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1:20 AM
Anyone here using docker and phpstorm on a windows machine?
1:32 AM
Though, not sure how much help I'll be as I've only just started learning Docker
Are you using local directories in your windows machine in your docker container? I.E volumes
@bassxzero ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (I didn't set up the Docker configuration, but this is what I'm using, and the containers folder holds the Docker specific stuff)
Are you able to make changes to your code from an IDE in windows, save the file, and the changes are reflected in your docker container?
What IDE are you using?
1:40 AM
PhpStorm :P
Can I see your docker config file?
It should all be in that repo, there's also this github.com/AlwaysSeptember/Voting/blob/master/containers/…
@bassxzero this may be a better example github.com/Danack/example
2:06 AM
Just to be clear, you are able to do a docker-compose up -d, make changes to your php code in your windows ide, and then see the changes when you refresh your browser?
4 hours later…
5:56 AM
@Tiffany I see you together with @Danack are doing something to propose for voting, can I help? I can see some things in the repo nice to improve like prepare a Makefile for the run* scripts to rull them all in one place, making docker-compose.* more felxible, maybe some builds of images on GH Actions pushed to GH Packages - docker images etc. ??
this is probably of interest to very few people, but big(ish) news for physics nerds: atlas.cern/updates/physics-briefing/…
I'm not exactly finger on pulse of that sort of thing but I was aware of this experiment being done and it's more significant than it seems at first glance, it eliminates a sizable chunk of the field when searching for dark matter
6:22 AM
Although at the same time it would be really good to find an experimentally verifiable way to break the standard model :-P it's bad enough when you know something is wrong but can't figure out what if you are working with a piece of software, it's much more embarrassing when you are working with a universe
morning o/
2 hours later…
8:38 AM
@brzuchal points at @Danack ask him
8:53 AM
Result is not correct ・ Trader ・ #79651
@StatikStasis i want to add annotations on a video on youtube, do you think i can do it in the youtube creator thingy or should i do it in AE? i don't care about the looks, the easiest it is to edit the better
9:36 AM
@Wes after effects, so that people can still use the video when youtube breaks their annotations again.
just did a major overhaul of how users are rate-limited on 3v4l (esp when scripts are tagged as abusive). If you notice something weird please ping me
Hi, does anyone know how to alternate between 2 email adresses in contact form7?
Use a select form element?
I want all the offer requests sent through contact form 7 to go like this: 1 email to be sent do agent with email 1, 2 email to be sent to the agent with email 2, 3 email to be sent to the agent with email 1, 4 email to be sent to the agent with email 4 etc.
like the odd emails to the first agent and the even emails to the second agent
9:55 AM
You need somewhere to store the request number, and then that would just be a simple modulo check
Do you have any idea how to do that? I'm noob in PHP -_-
@beberlei @LeviMorrison Just as a sanity check, you are not using the zend_message_dispatcher mechanism, right?
@AlexStanese I mean, do you know how to handle POST request from an HTML form and hook up a database?
Also modulo operator is % and that's a mathematical concept which is pretty general (and useful)
10:11 AM
@Girgias unfortunately no, I only work in wordpress panel
AH, that's a different ball park then, and I don't know Wordpress so I'm out of my depth here :/
this contact form 7 plugin is created in PHP for wordpress
but I don't know if it's usefull or not
Yeah, I don't know either, and I'm in the middle of trying to do a math project in PHP so lol
@Wes I was actually looking for this a month ago in their new studio creator, but I could not locate it. I gave up after 20 seconds of trying and haven't went back to look for it because it wasn't urgent... sorry. =( Let me know if you find it before me. =P
11:04 AM
@AlexStanese have a look at machform. I used to use it in my last job and it's an excellent product for form building.
@Tiffany I need to alternate the emaild send through contact form
the website is done already, but I still need this last touch
@AlexStanese it might be possible, there are logic options in machform, if anything else, you can ask their support if the feature exists
Primary reasons I suggest their product is because it's cost-effective, and it's a great product for form building. I've yet to find something better.
1 hour later…
12:28 PM
Anyone want to review github.com/php/php-src/pull/5632?
