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12:00 AM
In PHP that is the (subtle) difference between isset() and empty().
In short empty() is the opposite of boolean false.
And isset() tells you whether a variable was set or not.
Okay mannn it's working <3 I change 0 to "No" and I am getting rows
gotcha, this was the if-clause.
I am so happy right now :D Thanks really
try to do a second variant with isset instead of empty for an exercise and have it work with "0" as well.
Yeah I will try it
12:10 AM
just in case your excitement carries you on, I'm sure you'll do it.
Yeah I am sure too :D
and don't forget to update the gist in the meantime, it has revisions. so you can keep track for later reference.
@beberlei how confident are you with the outcome on attributes in PHP 8?
@hakre i dont understand the question? :)
@hakre Thanks for reminding me :)
@beberlei Just that I've seeing you concerned about these and now as they are released just wanted to get an impression of yours, no trick question :) ...
(and maybe b/c I have not used them yet)
12:26 AM
@hakre i am very happy with the outcome
@beberlei thanks for sharing. I also find the syntax quite snappy.
i never thought it would pass with them backed by namespaced classes
so thats the most awesome thing i believe :D
I do see a little bit of that based by if I get it right they are now multi-line as well which can cause burdens, but namespacing may make that a requirement for readability.
And readability most likely is not that wrong for source-code.
So now we have meta-programming in php userland. I wonder what happens at run-time when an annotation can not be loaded, but I for sure find out sooner or later.
Next thing that will likely happen is that phpunit upgrades and makes use of those. this won't be that easy on the testsuite then.
internals will eventually get around to accepting namespaces, in traditional form it will be 15 years too late after an even bigger hole has been dug, but it'll get there eventually
@MarkR For myself, I would not complain, the namespacing is kind of limited, there is no concept for modules / friends, but on the other hand it would have been over-reaching so far IMHO.
With preloading this may be fine.
12:37 AM
Has Sebastian mentioned if he will support attributes for phpunit? That would be nice
No reference at hand, but I might have heard him talking about that (IPC on youtube IIRC). He generally switches to new features relatively fast (phpunit with a major release per year, another deprecating release in the middle of the year and the support cycles that make three years in total for the shift). But he also soft-announced long-term support for PHP 8 on Phpunit 9, so no idea when this touches ground.
Named arguments is kind of a burden by the way. My stance is to declare it undefined behaviour to keep going on for userland.
Not sure I follow, declare what undefined behaviour?
12:55 AM
using named parameters for functions calls - the outcome is undefined.
in general undefined behaviour is a great thing to keep code backward and forward compatible.
you just need to document it thought :)
That assumes people read the documentation =\ otherwise it just becomes de-facto defined behaviour
@MarkR nah, you can point them later to the docs (for the revison) anyway.
and this is what assertions in the testsuite (or the non-production code) are good for.
thanks to PHP assert() is non-production by default. hint and thanks @NikiC
1:12 AM
i.stack.imgur.com/CsZL4.png this might end up being something cool :P
1:32 AM
@Wes interesting abstraction. I love it so far, nice so see a misc directory, I should consider it more often, too.
I just put too much stuff into root which I dislike and it most often turns out to become a mess.
ah that's gone already, need to move that
it's misc because could not find a place for it at the time
yes, that is exactly my problem. do you have any hands-on practical advice ???
(apart from cleaning up after work?)
i'm not sure if i should give advices, i'm bad at that too :P
something i try to avoid like a plague is going 2 levels deep in namespaces, so like i try to avoid
and instead have
that's because hierarchy is often more complex than parent/child, so it's pointless forcing yourself into that
what i am saying is that dependencies are more like the figure on the right than the one on the left sketchtoy.com/69428365 :P
so i use namespaces like actual namespaces
and of course if i can i avoid top level namespaces entirely, ie, Vendor\Project\ClassName
1:53 AM
@MarkR sebastian has the PR for attributes in phpunit ready already afaik
o rly, very nice
i am trying to remember here the stuff that should be in php but it's not, and that should probably be added, given that a lot of "basic" stuff still gets added to php, twitter.com/WesNetmo/status/1335403569919430656
i have tons of these
If we can get scalar objects into 8.1 it would be a useful time to flesh out the API with new helper methods like that
2:12 AM
what's scary about scalar_objects and strings is that we could get unicode abstracted wrong
javascript did that in recent times... although nobody admits it
unrelated, me trying to understand w3c stuff:

* User-agent specific.
