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1:08 AM
Using float bind parameter returns weird error ・ PDO MySQL ・ #80445
1:33 AM
@cmb so..... the validator would also need updating for oop5 to oop... which you're probably already aware of, but I'm just now encountering
Hi @Tiffany
nice day
I suppose
In average how many hours your work on your computer for a business
1:41 AM
eh? like how many hours do I work at my job?
40-ish/week, give or take
any reason why you're wondering, or just curious?
I asked to know how much I should work to be a good developer
1:52 AM
it'll depend on your employer and role, most US employers expect at least 40 hours a week though
are 40 hours enough?
to be a good developer
quantifying how much time you spend doesn't matter that much, it's more a case of the quality of your work
qualitative versus quantitative
I know in china or japan people may work 12 h/day
it depends on how focused I am on what I'm working on, the quantity of time can move quickly, and I lose track of what time it is
burnout can be an issue though, and should be considered
depends how distratced i get by watching lucifer... Because Maze drool
1:57 AM
I still need to finish watching the last season
but it's far from unheard of for programmers with a lot of responsibility to be clocking 12+ hours
^ good example of working a lot of hours
but you're a lead dev :P
@PHPFan yes, and they are completely unproductive for most of those hours, as they are too tired to think.
40 hours may be too many. I normally try to keep some documentation tasks for Fridays so that I avoid writing too much code that day...
@PHPFan the amount of time I spend working on "getting better as a developer" when I was unemployed was dependent on my mental health. I didn't want to burn out, so I tried to keep a balance.
As a developers yeah they are not well know but
2:01 AM
Today I spent a good 6 hours trying to figure out why Symfony decided to introduce two separate caching mechanisms with an overlapping name with PSR 16 so the sodding things couldn't be used together.
as engineers they are famous @Danack
which engineers?
Japanese and Chinese are good engineers
The Toyota Way is a set of principles and behaviors that underlie the Toyota Motor Corporation's managerial approach and production system. Toyota first summed up its philosophy, values and manufacturing ideals in 2001, calling it "The Toyota Way 2001". It consists of principles in two key areas: continuous improvement, and respect for people. == Overview of the principles == The Toyota Way has been called "a system designed to provide the tools for people to continually improve their work" The 14 principles of The Toyota Way are organized in four sections: Long-Term Philosophy The Right Process...
Why do you think kanban is called kanban? :-)
2:03 AM
that's an example of qualitative work though, not quantitative - efficiency
There is a reason why Britain no longer has a car industry, apart from the one that Japan has lent us.
And why it is going to depart in 2021.
@Derick I was going to make a joke demonstrating how I "can ban", but probably best not to.....
remember, I can too
bed time now though
yes, would ping many people.
2:05 AM
Pistols at dawn, an old fashioned duel... first one of you to ban the other one for a day wins :P
wins what?
a "bollocking" from the mods?
No, righteous victory... and a bollocking from the mods.
is there a way to read from stderr non destructively / concurrently ?
ie i want something to print me out errors, and at the same time i must programmatically look for some messages
@Tiffany I don't think that's quite the right way to say the difference....it's not about measuring the past, it's about predicting the future......but also, flaws in manufacturing are undeniable. Flaws in programming methods can be denied.....and for 'face' based societies, that is a big problem.
2:09 AM
how do you mean "flaws in programming can be denied"?
I should note upfront, engineering in a manufacturing sense makes me think of my dad, which I tend to avoid, in a professional sense
I remember him obsessing over that book, and I've kept away from it
Proving something in physical manufacturing and engineering seems to be a lot easier than it is in software engineering.
@Tiffany I might not be able to find it right now ..... anyone happen to have a link to "japanese office seating plan excel" from about 2 months ago?
i am struggling so much with async
@MarkR sounds similar to hard science versus soft science
In the UK, people would say 'bollox to that', instead of putting in many hours of work.
My understanding is that this happens a lot with tools used for internally at companies in Japan. Up until quite recently, quite a few game developers in Japan wouldn't have any tools for game designers to make levels for their games. Instead the designers would have to implement them in C code structs, and to edit a level, they would need to recompile the game.
If you have a tool that technically works, but is a massive pain in the arse to use, in Japan if you complain about it, management can deny that it's a problem, and you should just work harder, or be more careful using it....
2:22 AM
Pussies. If they were really dedicated to the job they would design the worlds by writing out each individual vertex position by hand, in binary
My powers of creative hyperbole are limited tonight :P
@MarkR when I had to do that, I at least made it possible to edit that file in notepad, and the game would load it without recompiling.....
