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1:49 AM
ah fuck
well, i figured out what is causing the build failures on travis that i can't duplicate
aliens? I hope it's aliens. is it aliens?
I added the opcode for ZEND_IS_LARGER and ZEND_IS_LARGER_OR_EQUAL, and the JIT for ARM64 has assembly optimizations for all the ZEND_AST_BINARY_OP opcodes, which I didn't add
ffs, it's never aliens
i maintain that adding an opcode is still the better way to do it
1:52 AM
but i may have to do what joe suggested and kind of hack the parser to magically reverse comparisons instead
because doing assembly optimizations is way outside of my skillset
fuck, that means i need to rewrite a 1/3 of the feature
@JRL just turn JIT off. tbh the PR's for RFCs don't need to be absolutely complete, and don't need opcache or stuff to be done, otherwise only 2.5 people would be able to do any RFCs.
well if this is a problem that can be solved during stabilization by someone more equipped that would be better, but i cringe at the idea of just dumping two new opcodes on the RMs for 8.2
it'll fail all the builds on travis until it's resolved though
well, on all the CI pipelines
actually... i think JIT would still screw up this RFC even if i did parser magic
2:08 AM
JIT goes zoooooom.. head first into a wall
We're doing some pretty crazy stuff (partly) with it though
2:29 AM
im all for the benefits, i just shouldn't be the person messing with it
2 hours later…
4:32 AM
@cmb That
@cmb That's on me. Lemme jump on dat.
3 hours later…
7:45 AM
@Derick FYI xdebug 3.1.2 segfault on 32-bit with 8.1.0 (tests/base/bug02036.phpt)
8:42 AM
ah, the 32bit is the key then perhaps
I can't reproduce it.
8:59 AM
I have an issue that if I set the language for the date setlocale(LC_TIME, "de_DE.utf8"); it is not working
I run my stack in Laragon with PHP 8
@Derick perhaps a PHP issue (stack seems corrupted), will try with 8.1.1RC1 when available
I know that on Linux you can see the installed languages with locale -a but I have no idea how to do it with windows
@RemiCollet on it...
Room 11's Advent of Code private leaderboard join code: 114365-5d3b257b
9:43 AM
@RemiCollet I think the "currupt stack?)" is a red herring in your report
I now installed PHP 8.1.0 proper (Was still using RC5), but it works as normal here. No valgrind warnings, neither with or without USE_ZEND_ALLOC
@RemiCollet Can you repo on the command line without your fancy build system?
not really....
to reproduce locally I have to use a 32-bit chroot, so I use "mock" to build the package on F36/i686
9:58 AM
I have a 32bit build environment, but it works :-)
@YoKoGFX use - instead of _ on Windows, e.g. var_dump(setlocale(LC_TIME, "de-DE.utf8"));
@RemiCollet Where do I download fedora 36? website only has 35 :-)
@Derick doesn't exists yet, it is "Fedora rawhide" development version
10:18 AM
@cmb Does not work, already tested it :(
Hmm, works for me. Maybe try without the .utf8.
10:49 AM
@Derick 8.1.1RC1 is building for F36, will try xdebug 3.1.2 with it later (after lunch)
11:04 AM
why register controller is not inserting data to db
1 hour later…
12:16 PM
when does the PHP 8.2 RMs vote take place? 🤔
Probably in March
Thank you
I'm thinking about nominating this year as well, but not sure if i have the time, need to see if my employer will pay me for it, if so, i will definitely go for it
i find hilarious that in phpstorm, writing new stdClass and Alt+Enter autocompletes in new \stdClass
obviously writing "\" is a lot more effort than hitting "Alt+Enter"
so like people that liked new \stdClass() already wrote that without phpstorm's help. but I'd like to have use stdClass; and i still have no autocompletion for that
also the use of non fully qualified symbols (ie fallback to root scope) is still not an inspection
If you hover over ``, you get the option to import it, but yea, it would be much better if this stuff was configurable.
