
no need to apologise :-) I'm happy to help, just only when I have time to :-P
you gave me an interesting idea about composer's create-project ...
9:48 PM
...and I am currently trying to move house so my schedule is kinda fluid
@FranciscoNúñez-TodoPoderoso credit where it's due, that was @Crell
@JoeWatkins que opinas???
it's a good idea though
really going /zzz
well, yes, but I was just responding to the idea that you can't imagine many small components making a big complex thing
We can do something I leave you this link of the project and its description, if you have time, thank you, review it, study a little ... it is a single page ... and we can see it on Sunday ... send me the appointment to the calendar please, I appreciate your help.
35 mins ago, by DaveRandom
although far from a bastion of sanity, look at the "symfony model" instead of the "wordpress model"
16 mins ago, by DaveRandom
I need to bail but I'm just gonna throw the term "inversion of control" out there
/actually leaving damin it
there may be inversion of control in symfony, however, first of all you should master the cache.
then comparing symfony cache contents against wordpress spaghetti code, it's perhaps the cache is easier to understand than the wordpress spaghetti code, but it's only the cache and there is still the overall application left, so at the end of the day it's perhaps that wordpress is more accessible and better in usability.
the road to hell is paved with good intentions as the saying goes.
I can make a diagram for you ...
I can get some kids together, make a workshop with them and let them draw nice pictures, too.
(and was not directed to any of your repository links you posted)
9:57 PM
well I don't really intend to recreate the wordpress spaghetti code ... I actually hate wordpress in terms of code and structure ... but I'm thinking of implementing certain patterns: MVC and Onion. but this leads me to certain doubts about the distribution of the CRM or ERP ... and how to correctly implement the namespaces
oh yes, there is no need to take wordpress as an example to copy from. maybe as an example how to maintain over decades (or what happens if you do it that way).
are you planning to release libraries?
I have 2 separate libraries ... oriented purely to development ... and I already have the first release ... but this is another CRM or ERP project; I plan to release it as a complete project manager and not as separate packages; since many internal components are interdependent.

for example when the developer decides to create a new form in the development interface (UI); This must create the access data in the database (for the management of permissions); you must create a working sub directory for development (code). etc.
10:13 PM
Hello everybody
@Girgias I've been tracking down calls to zval_get_string_func (and try variants). It's quite a mess. We can either: 1. Forget about those only only handle ZEND_RECV/ZEND_VERIFY_RETURN_TYPE 2. Consistently deprecate all of these cases 3. Go through them one by one. github.com/Girgias/php-rfc-bool-string-deprecation/issues/3
That's a list, the exception class ones seem to be "safe", and the assign string dimension should be also fine I imagine, as if it's for arrays, it gets converted to int, and string offsets already emit a E_WARNING
The try* variant should be for sure covered IMHO
10:39 PM
Hello @AleDC
@FranciscoNúñez-TodoPoderoso: Did you made good experiences by converting errors into exceptions? E.g. do you draw a line, like not converting E_NOTICE errors into exceptions in production?
and something I just learned yesterday: uncaught exceptions return HTTP status code 200 when display_errors is enabled ... (local dev server and nginx PHP FPM at least)
I was always under the impresspion to see 500 regardless what.
11:30 PM
@IluTov So is the issue that many things end up calling __zval_get_string_func() ? I just checked that convert_to_string() doesn't use it, so it's probably fine to make the change there

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