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12:36 AM
Who can delete the branch "PHP-8.1.0RC5" (https://github.com/php/php-src/tree/PHP-8.1.0RC5) that I pushed by mistake?
The branch is protected against removal by pattern.

@NikiC, @Derick?
2 hours later…
2:33 AM
Found out and learned some Node.js and I love it. Just not competent enough to market it as a personal skill just yet XD

Glad I'm not the one who's mistaken. Thanks
4 hours later…
6:13 AM
@PatrickAllaert done
2 hours later…
8:23 AM
@JoeWatkins thx
hm sufficiently complex symfony apps crashes reproducably with PHP 8.0.12 on zend_observer usage, trying to find out if its related to the new change or just our code being :shit:
what new changes @beberlei ?
@JoeWatkins the fix you made to observer
i am too early in the debug though to know, i can at least reproduce it locally
can I see some trace
8:39 AM
it seems to happen during a ReflectionAttribute::newInstance, working on a small test case that confirms this is the problem
oh i missed that
thank you
I haven't looked very closely at this yet, I guess I will be some time soon ...
bob changed this in september
this might explain why it failed on 8.0.12 now and works on 8.0.11
I think, the root problem is that rshutdown is too late for while(ex = prev)
8:53 AM
hm the stacktrace doesn't seem to indiciate its running in rshutdown, or am i not seeing it?
print ./Zend/zend_observer.c:197
Maybe loop @bwoebi in as well? As he's worked on that.
the trace indicates the fcall_end handler is invoking end_all ...
end_all is invoked in rshutdown by php, only ... so I don't know what's going on there ...
2 mins ago, by Joe Watkins
print ./Zend/zend_observer.c:197
that was a request for information, I'm operating you like a computer :D
the backtrace says it fails at github.com/php/php-src/blob/PHP-8.0.12/Zend/…
line 230
and github.com/php/php-src/commit/… just changed this condition significantly
you're right, I misread the trace
holla at bob
I've been misreading everything for the last ten minutes ... in my defense, I was eating sausages at the same time ...
9:02 AM
pretty solid defence tbh
Morning all o/
i concur
Sausages with your morning coffee?
@bwoebi there might be a bug in the latest observer fcall end change. gist.github.com/beberlei/5bde1ea06f7dd4bfb42cf158c5779405 - i have a reproduce case for tideways ext doing ReflectionAttribute::newInstance to trigger it. will now try to reproduce with zend_test
@Derick breakfast
2 hours later…
10:55 AM
Hey. According to php.net/manual/en/types.comparisons.php an empty string var compared (===) with null should return false. However, I have a search input that when clicked without any input the comparation returns true in var === null. So, is the table wrong or I'm I misreading something?
var_dump your data and check it actually is an empty string
Interesting, when var_dump the var returns null. But in that same page it says "HTML Forms do not pass integers, floats, or booleans; they pass strings", that's why I was assuming the var would be send with an empty string
Chances are you're not sending that field at all
I'm sending it, It appears in the url (sending with GET). If I var_dump $_GET I get : array (size=1)
'q' => string '' (length=0)
Unless it's something related to Laravel, I'm using Laravel. But it shouldn't be
11:10 AM
Paste a snippet of the code into gist
if you are using a super global in a laravel application you are definitely doing something wrong
I'd imagine there's a request object
I just use the GET to see the output of dump
Im using the request object, yes
I already tried without the "empty.." it returns true still
Hmm, it's a laravel thing I guess. It's how I pass the var to the request object. If I pass in array the comparation returns false, if I pass as string it returns true
Yup, definitly my fault, nevermind... Thanks anyway tho
11:35 AM
cant seem to reproduce this crash with zend_test using the same PHP code that crashes tideways extension.
@bwoebi current state in bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=81558 i assigned it to you directly /cc @LeviMorrison
12:11 PM
Good Morning!