I'm not good at dealing with this kind of personality.
12:40 PM
I don't know if we're dropping HTML, or we're keeping it. If we keep it then I'll add PHP7 types. If we drop it then I'll change the code to remove HTML altogether. I'm happy with either outcome, I just need to know what the team think we should do going forward.
I've found a bug, and I've patched it. I'd appreciate the input of more people so we can make a collective decision if we're deleting the feature altogether or we're keeping it.

Thanks <3
Does anybody even use the HTML reports?
If not → delete it, as there is less to maintain.
PHPonWindows team generates also HTML reports, but I'm not sure if they are actually used.
@Derick as per my comments on the PR - how do we identify who is using these? is it worth a regression in functionality? Some things to consider. Thanks
there are tools that can convert junit 2 html, SO says for example this should do: pip install junit2html && juni2html junit.xml output.html - i agree with derick less code is better
12:59 PM
I'm questionning my life ATM, needing to decipher some BASIC code written only with gotos >___>
real programmers don't need structured programming :p
All that just for my Math Research Project
Also needing to mimic weird 16bit floating point issues in PHP is something I never thought I would need to do in my life
really 16bit floats?
That sounds way too practical for a math research project :)
Real numbers are the only ... real numbers :P
Well I'm working from a book from the early 90, where he talks about MS-DOS and IBM-DOS and all the code is in BASIC
Strange Attractors: Creating Patterns in Chaos by Julien C. Sprott for reference
1:07 PM
@PaulDragoonis Did somebody whine about them not working?
@NikiC nope
@Derick No. I discovered it myself when I picked up run-tests.php for the first time. I needed an export output of the tests not STDOUT.
@cmb can you link us to this? what's the impact of us removing --html, will it break PhpOnWindows builds?
1:23 PM
@PaulDragoonis this is a private repo/azure pipelines. Only PHP 7.2-7.4 is tested now, so nothing would break right away. I'll ask whether they consider the HTML reports important.
@cmb who is they? (name?)
people.php.net/dalehirt and some QA engineers.
@cmb As the error handling issue doesn't seem to have a short term answer, should we go ahead with xmlrpc unbundling now?
@cmb was those HTML reports that was published on w.p.n the run-tests ones or were they custom?
@Kalle do you know what their HTML report looks like? This report outputs <tr><td>PASS: stuff</td></tr> with no styling.
1:34 PM
@bwoebi Finally got to do the static analysis for named params: gist.github.com/nikic/6cc9891381a83b8dca5ebdaef1068f4d
First signature is child, second parent, reporting cases where the same name occurs in different positions
@NikiC some of these look like blatant LSP violations
This was an inaccurate analysis (ignoring some stuff like traits, and with not all classes visible), but probably enough to get an impression
@PaulDragoonis I just remember we used to have some reports there a long time ago which looked like tests runs but I am still strongly infavor of removing the part, it will lessen the code as well
@bwoebi Yeah, I'll have to double check ...
@NikiC @PaulDragoonis offered help with this, but I had no time to pair with him so far. However, I think the actual unbundling can be done nonetheless; setting up the PECL package is still something we can do, Paul. I'll provide a PR for unbundling shortly.
@Kalle nope, these are performance tests. run-test.php --html output example: gist.github.com/cmb69/84829794d197b8a20dd247cdea5cd67b
1:37 PM
@cmb Yes. @cmb started this so I need to understand what he's done so far, so I can contribute to other parts, instead of us duplicating effort :)
@NikiC honestly wondering if we should just remove the xmlrpc errors thing, and count it as a BC break. it is trival to reimplement this with a userland error handler and the global nature of it makes me think this is not used
@bwoebi I'm not reporting the original signatures, extra params are usually optional
i googled for it as hard i could, no questions, no posts, no nothing about it
i checked the pear source code for XML_RPC and XML_RPC2, they are not using it
@cmb Okay, I'll do the repo split then leave doing something with the result to you
@Kalle @NikiC @cmb ..etc should I now proceed with making a fresh PR that deletes the HTML outputting? or should I wait longer for windows folks to reply.
