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1:07 AM
@DaveRandom Search for yvette amos on Twitter, you might get an amusing chuckle out of it
1:49 AM
Hey guys, noob question over here. Can i extend a class that has already been extended?? Lets say i have: Class Completed_Emails extends SV_Emails{}. Can i extend Completed_Emails?? as SV_Modified_Completed extends Completed_Email{}
Yup. You can extend as many times as you want
You can only extend from one class at once though
oooh.. MIND BLOWNED!! so i can extend anyones Class and overwrite the method i want !!!!!!
Yes, if you should is another matter entirely :-)
2:13 AM
ok, so on the constructor they are calling the parent::, So i would need to update that piece of code.. is there anything like grandparent::?? note that grandparent also has a parent..
2:23 AM
You keep calling parent::__constructor() all the way up
parent:: will always call the next one up the chain
@MarkR Quick, pick a number 1-10.
cool thanks
If you win the lottery, I want some
I was debating going to sleep at a reasonable time or staying up all night to finish a project. I get to sleep thanks to you.
2:36 AM
2:30 here and im trying to write a script to compose a hideous FFMPEG complex filter. BLURGHHHH
I wonder what the max length of the command line is... i'd be surprised if this didn't blow a few thousand chars
@Jpv caveats: the class is final, you can't extend it; if the method is private, you can't override it
Evening Tiffany :-)
2:49 AM
I just noticed we've got italic names o_O what's that all about
Oh room owner, slaps forehead
3:11 AM
lol :P
I need to drag myself to bed early for once
What time is it over there?
almost 9:15PM
or 21:15
3:15 there?
I'm close to throwing the towel in for the night
why are you still awake? o_O
Just cranking out a bit more work while it's quiet, trying to debug some ffmpeg script stuff that's proving challenging. ... also wondering how many years i'd have to work to buy a yacht off of a TV show im watching... about 400
3:20 AM
I have a SQL query to work on tomorrow... see if it's possible to fulfill a final request for output, if it turns out being something difficult, going to go with the easy output since it's accurate enough
ugh, I don't even need to do the fancy stuff, I can just probably find/replace in Excel
may just do that
I'm getting the hang of stuff though :)
e.g. namespaced another project, didn't take as long as a couple other projects I namespaced, and managed to remove the project's autoloader in favor of a better one
I need to get a new keyboard for my primary computer, getting sick of this keyboard
Sounds like you're bringing a lot of good modernisation to your company :)
I've made it a goal to try and bring as much as possible under namespacing
Do you have voting rights yet? You could help do that for PHP :p
Did you manage to get composer into it, or is that too much of a hard sell right now?
composer is used, but just a handful of repos
like phpunit is one, but not everything is unit tested lol
Such is the way.
3:28 AM
the hard sell I would like to make at some point is xdebug....
I probably spent 25-40% more time in trying to figure out problems where I had to resort to logging to debug rather than using a debugger
Can you use it locally?
it wouldn't be effective for reasons
I'm afraid I've just hit the wall :( time for me to rapidly fall unconcious.
Ttyl Tiffany
have a good night
3:52 AM
3 hours later…
6:53 AM
Good morning.
7:17 AM
@Crell is that a monad?
getenv("COMPUTERNAME") gets no result anymore ・ Unknown/Other Function ・ #80674
7:37 AM
Hey guys im trying to convert my mysqli code to pdo. im having an issue in converting my while condition
 $statement = $connection->prepare("SELECT * FROM teams WHERE Team_ID = '".$_POST["user"]."' AND Password='".$_POST["pass"]."' LIMIT 1");
    $numrows = $statement->fetchAll();

           if($user == $dbusername && $pass == $dbpassword)
@KhwajaHussamQuasmi Compare your code with basic example in docs: while($row = $statement) is incorrect in your code.
@Tpojka well the entire $statement is wrong in his code :P
Let him get any result. That basic example doesn't use where. Let him wet his feet.
sure, but the thing is that mysqli is not bad either. So, even if he doesn't move to pdo, he still should be using proper prepared statements.