@cmb nice find :(
I'd like to use typed property in DTO object class (NO ctor) but don't wanna initialize properties with default values, instead I'd like to know if the value was set, the problem is that null is often also a valid value meaning can have property named ?string $jobTitle;
I already know that the only way to verify if the value was given is to use the reflection property and call isInitialised while the question is if one ever thought about making a union with void a valid type with additional check for non void value, dunno if it makes sense, but was thinking if such property can have type declared that way string|null|void $jobTitle; which by default has no value not string, empty string nor null
some helper function to check if the value was given IMO is better than calling reflectionproperty on each property separately
12:37 PM
@brzuchal When we looked at this we thought about doing string|null|false, I asked about undefined but then got in an argument :P
I see
ayup Wes \o
?NullableString $jobTitle; with 3 states $jobTitle === null || $jobTitle->isNull() || $jobTitle->getValue()
12:42 PM
that works too
i am doing some php stuff again, but completely unrelated to what i did before
feels weird
12:57 PM
@MarkR suggesting undefined is naked javascript fanboyism
yo @Wes
@JoeWatkins I'll have you know I prefer my naked fanboyism in TS instead tyvm
TS is to Javascript what meatballs are to bolognese ... same crap, different shapes ...
@SebastianBergmann the driver code looks a bit mixed up now ... could you loop me next time someone is refactoring in that area, sorry I didn't notice ...
but it looks wrong from the first commit
Have you spent any time using it?
@MarkR of course not, I'd rather spend time having a crow peck my eyes than go within a million miles of anything related to javascript
Well that doesn't seem like a very objective analysis then :P
1:03 PM
oh I was being funny, not objective
does anyone know how to apply brightness and contrast on an image with php, but using a mask? like, not the entirety of the image, just a few pixels of it
/cc @Danack
right, danack probably knows about that :D
@MarkR I was serious about the crow though ... I used to javascript a lot, I used to Java, and C# a lot too ... we've all made mistakes
I'm hooked on it now >.>
1:08 PM
phpimagick.com/Imagick/setImageMask this looks like should do it
in the days when I wrote javascript, it still wasn't agreed how javascript should work to any reasonable degree, and that was a headache to deal with ...second or maybe third (I wasn't counting) generation frameworks were emerging after jquery and prototype, I think the last one I used was mootools ... it was such a nightmare, that you couldn't pay me enough to revisit it, it doesn't matter what you lay on top of javascript ...
even if it's really great, I'm incapable of getting excited about it, and am a happier human pretending javascript doesn't exist ...
same for java, it's not that it's a bad language in that case, I actually like (read: have a degree of respect for the achievements of) the language, but my experience of it was terrible ...
you could pay me enough to c#, I just haven't had the need for many many years ...
I'd be a happy man if PHP supported the type system of TS, but with PHP's runtime checks
eli5 max(three sentences) what is missing from php type system that is nowhere on the horizon ?
some thing that I think that is missing is custom object comparison, such as Java has equals and such
Also hey Joe! How are you doing
@JoeWatkins generics, structural types, variable level types
1:18 PM
I thought 8 was going to be about generics
@JoeWatkins closures with lexical scope
function signatures is another big one
@MarkR structural typing is kinda incompatible with nominal typing tho
@Girgias It would definitely need its own variant of handling the CE that's for sure. I wouldn't expect overlap between a structurally defined instance and a nominal one without some extra kind of tagging
@MarkR If you are going to tag it... that's not structural anymore
1:23 PM
visited a kind of structural typing wiki.php.net/rfc/protocol_type_hinting
I quite liked it actually ... nobody else did ...
@JoeWatkins Sure. A lot of (good) work on php-code-coverage was done by Doug Wright, he's usually quick to respond to issues.
more like duck typing, but I think that's not necessarily incompatible with nominal typing, not everything is named ... so there's room ...
inline types are also pretty nice, e.g. foo(): Array<{ foo: number, bar: string }>
@SebastianBergmann cool
and there's tuples foo(): [ number, string ] ... but ya, there's a lot of really helpful features in TS to describe code that PHP lacks.
1:31 PM
leaving generics and local types (very far away) to one side ... most changes to the type system are not very complicated really ... the difficult bit is convincing people that they're desirable and coming up with syntax that pleases everyone ...
I make heavy use of psalm nowadays, we're at level 4, aiming for level 2... but I'm not a big fan of having to use comments for it, i'd love to have those in the language, even if they're noop
I hate anything which is comment related personally
maybe you could test the waters with an RFC that has no intention of providing an implementation until it's voted in, with one of these type system improvements ...
I think the biggest Q would be the presence of discarded type attributes, same goes for generics
multiple return values !