@cmb errr, do you know where this comes from? github.com/tiffany-taylor/doc-en/blob/change-oop5-to-oop/… it shows up as an "added" file, but this isn't in the primary repo, and as far as I know, this shouldn't have been modified when I made changes. I'm wondering if this is a regression...
I'm currently working on something similar, a 2D environment editor written in Typescript + React. The prototype contains a 500 line long hand written JSON file because the editor is the thing which would end up creating it in the first place.
@Danack sounds like my last job :P
I believe I did say multiple times that it sounded like a good job to leave.
@Tiffany In fairness, i'd be livid too if someone brought me sub-standard tea
sad thing about Netflix buying rights for Aggretsuko is now the original Japanese clips are gone from youtube
@Danack I have read this article but I am doubt this might be in the past because Japanese are famous as innovative people en.reddit.com/r/programming/comments/j8bhbv/…
3:15 AM
@Danack Japan is very whack
Dogen, who worked at a JP university, said a story once that Japanese students to write their PhD/Master Thesis would write it on their phone and ask help to format it on a desktop from uni assistants because they would "type faster" on their phone than a keyboard, because they don't know how to use computers or something like that. So the mentality of just doing shit in the most ineffeciant way is...
@Girgias Is this case is common in Japan?
or exceptional
@PHPFan It's not just a Japan thing that specific case, the new generation is rather technologically illiterate, most don't know how to use a keyboard/mouse and thus a computer because they are too used to a smartphone/tablet
Japan produces computers !
That's irrelevant
Japanese culture is very different from western culture
I see
3:24 AM
You basically don't do anything to stand out, bad or good. So suffering through bullshit or not thinking outside the box is rather common
Also Japan is very advanced in some areas but then 3 centuries behind on others
@Girgias is that touchscreen, or the old cellphone nine-key keypad?
I guess technically they were 12-key, counting *, # and 0
@Tiffany Touch screen
TBH, a 12key is AMAZING for typing Japanese
yeah, was going to say, I knew of people who could type extremely well with the 12-key, like could type without looking at the device, phone in hand under the desk
Well it's kinda like touch typing because you get feedback
duh :P
touchscreen is a different beast though, almost impossible to accurately type on one without looking at the screen ... lack of tactile feedback
last time my niece was at my apartment, she saw me type on my keyboard was amazed at how quickly I typed, had a "how tf do you type so quickly?!" reaction... my sister commented how I had been typing since before her age, which is true
3:29 AM
I mean, I know a lot of people who type super slowly
you were born around 2000, right?
my nephew turns 18 next year o_o
My nephew has one year old lol
1998 :)
I feel old XD
I am also old lol
1 hour later…
4:53 AM
    while($message = yield $this->_connection->receive()){
        /** @var Message $message */
        $JSONFullMessage = yield $message->buffer();
so this never receives a message it should be getting
maybe the payload contains multiple messages?
God, why is bugs.php.net so slow atm
God, why is my brain so slow since 2003
Well I managed to tag a PR to the bug, so on that note, I'm off to bed
gn \o
With the knowledge that I need to do a bunch of tests for IMAP as I'm assuming there are some other bugs in regards to UIDs in it....
2 hours later…
6:36 AM
bugs.php.net connection taking a rather long time ・ Systems problem ・ #80446
Good morning.
7:13 AM
I am having a json like this which I am unable to parse. I need to access json index inside payload, for which I tried

$secondhash_str = json_decode($secondhash,true);

can anyone suggest where I am going wrong
7:34 AM
@AnkitJindal weird, while that is valid json I can't get PHP to decode it either; 3v4l.org/pjnh3
you should be able to json_decode(json_decode($json)->Payload);
@Sjon This is the json that I am using now
json decode is working fine. But when I try to fetch json

I get error

Trying to get property of non-object in
What is forming those backslashes? Can you get rid of those, first?
that are by default getting added, I checked in json parser that is not causing any problem
Let me try strip backslashes
7:54 AM
@Tpojka Pretty sure they should be left in - it's simply triple nested and that should work fine
my javascript console accepts it, it seems PHP doesn't
json_decode(json_decode($json_decode_str['Payload'], true)['json'],true)['purchaseToken'])
I have to write this in order to make it work
This is looking really untidy
that looks fine
@Sjon Although it looks very unreadable. Should be rationalized to least possible amount imho.
