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1:00 AM
Crashes when using ZEND_OP_ARRAY_EXTENSION – #78860
1:41 AM
@bwoebi I kind-of have something working! Thanks again for your help.
Next step: get the return value from within the return opcode handler.
Looks like krakjoe/memoize might already do it.
1:59 AM
Hello, can anyone help with a paypal api?
Well... it kind-of worked:
001+ 1 HOOK
"FUNCTION" is supposed to be the return value of the function; got 1 instead?
1 hour later…
3:15 AM
@Levi zend_get_zval_ptr is the next api you want to learn
all of the logic you see in the vm, and other extensions that uses IS_CONST/IS_TMP and so on, is abstracted away by that function, and it handles free ops too ... you might search for usages in one of my extensions, I can't remember which ...
it's usually better to use the api, until you know the detail of the opcodes you are overriding ...
3 hours later…
6:21 AM
2 questions: how do you get the current called function name when it's possibly nested in the VM via EX (or some better way maybe)? Secondly is there a way for the VM to evaluate type coercion to null ? Because that's the main thing blocking me currently
And on that note I'll try to get some sleep in
EX(func)->common.function_name is currently executing function name
I don't know what the second question means
1 hour later…
7:38 AM
7:57 AM
Oh dear, what did Sara do to piss off the Twitterati? I usually use her feed for finding out PHP discussions
now it's suspended for violating the rules
gusto hearty or keen enjoyment, as in eating or drinking, or in action or speech in general: to dance with gusto.
@MarkR i don't think it means she actually did something
Nov 17 at 22:32, by Wes
also i was banned because i said "i hope [Formula 1 driver] gets a shot at [...]" which was obviously misinterpreted as me hoping that a F1 driver would get gunned down
also twitter insists i have to verify my account with my phone number
i have two accounts, i can switch between them without having to log in. meaning twitter knows i am the same person using them
except one is fine and verified, the other isn't, and it's blocked
when i try to verify it, it says the phone is already in use :B no shit?
1 hour later…
9:28 AM
posted on November 22, 2019

I know I’m not supposed to take it personally when it rains. When I step outside… on a dry sidewalk… on a sunny day… only to get rained on 40 seconds later… I take it in stride. When it happens a second time, I’m still cool with it. When it happens FOUR TIMES IN ONE FREAKING DAY, it’s time to retaliate. I work next to a window. I can see when it’s safe to step outside. The sky is mes

10:10 AM
@MarkR No, I send an invoice and you can bank transfer it.
Sure. 105 years old. :P
11:13 AM
11:47 AM
If PHP had complex return types in interfaces & strong typing, it'd be the go-to for medium-sized and perhaps beyond web applications.
There, I said it.
php built-in server is not passing GET parameter properly if content is larger. – #78864
12:23 PM
12:34 PM
good mornings
@Wes can't you just add another digit at the end?
12:50 PM
@hakre ?
Does not check information from the "GET data" correctly – #78865
@Wes, did you try to add some arbitrary digit at the end of your phone number for your 2nd twitter account=
why do you think it'll work?
invalid phone number
1:10 PM
@Wes because normally it's the number and additional numbers then fall into the private area (most likely not the correct term in telephony).
@Wes then twitters checks might violate ITU regulations, but I don't know.
in any case maybe a strong dark pattern indicator how much the service is just collecting identities and phone numbers.
1:42 PM
@JoeWatkins This gives me a segfault, and when I do EX(call)->func->common.function_name I don't but get the "parent function" i.e. var_dump when doing var_dump(count(...))
And the second bit is how to check that "" is converted to null when in weak type mode in the VM, or do I need to go through each case explicitly?
1 hour later…
3:09 PM
@Girgias you highly likely do not want EX(call) that's the call frame
show me some code
3:42 PM
zval *op1;
zend_long count;


if ((OP1_TYPE & (IS_VAR|IS_CV)) != 0 && Z_TYPE_P(op1) == IS_REFERENCE) {
op1 = Z_REFVAL_P(op1);