7:55 AM
Agreed. He shouldn't read docs randomly. fetchAll comes after lot of other pages. @KhwajaHussamQuasmi Any progess?
@Tpojka still stuck bro.
@KhwajaHussamQuasmi I can't decode what does that mean. Can you describe the error?
i get an error on the while statement code Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Cannot use object of type PDOStatement as array in C:\wamp64\www\multilynxIncidentAlpha1\check_authentication.php on line 21
the while condition works with my mysqli code
First, since you are trying to get only one result from DB, use fetch instead fetchAll. It will give you just one row (if such exists). Check in docs which option gives you which structure. And come back after because you have lot of non-appropriate code there which is not acceptable in terms of security.
@mega6382 the rest of my code is in pdo to give a demo i quickly used mysqli to implement the demo. And now im stuck trying to convert the code
@Tpojka im using where condition and limit in my query i will get same results on using fetch instead of fechall
8:06 AM
@KhwajaHussamQuasmi Why if you need just one row - each function there is for exact reason.
@Tpojka i thought it didnt matter, ive used fetchall in other parts of my code it works. but i coded that from scratch using pdo. but youre right about each function being their for a reason. I'll do that but it will give same error. The problem starts with the code inside the while loop
Have you checked which option gives you what structure in results from link I left above?
8:21 AM
@Derick am I correct in thinking that in Xdebug v3 there's no way to configure it to allow a remote session (i.e. a browser) to pick either debug or profile mode? you have to set the mode in the ini/env-var for the server?
and if I am correct, can I beg you to provide that ability again? I understand the sentiment of "it makes no sense have both Profiling and Step Debugging active at the same time" but that isn't what I want to achieve. I want to be able to pick what it does without the need to restart fpm.
huh I just noticed this note:
> You can enable multiple modes at the same time by comma separating their identifiers as value to xdebug.mode: xdebug.mode=develop,trace
but then that means a remote trigger will always profile & debug, I can't pick to just do one..
huh, and the "legacy" trigger names are still supported...?
oh but the legacy names don't seem to just activate that behaviour...?
ok well this is pretty close still..
8:48 AM
Ok I spoke to soon. I got it to profile once, while triggering the debugger, and now it wont again, with or without debug enabled.
9:06 AM
ok... so maybe the 'legacy' trigger names are functionality specific?
ok.. so XDEBUG_SESSION in a cookie, only triggers debug mode. no profiling.
XDEBUG_PROFILE in the query string triggers both profiling and debugging
@Tpojka ill go through it
XDEBUG_SESSION_START in a query string only triggers debug..
Yes, but you can set both
so far I can't see a combination that triggers profiling without debugging?
ok, so if I set XDEBUG_PROFILE, but stop the debug listener in IDEA, it still profiles
@Derick so to confirm: with a xdebug.mode = debug,profile setting, there's intentionally no remote trigger that will just do profiling? is that correct? Or have I found a bug?.
9:40 AM
parallel may cause maximum execution time exceeded error. ・ Unknown/Other Function ・ #80675
9:52 AM
the query has where and limit condition to it so fetch or using fetchall shouldn't make a difference
background for context: i made a login module using mysqli but am now converting it into pdo
10:10 AM
1 message moved to friendly bin
@KhwajaHussamQuasmi please use pastebin
text walls are annoying and disruptive for other members
@Stephen No, you can set just XDEBUG_PROFILE=foo
But you need Xdebug 3.0.2, as there was a bug
I'm on 3.0.1
The legacy ones are indeed feature specific. I think I should stop make them legacy
definitely a use-case I think isn't going away
@mega6382 okay ill use pastebin
10:21 AM
@KhwajaHussamQuasmi see documentation: php.net/manual/en/pdostatement.fetchall.php check if it returns false (meaning fetch failed) or and empty array (instead of $numrows!=0 f.e. ($numrows!==false) && (count($numrows) <= 0)) also use placeholder instead of concat post values which leads to SQL Injections
@Gordon there is a /proc/self/cmdline which contains this information during RINIT (not yet during MINIT, since fpm changes process title)
Is there some information about the min. requirements for compiling PHP8'ish (mostly interested about clang/llvm)?