also using constants/functions without importing them, and PhpStorm is always fine with it, but i'm not.
when i wrote stdClass i meant constants and functions, as obviously classes don't fallback :B
12:30 PM
well, at least it adds \ to stdClass, it doesn't for functions/constants :(
it does in the EAP.... or maybe you need to enable it through some option?
i'm not using EAP, maybe it's behind an option, idk 🤷‍♂️
the thing of \str_replace() is that \ can be visually overwhelming
so i'd rather have a million imports at the top of the file when i don't have look often
if that makes sense
in fact i can even collapse the imports
yea, personally idc about the optimization for count() or strlen() ( in some cases i do ), i just want the code to look visually pleasing.
auto import at namespace level is what you're looking for
12:36 PM
anyone from FIG here?
@MarkR so you are saying i am just bad at searching the option :B
wow it works
@MarkR TIL, thanks :D
i looked for several minutes and i couldn't find anything. maybe i was in code style
that's so neat. i've been wanting this for ages
Is it only me having issues with PDO under 8.1? a simple "select 1" takes 5m lol
12:55 PM
Ok, it's not PDO nor Doctrine when I run cache:warmup it mines some crypto possibly
gotta fund PHP development somehow ;)
@brzuchal rm /var/cache -rf, that's how you clear the cache :p
@SaifEddinGmati that's not it, I know that, was trying with the simplest command to localise the issue, dunno which bundle does something that it takes 5m
does -vvv shows which cache warmer is being executed currently?
I don't think it's there but dunno yet where
trying to find it
1:11 PM
@PatrickAllaert you can bump version to 8.1.2-dev in PHP-8.1 ;)
^ and also in NEWS
@RemiCollet Done
I should really do it at the same time than the tagging
@PatrickAllaert from git PoV, the main risk, is someone adding a NEWS entry at wrong position
and minor issue for people reporting issue for 8.1.1-dev instead of 8.1.2-dev
1:23 PM
I checked what has been pushed to PHP-8.1 in the mean time
@RemiCollet Without me being to reproduce that issue, I'm not sure what I can do :-/
@Derick to be honest, I don't really care about i686 ;)
@Derick if you have some Fedora VM (any version)
sure... but I don't like crashes
mock -r fedora-rawhide-i386 --init
mock -r fedora-rawhide-i386 --install php-cli
mock -r fedora-rawhide-i386 --shell
no, but I can get a fedora vm
1:26 PM
and then you are in a fedora 32 i686 chroot
32 or 36?
sorry, 36
rather mock -r fedora-rawhide-i386 --install php-devel (and anything you need to be installed in the buldroot)
It's downloading, which will take some time. I'm going for a walk first :-)
I.... I'm switching to spaces for indenting my code
In a lot of editors tabs take up too much (8) space and it kinda messes up the display
IIRC, "mock" is also available in some other distro (debian), some build RPM there using it (but don't know if provided configuration are updated for recent versions)
@Derick enjoy your walk, really nothing urgent
@PatrickAllaert IIRC, sara container have a reminder for this github.com/sgolemon/php-release/blob/master/build.sh#L320
2:05 PM
Morning All!
2:24 PM
did not expect to be learning ARMv8 X64 Assembly instructions today
almost an hour trying to figure out why this broken
@cmb Was caused because I used format instead of translatedFormat. So it was not applying the correct date format.
I suggest to use something that doesn't rely on the current locale, though.
@cmb It is based on the app.php locale. So it is not based on the location of the user.
or do you mean I should use something that changes dynamically based on the user?
3:07 PM
@SaifEddinGmati try an older PHP version, there only statement-throw is allowed :-D
@YoKoGFX if you're in full control of the application and the server environment, this should be fine.
3:29 PM
@SaifEddinGmati PHPStorm should have flagged that as dead code :D
@kelunik yea, psalm didn't report anything as well
3:45 PM
Because if readDeferred was null, then the next line is not dead code.
ah yea, the ?-> seems to be the "problem"
Yep, ?-> doesn't evaluate anything to the right if the left is null.
