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8:00 PM
@ln-s me?
They are both white...
If so, I'm a woman :P
@Dharman done
8:00 PM
Didn't notice joe was talking about you
melatonin pills
natural and safe
Melatonin gummies
And other kinds of gummies...
Whatever floats your boat
Weed is just terrible
be on it every day, then try to quit
the nightmares, jesus
Use in moderation, yo
8:02 PM
fuck moderation, I smoke copious amounts of weed ...
May the lord save you if you try to quit one day
Man I had the most terrible nightmares EVER
I won't, I'm actually a horrible person ...
75% of the time, it makes me dumb as a rock. It does wonders for my anxiety though.
I'm not a daily user
I wasn't an every day user either, 3 times a week or so
@ln-s yeah, familiar ... let's not talk about nightmares ...
8:04 PM
@ln-s it's interesting, when I was digging through chat logs earlier, I was reminded of when I was on antipsych drugs
I smoke all the time, I'll get up in the night to smoke ... I can't cope with the world any other way
I know that feeling
I respect all points of view so I'm ok with it either way
Partial function application, brought to you by...
@JoeWatkins Hear, hear!
8:06 PM
@Tiffany yeah, if you are off weed you'll get vivid nightmares in which you won't know when you are awake
@ln-s I got to the point where I became afraid to fall asleep, it was not pleasant
or if you are still asleep
That is just terrifying
@JoeWatkins My attempt to make fiber backtraces not terrible: Include start/resume/throw in backtraces
suspend_fiber ?
also, don't %d the line numbers, that's kinda important to know if it makes sense ...
or are you being sneaky and hiding that they are wrong ?
@ln-s not comfortable putting this message in chat, so a gist gist.github.com/tiffany-taylor/8f9777a364ebee0f73d2277963620ea7
8:09 PM
Any way I can determine if "class string with namespace" is instance of another class ? Just thgrough refelction ?
@Tiffany makes sense
which world are we in, internals or userland ?
@ln-s is_a($class_name, $another_class, true); ?
perfect I completely forgot about is_a
@Trowski it's better than mysterious internal function frames anyway
also, I missed that suspend_fiber was the actual function name ... ha
@JoeWatkins Yes, exactly. It shows where the fiber was started or resumed as well as the full fiber stack so you don't have to wonder how the fiber got to the point where it threw.
Maybe suspend_fiber wasn't the best choice there.
8:15 PM
I'm having one of those weeks where it seems like a good idea to put _i infront of all of the function names ... so i_suspend_the_fiber_for_the_user is my suggestion ...
I could have also just started reading at the top of the file like a normal human ...
it's your fault, you said look at backtraces, I was really just doing what I was told ... maybe a notice in the manual "Start reading at the top of files" ...
@JoeWatkins Ah, no, guess I was getting annoyed at changing trace line numbers if I added another var_dump to a test before an exception.
fibers, so then jump to the middle of the file, and then check 2/3's the way down, then open an unrelated file at 5/6ths ...
Not really different than any other function call :P
@Trowski I like including line numbers in this sort of thing, they become important for coverage tools and we don't always notice when line numbers get messed up ...
@JoeWatkins Definitely makes sense, I'll restore those. Definitely wasn't trying to hide anything, just being lazy :)
8:21 PM
you can only do so much good in exceptions ... I 'member when exceptions used to be correct ...
Is there a way to retain the .out file even if the test passes?
it's not written if the test passes
Experienced coders should demand to see the code before taking on a job, unpopular opinion ?
I'll just make the trace different so it fails.
@Trowski can you move that to a followup PR?
8:30 PM
@NikiC Sure, did you want to merge it as it was otherwise, or?
@Trowski yeah, I think the PR was about ready
@NikiC No problem. Want me to restore the line numbers in the traces in tests after I pull that commit off?
I don't particularly care either way
Line numbers tend to get dropped whenever someone touches a test, because the tooling strips them :)
Ok, I'll just leave it as is then.
@NikiC Force pushed without the last commit.
Great window manager that is pretty slick and most people don't know, try Enlightenment
@Tiffany Do you have a suggestion where should I put comparison constants, eh ComparisonConstants.php? ...
Should be a helper I suppose
could have some text to operator functionality
8:53 PM
Can someone add a PHP tag here too? stackoverflow.com/questions/45844056/…
@Dharman done
9:05 PM
@JoeWatkins just saw https://github.com/php/php-src/compare/master...krakjoe:friends ! great!

one thing tho, i don't think it should be called "friends", as its different from friendship feature ( which IIRC there's another RFC for )
I still have no one who dares to speak about fibers at our upcoming web conference in august
I have the common topics, laravel, security and general software craftmanship with PHP
I need someone who can talk about exciting 8.1 features :D
@NikiC Sometimes I make things more complicated than they needed to be :P I should have thought of comparing the func pointer before.
@ln-s two works: ✨ ✨ sparkling generators ✨✨
Flux capacitors and time travel dude ... like sparkling generators are so old fashioned
really, I need someone who can talk about 8.1 features
we have people talking about node and would like to show new comers about fibers in PHP
9:26 PM
a while back, a coworker and I were testing memory management in PHP, he was trying to improve the memory usage in a class, but unset() was not working how we were expecting it to, he made a rough script a while back as an example, basically it showed no improvement from "init:" and "end:"
@Tiffany Strings are only copied if you modify them
It's a technique called COW
Copy on write
Dirty lyrics, great song youtube.com/watch?v=ZGDGdRIxvd0
Those unsets are unsetting local vars, which makes no difference if they are going out of scope.
@Trowski so an ineffective test?
Yeah, every unset call is unnecessary, so it's not testing how unset affects memory at all.
9:38 PM
@Tiffany if you want test memory, use arrays easier
also modify them so you can see COW in action
@SaifEddinGmati "oh, now that we have objects, conversion to object should work like conversion to array; but wait!; well, let's create a scalar property instead"
@cmb That's a nice progression ^^
@NikiC You wouldn't be able to answer IntelliJ questions, would you?
@Crell Most likely not :P
Right. :-)
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