10:38 AM
@makadev I think you'd need a very old version for it not to compile
I'm using MacPorts for PHP 8.0 on an old Mac with El Capitain (10.11), the bundled Xcode has llvm 8 and while PHP8 itself works (think it's a binary distribution) most of the extensions do not compile
@makadev Something about asm goto?
@NikiC ye
@makadev It's a known issue that happens when PHP and extensions are compiled with different compilers
ah.. so the bin distribution is the actual problem?
10:45 AM
I think the easiest way to fix it is to edit the php_config.h header file to say #undef HAVE_ASM_GOTO instead of #define HAVE_ASM_GOTO 1
@LeviMorrison I saw a flurry of emails between you, Sammy, and Dmitry, but I've not been able to follow everything related to that observer API thing that I pointed out. Could you (or Sammy) summarize what the outcome is so far?
@NikiC uhm, is it in the include path?
@makadev Uh, I think so
@NikiC I'm still interested in talk about your 8.1 RFCs for the podcast. When would you have 30-45 minutes? :-)
@NikiC ok, but before that I'll try the "use the same compiler" approach and just compiler php8 from source, maybe that works without needing to modify something myself^^
10:50 AM
@makadev Seems to be under include/php/main/php_config.h
@makadev If you're on macos, that probably won't be fun :)
@NikiC it's unix, what could possibly go wrong? cough
@makadev It's unix "compatible" :D
@Dharman Would you be willing to talk about MySQL improvements and default error modes for the PHP Internals News podcast with me? (providing you're dharman@php.net) ?
@KhwajaHussamQuasmi You should debug it. After line 11, set var_dump($numrows);exit; to see what type of variable is there and consequently how to access it. (Try to use variable names that don't confuse you. $numrows usually describe just number of rows.)
@Derick Maybe start of next week?
10:54 AM
Yes, Monday 10 UTC/11 CET?
@Derick sounds good
OK, I'll pencil you in and will email as usual
@NikiC he, but srsly MacPorts has a buildscript for php with deps and all, I just need to force it to do a source compile and wait a bit (old Dual Core..), it should work
@makadev ah, if there's a script that's good :) The trouble usually is getting all the dependencies configured on macos
11:25 AM
@Tpojka its working now bro. had a problem in the query. I was so fixated on the pdo and ajax i didnt bother checking the query
hey guys i just created a session start after login in wamp it says access forbidden i changed required from local to all granted still im facing this issue
@KhwajaHussamQuasmi Next problem you have there, even bigger compared to one you're solving this morning is that that you don't bind parameters. You are open to sql injection.
@Tpojka will using prepared queries solve this issue of forbidden access?
You should explicitly set exit(); after header function. Seems like $team is undefined variable. You have to debug line by line checking what is in variable from previous line. You can double/triple your productivity using xdebug too.
@Tpojka can i get the xdebug extension for brackets ide?
How about google that question? :)
11:39 AM
@Tpojka o yeah my bad ;P
@Tpojka could it be because i used session start and not session close?
@KhwajaHussamQuasmi Check what is in session variable before moving to location (before header function). var_dump($_SESSION); exit; Sorry, but I can not debug for you over the chat. Go with line by line debugging when ever you don't have expected result. I already do the similar with my own code, you should do the same with yours. It won't hurt you.
@Tpojka i understand bro the guidance helps alot
@KhwajaHussamQuasmi No problem. It is just the way you can't know what is there if you don't check. You check by debugging line by line. Here is great article of how to form great question and what else you can do before ask one.
@Tpojka i cant post questions from this account. got banned it think :(
@KhwajaHussamQuasmi That article is general rules that should be followed for easier defining the problem. It applies to written/spoken question as well. Why did you get the ban?
11:57 AM
happened after i asked this
12:31 PM
@Derick Thanks, but I prefer not to. I am a terrible public speaker.