1:41 PM
@NikiC yeah, I mean implementor side LSP violations, nothing which our code currently catches, e.g. DDTrace\NoopTracer::startActiveSpan($operationName, $finishSpanOnClose, $options = []) vs DDTrace\Contracts\Tracer::startActiveSpan($operationName, $options = []) - the signature changed some time, but it did no harm because NoopTracer does nothing.
@bwoebi right
@cmb In that case I still think it is hardly useful, similar to how phd's bightml format is also anything but useful
Yep, I guess it's not useful, but please give the others some time to reply (they live in very different timezones).
Certainly, it is not a pressing matter anyway
@NikiC github.com/magento/magento2-l10n/blob/… and this one looks like a legitimate mistake to me
but overall seems pretty tame to me, what do you think @NikiC ?
1:50 PM
@Kalle It's great to make a single big word document for printing though ;-)
@cmb Would xmlrpc go into pecl/networking/xmlrpc.git? Is that the right category?
@NikiC yes, I think so (pecl.php.net/package/gRPC is also there)
@bwoebi Yes, I agree
I'm not sure whether I want to push named params through for PHP 8 though
@NikiC He sounds like a kind soul...
@NikiC thanks! I registered pecl.php.net/package/xmlrpc (and found pecl.php.net/package/XMLRPCi).
2:10 PM
@IMSoP it is a free world, and you should take actions as you think appropriate but i) no-one else from here is mentioning this place on internals. ii) you are relatively new to both this room and php internals. We don't really have the bandwidth to handle the assholes on internals that could arrive.
@brzuchal yes. setting up pushing docker images would be good. I'm not sure exactly how people might use that project, but definitely being able to pull in an image would be good. I'll open an issue with a few settings that I'd like people to be able to configure.
Also, if you can look at the adding_actions branch......there is a stupid error on the action for the npm build that I have failed to be able to fix.
But that project is closer to having less remaining to be done than the start. If you have spare bandwidth, being able to expose an api for the PHP karma system is something else that I was about to work on that could be done by someone else...
@NikiC If not now, when then? Is there anything in particular which needs more discussion in depth?
@bwoebi Large feature with many potential complications... People aren't entirely wrong to be concerned about API stability guarantees
Things like "positional only" and "named only" parameters would help, but then it gets even more syntax surface
2:28 PM
Heads up: I'm organizing the PHP 8.0 Milestone on GitHub (github.com/php/php-src/milestone/1?closed=1), sorry if I'm spamming your notifications
@cmb Wow! That brings back some memories. :-)
2:40 PM
@Danack That sounds like a fun little project. Where would it live? people.php.net?
Can someone please give me permission or help me:

I'd like to remove these closed PRs from the "Waiting on Review" label: https://github.com/php/php-src/pulls?q=label%3A%22Waiting+on+Review%22+is%3Aclosed
@MátéKocsis @Girgias If you want to take a look:

This wasn't changed yet: https://github.com/php/php-src/blob/master/ext/standard/math.c#L739
@Danack I'm having trouble finding an archive that will let me search for it properly, but I'm far from the first person to mention it on the list; here's some mentions without a space: marc.info/?l=php-internals&w=2&r=1&s=room11&q=b
Not sure if that didn't get shut down
as for "new to internals", I've been subscribed since 2013, and had an RFC unanimously accepted 3 years ago
I would prefer it if @wes didn't do that either.
2:53 PM
@NikiC yeah, but if you don't do it now, you're essentially just deferring that discussion. Unless you are actually wanting to separate positional and named, but I would really not appreciate that though.
@IMSoP You have to hit 10 years to move up from noob status to apprentice. =P
I need to find the name of this music .. I really want to download it .. anyone can understand the words she says?
@StatikStasis do I get a gold watch?
Better. You get a starred Congrats message in this room!!
2:56 PM
@IMSoP I've been on internals for 16 years, and I'm still new to internals. ;-)
@Danack I think this place gets mentioned from time to time, like once every couple years. given a quick search
It got mentioned yesterday in response to one of my posts
yeah, I considered just saying "in chat", but it sounded awkward, and I didn't think it was exactly a secret
I've often wondered if z has ever lurked here
Oh... that's @IMSoP
So, is that why we're having this conversation?