My version of that feature (and I think Hack's as well) does evaluate expressions to the right. Lost that one....
Why would that be desirable?
Generally the value will be discarded, no?
4:13 PM
Basically for that Saif saw above. There's a clear exception throw that somehow isn't occurring.
That reads as confusing to me.
The constructor optimization always felt broken for the same reason (till it was fixed).
class Foo {} $f = new Foo($x = 1); /* $x is still undefined because the constructor call got elided */
no more segfaults
i somehow was able to make the JIT changes successfully, just had to constantly reference assembly cheatsheets
are you still planning on doing parser changes for op overloads @bwoebi? because i can start working on that if not.
is proc_open really the only way to execute subsequent shell commands from within another shell, such as mysql -uroot -pwhatever then a bunch of source some_file.sql and various alter stuff?
@FĂ©lixAdriyelGagnon-Grenier if you don't want to use a library, use.
cool. proc_open works™ well enough but now that you talk about it, I see that symfony has a process component built around it too. thanks!
yea, either symfony/process or amp/process ( if you want to keep it non-blocking )
4:27 PM
neat, amp
I am confused by this line. $this->assertInstanceOf(ProcessOutputStream::class, $process->getStdin()); I would expect something named getStdin to return a ProcessInputStream::class instance? Is there some kind of inverted design around child / parent process' input and output I don't know about?
> public function getStdout(): ProcessInputStream
ProcessOutput as in "you output something to the process" i suppose.
that appears to be somewhat confusing.
output stream = write stream
input stream = read stream

that's how it is in amp/byte-stream
4:38 PM
As with a lot of things Symfony it might eave you scratch your head :D
Oh it's amp :D
Even braver
i personally took the easier way of naming them ReadHandle and WriteHandle, you can tell what you can do with it by name :p github.com/azjezz/psl/blob/2.0.x/src/Psl/IO/…
@SaifEddinGmati Yeah, in that case ReadStream and WriteStream are better names.
so that we can write to the process' ReadStream and then read from its WriteStream?
@kelunik i think so, maybe v3 is a good chance to do it, but might wanna keep the old ones there as well for BC ( but agian, the next major of Amphp has too many BC breaks, so interface name change is not that major ).
@FĂ©lixAdriyelGagnon-Grenier No, read from the ReadStream and write to the WriteStream obviously
@FélixAdriyelGagnon-Grenier you are doing PHP stuff now mostly again?
been starting to activate myself a bit more, following up with clients. feels great
@PeeHaa What are you guys up to today? =)
@SaifEddinGmati Yeah, I think ReadStream and WriteStream are better. May as well change it now.
Maybe ReadableStream and WritableStream. /cc @kelunik
yea, it would be more explicit i suppose
4:59 PM
@StatikStasis Mostly trying to work through the crazy busy period
23 more days to go :P
I wish y'all well on that <3
@FĂ©lixAdriyelGagnon-Grenier It's a bit odd, since Stdin on the process is output from the parent :)
stdout from the process is input to the parent.
The fact that I have to explain that means they should be named ReadableStream and WritableStream, lol
Anyone knows a way to initialize a bash shell with docker-compose
as soon as sudo docker-compose up
(Yes I'm aware of docker exec -ti etc)
5:11 PM
I wonder, since there's IteratorStream, ReadableStream is nicer but ReadStream aligns with IteratorStream
tty: true
stdin_open: true
trying these two but it doesn't seems to work
@FĂ©lixAdriyelGagnon-Grenier Iterator stream is using an instance of Amp\Iterator. It is named PipelineStream in v3.
@JRL I did, but been sick this week - feel free to start it…
Amp\Iterator was replaced by the pipeline lib: amphp/pipeline
@ln-s I don't really know what you're asking. if docker-compose run servicename bash isn't what you're after maybe try to explain what you want to do.
