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12:00 AM
i would really appreciate anyone help
12:55 AM
what a shame
@Wes good lord
@Wes what are you doing? I have it open for weeks
with unenumerably many tabs
on windows?
win and mac
1:10 AM
i have several tabs open, like 30, of all kinds
doubt one in particular is the problem
One of them is probably open to a website which is using your computer to mine crypto
@Wes well … sometimes some websites cause ff to alloc much ram, but remains stable
oh it was stable
apart the fire
o_O fire?
:B i am joking...
funny that you actually thought there was a fire ahah
@bwoebi got some minutes?
1:17 AM
@Wes I blame it on my inability to detect sarcasm coupled with Poe's law
reminds me of william osman
ever heard of him?
I haven't, no
he makes kinda educational but mostly comedic videos on youtube
I'll look him up when I wake up in the morning, but you may have to remind me
people thought he burned down his house as a joke
1:23 AM
@Wes what for?
@bwoebi just some quick feedback on a rfc i am writing. can i ping tomorrow
@Wes now is fine as well
what is it about?
about making __call() implementing types
i worked out
public function __call($method, $args) implements SomeInterface{}
as main syntax, but unfortunately there's much more
i want to cover as many use cases for bulk delegation as possible
so for example also subset of interfaces, like
public function __call($method, $args) implements Iterator except {offsetUnset, offsetExists}{}
which is the same as writing

public function __call($method, $args) implements
Iterator {offsetSet, offsetGet}
but there's more, you can reuse matches in the function body
public function __call($method, $args) implements
InterfaceOne as $interface1,
InterfaceTwo as $interface2
        return $this->object_1->{$method}(...$args);
        return $this->object_2->{$method}(...$args);

how does it sound so far, like for your use cases if you have any?
I have none, I don't use __call()
and I never decorate a class with more methods
i rarely do that, but i also rarely extend classes, but that's in the language :D
1:32 AM
The only time I ever do something in that direction is tests…
of course it doesn't solve a big problem
it's nice to have though
damn it started raining suddenly and hard
hailstorm actually
4 hours later…
5:13 AM
Good morning
3 hours later…
8:20 AM
@LeviMorrison i believe that is easier with .end having a flag. +1 from me. i need to look into how exit is handled in our case
8:33 AM
Q: My Api is returning the Error "No matching route for request." together with all my requested data

Hasnain GhiasI am hitting an API to get results but all my GET request return the same error. It also returns the data which I need. My API is written in Codeigniter. Here is the error: { "Error": [ { "Message": "No matching route for request." } ] }{"error":"false","data":[{"id":"7","title":"Interior"},{"id...

Hello there
can someone please help me with this
9:11 AM
Is it possible to implement only equal handler for objects but not comparison? (via object_handlers.compare)
10:10 AM
Morning. PHP 7.1 is still on the top of the download list on php.net, while it is End Of Life. Doesn't look good.
10:32 AM
@cmb ^
@lisachenko Not really, you can only make all non-equality comparisons return false
@NikiC but how can I know if it's comparison or equal check?
@lisachenko you don't
@Code4R7, I see 7.1 on the bottom of the download list on php.net and windows.php.net. What am I missing?
@cmb php.net front page top right corner
ok, I know it now
10:36 AM
@lisachenko unfortunately :)
Ah, thanks! Will fix ASAP.
@NikiC It would be nice to add an opcode as an additional argument to the compare hook, like with do_operation handler.
@cmb is it also possible to reorder them? i.e. 7.4 first, then 7.3, 7.2
Have to check.
11:21 AM
11:38 AM
@cmb, Don't know what you're missing, 7.1 is on the top of the list as the ordering has always been ascending.. tested on both FF71.0 and IE11.
@Code4R7, I looked at php.net/downloads.php. Anyhow, updates are coming.
I'm looking at php.net and secure.php.net.
@cmb The download section is good, apart from the fact that 7.1 is still listed there too.
The best part is the availability of PHP 7.4 :-)
12:08 PM
@Code4R7, order is changed, and 7.1 downloads are removed now. /cc @JoeWatkins
12:33 PM
@cmb Much better, thanks!
Thanks for the reminder! :)
12:55 PM
@NikiC can you have a look at the mbstring PR which allows empty needles? Or do you have your hands full with trying to fix preloading?
Side general question, is it possible to change a functions return value from bool to void if the change would make the function always return the same value?
@Girgias, good side question! At least in some cases (e.g. several GD functions), this might not be desireable, because the library functions should actually return success/failure, but currently don't. Changing the return type from bool to void, might require to later switch back again. OTOH, having a function always return true doesn't make sense.
Okay, good because I possibly have a change which would make fclose always return true
But that would be in a follow-up PR to discuss the change to void anyway
1:24 PM
Also seems we got some legit test failures currently running on CI:



Behavior of union type checks (strict) [Zend/tests/type_declarations/union_types/type_checking_strict.phpt]

Behavior of union type checks (weak) [Zend/tests/type_declarations/union_types/type_checking_weak.phpt]
yup, introduced with git.php.net/… (master only)
substr returning false has tripped me up so... many... times.
on an empty string
What's the reasoning for that, and can I PR to change it?
1:40 PM
Wait? Doesn't it even emit a warning?
Actually did that change in 7.4 and the docs need updating? Empty string used to return false but in 7.4 it returns ""
@MarkR that changed back in 7.0 I think
Must be the docs out of date, which means I now need to go hunt down why false was being entered into my DB on empty strings :S Thanks Nikic
@MarkR, if it's about 3v4l.org/I4vhE, the docs seem to be up-to-date.
The input string. Must be one character or longer.
Unless that includes null?
1:49 PM
Ah, you're right. Will fix right away.
cool, now to find out how I'm buggering it up in my code.
2:08 PM
can someone remind me the IRC channel where remi is? on oftc?
#php.pecl at efnet
thanks, that's why I couldn't find it on oftc ^^
2:33 PM
I'm having issues installing runkit on docker with php 7.2
Any help advice?
Pretty sure runkit does not support php 7
I have used some support for php 7 which I have enabled on my computer. But I'm having issues making it work in docker.
You need runkit7 (pecl.php.net/runkit7)
2:48 PM
What a brave madman
I got it on my computer, but I'm unable to make it work in docker.
You will need to give a better problem description in that case instead of "having issues"
0.064664s lost on average over 1590 requests
0.00066s lost on average over 1590 requests
on average firefox runs timeouts 0.06s slower than expected
damn u firefox
Only if you expect it to be on time
So I wanted to generate some routes in my controller from a configuration file, so I found the runkit_method_add function and I have installed runkit on my mac from pecl than I have enabled the extension in the ini file.

I'm having issues making it work in docker, to be honest I'm not sure what I need to do. I have found a function "RUN pecl install runkit && docker-php-ext-enable runkit" but it's for php 5.6.
2:58 PM
> So I wanted to generate some routes in my controller from a configuration file, so I found the runkit_method_add function
ouch :P
why would you do that?
Just to double check: You just want to experiment a little and not deploy this to production, right? ...Right? ...Riiiiiight?
Because I have to much common stuff so I wanted to speed up the process.
@NikiC :D
@DaAmidza That's not what it does ;-)
Yea, I'm experimenting with it.
2:59 PM
@DaAmidza use __call?
if you really have to
@DaAmidza Can I point you into any other direction instead?
Like any other direction
@PeeHaa yea sure
@Wes no I have not used __call
could you use __call? :B that's certainly better than using runkit :B
Why don't you use magic call. Or if you don't like magic just actually generate it? Or don't have magic dynamic stuff to begin with
Using runkit for testing is questionable 99%of the time imo
3:02 PM
@PeeHaa @Wes thanks for the help. Can you explain to me why it's better to work with __call instead to use runkit? Just want to inform my self more.
Using it the way I think you are trying to use it is madness
@DaAmidza The first hint is in the readme of the project
@DaAmidza runkit is hardly supported compared to php, if you hit a bug or have to update php, you are screwed
they are maintained at a way different pace
> For all those things you.... probably shouldn't have been doing anyway.... but surely do! Supports PHP7.1, 7.2, and 7.3! (function/method manipulation is recommended only for unit testing.
Fair points, thanks.
And you just don't need it from what I can tell
3:06 PM
I wanted to make something which can help me speed up the process of building endless controllers with different routes. I have some stuff which is shared as auth or a validator of the input. So I had the idea to generate it runtime, then cache it once generated.