I don't understand why I need to do json_decode again and again. Normally object can be accessed using ->
8:10 AM
@AnkitJindal because it is nested. The "package" contains another "package" that you need to unwrap
async and i can't be friends @PeeHaa
@AnkitJindal I am pretty sure you are not getting that from google but it is malformed™ somewhere in transition between frontend and backend. Without slashes it works as expected.
php is a good language i like it it's simple and portable
8:26 AM
@Xcaliber blink twice if you are abducted.
9:04 AM
fuck, for a second I thought it was actually Stallman visiting this room, then I realised he would never visit a site that uses this much JS.
9:18 AM
Who is doesnt-like-js Stallman? :D
9:42 AM
@Tiffany these files are ignored by SVN, but not by Git; so you can push them to your own repo, but it's unlikely that they could go into SVN repo
@Tpojka I would absolutely bet on a gateway from a "big company" to do some kind of idiotic json-in-json bullshit.
Amazon Payments send IPN's that are in fact, XML, encoded in json, encoded in json.
@Girgias I'm not 100% sure whether checking the upper bound of msg numbers is okay; there might be caching issues
@PeeHaa do you see anything wrong here? https://gist.github.com/Netmosfera/93c7ec9b5e8124f3e20e3e8ee1ff6b77
it stops waiting forever for->_connection->receive() to resolve, but never does (despite new messages should come)
i can't use debugger on this thing because it timeouts in like half a second. hit a breakpoint and the connection gets closed right away
10:21 AM
@Stephen "An IPN message is an HTTPS POST request containing the XML-based notification data in its body."
@Tpojka their example literally shows XML-in-JSON-in-JSON
and, more so, the code we use to extract the purchase reference ID, literally does (albeit not as a one liner):
$amazonId = (string) simplexml_load_string(json_decode(json_decode($body, true, 512, JSON_THROW_ON_ERROR)['Message'], false, 512, JSON_THROW_ON_ERROR)->NotificationData)->CaptureDetails->AmazonCaptureId;
never underestimate the ability for a mega-corp to make it's software and services as overly complex as it's internal policies and procedures.
Actually, it does make sense. This is a notification (Amazon SNS), the notification itself has a arbitrary payload (message from Amazon Pay in this case), which again has a payload (notification data with Payment details) which is most likely xml because of either legacy reasons or for validation (xml shema verification is still superrior to random JSON-SHEMA-X stuff)
However, don't expect from google something similar. Also, Amazon could be exception that confirms the rule. I'd go with this.
10:39 AM
Is this a bug? 3v4l.org/k1AH3 Why does this warn even though the value is indeed passed by reference?
@IluTov Only the value is passed by reference, not the key
The error message is confusing because it is written from the perspective of the caller (array_walk_recursive), not the callback provider
it's confusing because function (&$key, &$value) <-- the params are reversed. the callback should take the value first and the key second
@user3942918 @NikiC Lol, I see. That makes sense. Thanks!
10:51 AM
11:07 AM
@mega6382 Nops, not a single one
@Derick It looks like bugs needs another restart :)
I have a script for that now
11:22 AM
@Derick Heh, how often?
Every time you ask me. So not that often
(you being in here)
@Derick Ah, I thought you set up a cronjob
@Tpojka Google Play docs about notifications says that they send json, and the "payload" is a base64 encoded string, which then also can be decoded as JSON.
why people think google "isn't like the others" is beyond me.
@AnkitJindal where is that JSON coming from?
@Crell Two more things we're not very clear about in the enum RFC: 1. Do we allow enum Foo: int { ... } without specifying keys which would just assign incremented keys starting from 0? 2. Do we allow the usage of other constants as keys?
11:33 AM
@Stephen time does that, not mega-corps - they've just usually been around long enough
11:50 AM
Can't tell for people but I am very convinced they won't make it harder for you to be their loyal customer. Think that they are creating languages and there is no sane example they would make it harder for developers.
Also, page where you find it about base64 has neat JSON which I pointed to @AnkitJindal from start where problem is.
"they won't make it harder for you to be their loyal customer".
unless you're buying ads, you're not google's customer mate.
and I can tell you that their ad API is fucking horrible too.
they do whatever works for them, and people live with it because what else are they gonna do?
Gooood morning all
@GabrielCaruso how come? I thought there was one about fibers or something?