5:16 PM
sudo docker-compose up
pops up bash there
no need to execute anything else
@bwoebi i'll start familiarizing myself, but it's likely that you'll feel better before i figure it out. :)
especially since there's no real rush
@PeeHaa I've been on a Fortnite kick lately... I suck at it so I've not streamed it.
@Danack I guess I just want to spawn an interactive tty
5:38 PM
So if I understand correctly, the idea is to rename ProcessOutputStream to WritableStream so that eg here getStdin() would return a WritableStream (and its stdout/readable counterpart)? Can I open a PR for that? Is it too trivial? What would it branch from?
@FĂ©lixAdriyelGagnon-Grenier I'm speaking about the Amp v3 compatible version. We can't change names in the current version now.
@FĂ©lixAdriyelGagnon-Grenier should be done in v3 branch of amp/byte-stream, and all packages using v3 ( there's a branch for every package using the new revolt event loop ), needs to be updated as well, including amp/process v3 branch ( a PR to amp/byte-stream v3 is a good start )
ProcessOutputStream would probably be WritableProcessStream, yeah?
InputStream and OutputStream are in amphp/byte-stream, which would become ReadableStream and WritableStream, respectively.
@Trowski personally i would say the namespace already provides the context ( it is part of Amp\Process ), so WritableStream is enough IMHO
right, I see that I was wondering about the byte-stream side of the interfaces
5:41 PM
@SaifEddinGmati From a user perspective it's really annoying to have so many classes named the same thing.
The names should still be descriptive, regardless of their namespace.
amp_future_launch/amp_future_await then? :p
personally i go all or nothing, either the name provides a context everywhere, or the namespace provides the context everywhere.
I did just float the idea of changing launch to Future::async to @kelunik
it you are importing function 'launch' and using it such as "lunch($function);", it can be confusing what "launch()" does when reading the code.

hence why i always import namespace, not functions ( e.g: https://twitter.com/azjezz/status/1466171059691003915?s=20 )
I often do that myself for functions. You're only the second person I've seen do that regularly.
@Trowski meh, imo. Even for common stuff like 'Request', if someone is only importing one version of that into their code, then the short version is fine. If someone is importing two things that are named the same into their code, then they can alias it themselves:
use Amp\Http\Request as HttpRequest;
use Foo\Bar\Request as BarRequest;
5:49 PM
@Danack I mostly agree, but in this case the classes will be commonly mixed with the interface, so you'd force users to always alias one.
I do find it annoying though when I type "Client" and get like 10 results, none of which being the one I'm looking for.
Apparently PhpStorm sometimes decides not to show you all the options.
for PHP storm you can use the context! if you type "PISReadHandleInterface" it will show you Psl\IO\Stream\ReadHandleInterface, while there's Psl\IO\ReadHandleInterface, and Psl\File\ReadHandleInterface
the latter won't be show as options, since they don't match PIS
hey @Danack i know you were saying to just start over with the RFC doc, but i'm at least trimming/reorganizing first so that i have an outline of researched info to pull from. i'm curious what oyu think of the current organization.
@SaifEddinGmati Awesome! TIL :)
Well, now I'm less opposed to reusing names. I still like giving implementations names reflecting why they exist though.
6:36 PM
Feb 12 '16 at 15:36, by Danack
.....I told this joke when giving my talk.......There's tourist driving around rural Ireland countryside, and he's lost.
Feb 12 '16 at 15:37, by Danack
He sees a farmer standing at the side of the road, so he stops and asks the farmer "Excuse me, can you tell me how to get to Dublin".
Feb 12 '16 at 15:37, by Danack
And the farmer replies "Ah, to get there, you certainly don't want to start from here."
well that's funny but not too helpful, lol. im honestly not sure what your objection is other than the fact that it's a long RFC doc
like im happy to start over, but i don't think that'll help if im not sure how it should be different
I know I'm a bit opinionated about how to phrase RFCs, but there's both structural and phrasing issues that make it really hard to give individual bits of advice to make it better. Just a tiny examples Binary Operator Methods would probably be read by most internals contributors as operators that do binary stuff, and not as operators which operate on two operands......
