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12:00 AM
@Farhad Check JS
@Farhad you can name anything whatever you want. fyi, that spelling is not something that most english speakers would know how to pronounce, without hearing it first, which is a downside in a project name.
12:18 AM
@Danack Yeah, I'm aware of that. But i was wondering if is attractive to name a project that.
@Farhad naming something in an unpronounceable way seems bad.
True. Good point
1:02 AM
method_exists and property_exists incoherent behavior ・ Compile Warning ・ #79462
5 hours later…
6:08 AM
Git mergin'.
1 hour later…
7:10 AM
good mooning
7:37 AM
@LeviMorrison Writing any persistent structures during the request is generally not thread safe
@NikiC Sure. What about startup and preloading?
In the history Joe mentioned something about that. I don't know much of anything about preloading...
7:50 AM
@LeviMorrison As long as you use something in the MINIT-ish timeframe, it's fine. That runs before preloading.
@NikiC zend_extension startup included?
Yeah, that should work, I think
I can't use MINIT because some distros ship curl as a shared library and so there are load order issues.
Thanks for getting back to me on that!
So rewrite curl ;-)
@LeviMorrison You can force load order by using the ZEND_MOD_DEP structs in your extension struct btw
@Derick I tried that once and I just got warnings about it -- you ever got it to actually work?
8:05 AM
warnings? It worked just fine for the mongodb extension
(no idea why that is formatted so crap :-) )
@Derick If the extension= order wasn't right, it didn't "fix it", it would warn and not load.
@Derick lol. Probably someone did a clang-format
We actually rewrote some of the macros for ddtrace so that we could use commas on the outside of the macro, precisely so clang-format wouldn't butcher it lol
@NikiC Yeah, I added clang-format (which is a terrible piece of software IMO), but added suppression #pragmas in places
And @LeviMorrison If the extension= order wasn't "right", the MOD_DEP stuff definitely reorders them
@Derick I'll have to try it again sometime.
What happens if it can't find the dependency, btw?
8:11 AM
Although I suppose that distributsions with RTLD_NOW enabled might actually bark
"I don't need ext/curl to exist, but if it does exist I want to load after it"
@LeviMorrison I don't know... there is a ZEND_MOD_OPTIONAL for that I think
@Derick which is all of them
Though if you're not actually referencing symbols, then it shouldn't matter
8:14 AM
I find that annoying btw, that they think better, but then actively crippling what the php team intended.
Does anyone know Guzzle? I'm catching specific exceptions from the GuzzleException superclass: ConnectException, ClientException, and ServerException. And wonder if GuzzleException is still thrown for scenarios the other 3 do not get thrown for? If not I don't need to bother catching GuzzleException separately but would like to know for sure.
i think you should as a safety measure anyway
hmm my code does that, but struggling to test it. Also not sure what data I'd get, the other 3 have different data formats they return (sigh..)
I mean they all throw a RequestException but e.g. ConnectException has handlerContext with cURL data in it, the others don't
thanks :) I've been through that it doesn't really show what GuzzleException is thrown for. I'm toying with not catching GuzzleExcption and have a default in the switch for fall through (but would rather handle more specifically if a scenario exists)
8:26 AM
AFAIK it's an interface, not a class/abstract class
yes seemingly, it extends throwable, but calling new Guzzle\Client()->request() method shows it throws GuzzleException and it does, and the specific exceptions are the ones I listed (which are all ultimately RequestException) it confuses me tbh
gonna ignore guzzleeception and just default if other 3 are not thrown
2 hours later…
10:06 AM
For that type casting, why is the left hand side casting preferable to :
[$now, $future] = [(int)"2020", (int)"2021"];