@Stephen If you didn't like google response data structure, feel free to explore shopify's one, that one has interesting structure. But for what you are talking I can believe in @makadev 's explanation with legacy structure.
12:02 PM
@Tpojka I'm not trying to single out google as being shit at this. I literally said "I would absolutely bet on a gateway from a "big company" to do some kind of idiotic json-in-json bullshit."
@Tpojka There was someone using Stallman's picture as avatar, and just for a very small moment I thought that maybe the actual Richard Stallman was here :D
I have no doubts at all that salesforce does equally idiotic things
Tbh, I used some common userland API-s such is maps, youtube, authentication etc. and didn't find hard to use those.
@cmb should I remove them o from my repo before making a PR?
Not sure why an o appeared
12:24 PM
Has anyone ever tried to use the JWT tokens from an existing Symfony 3.4 API in a brand new Laravel API at the same time?

Or is that a horrible idea?
@Tiffany no need to remove them (they'd get re-created if you run configure anyway); just don't commit these files
I'll need to make the changes in my SVN repo separately?
Can I safely make the PR as-is, with those files included?
I still need to go over it and make sure files look right, not including those files that got created though. I shouldn't have said "as-is"
1:00 PM
@Wes How do you call that piece of code?
@Wes See my question about Italy from yesterday?
@StatikStasis did you see his response?
Nope. Did not have a message anywhere.
1:07 PM
It was right after yours
@Wes ah! ok, thanks.
@Tiffany I was being lazy- looking for the mention. =P
@PeeHaa on github.com/ekinhbayar/gitamp/issues/47 do you remember what the diff link by the unchecked box referred to? the #target doesn't work
@StatikStasis lol
@user3942918 Errr, not sure. Let me check whether I can find it back
1:26 PM
@cmb That macro code is just to prevent duplicating code which was already there, the upper boundary check has been done since forever :-/
ah, okay then :)
I just messed up by using it too many times, but I'm pretty sure there are a bunch of other bugs in relation to UIDs, so gonna add some tests for that and see if I hit any... cause at that point I'm lowkey the maintainer of that extension, with no understanding of IMAP :|
@Girgias ha! I just started writing a user land imap implementation yesterday :)
Tbf, that's what you should do or use a PHP lib...
Cause the underlying lib we use has been unmaintained for over 10 years or something
doesn't horde have a userland impl?
1:34 PM
@Trowski I can definitely say I prefer the hot chocolate without the chocolate chips. The one with the chocolate chips is probably richer, but the one without is sooooooo much easier to clean cups after :P
well, if we have an ext/imap maintainer, we could bundle libc-client and maintain it as well :p
pls no
ugh, that code has always been hard to even compile with
There is much better email sending libraries out there.
of course not :) But one of the probs with libc-client is that it supports an awful lot of local file storage formats, and it's somewhat unlikely that somebody will write a compat layer for those
1:40 PM
@Derick imap is receiving though, not sending :)
packagist.org/packages/zetacomponents/mail supports that too, and quite a few file format options
ext/imap also supports sending ;)
@cmb It does? o.O
also has imap_mail_compose()
@PeeHaa discovering the insanity which is our IMAP extension
1:42 PM
Is that part of the rfcs I haven't reached yet?
What does that even though imap_mail?
Does it just drop a mail in a mailbox or something?
You know what. Nevermind. It's too early and Monday for this :P
it's basically the same as mail(), but uses some libc-client helpers to do formatting of address lists
@cmb I don't even...
however, since that code has not really been maintained, it didn't get important improvement which mail() got
@bwoebi Is it intentional that phpdbg defines a dl command but does not register it?
@NikiC for github.com/php/php-src/pull/6451 do I need to add an entry in NEWS or?
1:49 PM
@Derick Does you know how fast the parser is? I would love to lift a decent parser into my own project instead of writing it myself :)
@Girgias if you feel like it ^^
Right :')
@PeeHaa It's pretty good. Back in the days I could do my whole inbox in about a few minutes.
(My inbox is 68 000 emails)
I might do some naive bench marking on the message parser in that case
@Girgias more important is to fix UPGRADING and the migration guide :)
1:55 PM
Right that makes sense will do that after I fixup my repo I messed up a rebase
I don't need the whole thing
Just the message parsing bit
That's further down that page: zetacomponents.org/documentation/trunk/Mail/…
hmmm ezcMailRfc822Parser seems easy enough
Yeah, it's all the extra parts it supports that are the real nicety though
2:00 PM
headers, header folding, multipart, encodings, statusresponses...