1:36 PM
well generics does need an impl for me to take it seriously, so would local types
data classes / structs
I'd just let psalm deal with it, it's not ideal, but it'd be a whole lot cleaner than what we have now
My feeling is that PHP's future is in whole-module then whole-app optimization, leading to most of these getting stripped at compile time anyway
@JoeWatkins I'd add making sure that they all play nicely together. Just tossing features at the wall to see what sticks isn't going to create an internally consistent type system. That's more than just "syntax that pleases everyone," though that is a part of it.
fearture flags and nightly builds to the cure?
Not what I mean.
1:43 PM
@Crell for sure, if count($proposals) > 1 ... I just want someone to propose one self-contained-ish thing without a patch, and see if we can hold a reasonable conversation about it in the absence of an implementation ...
More like "what happens when you combine intersection and union types, and then add callable type definitions and type aliasing. How many hundreds of edge cases did you just create, and how do you collapse them back down into something actually comprehensible?"
tuples seem to fit that bill ...
I'm still not entirely convinced of the use of tuples; there's probably some edge cases where it would be quite useful, but I feel like it would mostly be used as a way to avoid explicitly defining your application model (viz, defining a damned class like an adult), just like arrays.
we need to make "move in this direction" an acceptable outcome for an RFC, right now it's "merge this particular patch", we're doing it wrong ...
I am 1000% on board with "roadmap" RFCs.
That's just hard when we're (almost) all volunteers.
1:49 PM
well someone should start up a shared google doc
i wonder how php will handle applying some simple filters such as brightness to a 2k 60fps video, frame by frame
If I thought I could get away with it, I would. :-) Though doesn't @Danack have a whole mess of github pages or something?
@Wes delegate it to ffmpeg?
Who maintains Phd? github.com/php/phd/pull/57
i guess i can do that for some stuff, but not everything, as i need a mask for some filters.
1:51 PM
haha, maintains
jesus the ffmpeg cli
yeah that's a rabbit hole and a half, powerful though
imagine passing huge coordinate data via command line
I do it all the time, hugeee command lines. You just generate them programatically by writing the args to an array
is there a reason in your opinion these cli tools don't just integrate in programming languages ?
like i don't know, ICU
1:55 PM
the libs that make up ffmeg are more complicated than the cli, integration would come in the form of libavcodec ext ....
I've tried that several times, and always give up ... the thing is a mess ...
@Danack github.com/php/doc-en/pull/960#issuecomment-947552896 - Where is the langref file of which you speak?
i see, so a lib exists
yes, but in order to make use of it, you have to be on the ffmpeg team (or a closely related team) ... it's consumption, is not really aimed at general use, it's aimed at teams like ffmpeg ...
I'm sure there are other consumers, but not like there are consumers of libxml2 which you'll find support for in almost any language ...
i see... i use avidemux, which is based off ffmpeg afaik
which means is probably based off the library instead
notice though they have to build the library themselves in order to reliably use it ... you mostly can't just load libavcodec as built for ffmpeg - or insert binary name - and use it, which is essentially the problem with making an ext for php, or integration into any language
2:05 PM
Best to just use the CLI really :-/
yeah, as complicated as that is, it's not less complicated than any other integration you could have ... and it doesn't matter because you mostly can't have one ... I've never seen any (high level) language with a libavcodec api, I've seen modules that use a little bit of libavcodec to provide a little bit of functionality but ffmpeg like they are not ...
i just wish the cli had a more human readable interface
like json, xml
instead it's all single letters or two letters parameter names. it's really horrible
Maybe try github.com/PHP-FFMpeg/PHP-FFMpeg? (never used it myself)
a command line builder for ffmpeg would be really neat. i'll give it a try but it looks like it's not maintained
/me tableflips docs. Seriously, the way the entities are all tied together is so painfully fragile...
2:13 PM
on ffmpegs docs? tell me about it lol
Our docs. :-)
oh >.>
@Wes if you're on Windows, consider AviSynth/VapourSynth
Docs people, feedback desired before I re-markup a whole file: github.com/php/doc-en/pull/960 (Paging @cmb @Tiffany @salathe et al.)
2:28 PM
Are there any templates in PHP like the vector in C++?
Afraid not
No, not in the language. People have built libraries to try to emulate it.
At the beginning, every programming languages seems similar. But when someone goes deeper there are a lots of differences :)
And they only seem similar within the same family. :-) (ML and Go are not similar, even a little.)
haskell ...