* Odd stuff that only causes confusion?
* Isn't it redundant with UNKNOWN()?
* Who knows. It's W3C stuff. Nobody knows.
* @return ConnectionType
public function OTHER(): ConnectionType{
return new ConnectionType("other");
even bothered to ask on irc. nobody knows indeed. lol
unknown = unlimited down link speed (as in, could be very slow or very fast, it is just not known)
other = limited but it is not precisely known how
time to move on :B
2:45 AM
@Wes well, left side is easier to read, right side is kind of borderline. but me is having the feeling I kind of know that the right side is leading to the left one with care. this is similar to my problem I tend to put too much relevant stuff into root. branching too earlier is not helpful, I'd totally say as well. perhaps this matches with yours.
@beberlei do you have karma to web-php ?
@Girgias no
Okay I'll merge it then :)
3:00 AM
@wes reminds me a bit to this sketch: imgur.com/a/xAwkMDB
user image
@Wes see chapter 10 in the same book (page 75ff) about that :)
(title: Define Errors Out Of Existence)
is it a good book? :P
ftr i don't consider package dependencies as bad as actual object dependencies (circular referencing = bad)
I actually like it. It's not that you think it's groundbreaking but was good to read it all in one book with little pages (less than 200).
Yes, can recommend it. Does not touch dependencies too much, but is ware of it in a couple of places.
Uncle Bob did wrote about dependencies sometimes as well. Some of the C++ people are talking about dependencies more openly as well.
btw. where is that picture from? kind of like it.
@Wes Fleable 😂
3:13 AM
ah, that's a classic mocking on naming in java ... funny thought. but I like the earlier one better. esp. as this one is missing to actually describe the artwork itself.
and if you compare well written OO code against functional code, the number of ilnes are pretty similar.
btw. how does github manages it to provide whole VMs for github actions just on push? If I compare the boot-times to travis it's just that on Github they appear instant while on travis it takes some 10s seconds until the VM has booted.
@hakre and the classic "for want of a nail (java version)" steve-yegge.blogspot.com/2006/03/…
3:31 AM
@hakre Wouldn't be surprised if they had them pre-loaded.
thx. didn't know about that one, reading...
@MarkR they have to. it's on azure as far as I found out. but asure is also a nice noun.
(the bit I referenced is in the section titled "Are Javalanders Happy?")
@AndrasDeak not there yet, but thx for highlighting.
If I had a $ for every factory class I had to write for dependency injection to inject almost all the parameters except one... i'd have a lot of dollars
@AndrasDeak just landed in javaland and loved it so far.
3:51 AM
reminds me that a callback in nowadays PHP is also encapsulated into a Callable.
For the better this is only syntactic sugar.
> The Law of Demeter violations! They burn!
> "System.gc()"
> In short, object oriented thinking is essentially the burden of the 'white man'.
> I like languages that let you have the choice... proceedural, functional, OO'ed, strong/weak typed, etc etc...
> "everything is a noun" isn't the strangest world. Stranger still is "everything is a plenum of abstract functions, where time sequence can only be modelled by composing functions as consequents of one another, and nothing is computed unless it's needed to solve the one single function that defines the universe"
4:58 AM
i am getting a
PHP Warning: 'vcruntime140.dll' 14.0 is not compatible with this PHP build linked with 14.16 in Unknown on line 0
from somewhere, from a official php build (7.4)
4 hours later…
8:43 AM
mornings 2
2 hours later…
10:42 AM
@StatikStasis I can just evisage a lot of circular dependencies whereby the module loading routine depends on logic from modules it needs to load and doesn't know whether it can or not... if you can circumvent that then I don't see anything fundamentally wrong with it
hey dave can you spare some help :B
            while($message = yield $this->_connection->receive()){

how do i gracefully stop receiving from websocket?