Yeah. I already did most of those for a different project though :(
I can totes use this for reference though which is nice
see if your own stuff can pass all the test cases
we spend a lot of time getting as many things working as possible
Does it strictly adhere to the rfcs or did you guys add some wiggly room for stupid non standard implementations?
There is wiggle room in reading and retrieving, but not much in creating and sending
2:09 PM
Oh well. Enough fun. Workday is starting :(
@PeeHaa Make it fun!
@DaveRandom Guess what day it is?!?
@PeeHaa I like to start every Monday off by pissing Dave/Chris off. =P
It's a good way to start the week :)
Say i want to initialize an AVL tree with number 0 to m. We know that insert(x) will be log(n) where n is the total number of nodes in tree. What will be the total runtime of the function?
He has responded with flipping me off, self harming quotes, and even an image of a schlong.
2:21 PM
@NikiC github.com/php/php-src/commit/c35bb346 defined it, but the merge commit is missing it: github.com/php/php-src/commit/… - so bad merge conflict resolution most likely
@eminem 'bout tree fiddy?
@Sara Thanks for the heads up. I'm doing a docker pull every time I'm doing a release to ensure I'm using the latest version :D
@Sara Grazie, it was from the bottom of my heart. I saw some comments about it on Twitter, so I hope I sent the message I was trying to 🙏🏻
morning guys! Anyone use ldap_bind for A/D authentication?
@bwoebi Heh, so should we add that command now?
@NikiC If it works, why not :-D
2:39 PM
@JukEboX your question falls under "don't ask to ask, just ask" - you need to explain what you're trying to do, or what you're wanting to know.
@Tiffany I am trying to get my authentication through ldap_bind working to my Active Directory for logins but I am getting an error that says "Stronger(er) authentication required
But I can't find any information on how to fix this.
Has anyone been able to get it to work or know about this error?
elephpant.com just saw this on Reddit, anyone able to confirm if it's legit or not?
> © 1998 - Vincent PONTIER - DONNE DU SENS
Pretty sure it's indeed him behind it
Think I have seen the site before
IIRC last time I looked at it shipping was terrible :(
I am probably in the wrongestest country though
@MarkR Yes, I've ordered with him already
It's Vincent (twitter.com/Elroubio), the designer of the elephpants
If elephpants wore eleph pants how would they wear them?
2:46 PM
@MarkR php.net/elephpant.php links to elroubio.net which links to elephpant.com .. though it also links to vincentpontier.com/elephpant which looks like a better way to get it
Ta very much
@MateKocsis regarding the methodsynopsis generation and the class entry generation, do we plan to merge the methodsynopsis generation, or is this just useful as a one-shot for PHP 8.0?
3:28 PM
@JukEboX I remember encountering a problem a long time ago where TLS 1.0 was turned off in AD, and 1.2 was required, but the version of PHP my code base was on (5.3) didn't support 1.2. It would've required a more up-to-date version of the openssl library, which came in newer versions of PHP.
I don't remember if I received any error messages
It could be maybe AD requires LDAPS or a stronger version of TLS
3:41 PM
@Tiffany @JukEboX it may also require StartTLS, rather than ldaps.
4:02 PM
I'd like to merge it, because it's not a one-off script. There's two things which could be improved until we use it for PHP 8.1:
- proper change log generation - but we have to have reliable type info in the manual first
- the script could generate a new page for new functions - but first we should detect undocumented functions first
yeah, and I agree that the methodsynopsis part should be merged first :) I think it's fairly ready for that - at least functionally.
@Danack if around and if you have a few free time, what still missing to release imagick 3.4.5 for PHP 8 ?
@MateKocsis not sure whether it makes sense to extend this script to generate new doc pages; there is alread docgen which has been built for that purpose relying on reflection (union type support is missing, though)
@cmb ah, thanks for letting me know! Until now, I didn't know what this script does :)
the original docgen got the info from the php-src files (it used the proto comments); was later rewritten to use reflection
@cmb A possible advantage to generating from stubs is that it can use the phpdoc types as well ... though this might not be so useful, because for new classes, types should really be expressible without them (no resources, no need to maintain return type BC)
4:15 PM
yes, indeed; and if need be, we could still generate with docgen, and then apply a round of gen_stub
still, methodsysnopsis generation may also be interesting for external exts
@cmb thank for fixing up the rest of the docs... forgot about the param types in the function docs >_<
np :)
Also anyone to review the resource to object conversion for IMAP?