var_dump($now, $future);
// int(2020)
// int(2021)
oh....because you might want to do it on result of function call or similar...
And ... no.
10:25 AM
Morning o/
10:38 AM
morning \o
wiki.php.net/rfc/throw_expression … uhm, why do I not see checkboxes for my choices? I only see a vote button :o
I guess my browser choked on it for some reason…
@bwoebi New feature. You can only vote yes.
Might I ask what the objections to the typecast destructuring is? The basic case of a numeric array would be quite helpful, is the problem everything else the RFC contains?
10:55 AM
Would it make sense to cast to anonymous struct instead of type casting in array desctructing?
$foo = (struct{int $bar;bool $baz}) someFunction();
11:35 AM
Why am I discovering RFCs when they go to vote
@brzuchal I personally interested in more casting like that....but the counter argument is 'just use a function'. It's way less magic and easier to debug.
@Girgias Because email is not a good project management tool?
@Danack Ah yes, how silly of me, now we need to get back to convincing people that we need a better tool.
tbh, I think the problem is more one of someone doing the work, rather than the tech. Someone putting together a weekly digest of "this is the stuff announced", "this is the stuff that could be voted on" etc. would give the value, and the person doing the work would be free to use the tech they used...
Doing the work isn't the problem, the opposition to anything new, or doing a project then someone else who had an idea 20 years ago going "but i was working on that" etc, is
12:02 PM
I'm maybe misunderstanding how the fuzzer SAPI works, but is there a way to fuzz the normal mbstring functions just so that I can sanity check the my assertion conversions are actually sane?
Or should I just do a PHP script which generates rando data and dump it into each functions
@NikiC, what to do with https://ci.appveyor.com/project/php/php-src/builds/32064772/job/cdcf42vsqk2yvymf#L5218 (SIGTERM; UNKOWN already fixed)
The userland const is only defined in pcntl extension (https://heap.space/xref/php-src/ext/pcntl/pcntl.c?r=736b22dc#173)
@cmb Do what the manual does and use 15?
We could also move those constants out of pcntl...
Oh, I think I'd like the latter better.
Nope, makes no sense; that param is unused on Windows anyway.
1:07 PM
1:47 PM
thanking you, kind sir
2:06 PM
@Girgias so I upgraded my resident services, and got the pattern to make a giant robot, and ordered a Godzilla model... :D
@Tiffany wow, I didn't buy them yet cause I'm not sure why I'd need it (but I got way too many Nook miles anyway)
Yeah, I had over 20k, so figured why not... I bought the thing to expand my inventory a second time
There are bell vouchers though... I need to pay off my next to loan to Nook, I got a second room
I think I'm down to around 3k or 5k now, but it's easy enough to get more
The robot hero requires a bunch of stuff though, like iron nuggets and gold nuggets, a rocket, gold armor, rusted parts...
I've stopped paying my loan back to get some infrastructe projets done
But I'm not really playing it that much for the past week so stagnating a bit, but did manage to flip some turnips :D
Yeah, today's the first day I've turned it on in a couple days. I might be getting a migraine, so figured it'd be an okay medium if the sound is off. Hopefully it's just a plain, old headache and ibuprofen will take care of it.
2:22 PM
/me is missing the context
I think they're talking about drugs in code. "flip some turnips" => repackage a large amount of cocaine into smaller packets to be sold individually.
that makes total sense
We're doing a good job confusing everybody with Animal Crossing @Tiffany :D
no you are not fooling us now. Throwing money around to expand your inventory and get some infrastructure projects done. We know what that means
Oh no
Please don't call the cops on us
2:51 PM
In other news, my mixer has arrived!
If I bake anything that looks cool, I'll take pictures
3:02 PM
You will never be able to top my birthday cake :-)
Picture? (and probably not, I'm just starting)
@Ekin ^
> Video unavailable
This video contains content from LDS, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds.
3:13 PM
I will just assume it is awesome
@NikiC Beautiful. Thank you!
3:32 PM
Brass Eye is great
1 hour later…
4:39 PM
guys any idea how can I match whatever except what is currently matched? regex101.com/r/qMthY1/1
got it
5:08 PM
I have an array like this [1,2,3,4,...]. I want to set an array for each of these items by a loop. Does anyone know how is that possible?
I really mixed up. I tried some codes like:

$languages = [4, 5, 6, 7, 8];
foreach ($languages as $index => $language) $languages[$language] = ['created_at' => now()->subSeconds($index)];
@X4748-IR name the two arrays differently
$language_keys = [4, 5, 6, 7, 8];
foreach ($language_keys as $index => $language) $languages[$language] = ['created_at' => now()->subSeconds($index)];
@ircmaxell Can't I solve this problem without adding another array?
@X4748-IR why?
I don't know... Maybe for the sake of simplicity lol
@ircmaxell Thanks. It seems it's the only way
I think I solved it :thinking:
foreach ($languages as $index => $language) $languages[$index] = [$language => ['created_at' => now()->subSeconds($index)]];
No. I didn't I:
foreach ($languages as $index => $language) $languages = array_fill($index, $index, ['created_at' => now()->subSeconds($index)]);
This works perfectly ;)
5:50 PM
@Girgias ping
@cmb I still don't get why you think getStaticPropertyValue() and setStaticPropertyValue() shouldn't behave the same
6:14 PM
I'm curious: if an internal function doesn't parse its parameters will there be side effects like memory leaks or such if someone actually passes parameters?
6:35 PM
@LeviMorrison no
@Kalle pong
@Girgias So T_DOUBLE_COLON, how do we proceed?
I can try to write something up, kinda left it on the side for a bit between revising for uni and trying to improve the mess which is the MBString extension
6:50 PM
@Kalle oh boy
@PeeHaa It's not like the world can't handle another bad news you know xd
@Girgias roger, just let me know what I can do here
as I got some extra time to spare during the holidays
@Kalle if you want to write it go for it :p Don't mind rewriting sections after the fact.
Or you could help with the warning to Error promotions thing in php-src :p
@Kalle going to try getting rid of... I can't remember how to spell it without googling
7:03 PM
Didn't you guys already take care of my beloved ext/exif? @Girgias
The Hebrew phrase for double colon
@Kalle I don't think so because it uses a custom error handler, right?
@Tiffany yeah that was the idea to get rid of it
@Kalle niiiice
AnnaLum ・ *General Issues ・ #79463
7:05 PM
Fingers crossed it passes the politics
@Girgias exif uses a wrapper for php_error_docref, you just have to dig a little
basically it just maps to E_WARNINGs more or less
basically, just, more or less
Good luck @Girgias!
@Kalle huh, maybe will look at this then next
@PeeHaa thank you thank you
No. Thank you
@PeeHaa exif is one of the few internal places where you see hardcoded values for the docref argument (not just null)
For the two wonderful ini settings I'm sure no one have used since pre PHP5 anyway: docref_ext & docref_root
7:12 PM
@Girgias If you do dig into EXIF, then remember to enable the debug output (its #undef's in the top of the .c file), as they may also need adjustment
Okay :) will put that in a memo somewhere
7:53 PM
Q: Getting special characters while reading a csv file in php

learnerI have a space separated csv file. I am trying to read using following method: $file = fopen('/var/www/html/my.csv', 'r'); while (($line = fgetcsv($file,0,"\t")) !== FALSE) { $header_count = 0; // $final_data = array(); if ( $count == 0 ) { foreach ($line as $...

I am facing same problem. Can any one solve this issue.
I am trying to read a csv file with special characters. But for special characters it is not reading properly.
@NomanJaved encoding?
it show symbols
have you checked the encoding? is it unicode?
check where ?
.doc file ?
good question
Q: How to check encoding of a CSV file

VipulI have a CSV file and I wish to understand its encoding. Is there a menu option in Microsoft Excel that can help me detect it OR do I need to make use of programming languages like C# or PHP to deduce it.

8:01 PM
$csv = $_FILES['csv_file_mcqs']['tmp_name'];
$handle = fopen($csv,"r");
while (($row = fgetcsv($handle, 10000, ",")) != FALSE) //get row vales

code probably isn't the issue, it's probably an encoding issue
if the CSV file isn't encoded to unicode, then that's why it's not reading special characters
what about the .doc file.
how to check the encoding for .doc file.
click the question, it gives answers for multiple file types
how to write symbols in notepad. It already convert symbol to another type of symbol
8:40 PM
how to save symbols in mysql.
8:55 PM
You have a lot of questions stemming from the same problem
Might be wise to invest some time understanding the problem instead of hopping from question to question
For the CSV issue cough pecl.php.net/package/CSV cough
I need people to battle test this
And I need to continue working on it...
@NikiC thinking about it again, me neither. :) I was too focused on the get behavior; changing set as well makes sense.
9:38 PM
thedailybeast.com/… today on the shameless gazette
fashion face masks products newchic.com/theme-protect-t-334002
9:54 PM
@Wes "and I don't want to sound callous about that" sounds worse than callous anyway
Oh, apparently "socialized medicine" is one of the reasons to blame that your death tolls are so high ... -_-
10:14 PM
@NikiC in case i have compiler attribute <<Conditional(Clazz::CONST >= 1)>> so $arg1 is a ZEND_AST_CONSTANT type. is it technically possible to zend_ast_evaluate during the compile step when Clazz is not yet autolaoded?
10:41 PM
@Girgias how did you learn English? French school?
@Tiffany my father was British, I was also born in the UK, just my parents moved to France when I was 2
@Girgias I know :P I'm wondering if you learned English the same way as youtu.be/11jG7lkwDwU
Oh god gad Elmaleh
Well, English at school more or less sucked lol
Still learned most of it from there, cause writing and grammar and such
So no trauma from Brian :D
French friend showed me that video last year
Oh the Brian is in the Kitchen is a pretty well known meme in France :D
10:48 PM
And Jenny in the baTHRoom
11:09 PM
God why did I open SPL again
I forgot how whack the autoloading checks are
11:58 PM
Should I go read Reddit again?

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