2:35 PM
I wanted to avoid mentioning that one because it's almost a trope.
Meh, it's a niche language
C syntax like languages have taken over
Haskell? I have never heard of it?
did you go to college ?
@ln-s Python isn't C style. (Or really Algol family, I think is the proper term.)
2:38 PM
It's my 3rd semester
CS college and no haskell ? interesting
@ln-s We didn't do Haskell in my college program, either.
interesting x2
smart people / educators
they insisted on haskell in my college and I dropped out
Haskell is a language that was specifically designed to push functional programming to the extreme. For some things it's super duper powerful, including perhaps the most robust and compact type system of any language in actual use.
@ln-s are the two related?
2:39 PM
It's also really hard to wrap your brain around if you're not already very familiar with it.
Honestly the only reason to learn it for 99% of devs is to bea ble to understand CS blogs, because they all seem to be written in Haskell. :-)
(Except my functional programming book, which is written in PHP.)
Yes, we learned Haskell previous year, we just did not call it Haskell
... How do you use Haskell and not call it Haskell?
The drop out and haskell ? Yes, plus I got into a 4th year class and they were just reading douglas commer tcp/ip v4 a book which I owned at the time and I thought it was ridiculous to push myself into years of torture and d* sucking just to get a piece of paper
I had one project in ML in grad school, that was it.
So you two did have haskell :P
2:41 PM
When I went to grad school, one of my professors said that Java Applets were the future of web development. This was in 2005. So, I dropped out of grad school.
@ramsey Dude, good call
I don't study in Eenglish. But wee had Algorithms and Data Structuser class
Unfortunately, I'm still paying off that student loan. I think I'll finally have it paid off in 2-3 months.
@ramsey what you do with the money after you call it quit ? Bunch of liquor and poor life choices or what xD
And in this class we learned Haskell or something very similar
2:44 PM
@ln-s or maybe even bunch of life choices and poor liquor :P
It's only USD $103 per month, so I guess we eat out one extra time each month. ;-)
Makes sense
in my case it would have been probably a bunch of liquor and poor life choices, just FYI
I'm too old for making poor life choices
I was only 19 so ...
2:46 PM
@ramsey actually, the future of the Web is Flash! :p
When you finished paying off your student loans?
@cmb In 2005, it looked that way
We have free college here but books, those you have to pay for
college was mostly free for me (for grades, etc.), but grad school was not free
dad was a bit cheap on that regard so that didn't help either
Also I can't cope with vertical/hierarchical structures either
some people do like to get the whip, I never understood that
𝒸ₒᡀ𝓰ₕ π“°β‚‘α΅£β‚˜β‚β‚™β‚› 𝒸ₒᡀ𝓰ₕ
what ?
@ramsey Is that why you were messing with pointers last night then? ;-)
2:51 PM
No. I was doing exercises on exercism.org
@Wes if you ever need to drive someone insane, try getting the dependencies needed to compile ffmpeg from scratch installed...
@Wes good news...if you are running Imagick using ImageMagick 7. They added a Imagick::setImageMask function that should limit which areas are affected by operations.
/I know that code example has crap in it. I took on too many things at once (move the site to PHP8, move from IM6->IM7, refactor the front end to use React for the controls, and remove a lot of dumb code.
@ramsey Good tip on exercism
2:58 PM
@Danack I compiled ffmpeg from scratch a couple of weeks ago without any problems. I must have all the dependencies installed already :-D
unless you use something like arch or slackware, getting dependencies is not that hard
also guilty of compiling ffmpeg by hand
I remember trying to compile FFMPEG with the NVIDIA drivers trying to get HWACCEL to work on Kubernetes.... compiling... on a single core CI machine
traumatised stare
NVIDIA drivers will traumatize anyone
@cmb I don't see how someone can provide custom DBA handlers
@Girgias I guess one can build a customized copy of ext/dba. Don't know if anybody does, though.
3:03 PM
that would be truly insane
actually, not sure if dba is even widely used
But I thought DBA would be a pain to work with, it's actually quite nice
(the C code I mean)
well, insane certainly doesn't fit to PHP devs :p
The one thing I'm confused about tho, is how the permanent links work, can one truly register multiple permanent links...
Anyway, maybe it's better to convert to objects, and then extend an interface?
