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12:00 PM
@Fabien Also cookies
i don't see why cr500r returns that result
@YourAdrenalineFix You dropped a bare variable into the query string...
Yet CRF 450 R returns nothing even tho there is a matching result
Also it's not really possible to debug an SQL query without knowing how the schema works and what data is in the columns
@DaveRandom Im not disputing what you say, Im just trying to learn but who's to say I didnt sanitize that variable ahead of the query
12:02 PM
(even tho I havent YET)
If you are dropping bare string variables into a query string, you are doing it wrong ;-)
(read: use prepared statements)
would that affect the outcome of the results?
No, like I say it's not really possible to debug an SQL query without knowing how the schema works and what data is in the columns
12:04 PM
At least, if that data sometimes returns resilts and sometimes doesn't
I dont know how I can accomodate "without knowing how the schema works"
and what data is in the columns can be seen by querying Honda
Also @YourAdrenalineFix the problem is with spaces, searching for "CRF" works
or Kawasaki
12:06 PM
Yep Cuz CRF is < 4 characters
which in my code I have running a LIKE query if < 4 characters
try CR500
which puts us into the MATCH AGAINST query
Seems to work, returns a result?
12:08 PM
oh @rdlowrey killed off ->setHeader() :(
OK so...
Ok, Now run CRF again and look around
then try CRF 250
or CRF 450
or even crf450
12:09 PM
or crf250
all returns nothing
@DaveRandom I am not.
Ive been reading the MySQL docs but am not sure if I should even be using in natural language or in boolean mode
Ive been studying and experimenting for days, That's what's got me to where I am
@YourAdrenalineFix Then I can only assume that the columns you are matching against don't contain that data...
12:11 PM
but they do
as evidenced by a query "Honda"
or even CRF
Hence the reason I said about without knowing how the schema works and what data is in the columns - if we can't see the back-end structure and data it's basically impossible to debug
but crf 450 is no dice
I'd be glad to share with you what you need to debug, I just don't know what you need
12:12 PM
Also worth noting that searching for "honda crf" works
Which makes things even stranger doesnt it?
@DaveRandom I get a response of invalid token
if honda crf works why not crf 450 or crf250"?
@Fabien are you getting invalid token from my search?
Without seeing the data in the database, I can't say...
12:14 PM
@YourAdrenalineFix Negative.
Um... @DaveRandom the data in the db is visible after running honda
but I'd be glad to share with you what you need
@YourAdrenalineFix it seems to be a problem with things with numbers in, are you sure there isn't some place in your code that is causing the query to not be executed in that cae or something?
12:15 PM
Good point
but Nope
Can you var_dump the query onto the results page temporarily?
(As in var_dump($Q);)
Not sure how tho
12:16 PM
@DaveRandom I was using Aptana, when i open it it's only one blank space, but when i open it with n++ then i see full null blocks. any idea? i'll buy you a beer, or two, maybe a bigger present?
lemme work on that
Wifey just sent a request to BT for Fibre. There's guys outside our house right now installing Fibre... for the building across the road. FFS. Bastards.
just a sec
@Stol3x I don't actually know anything about the subject matter I'm afraid, they were just some links I found on Google that looked useful
HOLLY ME. Aptana has 7 day local history and there it is. WOOOOW
12:17 PM
@Fabien is it a leased line though? different backbone...
@DaveRandom you gave me idea with n++, thank you soo much
@DaveRandom I var_dumped $Q for honda crf and it gave me string(500)
and the actual query
I don't think that got us anywhere
@DaveRandom How do you mean?
12:20 PM
I could var_dumped the wrong var?
@YourAdrenalineFix Can you put it on the live site temporarily, or do you have a public test env?
I can put it on live
Just a sec
I wanna try dumping a different var
I wonder if they make a call to enable the token as well which is why it's false for me.
12:25 PM
@DaveRandom after dumping what comes back for honda crf it shows all models as a string of varying lengths
but I also thought of a caveat to your numbers theory
cr 500 returns
again, NOT disputing
just baffled and learning
Just noticed
12:27 PM
crf230 returns
And WTH??? crf150f works but not crf150
@YourAdrenalineFix That's because it matches against whole words
I even tried AGAINST ('\"$Query\"' IN BOOLEAN MODE
I thought I read match against would return jumprope even if just jump were q'd?
12:31 PM
Have you tried natural language mode?
thats my understanding anyways
not yet
Or are you actually using the boolean mode operators for things?
Im not sure which way to go... boolean or natural
If you aren't you prbably want natural language mode anyway
12:32 PM
planning on reading more into that
@DaveRandom Ah, for some reason it randomly adds 250000 every now and then on requests. When it doesn't I get a successful request but adblock is detected. :(
but I think its back to the drawing boards
read: more reading
@Fabien You're gonna have to use phantom, it's just not worth the effort...
