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12:02 AM
@Ghostff no. You probably want to use redis or memcache instead.
On the topic of redis, does it support an ordered, keyed list? Something I could offload a PHP array to? Sorted sets don't allow separate keys.
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9:16 AM
can anyone help me out with bootstrap tooltip?
2 hours later…
10:56 AM
@Danack "A void return type cannot be changed during inheritance. You can see this as either because return types are invariant, or because they are covariant and nothing is a subclass of void." (wiki.php.net/rfc/void_return_type#proposal)
@cmb I understand those words. But I fail to see why. aka where is the LSP breakage? Or where is the problem if this code was valid.
class A {
   public function bar() : void {}

class B extends A {
   public function bar() : int {}

function foo(A $bar) {

if (rand(0, 1)){
    $object = new A();
else {
    $object = new B();

좋은 아침
hi hi
All the guarantees about A (that people care about) are held by B.
I still remember the correct spelling for good morning in 한글 :D
11:08 AM
or I guess the correct spelling for "Korean" is 한국어
At least I could spot it was Korean :D
@Danack From a theoretical PoV, void is the bottom type, which doesn't have any subtypes at all. Of course, in PHP the waters are muddied, because a void function actually returns null (which is the unit type).
What's the difference between theory and practice?
Disclaimer - I did chemistry and physics at university, so apart from being able to set fire to more things than the average person, I mostly learned that getting stuff done is preferable to having a nice theory..
In this case, it's not obvious to me that obeying a theory of types is the useful thing to do here, even if it is the correct thing.
@Danack from a practical standpoint, why couldn't the child be void and the parent be a type?
rather return void, return a type... blah blah blah
maybe your code needs refactoring? :P
11:24 AM
@Tiffany mostly because the guarantees about behaviour don't work the other way round - gist.github.com/Danack/f2ae3f3b0b75c01d48fbfe44de47d4d4
Morning all o/
12:16 PM
@LeviMorrison yes so two points: 1.) we have the optional callgraph profiling mode that runs on every function, if its disabled zend_execute_ex just delegates to the original. I would do the same with instruments. 2.) dynamically registered: User calls \Tideways\Profiler::watch("foo"); then foo(); that this works.
2 hours later…
2:45 PM
ICU bg_BG Locale wrong currency format after v.57.1 ・ I18N and L10N related ・ #79428
2:58 PM
Ping @salathe: Can we have a chat sometime regarding the next steps for the docs-migration? docs.php.net should be modified to fetch the docs from git instead of svn to see whether everything works as expected. Feel free to ping me ;-)
3:43 PM
@SammyK Would you be available sometime today for a hangout?
4:08 PM
> Fatal error: Exception thrown without a stack frame in Unknown on line 0
never seen that one yet :-D
Doesn't that happen when you throw an exception in a destructor?
@Girgias no idea where it came from
IIRC there are only 3 places where that can happen
Throwing an exception in an error handler, in a destructor or shutdown sequence
@Girgias most probably it is the error handler
@bwoebi at least you know where to look :p
4:17 PM
It's fascinating to watch the vote on operator overloading go back and forth every few days. It was failing, then passing, now I think failing again but just barely.
@Girgias well, I suspected for far, but I've never seen that particular one
@bwoebi I've never encountered myself either, just came across an article one mentioning it
@Crell it now needs at least 8 yes votes to pass again … doubt that'll happen without any further no vote
Fewer if some people flip positions, as a few have done already.
My gut feeling is that if it had more robust type and error handling that it would pass; there seems to be much more pushback on the implementation than the concept.
5:19 PM
@NikiC I have a proposal to update var_export() to use the new [] array syntax for PHP 8. Do I really need to write an RFC for this? It literally only changes 2 lines of code.
It is also forwards compatible so there's no fear that var_export() -> valid php will break.
If someone has tests examining var_export() syntax as a string, that may break. I don't know why anyone would, but they might. :-) It's probably a fairly easy RFC.
@Crell Yea, but I'm lazy.
Who's the PHP 8 RM?
Not yet chosen.
RFC, two weeks of discussion.... hmmm
How do I create a new page in the wiki for the RFC?
Just put the URL in and then create the page
5:29 PM
oh wait, there's a howto, duh
@heiglandreas Feel free to involve me as well :)
6:15 PM
@bwoebi Is github.com/amphp/http-server abandoned or something? The build is failing for a while now.
it was working a couple days ago
oh, I see. I was looking at the 7.x builds
Lol at test-autobahn
global doesn't work when class is autoloaded?
# src/Foo.php
$m = 22;
class Foo {
    public function __construct(){
        global $m;
        var_dump($m); # outputs NULL

