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12:59 AM
@PeterTheLobster Did you check the headers returned from the GET request?
1:14 AM
Robertfloca ・ *General Issues ・ #79772
2 hours later…
2:49 AM
is "whether it be" short for "whether it might be" ? for example
Pieter enjoys drinking alcohol, whether it be beer, spirits, or isopropyl alcohol
whether it... is?
@Wes yes
PeeHaa drinking isopropanol... lol
damn that really sounds weird in my head
There were three people who died and one person who became permanently blind in Arizona New Mexico from consuming hand sanitizer...
holy shits
i mean i am not surprised, there were tide pod recipes on youtube...
VEGAN recipes.....
@Wes wat
3:01 AM
Consumption of Tide Pods is the act of ingesting laundry detergent pod Tide Pods. Tide Pods are a line of laundry detergent pods from Procter & Gamble's Tide brand, which can be deadly if ingested, and which have been labeled as a health risk by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. There have been numerous media reports discussing how children and those with dementia could endanger their health or life by consuming the pods, mistaking them for candy. Between 2012 and 2013, poison control centers reported over 7,000 cases of young children eating laundry pods, and ingestion of Procter...
But vegan recipes?
... on that note, I'm going to sleep
@Tiffany yes, they went to truly ridiculous lengths
anyway gn :D
3:44 AM
@Wes Gross lOl
1 hour later…
4:46 AM
5:47 AM
morning guys.
When you make changes eg. (git pull) into an environment with supervisor and a queue worker.Is it enough to call sudo supervisorctl restart myworkername:* or should there be a queue:restart as well?
I have the below post merge script but am still having issues with the queue after
`composer install
php artisan migrate --force
sudo chown -R mpf:www-data /var/www/html/crediblebonds/company
sudo chown -R www-data:www-data /var/www/html/crediblebonds/company/storage
sudo chgrp -R www-data storage
sudo chmod -R ug+rwx storage
sudo supervisorctl restart credible-company-worker:*`
1 hour later…
6:54 AM
@GotaloveCode deepends, if your code is also the source for the supervisor worker definitions. then you also need to do supervisorctl reread && supervisorctl update
@beberlei its not in my case
then restarting should do the trick
so microsoft now can restart your computer to install updates and doesn't give you not even 1 minute to save your work, they just do it
The curious thing I noted is after a git pull I attempted calling dispatch on a job via tinker but the first job dint get on the beanstalk queue until I pushed another job
they are doing that to install edge, claiming it's for security
6:59 AM
@beberlei Does calling supervisor restart in turn call queue:restart if thats whats in the worker?
@Wes they forcefully reboot your machine to install a browser you probably don't want?
they've been doing that for a while, not only for edge
literally i am on my computer, USING IT, not idling, and they restart it
no warning, nothing
that's ridiculous
Thankfully I only use W10 for gaming, and I ran github.com/W4RH4WK/Debloat-Windows-10 so I've never had that
it probably happens when you have critical updates to do and you don't do them quickly enough
i did debloat mine too, but no change
@GotaloveCode supervisor restart sends an exit signal to the running process for graceful shutdown, waits until that happens, then restarts the command
@beberlei meaning if the worker is calling queue work is the queue stopped or is the supervisor worker itself just killed and restarted?
I dont understand
@Wes well, I removed the Windows store as well so I'm hope that won't happen to me
happens especially if you leave the computer unattended, like Win+L
but critical updates will be installed anyway at any time if you don't do them quick enough
like when i was working at my client's i used to do Win+L a lot
and a lot of times i found the pc rebooted because updates
when it does that all the save prompts like ps illustrator etc get ignored
i never lost much because of autosave, but man that is so invasive
@GotaloveCode its killed and restarted
laravel's queue:restart probably registers the right signal handlers to allow this gracefully
@beberlei So would you advice swapping out sudo supervisorctl restart credible-company-worker: with php artisan queue:restart
7:28 AM
@GotaloveCode i don't know what queue:restar tdoes, so i cannot give you advice on that
@beberlei Thanks for clarifying what supervisor does. Found a link saying calling that actually does restart workers gracefully
A: Laravel queue:restart is not killing workers

AmiteshIts important to understant few points related to following queue:restart command php artisan queue:restart This command will instruct all queue workers to gracefully "die" after they finish processing their current job so that no existing jobs are lost. The queue uses the cache to store rest...