2:58 PM
yeah, Danack pinged me
@ramsey Don't feel bad, I only realized about 2 weeks ago myself.
@IMSoP it isn't. It's just nowhere loudly mentioned.
I didn't know about this channel until recently. I had been hanging out on EFNet all this time, where no one talks anymore.
@bwoebi I'll just say "in a chat" in future there, if people agree that it should be kept that way :)
Where can I get a "token" for master, so I can run web-people locally? I'm logged into master looking at the response headers, etc. to see if there's a token. I tried using my SESSID, but that didn't work.
I'm not a fan of having closed/secret communication in an open source project, but as long as discussions/decisions here result in posts to the mailing list as the source of truth, then I'm okay with it.

I'm reminded of this post from Rasmus regarding the "PHP Standards" group from years back: https://news-web.php.net/php.standards/29
3:04 PM
@ramsey Just recently, huh? Let me point you to the Room 11 video created a few years ago that gives you a quick overview of Room 11's history: youtube.com/watch?v=kfVsfOSbJY0
For those not familiar with the history there: that group decided to leave the PHP project and became the PHP-FIG
@StatikStasis Best history video I've ever seen
Sort of a norm here on this great day.
I need it
@StatikStasis you got me, again
As well as our painful attempts to get a hand wave going for as long as we can without interruptions.
3:06 PM
Which seat can I take?
alternating pattern. "Usually" if there are a string of four of them no one will type until it is broken... but urgent issues supersede fun room games.
@Girgias =P
@ramsey You just cannot open a RFC with a vague idea on internals. You can come with a vague idea in this chat and ask questions to evolve it a bit beforehand. Internals is mostly a medium to communicate over concrete issues on a concrete draft.
@Danack ?
3:11 PM
@IMSoP it's not secret, but saying "this has already been discsussed" and implying that we reached an agreement makes it really easy for people to think that we are a secret cabal.
@bwoebi I think there's value in that, definitely, but by restricting who knows that "process," there are many who might have their ideas shut down outright on the mailing list, when they could have discussed it in a "lighter" forum to flesh it out before approaching the list
@NikiC I'm not.
Just saying "discussed elsewhere" avoids forming a clique.
@NikiC What is it?
@StatikStasis that's the problem. There are some people who might want to discuss stuff here, but would not be able to behave themselves appropriately.
3:16 PM
@ramsey Part of the problem is that you and the others in the room need to feel at ease communicating to each other. If this room were sort of official, then the barrier of excluding is much higher to the extent that it may drive off other regulars. You need to have some sort of "safe space" for that.
@Danack Agreed.
@Danack I thought Room 11 was the defacto PHP cabal...
Oh... it's just a single token, hard-coded into the source as an MD5 hash. github.com/php/web-master/blob/master/fetch/allusers.php#L22
@Danack now you're putting words into my mouth; I said "started brainstorming some ideas" which is about as far from implying we'd reached an agreement as you can get
ok. let me put it like this. I (and i believe other people here) would prefer not mentioning this place, except maybe to berate us (saying those aholes in r11 would be fine). The reason for that is to avoid the drama that could ensue.
3:25 PM
btw if when I make a suggestion of how to avoid drama, or you think I'm being an asshole in general, asking me to explain why I'm saying something would be better than saying "well other people have done it".
I'd swear those colors are changing on the map.
Civilization is living organism.
please help
32 mins ago, by IMSoP
@bwoebi I'll just say "in a chat" in future there, if people agree that it should be kept that way :)
3:36 PM
@nikic I've tried to redo github.com/ajaxorg/ace/pull/3107 for some 7.4 syntax on 3v4l but haven't succeeded. Would you mind sharing some bison magic or performing the same trick again for 7.4?
3:49 PM
@IMSoP Thanks. I think just 'elsewhere' might be slightly better. it avoids the obvious question of "how can I can get access to that chat" which has awkward answers.