Does it make sense? Or there is another approach for it?
All of that sounds wrong :)
What is an endless controller?
Shared stuff can be injected right? As in composition
How are you going to cache the runkit stuff?
endless controllers?
huhhh wait lol I will explain it
you mean make generating controllers simple?
@Wes correct
I'm trying to write less code.
3:09 PM
like how, create the class automatically?
@Wes that was the idea, for now I'm making functions only. I wanted to write a script in c which I would include in my php.ini than call it do generate classes and functions in php.
yes but what would you put in the functions? looks like you want an IDE
@PeeHaa I'm not sure if I have understood this one "Shared stuff can be injected right? As in composition".

I keep it in memory, that's how I cache it.
you can create your own stub classes with the boilerplate code you want
@DaAmidza But it will be gone the next request
3:16 PM
@PeeHaa No, it won't. The first one keeps it.

@Wes I will check it out, I have heard of it but I have not explored it much, to be honest.
I would put in my functions things from the configuration, for example my controllers have 20+ things which are shared. I can create peace of code which generate functions based of those things from a configuration file.
The goal is that I write only the business logic, even that I want to keep as short as possible or to reuse it.

I have made a sh script which generates the DAO layer of the app and it generates entities. It needs more work, but I want t
yeah you are totally looking for an ide :D
you create a template/stub
then right click -> new "your template name" -> enter "MyFoo" and creates "MyFooController"
something like that
@Wes I will take a look at it more.
@Wes @PeeHaa thanks guys
also check github.com/rdlowrey/auryn @DaAmidza
I will try it out, seems that It could help. Thanks!
basically it constructs objects without having you to write explicitly the new MyClass($args, $args,$args,$args,$args,$args,$args,$args,$args)
which is like the most annoying thing ever, especially when you are in the development phase
adding/removing arguments
3:29 PM
I have developed this part which does one slight part of it:

public function __construct(DomainFactory $domainFactory, array $domains)
$this->domainFactory = $domainFactory;
And I load the $domains from a yaml configuration
  userPreferencesDomain: 'Spartan\Models\Domains\UserPreferencesDomain'
  workoutScheduleDomain: 'Spartan\Models\Domains\WorkoutScheduleDomain'
  exerciseLevelDomain: 'Spartan\Models\Domains\ExerciseLevelDomain'
  workoutBuilderDomain: 'Spartan\Models\Domains\WorkoutBuilderDomain'
And here is the one with runkit_method_add :P
public function addFunction(object $class, array $domains): void {
    foreach($domains as $key=>$domain){
        // Create function in runtime
            $key,// Name of function
            'String $request = null',
            'return $this->domainFactory->create("'.$domain.'");',
yeah, use __call if you really have to :B
I'm rewriting it now to use call, will keep you posted if you are interested :P
@DaAmidza None of that is being cached like you said either
That is a simple key value store
3:34 PM
I have a mapper which has a super simple cache array which I keep in memory. I'm not sure if I have said it good, I called it caching but I might be wrong.
How is that related to methods?
 * Method for retrieving an SQL data mapper instance
 * @param string $className Fully qualified class name of the mapper
 * @throws \RuntimeException if mapper's class can't be found
public function create(string $className): AbstractDomain
    if (array_key_exists($className, $this->cache)) {
        return $this->cache[$className];
    if (!class_exists($className)) {
        throw new \RuntimeException("Domain not found. Attempted to load '{$className}'.");
    //pass configuration as antoher argument
Yes but that is unrelated to your methods you create at runtime
The class which I make in the mapper has them, this is one for domains but I have it for controllers as well.
I'm not sure if it's the right approach if you have some suggestion I'm willing to educate my self more.
Welp I just had an application explode after MYSQLI_OPT_INT_AND_FLOAT_NATIVE decided not to work
3:47 PM
it happened
it's just one site causing this i think
a site i "developed" :B
but it's 100% fine on chrome. firefox leaks
@salathe can you give me commit access to web-bugs?
@beberlei @Derick @JoeWatkins @bwoebi @NikiC @Gordon @Danack I sent an invite for Friday for another PHP 8 instrumentation meeting. It's short notice obviously, but want to get us meeting again so we can move the needle.
Also if you stumble upon bugs bugs feel free to assign me
4:02 PM
@LeviMorrison Is there a RFC for that or maybe gist with description about instrumentation API?
We're still discussing API semantics.
@LeviMorrison i am unavailable on friday
@PeeHaa, I think it would be good to have an own (sub)category for bugsnet.
@beberlei Oh well. We'll see who else can come.
4:05 PM
Will do that one first tonight
Initial version of userland operator overloading is ready (Matrix class)
@PeeHaa Package: PeeHee problem
@LeviMorrison can't do friday
No worries.
@JoeWatkins I'm going to install ZEND_INIT_METHOD_CALL user opcode handler to port scalar objects on userland. How bad this idea is? )
Sounds good ;))
4:31 PM
am I able to check how much karma I have?
look yourself up on people.php.net
Alternatively, start singing culture club and your karma will keep going up until you get sysops
hmm, can't find myself, wonder if it's because I logged in to the phpdoc editor with my github account instead of requesting a new one
I think people just shows svn accounts, but i'm not certain
4:48 PM
yup, only php.net accounts are listed there.
yeah, I'll have to create my own account at some point, mail the mailing list
you can apply for an account via php.net/git-php.php
I'm still sore from being mocked by that form
4:54 PM
@MarkR that it has all the things that don't require a git account checked in the form?
and then you have to specify what it is you plan to do that requires requesting an account...
Yeah. I felt like stapling a github logo to a plank of wood and beating someone with it while yelling "how's this for submitting a patch without some kind of git account!"
> Did you fill this form out correctly (yes/no)?
<insert patronising statement if you didn't decode all its hidden meanings>
I sent a request, dun dun dun
Is it just the time of the year, or has the mailing list been almost completely dead?
5:16 PM
That form has the most sophisticated CAPTCHA ever developed. :P
It works against bots AND humans!
Feel free to submit a PR at github.com/php/web-php/pulls :)
if (function_exists('get_magic_quotes_gpc') && @get_magic_quotes_gpc()) {

Any idea what version that site is running on?
5:32 PM
dunno; might have been upgraded to 4.3 recently :p
OMG! They killed Jeeves.
Derrick nuked the mirror program didn't he?
Oh my god you weren't kidding...

ode must function on a vanilla PHP 5.3 installation as some php.net mirrors still run PHP 5.3
@Derick ... halp! Surely that can't be right?
Yes, mirrors are gone.
Well it can't realistically be that far back as i'm seeing short array syntax and such
5.4 or 5.5 I think
5:50 PM
I think they run on recent versions but the code is rotten spaghetti
I feel like I'm getting cancer from reading it
6:04 PM
Well it's only... 11 versions out of date on the 7.2 branch xD
I apologise to whoever I'm pissing off by mocking this... I assume I wouldn't win any friends by just "fixing" it with such simple things as ... classes :|
Composer autoloading banned I assume?
@cmb more like pre 4.1 xd
6:21 PM
@Kalle, fortunately, I missed these times. :)
@MarkR, yes, guess composer autoloading wouldn't be welcome.
@cmb I feel old, been working with PHP since about 4.0 and internals lurker/contributor since 2005. php-web has barely changed since then (except for the redesign ofc)
:( I feel like taking a big swing at it but I suspect politics would kill off any modernisation
no, certainly not any modernization :)
Well I'm one of those that stand by the politics heavily, but just do it one thing at a time. For example the mailing-lists sub feature on php-web (which is tied to web-master is) has had many reports of being broken, modernizing that could be a start
I'm sure the reason why that part is linked to web-master is because of the now non existant mirror system
I'm assuming the docs generator hooks into these include files somehow
6:29 PM
PhD have an output theme which is designed for php-web that includes some of the web-shared files afair
I was looking to move the Doc generation to PanDoc but they only support a small subset of Docbooks
any particular need to support ie7 anymore?
I would say no
Didn't we have an IE7< warning on php-web? I'm sure I remember an angry guy sending a mail to webmaster@ every few months lol
The template has custom scripts in for everything back to IE7
and there appears to be several hundred global $MYSITES which do nothing more than forget that / exists
6:59 PM
@cmb The bastards!
No, not Jeeves!
I've always liked him, his replies to all my answers..
@MarkR lol
Someone send vodka.
7:16 PM
Hello. I'm looking for an opinion on something.
You're wrong and you're ugly </opinion>
(I'm kidding, just ask)
It's about multi-lingual posts in a cms scenario. I'm using Laravel by the way.