1 hour later…
11:50 AM
@beberlei Can you comment on this? github.com/Crell/enum-comparison/issues/36 Do you think we need TARGET_ENUM/CASE? IMO, when using attributes you're already using reflection so you might as well do ->isEnum().
@Wes you need to update the VC redist: aka.ms/vs/16/release/VC_redist.x64.exe
12:09 PM
i updated VS, shouldn't that work?
12:40 PM
Not sure whether that updates vcruntime.dll in the Windows folder. You need to check which vcruntime.dll is loaded (e.g. using ProcessExplorer), and then check which version it is (property pane).
i've installed it though
thanks. i am not getting it anymore so that probably fixed it
1:29 PM
1:46 PM
@Trowski i know nothing, but i'd like to have a ->onMessage(function(){ }); style interface on stuff like websockets in amp, just like the one in javascript
would that be bad?
o/ Happy Sunday all, I'm looking for best and worst PR experiences you had on your OSS repositories, in an attempt to compile a few examples of good collaboration on issues and the terribad ones, for my presentation. If you can think of any, ping me :-)
i think i need to use cancellation tokens to stop receive()ing from websockets gracefully, right?
@Ekin i think the opencart maintainer regularly used to tell people that tried to help to F off
was it open cart or zen cart? i don't remember
2:01 PM
@Ekin I'll send one over, probably my best experience
PHP Warning: 'vcruntime140.dll' 14.0 is not compatible with this PHP build linked with 14.16 in Unknown on line 0 still getting it @cmb
@Wes you should have a Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 Redistributable installed (x64 or x86 depending on whether you run 64bit or 32bit executables, respectively)
it's installed, because when i try to install it again, it asks me if i want to remove it instead
there might be an old version installed
you can also do where vcruntime140.dll and check which version they have
btw, is there anyone else than cmb and Girgias who are actively working on docs reviews?
2:15 PM
@Ekin github.com/php/doc-en/pull/112 - best experience
@Tiffany that's great! Thank you :-)
What're you presenting? If I'm allowed to ask
different ways one can contribute to PHP, though there'll be a section about why and how to collaborate on OSS projects
...in which, I'd love to display some good and bad examples
maybe worst PR experience: github.com/php/doc-en/pull/148 ("it's about winning a contest")
oh, wow. Thanks for sharing this
2:29 PM
2:47 PM
What's the best way to preview what a doc page will look like if making it locally?
use PhD to render to the page; see doc.php.net/tutorial/local-setup.php
@cmb Changes one word, still can't make a grammatically correct sentence :D
@cmb, is there anyone else I that I don't know of that I should be mentioning regarding who actively maintains the docs, over PRs and edit.php.net? re chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/51094180#51094180 .
3:08 PM
@Ekin hard to say; Peter was quite active until not long ago, and recently, people.php.net/mumumu is quite active fixing minor issues which were wrong in recent commits; but of course, the active persons may change anytime. :)
DOC-CVS emails are probably the best indicator
@Ekin ask @PeeHaa, my PRs on his repositories are pretty bad, :( :P
3:26 PM
@PeeHaa do i need cancellation token for this? chat.stackoverflow.com/transcript/message/51093366#51093366
3:49 PM
@cmb cool, thank you. I plan to phrase it in a way that will mean the (tiny) list of docs maintainers do change over time, yet it is a tiny list :-) compared to the amount of work to do. I hope that is fine.
Especially knowing there are conversations about separating and maintaining documentation for eol vs non-eol versions and that there's already a lot to do, the aim is to (hopefully) get more people be interested in helping, if I can.
@Tiffany Except the automated emails seem to be broken. :) Every time I touch a note, I get a bounce message instead of a proper message going through.