7:42 AM
@Wes I'll probably never understand how you could build an o/s that kills everything just to install some updates
it's 2020, my guess is that in 2030 it will be the same
8:07 AM
Memory bugs in ldap extension ・ LDAP related ・ #79773
8:24 AM
@Wes regarding error-suppression @ - I guess you're right :D
hehe, just trolling
I just don't like atatattributes syntax
allright I'll stop
for a while
what have i done :B
yeah, you've provoked me :P
shame on me
i did? :|
8:38 AM
yes, you wrote 2030 is gonna be the same as 2020 so nothing changes in 10yrs
I'm still just joking you know, right?
8:57 AM
I only had problem with the secondary vote because converting a deprecation notice to exception in a minor version is not what PHP usually does.

But besides this, the RFC is clear for me, and I think it makes a lot of sense. :)
@MátéKocsis i think the secondary vote should not be allowed imho
Although, I believe there is a small inaccuracy in the wording:
> A deprecation warning would be generated for any constructor or destructor that returns a value in PHP 8.0.

This is not exactly true. A deprecation notice is generated for only those constructors/destructors that don't define the void return type
@beberlei I agree
Justinmex ・ *General Issues ・ #79774
@IluTov Yaay, congrats! I'm looking forward to using the match expression in alpha 2 :) I've already changed my DI container to make use of it when generating code. ^^
@MátéKocsis Thank you @MátéKocsis :) So glad this happened after all.
9:19 AM
@MátéKocsis by returning a non-void value ;)
so return; is allowed but return ...; is not.
@IluTov btw congrats Ilija, really wanted for this one to pass!
@moliata Yes, that's ok. But:

public function __construct() {return 1;} // deprecated
public function __construct(): void {return 1;} // fatal

so in the latter case, there is no deprecation --> not every __construct() that returns a value will emit a deprecated notice
@MátéKocsis Ah, I see what you mean, I'll correct the RFC.
I'm saying that it's just an inaccuracy, because the real meaning of your words should be clear by common sense
@moliata Thanks!
@moliata Thanks!
@MátéKocsis updated the RFC, hopefully didn't make the wording worse ;)
even worse*
9:33 AM
@moliata It's much better now!
9:45 AM
@Girgias Sent me the file yet? ;-)
@Derick I forgot to start the upload :|
Doing that now, should be ready in an hour or so
10:22 AM
I'm new. I would have never expected so many people in the PHP chat. I always heard that PHP was a horrible horrible thing. Is PHP secretly OP? Should I learn PHP?
@user11945129 it's so terrible that it's OP
we must nerf it
There's a lot of us locked in here: help us!
10:24 AM
@Derick Over Powered
@Derick overpowered
who the fork comes up with these acronyms...
@Derick forknife
you youths!
@user11945129 anyway, the language is rubbish-ish, but it's better than some others out there. It has a good and very large ecosystem though.
10:25 AM
@user11945129 As to answer the real question. I think PHP is fast improving, with lots of people to help you. If you're looking to do anything dynamic for the Web, PHP is a great language.
@Ocramius Is there any dynamically typed language in widespread use which isn't rubbish-ish?
@bwoebi not sure
if you put it that way, PHP is probably the best I know of
Oh wtf is the mysqli extension doing
@Girgias don't look at that code. just don't.
Too late...
switch (ZEND_NUM_ARGS()) {
case 1:
if (zend_parse_parameters(1, "O", &mysql_link, mysqli_link_class_entry)==FAILURE) {
case 2:
if (zend_parse_parameters(2, "Ol", &mysql_link, mysqli_link_class_entry, &resmode)==FAILURE) {
why would you do that
10:29 AM
Ah yes, overloaded APIs
fucking nightmare overall
It isn't even overloaded. the resmode could just be optional
It's not even overloaded really, just not using the optional arg bit of ZPP
hello guys any good guide for setup minio server with laravel
what's minio?
This is probably a dumb question, but I really don't know anything about PHP. Please tell me if these questions are inappropriate, I apologize in advanced. Can you combine python and PHP? And is it common to do so? is it avoided? is PHP only for websites?