3:11 PM
@Crell no idea tbh.
Anyone know how this file is generated php.net/manual/en/langref.php or where it can be edited?
I guess that is created by configure.
(not the file, but the contents)
@wes ah, you found it.
@crell my guess is it looks at the directory doc-en/language/types and grabs the xml files from there.
OK, so just move the file, update all the references to its ID, and totally reformat it to be a lower-level in the hierarchy. cries
Anyone else want to weigh in if that's a good idea or not before I do it?
or maybe 175-ish of language/types.xml
Yeah, I added that.
3:16 PM
Do enums appear on that page for your build?
@cmb I mean, that's the plan to convert from resource to object, but I want to do some clean-up before
My build won't work until I rewrite the page in question.
@Danack i am a bit puzzled by the example, but i am sure i'll figure it out
is imagick on windows pecl builds by any chance?
it has un-needed lines.....I'll delete them in a few minutes.
3:31 PM
no need to downloads the deps; they're contained in the ext package
@cmb .....then how do people still end up with the wrong ones.........?
oh right. users.
@Wes I added comments and removed the left over lines.
@beberlei marked as duplicate of bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=81430, this is not a new bug and related to the dummy frame handling there.
ο»Ώjust possibly the stars were now aligned differently so that it caused your reproducer to crash on the new version, but not the old one
@cmb Re github.com/php/doc-en/pull/960#issuecomment-953001541, so you're saying leave everything where it is now, and also add a small file under types that just gives a taste and links to the chapter page I already wrote?
@Crell IMO yes (and also add a section about converting to enum there)
Converting to enum?
3:39 PM
@Danack they need to install the DLLs somewhere in their PATH
@JoeWatkins TBF, TS is very nice, it's just sad that it's using JS as the underlying language :-D
@Crell just for the sake of uniformity ("conversion is not possible")
Oh. Just noting "type casting with enums is not a thing, go read up on from() instead."
OK, I'll see if I can do that this afternoon.
thx crell
I'm in the process of writing a data extraction class. Historically, these classes are singular, but there's culture shifts and the project I'm working on makes it incredibly difficult to remain in one class, so I've been creating additional classes. The problem is that there are two methods I keep copying/pasting across the additional classes which is bothering me.
Making them static isn't really an option, parent/children hierarchy makes me squeamish, I can stick the methods in one class and instantiate it in sibling classes but there may be unintended and unforeseen side effects. Or, I could keep copying/pasting the methods into the other classes and ignore the bothered sensation.
3:41 PM
@Carpenter What did I do?
@Tiffany Use a trait
@Tiffany That's what traits are for.
@ln-s Jinx!
I won Larry
your work :) sponsored you a sec ago.
admit it ...
3:42 PM
Oh. Thanks. :-)
I really miss a someenum::tryFromName() method
I've discovered the usefulness of traits...oh boy...
@bwoebi My current project has this hilarious line in it: (new \ReflectionEnum($phpType))->getCase($val)->getValue()
Damn girl!
@Tiffany Watch out with traits and private stuff ...
Good advice ^
3:43 PM
Traits are a good surgical tool. Meaning if used wrong they will cut you, hard. :-)
Or accidentally graft a wholly inappropriate body part on somewhere you don't want it.
hey some people like it hard
You can like it hard, or you can like playing with knives. Both are fine. Just don't mix them.
Hey some people ... bah nevermind
Remember who you're talking to. You won't win this one... ;-)
3:49 PM
I'm kidding :P
@Crell Larry I never got something, you do core dev or not ?
serious question
I mean he wrote the RFC for Enums...
It was a two-person job
I know, I'm asking if he does core dev to consider possible future donations
Yes writing rfc's takes time, I know
@Crell emphasis on the try :-) getCase throws
3:57 PM
@ln-s Not really. My full time is writing PHP for TYPO3 "and related supporting projects". So I can work on core if I can justify it for TYPO3. But so far my forays into the actual engine code have all resulted in me feeling like an incompetent moron and nothing to show for it, so at this point I'm sticking to docs and editing/designing other people's RFCs (because English I'm good at).
@Tiffany although a trait might help, if you're going to refactor a large chunk of code the first step should probably be to go through all of the different bits, and make a list of all the stuff it does, and the special rules that exist for handling the different data types. Once you've got that, you might be able to figure out how you can separate the different bits into different classes that can work together, rather than it being megalithic classes.
