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12:07 AM
What does mb_substr() return when it fails? – #78934
12:29 AM
Can someone check this line of code:
while ($output = mysqli_fetch_assoc($result)) {
            $itemID = $output["StockItemID"];
            $name = $output["StockItemName"];
            $photo = GetPhoto($itemID);
            echo "<a href='/school-project/views/item.php?item_id=$itemID' class='list-group-item list-group-item-action border-1'><img alt='foto' id='itemImgSearch' src='" . (!empty($output["StockItemID"]) ? 'data:image/jpeg;base64, ' . base64_encode($photo) . "" : '/school-project/views/partials/images/geen_afbeelding.png')
For some reason base64_encode doesn't wor
2:00 AM
nvm fixed it
6:28 AM

1 hour later…
7:41 AM
8:00 AM
oxymoron a combination of contradictory or incongruous words (such as cruel kindness); broadly : something (such as a concept) that is made up of contradictory or incongruous elements
8:53 AM
@Merdin Aren't you missing the end of your <img tag?
9:05 AM
9:22 AM
@cmb do you need me to do anything else on that phpdbg readme PR?
No. I'll wait a while, and if there's no more feedback, I'll merge it. Thanks for the PR!
sure thing
10:12 AM
i would for once not fight with my client for every single thing
he is the "the only truth is the absolute truth" kinda guy, he just can't fathom that sometimes there are multiple valid paths. he wants to pick the best path or no path at all. it's often the latter though
11:04 AM
@Wes a guy that has a mindset prob of: It's my way or the highway?
nah, he is honest, just very hesitant
11:41 AM
@Jeeves you're an oxymoron, and also a moron
If everybody's happy on a team, but one person isn't, what do you do. Try and change the whole team and process to fit this person?
Apply the harmony rod
If you don't have one, they can be easily made by snapping a pool cue in two, or driving some large rusty nails through a cricket bat
Oh, that has a name does it.
12:01 PM
It is also sometime known as a "persuading bar" or "the convincer"
i started writing an rfc that wanted to be something really simple, but quickly escalated into something php will never accept. so depressing
@Jimbo It depends on their specific complaints … but in the end, before fitting everything to a single person and angering others, it's better to get rid of them
I mean as long as you can make them happy without impacting others much, then try that first
12:54 PM
Javascript - I just misstyped undefined as undeefined... and it still worked because undeefined is undefined.
1:18 PM
Who is Miss Typed?
barbara liskov?
1:37 PM
Well she can be substituted for someone else
interesting that in like 10 years firefox didn't bother fixing the tab bar's scrolling
whenever I bitch about stuff like that people always tell me I should have fewer tabs open
they don't get it
my 168 concurrent chrome tabs and I are very happy together
@NikiC can php8 do:

interface Bar{
    public function xxx(int $a): ArrayAccess;

interface Baz{
    public function xxx(string $a): ArrayObject;

class Foo implements Bar, Baz{
    public function xxx(int|string $a): ArrayObject{}
@DaveRandom tabs are sometimes like temporary favorites
maybe a half-finished bottle of wine in the fridge that you still plan to drink but just fancied something else this time
1:52 PM
@Wes yes
@NikiC that's bad ass my friend
only there are like 30 fridges with nothing but semi-consumed bottles of wine, some of which have no labels and many of them you won't understand why you liked them when you come back to them
php8 is gonna be epic
@DaveRandom ahaha
2:28 PM
Someone got a link for r-11 discord
1 hour later…
3:56 PM
@salathe git git git git git
4:14 PM
@NikiC I just saw someone quote you saying that extensions are not likely the cause of problems in preloading ... preloading happens at sapi module startup phase (minit-like stage), that's before RINIT, any extension that does request based initialisation of module globals is likely to misbehave, isn't it ?
many extensions also make assumptions about call time - ie, if a function is being called a certain process model is in place ... and preloading breaks that assumption too ...
I think probably there are quite some incompatibilities awaiting discovery ...
4:46 PM
is someone interested into making __call() implementing actual methods so that type declarations will pass? i am working on the RFC for that and i need some feedback. ping me in case
People writing new code using 7.4 - are you treating plain data objects as structs with public typed properties, or still going through constructor/getters?
5:02 PM
@Leigh constructor ok, but please don't add getters...
The latter
Makes them immutable by design
but he is referring to simple objects like structs, dto
Yea DTOs
@NikiC When I have a service that is the single point of instantiation, thinking of ditching constructor too, but colleagues want to go full constructor/getter, which imho makes typed properties basically pointless
i already don't use getters for dtos
with php 7.4 i can remove a bunch of docblocks
that's gonna be epic :D
@Leigh I wouldn't call it pointless, but I would definitely go with public properties and no getters
5:04 PM
@PeeHaa I feel like "we need everything to be immutable" is something we've decided we need but we really don't
regarding getters in classes, i will still use them:
- i can always add logic at a later moment
- i can add parameters at later moment more easily, ie, it's easier to convert from $o->foo() to $o->foo(123) than going from $o->foo to $o->foo(123)
- i can carry around the getter as function and resolve it later, e.g. Closure::fromCallable([$this, "getFoo"])
@Leigh Fair enough. I personally would be a big fan of readonly properties though :)
i would still use methods for most things even with full blown overload of properties
ducks for cover
@PeeHaa Pretty sure we could do this with FFI, which I would never enable
5:09 PM
@PeeHaa write an intro on why you think they would be useful to have
@Wes Intro: It's the best of both worlds
all i could write is the aforementioned structs, and that didn't sound very convincing
@PeeHaa just write me some words and will expand on that
i have the rest mostly figured out
i have even worked out a good argument on what the best keyword to choose is :P
@Wes I have a toy immutable implementation, but you have to implement an interface
so it's all or nothing
5:27 PM
@Wes Seems like I voted const earlier
@Sjon you don’t need to end the img tag
Surely you need to close the tag
Close as in >
ie close the opening tag
wrong: <img src=""
good: <img src="">
yeah that bad boy
today i revived a 32gb sd card
i thought it was dead
it was very emotional
i could recover 20+gb of music i thought i lost :B
5:39 PM
I wish I could recover a video of my mom...
@Wes I would cry for that.
But I don't think I have anything digital anymore
6:12 PM
@Tiffany can u pls send me again?
Link to discord
Or is the last one valid
6:33 PM
Hmm. In the case of an exit() I seem to be leaking the op_array for the zend_compile_file hook. Anyone know if this is just standard behavior, like how we used to leak (or maybe still do) on an uncaught exception?
6:59 PM
I think this is a bog-standard leak.
At least for PHP 7.0-7.3 (haven't checked 7.4 yet)
7:38 PM
@LeviMorrison exit leaks everything
Makes it a royal pain for extension authors who run tests that use exit :)
It's not suppressed.
(on 7.4)
Wait, the valgrind one does not do this? Just asan?
7:42 PM
valgrind in run-tests does not check leaks
run-tests.php -m does test for leaks?
8:09 PM
I thought it doesn't pass --leak-check
8:23 PM
I get leaks showing up in any case.
8:42 PM
Though the explicit purpose of -m would be leak checking
2 hours later…
10:23 PM
run-tests.php -m is plain memcheck, i.e. --leak-check is not passed

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