10:37 AM
@Ocramius min.io it same as s3 you can do it yourself in local
@user11945129 "is PHP only for websites?" - no. It's really good for 'background workers' aka 'job queues'. It's also okay for websocket stuff, though you need to use libraries like amphp.org
@user11945129 a PHP program can start a python one, and a python one can start a php one.

Mixing PHP and python code (same process) is not really possible without some crazy trickery that you probably don't care about.
@user11945129 "you combine python and PHP" - not really. You could use both, but they are pretty similar in capabilties/power so I would suggest sticking with one.
@Girgias laughs in INTL
@Danack I've seen that one, noped out of it pretty fast
@Derick in this case, gamers.
10:40 AM
Thank you!
@Girgias That one could use a reformat...
@NikiC Mysqli? I'm doing that
@Girgias intl
Yes it could :|
@Wes you seem to get this a lot more than I do.
10:46 AM
probably because i never restart my computer :B
@Wes "whether it be" is more common in rural parts of England, "whether it's" would be more common in ....the places that have electricity and running water.
@IluTov I think not having the full short circuiting would make me vote no, due to it being just far too surprising for people to use - aka github.com/Danack/RfcCodex/blob/master/…
in particular, I wouldn't want to have to explain the problems in using it to a junior developer.....or perhaps even a senior one.
@Danack I'll try to implement the error the way you described, if I can't get it in a reasonable amount of time I'll be delaying it for 8.1 to focus on match JIT support.
10:57 AM
How on earth do you setup the server so that mysqli can test it self?
@Girgias you need a database
Well yeah
But I'm talking about testing ext/mysqli
(I'm assuming you're referring to php-src test suite)
Which in all regards should set it up and tear it down
@IluTov The =& $x?->y error?
10:59 AM
Oh, also check to see if there are environment variables
@Girgias pdo_mysql required setting up a database, a test table and test user, then setting those values to environment variables
@Danack Contemplating why it's called Vienna but there is no problem with Wiener, should be Vienner.
@NikiC Yeah.
@Tiffany I'm not testing PDO tho
I'm testing the mysqli_* API
or trying too
(or sending args as ref)
@Girgias but it might be similar :P assuming you're using the test suite
Check the readme
11:01 AM
Jesus christ, why doesn't it do this shit on its own u.u
@Tiffany Which README?
@Girgias give me like ten minutes, literally just woke up, and I need to feed my cats before they mutiny
fair x)
@Girgias ...it doesn't have a readme, wtf
ha ha haaaaaa hahahahahaha
this is the pdo_mysql readme
I dunno... maybe something on the lists?
who'dve thought researching for an RFC that I end up shelving would still be useful
> Senior WordPress Developer
> Lead Engineer (WordPress)
... some of the jobs being sent to me from a site I'm signed up to
11:12 AM
@Girgias you need to create an "empty" test database yourself, and then set some env vars (see github.com/php/php-src/blob/master/ext/mysqli/tests/connect.inc for details)
@cmb should that be made into a readme.md like the one in pdo_mysql?
@Tiffany What's wrong? Probably well paid :)
it's WordPress...
@Tiffany would make sense IMO
@DejanMarjanović my guess, can't break the BC. Probably originally 'English' name came from looking at Italian maps...
11:15 AM
@cmb I may make a PR when I'm more awake
if Girgias doesn't beat me to it
@Tiffany We sometimes have to do things we don't like in life... like PHP.
@DejanMarjanović PHP I don't mind so much, WordPress is icky
You looking for a gig or just random email got to you?
11:20 AM
@DejanMarjanović looking for a job
know of any? :D
Today is your lucky day, I am A++ rated recruiter, but enough of talk I'll let my clients speak... khmm... khmm... @JoeWatkins
My compensation is one monthly salary and a beer. Or one of those.
@Tiffany I haven't been here for a long time but I recall this character sequence as "looks of disapproval"
@DejanMarjanović Ever drank that beer? :D
I think Joe spent all on krak.
11:34 AM
Seems legit. For a nickname.
Yep, username checks out.
@Tiffany I see you live in #1 country in the world, so what are your appetites salary wise?
@DejanMarjanović probably better discussing moneys not in this room.