@JRL fair enough, I will do a rough draft that might be a better starting place.
@JRL one thing, any particular feeling on why InvalidOperator doesn't end in Error? Which appears to be the standard used in core. Also, wouldn't it make more sense to extend TypeError, as it's a kind of TypeError, and is possibly a smaller BC break.
6:53 PM
@Danack I didn't see it as a form of type error, though I guess I can see the argument. the lack of Error at the end of the name is purely arbitrary, so I'm happy to add that as well. InvalidOperatorError will tend to signify that the method is unimplemented, not that a type mismatch occurred, which is why I didn't see it extending TypeError.
On the other hand, a PHP dev may see it as signifying that that type Foo\Bar\SomeClass produces a type error with that operator.
so i can see the argument, that's just why i didn't think of it on my own.
@Danack Stuff like this is valuable insight for me. I titled that section Binary Operator Methods since in internals those are all some form of ZEND_AST_BINARY_OP
tbh, I'm not sure. I both dislike error/exception hierarchies, but also could see it as desirable in this case. Could be a secondary vote:
if it extended TypeError, I don't think that there would be any BC break at all.
@JRL Why does function __compareTo(mixed $other): int; have that signature and then do * -1 when it's the right operand, rather than function __compareTo(mixed $other, bool $left): int; ?
to prevent PHP devs from implementing different comparison logic depending on which side its on. By doing * -1, no matter what the implementation is from the PHP, the >, >=, ==, <=, < comparisons are all guaranteed to be consistent regardless of whether the operand is on the left or right side.
this avoids situations where both $obj1 > 5 and 5 > $obj1 can return true
7:09 PM
1 hour later…
8:39 PM
@JRL Ak, I still owe you a revised RFC. Sorry, I've been refactoring the same code all week. :-( (And writing Advent of Code blog posts.)
9:08 PM
@Trowski did revolt drivers at some point call Driver::run() when they where being destructed? cause i have to call run() manually now, but it didn't need to do this before 🤔 i could be mistaken ( see: github.com/azjezz/psl/commit/… )
9:29 PM
no worries @Crell, i'm still not planning on bringing it back to the list right away or anything, just trying to continually make progress.
@SaifEddinGmati Yeah, months ago though.
It had weird edge case behaviors, so we weren't sure about retaining it.
hmm, knew i wasn't hallucinating
there's also a weird behavior when it's not called :D

Here, if run() is not called in main, the last 10 messages won't be received in the receiver, and you won't see "[ receiver ]: completed"
2 hours later…
11:10 PM
How can php behave like this? anyone have an idea?


string(33) "[29-character-long-string]"
array(33) {
@SessionCookieMonster put an example on 3v4l.org ?
It's a bug on a remote system where I have limited access
Where my software is running as a part of a larger stack.
I just don't understand how this is possible
cool story. tbh, I don't think you are seeing what you think you're seeing, and making a reproduce case is probably going to make it clearer.
even with 'not much access' you should be able to copy the 29-character-long-string
Point is that I'm unable to reproduce it either
It's a variable with a local scope in a method seemingly changing from one line to the next
I haven't encountered such behaviour before
Is there a way to structure a Symfony project by component in a ddd way.
I don't like having all controllers in one folder.
11:25 PM
> I don't think you are seeing what you think you're seeing, and making a reproduce case is probably going to make it clearer.
@Danack Both of those 'completely different strings' are urls with which the current page is accessible(via different domains), but at this point I'm dealing with a variable with a type of string where either one should have been copied. Somehow they both have been? It's all very strange
what you're seeing is probably impossible. So either something really weird is happening on that particularly system, or you've made a mistake.
I feel the same(it seems impossible), but this software has been running on thousands of machines without ever producing this bug
anyone can explain what is happening in the loop here? the number being added should be great enough to be seen, regardless of the loss in precision that floats have at that range.
11:43 PM
How are you
feeling better?
meh. not as bad but not super awesome. thanks for asking though.

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