@bwoebi it is somewhat ironic, that the safe place is a place where people are okay to call other people's ideas dumb and it's not likely to result in a drama.....
...almost like a room with a few people talking about something has different power dynamics than a room with 50 people talking about something.
@ramsey So....a previous discussion was here.. I'll polish up some notes and put them....somewhere. But the short version is the karma system that php has is pretty good, but because it only lives on php.net, it means that only system on php.net can use it.
it'd be much more useful it it could be used as an authentication service.
FWIW, I entered this room by random chance for a problem on a project I was working on at work...which eventually turned me into getting involved with the PHP project... that wouldn't have happened without r11
a lot of my professional decisions over the past three to four years wouldn't have happened without r11
and I am grateful to you guys :)
4:11 PM
@Sjon At which point did you fail?
4:33 PM
@Tiffany ...how's the job hunt going btw?
4:46 PM
PHP Namespace in core ・ [ Ensure correct signatures of magic methods](wiki.php.net/rfc/magic-methods-signature)
5:12 PM
@Danack because everyone in that space knows about it not being negative
5:48 PM
does anyone know contact form 7 or wordpress?
Q: Alternate between 2 emails in Contact Form 7

Alex StaneseI have a website with many product pages. On each product page there is a contact form which send an offer request to an email. I want all the received email to be somehow divided for 2 sales agents like this: first email to be sent to email address 1 second email to be sent to email address ...

Wrong ReflectionType for sprintf/printf args parameter ・ Reflection related ・ #79652
@AlexStanese I mean, if anything, couldn't you do a foreach loop on the emails received, and using the % operator to alternate between emailing between two addresses?
with an if statement
hello guys
basically the "fizzbuzz" problem
    SELECT  *  FROM `lines`
    MATCH (Linetext) AGAINST ('"you"')
    Limit 500

this query gives FTS query exceeds result cache limit
6:04 PM
@AlexStanese It feels like something that could be better resolved at the mail server level, I think. Changing the mail address in the form does not prevent one of the two addresses to received a lot more mails if by chance many more people respond with one form instead of the other. However if it's a chance you're willing to take that could be simpler.
mfw it's been so long I'm here I've fallen to literally every trap headfirst.
@Tiffany thank you, I thought something simmilar theoretically, but the problem is that idk PHP, I only know the wordpress admin platform. Do you have these php skills?
not sure if that's possible, but by "mail server level" I mean using the same email address and the incoming mail server would redirect to one or the other in sequence.
@FélixGagnon-Grenier I thought of that too, but the 2 agents need to receive emails in the order of the offer requests equally, so they don't fight over bigger orders
@AlexStanese it's not really a PHP thing, more of a programming logic thing
I have cPanel and the hosting provider told me that it's not possible from the server side
6:10 PM
yes, I think I understand. The problem with the changing the email in the contact form is that you have no guarantee that, even if you serve the form, every link will be used.
@FélixGagnon-Grenier I mean, could just use whatever mail library function to send the email
@Tiffany I know but you also need to know how to find the files and the code structure
why do I keep saying "I mean"...
@AlexStanese true. I'm not that familiar with WordPress, so I'm not sure how much help I would be.
interesting. @AlexStanese, is the contact form built with the mailto:address to use the client email programs?
@Bassem what have you googled so far?
6:12 PM
@FélixGagnon-Grenier I think yes
so basically, one the form is generated, you will not be processing the email further, it will originate from the user's computer.
@Tiffany if I give you the cpenel details would you be so kind to take a short look? I'm sure you know way mote than me.
meaning that the email written in the form, is the email that specific form will be emailing to, is what I understand.
@AlexStanese I don't feel comfortable doing that.
@NikiC that's a very valid question. What I accomplished is in github.com/SjonHortensius/ace/tree/support-php74 Most syntax things work, but my 'fn' implementation does not
6:14 PM
I er... please don't tell me you are prepared to share your cpanel credentials to randos on the internet @AlexStanese? (no offense meant Tiffany)
and I'm busy with other stuff presently, but I need lunch...