4:59 PM
@PeeHaa i call it just like that
what do you mean
i do not yield that call() because it runs forever, right?
call returns a promise
You need to be in the loop and yield it
but i can never yield it because it's an infinite loop
Sure it can
you have a yield in there right?
yield returns back control
5:11 PM
@RemiCollet Technical stuff: I need to merge your patches, and write some words that shift blame away from me for any problems with them. Write the changelog, and finish tidying up param names. There's also two tests that are failing due to either travis or ImageMagick changes (I think).
ok but if i do that particular
yield $foo->bar();
echo "bar";
bar gets never printed
unless i defer it
so there's no point in yielding that particular call(), i think
in fact what i should use instead is Loop::defer()
Medical stuff: I have been in tremendous levels of pain for most of this year due to my spinal cord being a bit fucked up. Top-tip, wear seat belts in a car kids. Also, if a thirty year old injury is going to cause you problems, try to avoid needing medical treatment for it during a global pandemic.
Philosophical stuff: I am utterly unconvinced that is the morally correct choice for me to do a release. Whens project like PHPunit are not getting funding, it seems pretty clear that until there is a crisis that forces companies to start paying support for the projects they rely on, it's just not going to happen.
@Wes Of course there is
You need to resolve the promise
only when i shut down the program though, i.e. when the loop eventually resolves
@RemiCollet btw it will be a minor release not a bug release. As the param names are changing, I'm also going to take the opportunity to change method names to not be all lower-case.
otherwise it runs forever for the whole lifetime of the program, and it never resolves in that time
technically not a BC break, but also not a bugfix.
5:15 PM
I think I need someone to reverse-translate this to French to get what he means: github.com/amphp/amp/issues/333#issuecomment-735897221
ask him to write in French? :)
@PeeHaa reading from a websocket and writing to a websocket should be done in the same loop or in two separate loops?
yeah don't know whether I care enough about what he wants :-D
like while(true){
    yield $ws->write();
    yield $ws->read();
5:19 PM
@Wes depends on your use case? :-D
@Danack Hmmm I maybe missed something, but is this to suggest the imagick extension not working on PHP 8? I only use it for the file comparison function
I haven't finished all the work for it, or tagged a release. Current master does work with 8. But companies depend on tagged versions.
Ah that would be why, I'm just cloning from master
every f..... single thing i do. 10 lines of code, and yet they won't budge
@Wes If I understand your case you want might want to do asyncCall(code for receiving messages)
But it's an educated guess at best :-)
5:28 PM
@Danack How come on your github sponsors page it's matched but not on George's? Only just noticed that
@MarkR You had to sign up and be approved before a certain date, which has passed ages ago.
Ah ok
@cmb should I create a new branch with the oop5 to oop changes without running configure in that branch so I don't have 1600+ entities files, or does it matter?
Sorry, keep noticing typos
@PeeHaa it did something
i am getting an exception now, at least
@Tiffany you can create a local .gitignore to ignore these files instead
5:35 PM
Do you have your code somewhere so I can take a look at it at some point in time?
yeah i'm gonna put it online soon because i am more clueless than i thought i was
i don't get what async call does
but i am into cargo culting now
i pray the amphp gods to copypasta me solutions
Am I allowed to rewrite parts? :D
@Wes for me it made a big difference on understanding that the function passed to the Amphp loop is basically to "register" stuff in the loop rather than "loop over this code". Idk if that helps in your situation really
5:38 PM
@cmb alright, I'll do that
async call does not return a promise, but puts it in the loop, plainly
and my understanding is certainly not deep
call, returns a promise, which you yield to resolve. is more or less my understanding of it :)
@bwoebi makes no sense, it's gibberrish... which seems on point for someone working for SFR...
@Wes yield call() Let me know what the promises resolved to asyncCall() do whatever you want and I am not waiting on it
A new client connects here. I am not waiting for the client to disconnect, but just continue listening for new clients to handle
@PeeHaa mailgrab looks interesting btw
Yeah. It was fun to build
The end goal was/is to write a fully featured email server at some point, but that's going to take years at this pace and priorities :D
5:56 PM
Writing an email server seems like a good way to ruin lives
@PeeHaa i like this explanation :P
asyncCall is like defer except it runs it immediately?
@PeeHaa anyway, yes, ofc :B
if i get this thing sorted it should be mostly good
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