# index.php
spl_autoload_register(function (string $class_name) {
    require_once "src/{$class_name}.php";

new Foo();
@Ghostff That's because the closure isn't global :)
But more importantly, why on earth are you using globals anyway?
6:31 PM
@Sherif this is not the actual scenario.
I tried loading https://github.com/krakjoe/apcu/blob/master/apc.php from a framework, but its breaking because of the globals being null.
@Ghostff When you require/include inside of a function you are in the local function scope. $m is never put into the global scope there.
@Ghostff To prove my point, put var_dump($m) inside of your closure after require_once
@Sherif I was think $m is in the global scope of src/Foo.php?
No, PHP has no file scope.
Only global and local. Anything inside of a function is local. Everything else is global.
The way you want to think about it is if you replaced require_once inside that closure with a literal copy-and-paste of the file the variable would never be in the global scope, right?
It would make it more obvious, at least, what scope it's defined in.
When the file is included, the variable is available to the local function scope. By the time the class's constructor is called, however, you are no longer in the local function scope.
Does PHP 7.4.4 come with JIT
You want 8.0 for that
6:39 PM
When is 8.0 coming out?
Probably in November when new versions are typically released.
@Sherif apc.php cant be autoloaded in that case?
I'm getting packages have unmet dependencies when I try to install phpmyadmin on ubuntu 18.04. Have looked around, tried a few things, nothing has worked.
@Ghostff I don't know. Why are you using apc anyway?
@SalOrozco Was one of those things meeting the dependencies?
says Depends: php , recommends: php-gd, recommends: php-bz2
6:48 PM
@Sherif Monitoring APCu Cache
@Ghostff You're using APCu or APC?
They are different things.
And what was the reason for autoloading exactly?
AFAIK apcu has no classes. Not sure why autoloading is even involved.
I think what you meant to do was just simply include apc.php.
Which would work as expected.
its just called `apc.php`
Its a framework, i created a route to monitor apcu, and the use `apc.php` as view file.
but yeah, include works.
1 hour later…
7:58 PM
@Girgias I bought Animal Crossing
@Tiffany oh boi, was nice knowing you Tiff
what's your friend code thing
I don't have the online thing so I'm not sure I actually have one
Could check
oh :(
I was given a trial for Nintendo Online, but I already have an account
8:01 PM
I wonder if it's transferable
Well mostly because I left my switch with my parent initially because otherwise I wouldn't have been productive
are you still in France?
Yeah went back there last week
8:46 PM
@Danack It was an intentional design choice in the void RFC. One of the reasons is so that if you say void in your interface, implementing classes can't sneakily return bonus info (I guess that's good in case you want to add a return value in future or something)
@Girgias I was wondering if France is your home-country? Or you just wanted to enjoy these times abroad? ^^
@MátéKocsis I grew up in France because my parents moved there when I was two
But I'm not French per say
It's complicated lol
shrug, it's like people who immigrate to the US legally, they're Americans, even if their ethnicity is different
Yeah, I guessed that you're English, but somehow have a close relation with France :)
French-English? or something
8:49 PM
I'm half British half German
By the way, I updated our RFC with the ini setting :) Could you please double-check my sentences? I think I wasn't in my best shape
But because I grew up in France I got a French driving license
Always pretty funny to confuse people
oh my :D you're quite international :D
@MátéKocsis will do
I'm a mutt... English, Irish, German, Native American... probably others that I don't know
US is/was a melting pot, so lots of people of different ethnicities
8:53 PM
I must say it feels like there are 2 RFC/day with this whole quarantine shenanigans
so you left your Switch in the UK?
No, I left in France when I was there during Christmas and didn't bring it to the UK
So because I'm back here
I have it
and I'm spending a lot of time on it
chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/48975760#48975760 this is what confused me, but I guess you meant you left it at home, and you're currently not at home?
I left it with my parents, so that I could be productive during uni time in the UK, wasn't the clearest of sentences so the misunderstanding is ... understandable
9:14 PM
@MátéKocsis rewrote it, hopefully it reads better :p
Is it me or Travis just doesn't want to report back CI status back to php-src ???
yaay, thank you! :) And I'm open to any suggestions about the name of the ini flag. debug_local_sensitive_float_casts was just a desperate attempt :)
9:32 PM
What should I name my island :S
Room 11 /s
...I might do that...
Cat Island
don't do that
That's cute
9:39 PM
Yeah, if i remember correctly, this setting is a bit different than the one you suggested :)
"Therefore a temporary INI setting debug_local_sensitive_float_casts which emits a warning each time a float" - that sentence needs some work. It's implying the ini setting does thewarning.....when it's a flag to change the behaviour of the engine.
ah yes, good catch! I'll try to improve it
How about this one? "Therefore a temporary INI setting ''debug_local_sensitive_float_casts'' is introduced which could control if a warning should be emitted each time a ''float'' to ''string'' conversion would have been locale-sensitive in PHP 7, but not anymore."
I think when the patch is ready, update the RFC to describe what it does exactly then. Including what the ini settings are, and what they will do.
As currently I don't think I can understand exactly what is being proposed.
oh, people will also complain that this might fill their logs up....I think for another RFC, a similar thing was imlemented in a way that it only gave the deprecation notice once.......though this is possibly 'over-egging' the idea.
My second implementation of the short tag deprecation RFC did that
Maybe someone else did it for something else too
10:25 PM
I don't usually agree with Stas, but that Switch expression thread where the author is literally just being stubborn for no good reason when changing the keyword would make all the complaints go away, baffles me
10:47 PM
matrix.org/docs/guides/introduction - looks kind of interesting. Anyone used it?
A friend set one up to communicate in regards of one of the uni societies websites
It's pretty good for basic text features, still not as good UI/UX wise compared to Discord
But I only used the webclient from Matrix tho
did you do any document sharing through it?
We didn't, but we had some webhooks for GitLab
So i can't help you with that :/
11:14 PM
I weeded my whole island
11:29 PM
So I had fun compiling a bare php-src with -Wpedantic, 33 000 lines of compiler output log :')
11:52 PM
@beberlei And all of this worked about how you expected?

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