4:06 PM
@Ekin yes, fine for me, especially if the goal is to attract new maintainers :)
\o/ it is. The question I've been asking myself while putting all this into writing was... how do I make sure I invite good contributors? That's why I have a section about do's and don'ts when contributing to OSS, and mentioning the first steps to take.
Any further input you (all) might have to that end, is always welcome
@Crell I receive an email when someone makes a change, that's close enough to working for me... but any other broken behavior should be fixed, yes....
i.stack.imgur.com/vgbkC.png - for the interested, here are the top 20 pages with the most page views on heap.space since jan1, now that I'm looking at it :-P
4:24 PM
@Ekin do you need help with server costs?
Not at the moment. I'm happy to host this myself and I can afford it so far as well. I first put this in place because I needed it, also Jeeves needed it for the lxr plugin, now I look at it as one tiny contribution I'm able to do ^^
A really helpful contribution! :)
It outshines IDEs for being able to navigate :-)
\o/ happy to hear that
Are doc.php.net/tutorial/local-setup.php not compatible with a git checkout? Trying to avoid installing SVN but doc-base doesn't seem to be included
4:35 PM
@Ekin What site is that?
@MarkR You can checkout doc-base separately (github.com/php/doc-base); note that doc-en likely has to be checked out as en.
@cmb ty, i'll give it a try
@Ekin Ah. If you are ever looking for hosting help, I run the sponsored community site program at Platform.sh and I'm supposed to grow it, so we can make that happen. :-) (Pretty sure, anyway; that's no doubt an oddball type of site.)
@Crell oh, what a nice role to take on :-) Honestly, unless I suddenly end up without a job, I'm happy to host it myself. If I ever find myself at that spot though to the point I can't afford it, I'll bring it up. Thanks for mentioning :-)
4:41 PM
@Ekin Sort of. Right now most projects already have hosting so I "can't give it away", even though it's a good product. :-P
Heh, I see :-)
@Crell I tried that once, it was a fucking huge pita because it's a java applet that realistically needs to be deployed on tomcat, but I'm sure the architecture has moved on a lot since then
it was like 2.5 years ago when I tried
@DaveRandom Which, lxr is a java thing? (We do run Java, as a matter of fact.)
opengrok is java deployed as a .war, yeh
I managed to dockerise in the before times, in the long long ago, idk how @Ekin runs the current incarnation
@Ekin I'd add to try to consider translations when making patches, so no whitespaces/unnecessary code styles IMHO until we figure out a better way to indicated a translation is "up to date"
Sadly typos also fall under that category but those are helpful fixes
4:55 PM
I've set up a groups.xml file to split the repositories into separate sections and I have a cron that runs every 2hrs to pull all the repos and re-index them all. It's a machine with 4GB memory/80GB SSD/4TB transfer that so far didn't fail on me. Pretty sure there's room for improvement when I/anyone from R11 wants to spend some time on it :-)
@Girgias By this do you mean PRs for whitespace/CS fixes to doc-en and how those don't end up in translations?
@Ekin Hm, OK, that's a wee bit outside what the sponsored sites offer...
@Ekin Basically yeah, so translations are synced with the SVN revision, so any times a change is made to the English version, all translations for said page will be marked out of date, even if it's only something specific to the EN revision
@Girgias ah, I see what you mean. I'll mention this indeed.
Thank you :-)
No worries :) dealing with the French translation is something lol
Oh yeah, I've been looking at the TR translations since I'll be talking about these on phpkonf and... it looks like there's been one single person who did the majority of the work there. Must've been lonely.