1 hour later…
1:33 PM
by now, I used this command for adding files in git: git add .
but now, for the first time, I used git add fileName.js
so, the only file in the branch is shown fileName.js
I created a merge request of that branch with master
@Dharman You'll just be talking to me :-) Would there be anyone else who could cover the subjects?
after merging it, I'm seeing fileName.js pasted on the root of the project. and not the place which is inside the project
1 hour later…
2:53 PM
@Derick Dmitry didn't say why we can remove the limitation, so I'm not sure myself.
3:06 PM
Does PHP support Xpath 2 syntax?
Not sure if that's a googleable question 😬
php.net/manual/en/class.domxpath.php says "Supports XPath 1.0"
@Tiffany xpath 2 isn't really a thing
Coworker misinformed me >.>
Because libxml does not and will never support xpath 2, so it's kindof a dead standard
3:16 PM
@LeviMorrison OK, I am just as confused then. I did see him commit something too
@Tiffany its a shame really, there are some cool features like ends-with() etc but here is what libxml author said back in 2007 mail-archive.com/xml@gnome.org/msg04082.html
1 hour later…
4:32 PM
TIL how you pronounce draught
4:43 PM
yeh lol sorry
"ught" probably has 50 different sounds
gh on its own makes it even weirder (see also: ghoti)
although I suppose that's the same F in draught
compared to "daughter" though... FU english
You were taught that English is fraught with words that can leave you distraught, because how you pronounce 'draught' is daft?
I remember seeing something somewhere about a guy who spent like a 10 minute talk asserting that the word "sugar" is unique in that "su" makes a "sh" sound, and at the end of the talk when it all goes quiet someone shouts from the back of the room "are you sure?"
I thought draught was a weird spelling of drought.
wtf English
I imagine american english has normalised it to "draft"
which absolutely makes sense
4:56 PM
but they are two different words in UK english
I know how "the man" wants me to pronounce 'draught', I also know that here in AMERICA, we pronounce words HOWEVER WE LIKE. WE DON'T EVEN HAVE TO KNOW HOW TO SPELL 'EM! Only COMMUNISTS know how to spell things!
5:38 PM
@Sara I audibly snorted
5:52 PM
Hi! I'm bored of binaries hh if you have some question about php or simply backend security questions I'm here for you
okay! I'm alone again...well, I'll give a random security tip, BE CAREFULL with the INCLUDE function...It gives a big security hole called LFI(Local File Inclusion). It allows to a malicious attacker to read sensible data in the host system. You can read more about it!
@missconfigured I have a question. How can I get people to pay money to support open source projects?
kind of suspicious of anyone offering "security tips" presently
6:25 PM
I constantly do security research...idk what more i can said about it that a good tip in a PHP chat where backends developers are constantly learning in probably the best website to ask big questions or give big answers to questions that you'll make to yourself in the future
@missconfigured which country are you from btw?
Okay, you're writing like a bot. Either talk normally or leave.
@missconfigured No it does not :P
@PeeHaa <3
@PeeHaa google "GPT-3"
I have Jeeves which is just as good :)
6:33 PM
btw that user appears to be trying to get people to download dodgy stuff: stackoverflow.com/a/65878344/778719
@missconfigured I asked you, which country are you from?
Nothing wrong with metasploit imo
> "After establishing initial communications, the actors would ask the targeted researcher if they wanted to collaborate on vulnerability research together, and then provide the researcher with a Visual Studio Project," said Adam Weidemann, a security researcher with Google TAG.
> The Visual Studio project contained malicious code that installed malware on the targeted researcher's operating system. The malware acted as a backdoor, contacting a remote command and control server and waiting for commands.
It's suspicious behavior to say the least
@PeeHaa maybe. But having part of the script in github.com/donovandevs/fixs/blob/main/… be from a separate repo, means that the stuff being run can be changed at any time.
include($_GET['filename']) ftw ;)
6:38 PM
@cmb I have never done that and you've got no proof that I did!
well, I've actually seen such code in the wild :(
@Tiffany It is a framework to test exploits so obviously it is sus :P
@PeeHaa it's more that the account is behaving similarly to what was reported in zdnet.com/article/…
What account?