if (Z_TYPE_P(op1) <= IS_NULL) {
/* Intentionally not converted to an exception */
zend_error(E_DEPRECATED, "%s: Passing null is deprecated", ZSTR_VAL(EX(func)->common.function_name));
@Girgias what do you need that for? if you want to retain the original function name set it as CONST op2 arg
3:58 PM
For count, because sizeof and count use the same handler
So to get the correct function name
@bwoebi and how would that look like?
4:32 PM
@Girgias yeah, but when you replace it with an opcode there is no init_fcall or such happening.
so no EX(call) set there
Ah, okay
So the function name is encoded in an opcode?
you need to encode it in an opcode, yes
4:56 PM
@cmb So I basically had it under my nose if I didn't rework this and forgot there was an example of it in the exact VM def I'm modifying D:
happens :)
Well now it's just the null-like case that I need to handle in the handler
Also wouldn't it be possible to optimize the handler even when there is a mode parameter provided? Seems kinda straight forward currently to me
I don't understand that. Is "" supposed to be juggled to NULL for nullable params?
I think so?
Will check on the doc (although it lies at times)
well, it's more that it's sometimes correct
5:02 PM
Isn't that kinda the same thing? :p
Huh maybe it indeed isn't meant to work
Okay I think I got confused with the fact that "" == null evaluates to true
But that doesn't mean the type will be coerced to null
re docs: I mean it's more often wrong than right
Oh for sure
We don't even really have the Error/Warning section for most functions and it's bundled together in the Return value part
5:47 PM
ack. Guess we'll have to catch up on that for PHP 8.
I mean if we change a lot of false returns with ValueError do we really need to fix that bit?
Oh but I suppose for previous versions ...
6:02 PM
@cmb github.com/php/php-src/blob/master/docs/release-process.md says nothing about updating NEWS for the first time for a (say 7.4) release. Can you add information as to what needs to be done?
6:13 PM
guys do you have something which sounds "mag" and will be used at work for drinking water, coffee etc ... ?
A mug?
A mug is a type of cup typically used for drinking hot beverages, such as coffee, hot chocolate, soup, or tea. Mugs usually have handles and hold a larger amount of fluid than other types of cup. Usually a mug holds approximately 8-12 US fluid ounces (350 ml) of liquid; double a tea cup. A mug is a less formal style of drink container and is not usually used in formal place settings, where a teacup or coffee cup is preferred. Shaving mugs are used to assist in wet shaving. Ancient mugs were usually carved in wood or bone, Ceramic mug or shaped of clay, while most modern ones are made of ceramic...
oh yes, I meant "mug" .. but ours have a door (not looks like a cup)
a door?
sorry buddy, I'm not good in English, ignore what I said.
here is the schenario: Which one is better in your opinion? this or this
Ah, you mean a thermos
No idea which one is better :-)
6:24 PM
yeah probably I meant that .. you know, we call them "mug" :-)
@Derick ok ;-)
6:55 PM
Okay that's spooky
I've got a weird edge case which seems to bug only when it's in run-test.php and not in a seperate test case ...
1 hour later…
8:15 PM
2 hours later…
10:19 PM
@Girgias, I don't think it's really worth documenting the warnings, but I think we should document the PHP 8 exceptions.
@Derick, will try to document that tomorrow.
@cmb I mean we could do both at the same time by registering some new language snippets which are forward compatible (and have a relevant name)
@Girgias, isn't that about count($string) (0=empty string, 1 otherwise)?
Also @cmb do you know anything about FFI?
Oh no was talking in general
a bit
that count() comment was referring to run-tests.php issue
I've got FFI tests which are failing on the count PR
Ah hum
Maybe? I didn't really understand the code flow of the runner
Oh but yeah it does return 1 even if it's not an array ...
That's probably it yeah
10:25 PM
I think that count($string) stuff is a "clever" alternative to (int)empty($string) (except that the latter would yield 1 for "0")
re FFI test failures: did you remove for objects with count handler, which do not implement Countable?
Ah yeah I did
Didn't see where it was used soooo but I suppose that's used for that...
Will re-add it then
Classes may implement count handlers (php-lxr.adamharvey.name/source/xref/master/Zend/…), instead of count()/Countable
Huuuu, okay good to know
10:47 PM
@cmb I think I've found what you meant.
@Derick, that was about updating NEWS before x.y.0; basically was github.com/php/php-src/commit/… for 7.3.0
11:19 PM
yeah, exactly
Worked on it on the plane :-)
I can commit this to PHP-7.4 too, right @cmb?
yes, please
Do you know of anything that I need to cherry pick into PHP-7.4.0 ? I didn't hear of anything critical, although there are some more bug fixes since 7.4.0RC6
11:39 PM
no, don't think there's anything to cherry-pick into 7.4.0 ("normal" bug fixes after last RC go into x.y.z+1)

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