@Crell That's totally fine, I hope you do end up finding more sites to sponsor <3 this one will be okay :-)
5:08 PM
I'm happy to throw CPU / RAM at things if needed :-) totally not looking for an excuse to buy a used Dell R630
5:20 PM
you can buy me one if you are that desperate
5:38 PM
ReflectionParameter->getDefaultValue() throws for dbase_create() ・ dbase ・ #80488
> dbase
/me dies
the dbase maintainer should die ;)
a truly impressive language :p
holy shit lol wtf were you thinking putting your name against that in a public forum? :-P
one of the very first things I ever did with PHP involved dbase
I think I wrote a userland lexer for the file format once as well
is that ext a binding round a lib @cmb? #lazyweb
if not, why the shit are we still maintaining it :-P
actually @cmb also, is there any sensible way I can get php-src loaded and navigable in VS so you can use all the GUI debugger tools and shit?
or CLion, but pref VS
I usually end up modifying stuff with a text editor and it's clunky af, esp with this LDAP thing where I ideally want to be able to rebuild openssl, openldap and PHP all at once
5:58 PM
Gosh, is it just me or it is really not sensible to define "php": "^7.2 || ~8.0, <8.1" in the require section of composer.json? Unfortunately Prophecy did so, so I can't run tests on PHP 8.1 without "--ignore-platform-reqs"... github.com/phpspec/prophecy/commit/…
What the fuck does the tilda do?
it is almost the same as ^, except below 1.0 versions. ~ declares 0.8 compatible with 0.9, while ^ doesn't, if I remember well.
Yeah so doesn't make any sense to use it with 8.0 O.o
yeah, but my main headache is due to "<8.1". :S
yeh that seems like a weird constraint, excluding something that doesn't even exist yet
I would definitely like to know the project rationale for doing that
6:08 PM
A comment in the commit is the following:

"It's possible that 8.1 will include things that break prophecy (I think every minor so far in PHP has broken either PhpSpec or Prophecy), probably because we do so much with tokenisation and reflection

There's no harm waiting until there's an RC we can test against"
I wonder if a "php": "supported" virtual/alias constraint would be a worthwhile thing
and maybe a cli flag to composer invocation to allow dev versions
Jordi doesn't hang around in here does he? :-P
Yeah, I can't remember seeing him here
Hi, I have a problem with my PHP script. On localhost, everything works fine but on the online server not. I working with PDO and fetching data from DB.
21 hours ago, by Tiffany
@luxx https://dontasktoask.com/
what she means by that is:
> On localhost, everything works fine but on the online server not.
^ this is not an error message
6:17 PM
This is the error I getting with the online server: Fatal error: Uncaught PDOException: SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1139 Got error 'empty (sub)expression' from regexp
@DaveRandom well, when I took over maintainership, NoSQL database still went very strong :p
I'm really sorry, I just don't have the mental capacity to process that right now
ext/dbase is a binding for a bundled lib (which stopped development halfway)
the basic summary, @luxx, is that you really, really need to make that logic more concise and descriptive
@DaveRandom works pretty decent for me by just opening the php-src folder
I have MS's C++ extension installed
6:19 PM
I don't know exaclty what your logic issue is, but your biggest issue is readability
IMO the biggest issue is he is using perl
@cmb that really does not sound like a thing that belongs as a PEAR ext... I'm pretty sure I could knock up a userland impl of the baseline dbase stuff in a day...
I just don't know what is happening, because on localhost everything works as it should but on the online server, I getting an error. The database is the same on both.
@cmb it's possible that I simply need to turn off R# actually
yep, a fully compatible userland implementation of dbase is the way forward
6:21 PM
sadist that I am, that is a thing I might be willing to work on
I've done-ish it before so I know it's trivial-ish
(I don't think I implemented writes last time)
@luxx "an error"
step 1 would be to tell people what error
I think they already pasted it
I wrote it already: Fatal error: Uncaught PDOException: SQLSTATE[42000]: Syntax error or access violation: 1139 Got error 'empty (sub)expression' from regexp
ah sorry
my bad
OK so one of your regexes is invalid
the fact that it "works" locally and not on a server is down to one (or more of):
- different database version
- different error reporting configuration
- different input
I'm guessing mostly #1 and a little of #2
but seriously, you should refatcor your code
@DaveRandom that would be cool :) (note that I added a few FoxPro types in the meantime)
And how can I find out which one regex is invalid? @DaveRandom
6:26 PM
at the moment, your code is producing an invalid query
but had to stop due to overlapping types (and memos are a bit ugly to implement)
start by dumping them all out...