What I want the user to store is a long description that can span a few paragraphs. After doing some reading and research I see the following options:

1. Use a model (let's call it `PostMetadata`) to only store metadata (timestamps and foreign keys) while using another model (let's call it `PostContent`) to store the actual content (title, body, **language**, `PostMetadata` foreign key).

Making a new table for this doesn't sit right with me though.
Very funny
I wish the chat had support for markdown :(
it does, but not when you go on multiple lines
or if you go multiple lines
you have to add four spaces before
but it doesn't support italics, bold, strikethrough multiline
7:21 PM
@IGP In any sane world a model !== a database table
what about codeblocks

without 4 lines?
hello, someone help me, how to remove all after second specific word using regex preg_match, example : (hello stackoverflow i love stackoverflow community) i want get only (hello stackoverflow i love) and remove everything else
Oh well. Anyways, can I get your opinion on the thing I posted before?
It depends on how it is used
7:22 PM
@IGP don't store JSON, just use tables, isn't that what a database is for?
But I would probably end up with something that represents the base information of a post and something that represents the post content
@PeeHaa Laravel's ORM needs a model to be associated with a single table
@Code4R7 Yeah, I guess that's the sane solution
Not my problem. I don't do AR :P
please someone can help me with my last question
@IGP I'd just go for a single table whenever possible.
7:24 PM
@MisterBrooks patience
post (title, body, languagecode, timestamp, etc.)
@IGP It may be called eloquent, but I don't agree :-)
MySQL/MariaDB LONGTEXT or Postgres text support 4GB of text per column.. who's counting..
@PeeHaa did you kill @Jeeves?
7:29 PM
@Code4R7 If I use a single table I won't be able to store multiple languages without making duplicate columns
Server is down atm. Will bring him back up soonish
@IGP why not?
isn't the language code an attribute of a post then?
poor Jeeves
I'd have to have 2 different table rows (with different pk) for a post that was written in 2 languages
@Code4R7 Switching from one translation to the other on the fly would not be possible
If you need to keep it in a single table, you could add another column that holds a random post ID, in order to group posts of the same language. And add an index to that column.
7:36 PM
@Code4R7 Something like this? post(title, body, translated_post_id, etc)
Or even better, create a primary key for the id and languagecode columns, to avoid duplicates.
Thanks for the help. I think I got it.
In the latter case you don't want to set auto_increment to the id column
@PeeHaa I've added web-php, web-bugs and web-master on heap.space as well
7:39 PM
If anyone needs me to add any other repository to heap.space, ping me about it, happy to do so
@Code4R7 That sounds good. However I think I'll be forced to use a single autoincrementing id and just keep a foreign key referencing to the post because last time I checked Laravel's support for composite keys was very lacking.
It doesn't really matter, when you do set auto_increment or postgres' nextval('mytable_id_seq'::regclass) you can always override the default id column value to an INSERT statement to create a translation of the original post.
I'll look into that.
I'm not an artisan, but if Laravel 6 could not do that, I would seriously consider using another framework :)
It can do that if I do not use the ORM (because the ORM is hardcoded to work with a single field as primary key). I mean I could always override the relevant methods but I'd rather not.
7:47 PM
I found a thread here: github.com/laravel/framework/issues/5355 . I don't think I'll switch to laravel sometime soon... no offense :)
Hola! Seems like I make it in here later and later each day... crazy times.
@Code4R7 its incredably hard to support though, this is one huge complexity inside doctrine 2
@Code4R7 None taken.
@beberlei Well... You can always avoid using the find methods.
@beberlei Thanks for sharing, +1 for Doctrine