11 mins ago, by Danack
Okay, you're writing like a bot. Either talk normally or leave.
6:41 PM
@missconfigured Who remembers "They live"?
12 mins ago, by missconfigured
avoid personal questions
Well his opsec is ok at least :P
I was not talking about the account though
Sorry, misunderstood
6:42 PM
@Danack and he created 6 repositories on the same day in different languages
"thanks to Peter C." could be a false alarm if a very warm cow could actually vouch for them.
However this reminds me of the best ofsec track ever
@Tiffany She.
@cmb That how I always load my scripts, doesn't anyone else :D
@PeeHaa For you. Should be she: missconfigured.
@Tpojka ................................................because people never use false names on the internet?
@Danack Or either misspelled?
Gender neutral pronouns are easier in this scenario
Selfdeclared is she. Ocam's razor.
Fair enough
6:46 PM
@PeeHaa better even :D
inb4 they delete their account because it failed
@Tpojka "misspelt" just to annoy everyone who doesn't use obsolete English spellings.
Today, you learnt.
6:47 PM
Good day so far. :)
guys quick question, im doing a test
in MySQL
@PeeHaa this is really great, better than many actual songs
If i wanna get the older date
is ORDER BY date ASC
@mega6382 So nice
older date?
I always try to find dates younger than me
If I wanna get the oldest person
date of birth
6:50 PM
What does ASC stand for?
@DGF Have you tried both to compare?
the smallest to biggest
@mega6382 their entire tracklist is pretty solid
can't try, Im doing an online test for school
@PeeHaa yeah, I am checking it out
6:52 PM
@DGF ascending vs descending if bell rings.
@Trowski Yes thanks. Whats the right if I wanna get the oldest person?
You tell us
You are the one with a test
We gave you pointers, that's the best we can do
@DGF Don't ask me, try @PeeHaa's mom, she knows everyone.
Holy shit :D
Did you just pull out a "your mom" joke?
6:54 PM
Out of nowhere even! :P
All the popular kids are doing it!
Kinda confusing in dates.. ASC will probably get the recent dates first?
Finally... good morning.
6:56 PM
@DGF why don't you try it and see?
4 mins ago, by DGF
can't try, Im doing an online test for school
Those are meant to test your knowledge, not other people's knowledge.
Can't try it, is the plain text. Not in the database. Would be easir
easier in the database..
go back to your test.
@PeeHaa Just to be certain: You don't actually take offense to that, right? It's all in good fun.
@Danack He's testing out his googling skills... or in this case alternate method for finding the answer.
Helping people cheat at tests is off-topic for the room...
6:57 PM
@Trowski No he doesn't... you know how I know. He pulled one on me about my wife a year or so ago that was pretty good. Hmm... let me see if I can find it.
@StatikStasis And yeah, people using us as an alternative to google because they are pushed for time during a test, is also kind of off-topic...
I agree
@Trowski lol. You really don't have to ask that :D
@Danack I wonder if it is timed... he's probably pouring sweat if it is.
@PeeHaa Ok :D
7:02 PM
Wow- that was over two years ago.
Time flies.
I did ASC. It was just a simple question, the only thing that I had doubts (the rest I did it by myself). It's not like if I have a doubt in that I don't know nothing about it... But all over, thanks anyway
@Trowski I am unable to filter it but the amount of @PeeHaa's mom jokes here is astounding
@StatikStasis and your point there aged like wine, right now we are in a situation where you never know what might happen to someone you know online.
If the streams stop I assume @StatikStasis died
lol, but I am actually a bit worried as I have not seen any online activity from Allenph for some months now, I hope he is alright.
@mega6382 It was hilarious.
7:11 PM
@mega6382 Honestly there are certain people I couldn't care less about :P
@Danack Nice to see a friendlier bin ;)
Some of my best friends are bins....
@Danack CIA listening intensifies.
@PeeHaa LOL!