but also, you really should be able to make that a lot cleaner
REGEXP AND REGEXP AND REGEXP AND ... is about the worst possible thing you can do for performance in sql
it should be possible to boil a lot of those if/elseif trees into something a bit more efficient/readable/robust
I just can't brain it rn
@cmb so worth noting that my experience only goes as far as dbase ~15years ago and a passing familiarity with foxpro in the meantime... I will have to go read some docs first :-P
(but iirc they are pretty simple docs)
Some REGEX is empty sometimes. Cause value of those regexes is set by user input through checkbox which is not required so it can be empty
yeh, so what you need to do is work out how to exclude those from the query
> regexes is set by user input
6:31 PM
don't evaluate redundant clauses
@PeeHaa *based on
it's not that bad
Oh :P
it's just a logic efficiency issue mostly
Sounded like a perfect recipe for disaster of several kinds :D
it's salvagable, I just don't have the social energy rn tho
@DaveRandom I still refuse to look at that... thing :)
6:33 PM
yeh but it's only because of not knowing any better, it's not deliberate
@luxx I am willing to help you improve your code, I just can't right now
or probably tonight
Fair enough.
but I am willing to sit down and do a code review with you in the week some time if you want
Yeah definitely :) Thanks. Can you ping me somehow even if I am not connected to the room?
yes, you will be notified of pings in here through the main Stack Overflow site for 2 weeks after your last message
Isn't it one week? But directed replies at messages have no time limit for notifications.
6:43 PM
I thought it was 14 days but it's quite a while since I was digging around in the guts of this chat so maybe not
@AndrasDeak ah yeh that's true, you just stay in the "highlightable" list for a limited time
I guess we could parse the timestamps in chat.stackoverflow.com/rooms/pingable/11 to see what the oldest date is. At least I'm too lazy to look up "documentation" on MSE ;)
looks like old bot never paid attention to timestamps github.com/Room-11/StackChat/blob/master/src/Client/…
Well it's normally irrelevant
7:08 PM
yeh but you would be amazed the level of info that API exposes on the grounds that it might possibly be useful one day :-P
@Wes You can do that if you want. asyncCall(function () { while ($message = yield $websocket->receive()) { $onMessage($message); }});
@Ekin So many of those are me… lol
7:36 PM
Let's play "bankrupt @philsturgeon" twitter.com/philsturgeon/status/1335664421310509061
Someone donated £2000 o_o
7:51 PM
@Tiffany I think 373 to make it up to 2000, but still...
8:15 PM
Oooh. I am a dolt.
@Trowski \o/ that means it's been useful :-)
@Ekin It's so nice to be able to jump directly to definitions.
indeed it is
Hi, is there another to send POST requests and get response from PHP? CURL feels like overkill
another way*
8:30 PM
@UtsavBarnwal curl is pretty much the standard HTTP client library used in PHP. It's often wrapped in something a little easier to use such as Guzzle. It's possible to make HTTP requests using a number of other methods, but not common in my experience (and those other methods tend to have drawbacks as they're not specifically HTTP clients)
Okay, thanks. I use CURL myself but was wondering if there's a better way.
> mostly because if you give developers a new toy, pretty much the first 2 things they will do is attempt to run Doom and tetris on it
@Wes @PeeHaa doom on amphp plz kthxbye
tetris too easy
8:48 PM
I bet you could emulate an old x86 processor in PHP fairly easily, and it would be plenty performant to run Doom.
Based on this, yes, 486.
I really need to go through nand2tetris at some point. I've been meaning to do it for about six or seven years...