@FélixGagnon-Grenier none taken
(I completely agree)
which is basically because I didn't know what I was doing here
IDK, maybe a test website to know what should be edited
6:14 PM
if anything, add the SSH public key, but that's only if you trust the person
In any case, it would be helpful, as you've also posted a question on main, to edit it and add details you gave in response to our question, and possibly a snippet of the form's markdown @AlexS
it might help in not getting it closed because at this point, as is possibly apparent from our guessings, it's hard to help you.
I will try to do that
I see there is also a fiels where you can add a Javascript code inside the contact form 7 plugin
do you think this myght be helpful?
6:58 PM
@Sjon Hm ... I don't see anything obviously wrong there
7:36 PM
@MarkR How do you want to handle the namespace discussion follow-up from a few days ago? I still have the notes from that.
LineId ,

FROM `lines`
MATCH (Linetext) against ('you')
Limit 1000
this query took 7 seconds to execute
any idea to speed it up
@Bassem you appear to be using mysql for text search. maybe use elasticsearch for stuff like taht instead?
what is elasticsearch
what is google?
i am googling now thanks
7:48 PM
but mysql can't handle records with million records ?
i have one table with 30 million records
and just 2 columns as you see
the second column which is lineText , it is up to 1000 character
is that something that mysql can't handle
@Bassem You might try using a FULLTEXT index on Linetext (see here: dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/8.0/en/innodb-fulltext-index.html), but searching the blob text of 30 million records for a pattern match is going to be slow in MySQL
I already apply a FULLTEXT index @ramsey
the problem is that i can't get line which start with or end with
because i don't want to use like %
@Bassem Then, as @Danack suggested, you'll need to use something like elasticsearch.
i am checking
8:02 PM
btw it has plugins that can read directly from a database, so you don't need to write code for that. Which is nice as you don't need to backup your elasticsearch separately thhen..
and it can connected to mysql right ?
8:13 PM
@Danack That is so true... but most places deemed safe places/spaces are usually not, unfortunately.
@Danack is elasticSearch Free ?
sorry i am trying to search but can't know if it is free or paid
8:34 PM
@Bassem it's free for use. But you can also pay for hosted versions and they are also pretty good value for money.
@Jeeves Nice catch, @Jeeves! The implementation of the mixed type to blame :)
I'm totally going to start crediting @Jeeves as the author when I create PHP bugs
@Danack s/can/should/ imo
unless you have an in house devops guy that you don't mind paying 50% of their salary just to maintain that one thing and stop it exploding every so often
@DaveRandom we had one who insisted on running it on google cloud engine under kubernetes.
it cost at least 20k salary to get what could have been a 50 quid a month service.
and then it still didn't work that well.
8:51 PM
turns out google pay 1000s of salaries to maintain their infrastructure for a reason
"penny wise, pound foolish"
2 hours later…
11:20 PM
@Crell I can roll it into mine and tag on the extra authors, it's probably the better way than a separate rfc.
Cool. Want me to take a crack at it this weekend?
can you link me the google docs file again please
I'm still unsure about <<Attribute>> in root, I see the reasoning but I'm not super fond of putting the main <<Attribute>> in root then all the custom ones in say \PHP\Attributes. hmm
The important thing, I think, is to have a proposal on the table that's concrete and debatable.
Then we can figure out through feedback if the "main interface in root, implementations in a namespace" model is popular or not.
11:29 PM
I think we need to clarify the extensions bit, either we argue that extensions should be placeable in \PHP and remain there if moved in / out, or we reserve \Ext
I don't have strong feelings about extensions other than "either way is bad" :-)
Why can't extensions use a top level namespace? Just as a tought experiment
Like instead of Ext/Sodium/ just Sodium/
Would also allow for easier back and worth between core and pecl
and on that note I'm off to bed
For one thing, whether or not something is an extension can change. :-)
It's an option, but consuming additional namespaces from the root seems a bit more untidy for me.
@Girgias new ones probably should. Be there haven't been many new ones in core recently.....and there hasn't been any desire to do that. Mostly because the ecosystem for PHP extensions is terrible.

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