@Tiffany I'll be beating my head on the MySQLi API design
@Danack I mean I have some remote job I can recommend (USA based company) but salary is likely not Facebook-y. Don't need exact figures.
@DejanMarjanović not looking for a lot, nothing close to Facebook salary
I don't feel comfortable discussing it in public chat though
@Girgias what're you planning to do?
11:42 AM
@cmb I'm still not sure how to get it working, but will try
@Tiffany Warning -> Error promotion
If you have questions, Johannes is a pretty cool guy
Now I need caffeine before I can do anything else productive
12:08 PM
Unable to load dynamic library 'php_oci8_12c.dll' ・ PECL ・ #79775
12:22 PM
2 hours later…
2:30 PM
@cmb is it safe to assume that the MySQL user used to run the tests will need full permissions to the database in which tests are being ran?
Btw @MátéKocsis did you start on the OpenSSL resource -> object migration?
kind of using the readme in pdo_mysql as a rough example to write a readme for mysqli, I'm making decisions on what should be included...
though, honestly, I think the readme for pdo_mysql could be improved even, possibly include examples of what's expected...
@Tiffany I think so, but am not sure.
@Girgias no, not yet because adding the string|object ZPP macro is needed for that task. I could maybe add it as part of the migration, instead of separately.
Why do you ask? Do you want to work on it? :'D
@MátéKocsis I don't know how "bad" OpenSSL is, but MySQLi is going to be hell
Hell no
I don't even know how php-src deals with object tbh lol
2:40 PM
I thought mysqli already was object orientated?
It has dual procedural + oo API
But uses resources
oh, I see, so you're also migrating mysqli?
I'm not, I'm doing warning -> error promotion
And the tests are horrible to update
A bazillion random generated input
ohh, yes, I know...
2:41 PM
Tests files which are like 300 lines >_>
Once I also had a very bad experience when Nikita and promoted a handful of warnings there (when the connection is closed)
I imagine
I think I'm hitting the same issues
github.com/php/php-src/pull/5058 : +1,278 −802. It was just horrible.
accross 113 files? Ugh
@Girgias what? where does it use resources?
2:48 PM
@NikiC Do you have any good tricks to figure out where I leaked an extra zend_string * reference? I can see what leaks (the script's filename), but not where (I can only see its alloc).
@bwoebi Aren't some of the connexions resources?
Maybe docs are outdated tho
@Derick usually I set a watchpoint on the rc and then observe where it changes … and notice where it's missing
@Girgias According to the stubs, there's no :)
@MátéKocsis I'm drunk then
2:49 PM
@Derick What @bwoebi said
The Macro baited me
@bwoebi Yeah, the problem is that it changes about 10 000 times :-/
@Derick aahh that reminds me of something i wanted to do for PHP 8 where it passes the allocation location by passing FILE and LINE via macro magic
it already does that
doesn't it say, leak in zend_string.h ?
2:50 PM
@Derick then … try reducing your reproducer? otherwise I have no real good suggestions :-/
(gdb) p *((zend_leak_info*) data)
$6 = {addr = 0x7fffeda69480, size = 88, filename = 0x55555664d598 "/home/derick/dev/php/php-src.git/Zend/zend_string.h", orig_filename = 0x0, lineno = 134, orig_lineno = 0}
@Derick When I'm getting desperate, I sometimes use this patch: gist.github.com/nikic/af1bce18e2d9d57407212af70f80b712
Annoyingly, when I turned Zend MM off, this leak doesn't show with valgrind either
It logs all inc/dec with the location in the PHP file.
And annoyingly, it only leaks in PHP 7.2, not 7.3 and later :S
2:53 PM
I do know with which patch I introduced it though, which is at least something
"Won't Fix"
Here, I solved your problem :P
Yeah, well, I don't have that luxury :-)
I've empathy for my users ;-)
I do think I have a short reproduce case, so there is that
should the README for ext/mysqli tests include instructions on what's needed to set up MySQL so that the tests can be ran?
pdo_mysql doesn't have any, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't either...
3:09 PM
@Girgias did you install MySQL inside WSL? and if so, did it force you to set up a separate user account and add a password for root?