Although, composite keys are pretty standard.. According to the Doctrine 2 docs, ORM brings a performance hit. IMHO it is why ORM should be avoided in the first place. Magically mixing up code with data is just bad practice, unless you really, really need to.
and I think the belief is if you "really, really need to," you should take a good, hard look at your project first
7:59 PM
What do you mean by magically mixing it up? If you're not combining code and data your app wont do anything
Code loads data and uses it. But if you use data to create programmatic objects, you could easily end up introspecting code with Reflection as if it were data. Not only does that brings down performance, but also it introduces unnecessary complexity to the code.
Not having structured data sounds like ... not fun
Unless I'm misinterpreting what you're saying.
Doesn't that happen anyways when you use php extensions? I remember a long time ago I used to see a lot of mysqli_fetch_assoc calls
@MarkR I'm not what you're interpreting.. PHP is perfectly capable of handling structured data that resides in a database.
I'm not understanding what the problem is with creating objects from data. That's the thing.
8:09 PM
The problem is the performance hit, and the complexity on the code side. Compared to just loading the data into the object.
Anyways, thanks again for your input. I must be off now.
ping @cmb
I'm off too, going for some beer...
@PeeHaa Any more http-client issues? You're using RC10, right?
8:25 PM
dev-master afaik
I got some time-outs, but might be just temporary connection issues on either end
We might have dns issues though
we being @Tiffany
in Jeeves' Playground..., yesterday, by Tiffany
@PeeHaa Next Amp\Dns\DnsException: All query attempts failed for distiller.com: No response for 'distiller.com' (A) from any nameserver after 2 attempts, tried udp://, udp://, No response for 'distiller.com' (AAAA) from any nameserver after 2 attempts, tried udp://, udp:// in D:\projects\php\bot\booze-finder-plugin\vendor\amphp\dns\lib\Rfc1035StubResolver.php:193
According to her curl does work from the same machine
Reminded me of the acme issues which may or may not be related in any way :D
8:39 PM
I don't have the patience for code today >.< been off my meds for two days and it's fucking with me (I don't have the patience for much today...)
yelling about and at inane stuff seems more fun for my brain >.<
I'm currently on a delete-a-thon on my branch of php-web.
If it's a global, it dies.
9:20 PM
@PeeHaa Yup, not sure what's the issue there. Which LibDNS version?
@kelunik cc @Tiffany
Seems like a good target too for a remote session maybe?
@kelunik v2.0.0
sorry for multiple pings, I had to dig for it
9:37 PM
@Tiffany Please try with the latest version, should be 2.0.1 or 2.0.2
Anyone here using Linux or macOS / WSL with FFI installed?
what do people use these days to build a presentation?
either this is out of date and I'm on the latest, or my version is out of date: github.com/DaveRandom/LibDNS/blob/2.x/src/Enumeration.php#L12
cause that's what I was using for reference for version
@Ekin javascript :S
I learned HTML/CSS in high school because I hated (and still hate) powerpoint. I built websites on geocities for high school projects
Gosh why doesn't Appveyor cancel a previous build on the same PR
@Tiffany Use what composer show is telling you.
9:49 PM
@Girgias because it has shit config
Well I gathered that
it has one option for prs and branches
Still super frustrating
if we enable cancellation that means branches are essentially always failing because we commit faster than appveyor runs builds...
@kelunik daverandom/libdns v2.0.2
9:51 PM
So ... if anyone feels like migrating appveyor to github actions :P
That's a weird behaviour >_>
another weird behavior is my cat licking the air when I rub her back, by the base of her tail
Do we need php.net/security/vulndb.txt anymore? It's a bit dated..
@MarkR why?
It's about 150 versions out of date
maybe 250
9:58 PM
Distros still happily ship 5.4
So 10 versions? :)
Don't see what's issue is keeping it though tbh
It was fixed in a point release, and there's been hundreds since then.
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