Been streaming Dyson Sphere Program lately.
7:20 PM
"Welcome to the dumpster fire. Grab a stick and some marshmallows and enjoy!"
@PeeHaa I suppose we all have those :P
I can't, I have no arms...
@CupOfJava You type amazingly well with your feet
Lbgillup ・ PDO SQLite ・ #80676
7:25 PM
@PeeHaa Thank you for correctly saying "Couldn't" instead of "could." =P
@missconfigured the reason I asked where you're from, is that your speech patterns are quite odd. We very occasionally have people come by here who....seem more to be out to cause trouble than help. You're welcome to take part here but maybe chill out on pushing security advice....
@Derick not sure if correct person to ping, I'd like to change the source repository of uv package on pecl to github.com/amphp/ext-uv … can you do that? or who else can?
@Machavity I know my feet are amazing. They're how I make all my money ;).
@CupOfJava onlyfans?
7:31 PM
@bwoebi you have the power......if you can click teeny-tiny button.
@Danack oh, this is an extra button, not part of the maintainer edit button - then sorry for ping @Derick :-D
@Danack the ui did not make it obvious :-D
@MarkR Doesn't everyone go to onlyfans to look at a cup. 'Ba Dum Tsh'
Have you slept yet?
Yes. I got a whole 6 hours
that's not bad
@bwoebi It's at least 8 pixels wide! How more obvious could it be?!
7:35 PM
Wait, people use GitHub's website?
@Danack I mean, looked like an icon for the button, not an individual link :-D
Just out of curiosity does anyone know if there's a PHP library for linked data
What is 'linked data'?
nvm, I just found something
8:09 PM
@Danack data that's linked. duh.
@Danack Ok Danack sorry I'll not post things like that again.
@PeeHaa that won't stop him
I am so very confused...
Rebecca come back, we forgive you.
8:22 PM
@Crell That person isn't, they clearly know who they are.
it's @DaveRandom, a picture that he sometimes scares us with
but why @mega6382 is joining in on that, I have no clue
I just don't think green is his color
Hey @DaveRandom. I think I understand that query better since I had to study BD a little more.. Would this be equal to your query using LEFT JOIN? `SELECT p.*, AVG(pr.rating)
FROM products p, product_rating pr
WHERE p.id_products = pr.id_prducts
ORDER BY p.quantity ASC`
*withou using LEFT JOIN
Teeny bit much to leave up in general chat. But it does give one a new definition of "bootstrapping"
lol, its this theme by rlemon, it wasn't actually suppose to be posted
I was searching through chats and it was there, must have been slip of the mouse that did it
8:28 PM
thanks @Machavity for removing it
I miss rlemon, I haven't seen him in a long time.
Isn't he just in Room 17 now? Or did he full quit?
@CupOfJava Right? If you got the confidence to wear that, you're winning at life.
8:30 PM
Isn't room 17 ded now?
Well they hangout on discord
There's an R11 discord?
I had Maradara add Teresko to their room on discord but they kicked him out immediately
@MarkR yup
@bwoebi can you email so I won't forget?
8:45 PM
@DGF probably but I have never understood the MySQL magical "select from multiple tables somehow without an explicit join" syntax
if it produces the same result, great
@Tiffany yeh but tbf I don't onebox it ffs @mega6382 :-P
hyperlink and is the gentlemen's approach to mentally scarring your friends with pictures of your semi-clothed body
@Crell I have been known to have that effect on people, yes
@DaveRandom lol, yeah sorry. tbh I was trying to bookmark so I could post it at a later date :P
@DaveRandom Nice, thanks :P
@DGF I would highly recommend using explicit joins, and also you are doing kind of implicit aggregation there as well - now, I will admit that query actually reads quite nicely and it's obvious what the result should be, but it's not obvious (to me) how it works and that worries me
I always prefer code that explicitly states what it is doing
Per that pic, I'd say you've nailed the explicit part
lol true
I think I have come up with a loophole in the nudity rules @Machavity, I will just get schills to post them for me!
you will never take me alive! bahahahahaha
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