Also, you might just use a function instead of a trait.
@Crell I see, I appreciate a lot your enthusiasm for the language, about "incompetent moron with php core", I can relate to easily heh
documentation or psr.. moving the language forward.. bring it to userland is as important as contributing to core.
Honestly, I want to be able to do more core work. But I've fallen off the Cliffs of Insanity enough times that I decided I'm not that kind of masochist.
4:01 PM
@Carpenter Userland I'm all over the place, yes. :-)
makes sense
Same, but I feel it more for the people who do core, same backend / frontend analogy with dumb management in any company
In other news... bloody hell, I think I just found a use case for a multi-return tuple in my current code. :-(
so I put my money on people who are not that visible
yield it ?
I fully support and appreciate this. :-)
(Though there are ample people way ahead of me in line who need sponsorship for core work.)
for sure. you need both
4:04 PM
Lunch time, gotta go for now.
The problem I'm encountering and not entirely sure how to resolve is object scope. The two copied/pasted methods have a lot of $this usage . I've been asked to do whatever's easiest because the likelihood of this ever being reused is very small... a lot of parts are very specific to the data I'm working with. I'm attempting to make the trait work, but not something I want to spend a lot of time on.
@Crell We good? I never wanted to come off as disrespectful ;-)
@Tiffany Use a helper class which takes in an object of class X and do those operations there
abstract class MyHelper { public static function(MyObject $obj){ $obj->doStuff(); }}
@Danack i felt like those comments were useful for something i'll eventually need :B
@ln-s argument would be $this?
anyways, looks good ty. i'll check it out soon
4:08 PM
@Tiffany "a lot of parts are very specific to the data" - without seeing the code (and no thanks) it's hard to know for sure, but I have a suspicion that a good model for making the code sane would be some sort of event and plugin system....so that you can hook very specific code into where it needs to go.
@Danack the problem is that the culture is still strongly megalithic because of the underlying architecture. Changing the underlying architecture isn't really an option at present. They all extend off a parent class that does most of the work.
diamond pattern problem common in inheritance addiction
well maybe all of that work the base class does, could be reworked into injecting that class separately as a dependency in the constructor of the current children
and this system has been present for...years... there have been attempts to improve/modernize it, but it's not simple
4:11 PM
@Tiffany Is it called "base" or "core"? :-)
"standard" :P
Question came due to having to copy paste a lot, if that is the case, use a trait, it won't be a solution but it will help
my job is strictly ETL right now. For personal reasons, I can't take on much more for a few months. So, I'm doing my day-job.
@Tiffany have you tried putting that in a function instead of a class?
4:22 PM
using eg $this->reusableFunction(...) is not as bad as reading/writing from fields directly e.g. $this->standardClassField = 123; the base class is not the nicest but it's not too bad if the encapsulation and layering is done with some sanity
using the trait is not much of an improvement
with old code i'd try to simplify it as much as possible before improving it, like make it have sense in your head as it is right now
messing around with it, I'm probably going to have to abstract more into the separate class, and follow the route Danack suggested, because I'm starting to see where it would be beneficial... I'll have to make a cost-benefit determination on how I should proceed.
4:35 PM
@bwoebi its not a duplicate, your case is in fcall_end_all, mine is in fcall_end. Its also not during rshutdown
@beberlei yes, but the root cause is the same, it's failing on ex->func access as well
unless I misidentify that from reading the location
5:03 PM
twitter.com/phpstorm/status/1453403759959330822 - github pilot available in PHPStorm apparently.
huh, I wonder where they trained that AI, also hey what a great unrelated move by GitHub to start offering unlimited private repos to folks everywhere!
It's trained by thousands of people using it
it was the whole point of ms buying github
5:44 PM
Anyone can tell me why Psalm complains here psalm.dev/r/c4d7b97301
@brzuchal no....looks like a bug to me.
@brzuchal Maybe it just doesn't support @var tag above the property. This works: psalm.dev/r/223579e2f5
@Danack It'd be sad
@CanVural I'll try to apply in my codebase
@CanVural My version of Psalm dev-master 4c0fbad shows the same error as previous
Oh wait
No I was wrong, it works with @psalm-param, weird
IMO it should work for both, I'll raise an issue
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