@Ekin One debounce function (starting examining in https://heap.space/js/utils-0.0.33.min.js:1679) would help. YW :D
There are only a few instructions you'd need to implement :-P
8:51 PM
@Trowski that's what I mean, you can run doom on a pregnancy test ffs
I reckon you could tap into the raw graphic driver API via ffi and still get 30fps
there are saner ways to do it as well, pixel renderings in a terminal window
I think sanity gets left behind when porting Doom.
it's not all that far away from a defacto industry standard benchmark
Anyone with Laravel experience, can you take a look at my question please? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/65172967/class-app-http-middleware-authenticateapi-does-not-exist-on-broadcasting
it's actually not a terrible way to benchmark things as well, it puts an awful lot of different aspects of a system under stress
and it is ubiquitous...
blog post idea ^ cba writing it, feel free to steal
@JacobHyde I can't help with laravel (sorry) and I suspect that in general you will get a better result if you come back in roughly 14hrs :-)
Monday morning is a lot more likely to find people who know stuff online and procrastinating than Sunday evening :-P
Trying a different approach to the Fiber RFC using Fiber::this() instead of a callback to Fiber::suspend(). Looking for feedback as always. :)
8:59 PM
I will say in general though, that "name does not exist" errors usually mean that the name really doesn't exist :-P
check and recheck and recheck for typos and hidden invisible characters from copy/paste
check casing as well
and make sure that all your base directories are mapped correctly - I'm thinking about composer but presumably laravel has layers of stuff like that as well
@Trowski (without reading) I do not like the name of Fiber::this() - "suspend" is a verb and I know what it means
@DaveRandom Don't worry about the name so much.
Though I'm open to suggestions on what it should be.
Fiber::getCurrent() seems obvious.
@Trowski indeed, I don't get hung up on that kind of thing, however I will say that as someone who kind of sort of a bit (maybe 40%) comprehends fibers, it's not obvious to me what you mean with this statement
and again, still haven't read (and prob won't before morning, too much in head already)
@DaveRandom Rather than the callback to Fiber::suspend() being provided the current Fiber, you just use Fiber::this() to get a reference to the currently executing fiber before suspending.
ahhh sorry right yes
It avoids declaring a closure in most cases.
Makes the API seem a little less weird.
So maybe the name makes a little more sense now.
9:06 PM
yes indeed, but it's aLsO GLoBaL staaAAAATTTTTtttteeee111!!!1
which is obv fine :-P
just pointing out what people will say
the whole "framework is your engine" thing rears its head again
And my response is "Yep, your program has global state. Deal with it."
@Trowski I should shut up. I like fibers. I want fibers. I do not want you to alter the RFC.
devils advocate is tiresome and I'm sorry
I like to know what to expect :P
indeed, and I'm happy to be a wanker as long as it is by prior consent and understanding that I don't actually think a lot of the things I am saying :-P
I mean I'm a massive cunt as a baseline so I guess it's not that big a leap
If someone reads the RFC and says they think Fiber::this() is bad because of global state, they didn't understand the RFC.
@DaveRandom Isn't that why we keep you around?
9:11 PM
therein lies the problem :-/
Fiber::suspend() relies on global state in essentially the same way.
could we have a "voting on async things" privilege in phpeeps? :-P
that applies to a lot of things, so many RFCs people vote on without understanding, including myself on occasion in the past
it's not wrong to restrict authority to those who are objectively capable of wielding it... but it is basically impossible to implement...
I believe the term is meritocracy
@DaveRandom Thanks!
yw :-)
@AndrasDeak I believe the protocol is puff-puff-pass left
huh, there's a victim of covid I hadn't considered, no more sharing a joint
how on earth will 15 year old boys learn to relate to each other?
9:27 PM
...can needles also act as vectors?
9:45 PM
I'm not sure that heroin is a teenage social lubricant in the same way as marijuana :-P
I mean maybe people shooting K straight into their dick will have a deep and meaningful conversation between hits, idk
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11:29 PM
posted on December 05, 2020

I missed you. Well, most of you. Some of you. Fine. I only missed seeing drawings of me. I spent the last month thinking about work, working on work, working, and doing work. Contract work. This is okay, because it saved my ass. Upon being furloughed many many months back, I absolutely took on less fulfilling work than I normally would for less pay then I would prefer. My sit


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