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12:40 AM
Description fix suggestion ・ Documentation problem ・ #79402
1:29 AM
@Danack "Rather than introducing the new syntax to be used for a small RFC, it would be better to introduce the new syntax as it's own RFC" -- it's should be its
I'll keep proofreading it until my head revolts
Bored and don't feel like sleeping just yet but my head is still full of death
@Tiffany I'm tweaking the locale indepent float to string conversation so you can proof read that after :p
@Danack ... You probably don't want a million pings of minor edits... I'll try making a PR tomorrow
@Girgias fun :P happy to help
@MátéKocsis TL;DR of my changes, added some context and reference about the previous discussion concerning deprecating setlocale() and split the functions which are not affected into two because the printf family of functions has a good reason not to change.
1:55 AM
Is there a rule in British English that I'm unaware that allows the use of a semicolon at the end of a line, and a new paragraph can begin?
I swear, I see more use of semicolons in British English two or three times more than American English
Eeee, I'm not totally sure about the usage of semi colons in British English tbh
Though, I think we should use it more, it rarely sees enough use, and commas take too much abuse.
There have been times where I've seen a semicolon in British English where in American English, it would be a colon instead.
Seems like a good explanation as to when to use it
2:10 AM
I'll have to read it when I'm not photosensitive
On that note, goodnight
Night night
2:52 AM
DateTime::construct inconsistent results with "first day of" ・ Date/time related ・ #79403
3:28 AM
Evening elevensies!
2 hours later…
5:31 AM
Hey! I want to replace the words which are starting with an @ symbol with a link (basically i get the id of that user and write it to an a href /account/pages/?id=$id ) Thanks to @CraigFrancis i got it semi-working.
But it only changes the second occurence so Im back here
Current code:
include '../db.php';

$content = 'Hello my name is @kahveciderin i love @php';

$html_content = htmlentities($content);

preg_match_all('/@(\S+)/', $content, $matches, PREG_SET_ORDER);

$usernames = array_column($matches, 1);

if (count($usernames) > 0) {

$in_sql = implode(',', array_fill(0, count($usernames), '?'));

$sql = 'SELECT id, username FROM users WHERE username IN (' . $in_sql . ')';

$statement = mysqli_prepare($db, $sql);

$params = [str_repeat('s', count($usernames))];
foreach ($usernames as $username) {
If you want to see the result, returnnull.xyz/testing/getbetween.php
6:15 AM
@kahveciderin fix your security first
is there still a hole?
Oh you did. Sorry I've overlooked. Nvm
and i dont mind them
4 hours later…
10:29 AM
@Girgias Perfect! I like the changes.
I can't wait for the announcement of the RFC :'D
Which one?
"PHP Internals mailing list [1] [2] and as bug reports [3] [4] [5], " — can you turn that into real links too?
I'll try it, yes!
IMO, we should just get rid of setlocale
10:33 AM
locale dependent casting is on my kill-list for a long time, and we have the best opportunity now to make this happen
but wouldn't that be an even bigger BC break?
@CraigFrancis "The Taint extension also conflicts with XDebug (sorry Derick),". Only because the taint extension doesn't handle opcode overrides right. I've fixed that in Xdebug (last week), and there is a issue for @NikiC's scalar objects: github.com/nikic/scalar_objects/issues/40 — I'll file the same issue with the taint extension.
11:06 AM
@Derick, that's great news, I'll be able to remove the switcher I have between Taint or XDebug.
Although at the moment, this seems to cause this:
==3590== Use of uninitialised value of size 8
==3590==    at 0x1541C100: xdebug_set_in_ex (set.c:70)
==3590==    by 0x1541BD02: xdebug_call_original_opcode_handler_if_set (lib.c:258)
==3590==    by 0x12CC80F8: ??? (in /usr/lib64/httpd/modules/libphp7-zts.so)
==3590==    by 0x12CCB31F: execute_ex (in /usr/lib64/httpd/modules/libphp7-zts.so)
==3590==    by 0x1541285E: xdebug_execute_ex (base.c:380)
==3590==    by 0x12CD2D42: zend_execute (in /usr/lib64/httpd/modules/libphp7-zts.so)
==3590==    by 0x12C39AA1: zend_execute_scripts (in /usr/lib64/httpd/modules/libphp7-zts.so)
That's quite far outside my understanding :-)
11:31 AM
@Girgias I also made some changes in the alternative approach and Backward Incompatible Changes sections. And please correct my typos/errors! :)
11:44 AM
@kahveciderin, my mistake, I normally rely something to abstract the mess that is `mysqli_stmt_bind_param`, you just need to replace the foreach:

foreach ($usernames as $id => $username) {
$params[] = &$usernames[$id]; // Must be a reference.
It's such a lovely day :-(
@Derick I'm going out cycling, it's easy enough to stay a reasonable distance from people
no pub at the end though :-/
I often walk through the parks on Sunday morning... but I can bet you it's going to be 3 times as packed as normal
cause there's nothing else to do...
11:59 AM
my son is having a good time at least :-P
Forced to play football with the kids next door. The poor lad.
He shouldn't be mingling with other kids really.
(as opposed to the 3 of the sitting in a pile on the sofa gawping at the tv)
@Derick that's probably true but they all go to the same school, if one of them has it they all do already
he basically lives with them already
Just like we really shouldn't go out and cycle/walk.
have to maintain sanity though
I know.
It's hard enough even during the week with now the two of us working from home.
12:03 PM
there will be people panic buying kitchen knives soon
I am looking forward to a complete rewatch of everything star trek related ever, in chronological order though
all I still haven't decided whether timeline order might be better
hah. Add "The Expanse" to that, if you haven't seen it yet.
no I haven't been on the list, I might bump it up a bit
going to go a full firefly nerd off as well
on the list?
you know "The List" of stuff that I have never got round to watching because I don't have a month of my life to lose to it
which, to my shame, still includes The Wire
which finished over a decade ago
hah. I'm going to sign off. Toodles!
12:08 PM
Can someone help me with .htaccess file
Hello, I'm stumped on a dynamic programming problem if there are any math wizards out there that can take a look: stackoverflow.com/q/60796419/1178523
12:57 PM
@MátéKocsis the changes seem good, some sentences feel a bit stiff so will probably rewrite them a bit, however I just realized something PDO for the most part needs to convert stuff to string because most of the PDO database drivers don't accept native PHP types (IIRC only the mysqlnd driver does) could you (or someone else) verify that with a couple DBs?
The mysqlnd driver has an annoying bug in it where very occasionally it'll just nope-out and forget it's meant to be converting to native types
I think that's due to emulation or not, or is that something else?
@Girgias I'd appreciate a rewrite!
1 hour later…
2:26 PM
@Girgias there is special casing for float to string conv: github.com/php/php-src/blob/master/ext/pdo/pdo_stmt.c#L232-L242
2:44 PM
Referencing to SplFixedArray interrupts foreach loop ・ SPL_Types ・ #79404
ohla! Question for you internals folks: ASSIGN_OP is not actually an opcode, is it? It looks like something in the optimizer, yeah?
@cmb thanks :) will add that to the list of things which already do locale independent conversions
@Sherif It's an opcode
@NikiC How come I can't find it in the source?
2:46 PM
@NikiC Ah, thanks
It's something new in 7.4 I think though
Searching OpenGrok for ASSIGN_OP yielded no results.
@NikiC And this just does basic assignment, right?
@Sherif It does compound assignment
+= etc
@NikiC Why thank you good sir. You are a scholar and a gentleman.
3:36 PM
@Danack under "explain why it needs to be fixed in PHP core", is this the taint RFC you're referring to? (I think a link should be added, or multiple links, if there are multiple RFCs, so that it can be shown as an example)
4:05 PM
How do you guys test for persistence? How do you test if a service void method is storing data to the database?
4:20 PM
@2dsharp Are you testing the service or the caller? If it's the former, you need end-to-end tests or maybe just integration tests depending on what kind of service it is, and if it's the latter then you don't -- you just mock/stub and ensure it got called.
@LeviMorrison So I have an external repository from a third party library, and I call repository->save() in my register() service method that I need to test. I will mock out the repository, right. What do I assert?
That it was called with the correct parameters, basically.
Right so I just check if the save() got the correct entity?
4:41 PM
Yeah, probably.
1 hour later…
@Danack adequate response to my tweet...
6:44 PM
After yesterday thoughts I've started working on http server based on microhttpd
Nothing spectacular so far but was able to add sapi build and setup config.m4 to build a binary which runs example http server
Noice fun :)
7:00 PM
Is there any reason to use array_merge rather than [...$foo, ...$bar]?
For arrays that have only been added to with $foo[] = ...;
@Danack junior developer may be unfamiliar with the splat operator
What's for lunch?
Fair enough, but this is for library code. Just wondering about performance and side effects really.
you said any reason :P
@SalOrozco I had a chicken wrap and onion rings
@Tiffany that sounds good.
7:12 PM
@Danack is the semicolon at the end intentional? github.com/Danack/RfcCodex/blob/master/…
For the 'typedef' ?
> There are some ideas that while they would make PHP better, don't justify doing the the work that would be involved to implement them, or the work the users of PHP would have to do to adapt to the backward-compatibility break;
No, and thanks. fixed.
I wasn't sure if there was some English rule in Britain that allowed for that, or if it was wrong
7:29 PM
Minor Service Outage ・ Gists has Partial Outage
7:58 PM
Incident on 2020-03-22 19:58 UTC ・ Gists has Partial Outage
3 hours later…
10:30 PM
can you tell me what the most appropriate way to "take over" a stalled RFC is? I want the mixed type in PHP 8, but the author of an existing RFC hasn't done anything with the draft for 2 years (but the PR was reopened in January). I asked him about his plans a week ago, but there has been no response so far
@MátéKocsis just go for it.... you don't need to ask permission really.
@Danack Sure! I'll then jump on it :)
10:50 PM
Minor Service Outage ・ Gists has Partial Outage
All issues have been resolved!
11:15 PM
@MátéKocsis feel free to ping me with a draft of any RFC. It's likely to be more contentious than it should probably be.

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