@Tiffany I did install MySQL inside WSL
I used this SO answer to overwrite the root pwd so that I can use it without sudo: https://stackoverflow.com/a/52335791
And then I changed the host from "localhost" to ""
I can't remember if root is created with an empty password by default... but trying to write instructions to accommodate all the different possibilities is boggling
ah, yeah
So root should be without PWD, but Ubuntu will use a root socket (from what I've read) if you use root user without over ridding the default pwd thing
Not sure you need to specify that
And I think the default should be changed from localhost to anyway
take that up with the mysql authors :P
3:23 PM
Is it okay to update the "Make constructors and destructors return void" RFC to remove the secondary vote and change PHP 8.1/9.0 references to PHP 9.0 only?
Well I was talking about the default in the connect file used for the test runner
I'm not sure if that is considered a minor change or nay
@NikiC sorry for the ping, not sure who to ask else
@Girgias which was written by one of the mysql authors :P
(mostly, anyway)
@Tiffany lulz
Fair fair
I believed you the first time around :p
I never liked the word coder either.
or "worker"
computer enthusiast
@SalOrozco What's wrong with the word coder?
3:35 PM
this is pretty neat: telnet mapscii.me use arrows and a/z for zoom
Coder = Hipster
@SalOrozco in fact, in Lithuanian language there is no equivalent word to Hacker, so our "Language Committee" made official translation for Hacker - programming enthusiast ;)
hmm- never thought of coders as hipsters.
Sounds like someone that just took a Bootcamp course and calling them selfs coder now.
3:37 PM
I even like that better, programming enthusiast.
@pmmaga Based on OpenStreetMap data. I am disappointing they're not giving attribution as they're required to do
@Tiffany yes, I think just the command to create the test DB should be fine.
@Derick they do once you Ctrl-C
alright, will add it later, need to run an errand for my sister
@pmmaga Yes, I see that now :-)
3:39 PM
also, could anyone explain what zend_ast.c does? Is it some sort of an AST printer or something?
4:24 PM
@moliata its the code for working with the ast, which gets created from the parser, and is then passed through the compiler
@beberlei sorry, forgot to mention that I was asking about the zend_ast_export_ex() method from zend_ast.c. What does it do? Is it an AST printer?
@moliata ah yes, its used for assert or something
4:41 PM
I don't like the form of this ctor rfc
@JoeWatkins which part?
that secondary vote either shouldn't exist, or should be independent ... but it seems like they are holding a simple majority ... we shouldn't be allowed to diverge from policy on a slim majority ...
please read the mailing list, there's more info
I'm holding up on updating the RFC until I get reaffirmed that it's okay to remove the secondary vote at the moment. Not sure if that is a minor change or will require a revote.
are you running this RFC ?
a reaffirmation*
4:44 PM
it's fine to drop it
Yeah but I'm not sure if this is going to need a revote.
Could a room owner do the needful^
@Tiffany out of curiosity, by "needful" what are you referring to?
4:50 PM
well, honestly, you've made a bit of a mess, and I would start again
Quite honestly, I'm not sure how the RFC process works. I was told that PHP doesn't follow semver strictly and it should be *okay* to have a BC break in PHP 8.1 by other internals.
yeah, I see that you didn't get much help
sorry about that ...
When I raised that question (PHP 8.1/PHP 9.0) on the mailing list, no one replied, so I thought a secondary vote might make more sense
like nikita said, there's nothing wrong with a vote that amends policy
however, it should be clear that's what you are doing, and it should be intentional ... and you should have strong reasons ...
you started out saying you didn't care when it happened
@moliata Which is fine. All policy shall be locally overridable by a 2/3 majority, the same it would need to amend it completely.
4:55 PM
and you've got more than one "primary" decision going on ...
yeah, so that, any vote that does amend policy, on purpose, and with good grounds, also requires a super majority ... but you've called it a secondary vote, which in the nomenclature of PHP RFC's might be understood as a simple majority decision ...
@JoeWatkins quite honestly, it doesn't matter for me whether if we enforce void rules implicitly in PHP 8.1 or PHP 9.0, just that we do.
If I could, I could happily drop the secondary vote right away.
I'm just not sure what would be the best approach to take now: dropping the vote or what
@bwoebi so far the voting is 50/50 so I don't think there will be a 2/3 majority anyways
thus, i'm not sure if we will be able to override the policy if the RFC passes
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