12:35 PM
@YourAdrenalineFix Unless you are using the boolean mode operators there's not really any point in using it, I suspect. You could try adding a + before each "word"
i.e. split it on whitespace and build it like that
I dont quite understand
I know you mean to add the + progmatically but I just queried crf +450 trying to trick it and nothing
but even crf150 doesnt return
12:39 PM
when there is clearly results with that in it
and thats with no spaces
Are you sure there isn't just something erroring out?
Wow... Not even crf150r works
no Im not sure ;)
How are you running the query?
12:41 PM
I hope this is the right answer
$Q = "(SELECT * FROM table1 WHERE MATCH (Row1, Row2, Row3) AGAINST ('$Query' IN BOOLEAN MODE) AND ExpirationDate > NOW()) UNION (SELECT * FROM Table2 WHERE MATCH (Row1, Row2, Row3) AGAINST ('$Query' IN BOOLEAN MODE) AND ExpirationDate > NOW())";
maybe I should try stripping off one of the queries?
losing the union
just for test
lemme work on that
12:44 PM
I'll be back in a lil bit to let you know the outcome
@YourAdrenalineFix No I mean what function are you passing the query to?
Sorry Dave, I don't understand
I think I know what yyou want
just a sec
12:46 PM
if(($Request = $DB->query($Q)) == true) {
begin while loop...
Ah Ha!!
I need to add else{ tell me why}
gotta work on that
gonna add that to my code
12:47 PM
for test
then maybe try dropping 1st or 2nd query with UNION
then put it all back together etc...
You can put more than 5 words on a single line
Gonna take me a little while but I WILL let you know the outcome
I feel ya @PeeHaa
12:50 PM
@Fabien wat?
I think my IDE bugged as it works fine.
hi guys
Oh okay. I was like, "I did?"
is there a way to measure who creating anonymous objects affects the performance of a PHP
12:52 PM
@rdlowrey Yeah, my IDE simply didn't pick it up. but that's because I have a god folder loaded with all our sites.
Bastard fibre wire is going past our window :(
Hmmm adding else {echo $DB->error;} returns nothing. I guess because there's no error, Just nothing returned
Can someone just ninja-commit visibility modifiers on consts?
I think I need to spend the day in MySQL docs
I do something like this to measure the size of object creation of anonymous objects and also of array that is still linked to a variable
and then just sum them
12:54 PM
figuring out whether I should use boolean or natural lang
Every time I leave PhpStorm running overnight it crashes my system ...
@rdlowrey Hypothesis: PHPStorm is having nightmares.
Sounds legit.
(that's why I use NetBeans)
Hi people! Anyone of here using google music api ??
12:56 PM
Groupthink is a psychological phenomenon that occurs within a group of people, in which the desire for harmony or conformity in the group results in an irrational or dysfunctional decision-making outcome. Group members try to minimize conflict and reach a consensus decision without critical evaluation of alternative viewpoints, by actively suppressing dissenting viewpoints, and by isolating themselves from outside influences. Loyalty to the group requires individuals to avoid raising controversial issues or alternative solutions, and there is loss of individual creativity, uniqueness and independent...
1:11 PM
Good morning
@ircmaxell morning
@ircmaxell Good morning
getting close to time to respond to that reddit thread :-)
its an interesting thread/blog post ...
I don't think it is
1:17 PM
it's a whole bunch of handwaving, and assumptions that then build to a conclusion that makes sense, only when you believe the assumptions (which I don't)
in case not clear, I don't agree with it ... I'm just saying ^^ is an interesting reaction ...
so, with a hardware watchpoint on a memory address, GDB has been sitting on the "starting program" phase for the past 13 hours
I would have lost faith that it will ever start by now ?
I have
I went home
1:22 PM
I bet there's money to be made in a decent quality decoder API.
I just came across to transactions table where I have no flag to determine what type it is. FML an other dev. :-)
@ircmaxell good call ...
Thomas "Tommy" Harold Flowers, MBE (22 December 1905 – 28 October 1998) was a British engineer. During World War II, Flowers designed Colossus, the world's first programmable electronic computer, to help solve encrypted German messages. == Early life == Flowers was born at 160 Abbot Road, Poplar in London's East End on 22 December 1905, the son of a bricklayer. Whilst undertaking an apprenticeship in mechanical engineering at the Royal Arsenal, Woolwich, he took evening classes at the University of London to earn a degree in electrical engineering. In 1926, he joined the telecommunications branch...
1:42 PM
@rdlowrey Interesting. If you have a quick thing setup to test but what goes the final URI of this return for you?
@Fabien One moment ...
@Fabien final URI is fabienO.com
Oh weird. Mine must be doing something wrong then. Though i havent updated to rc3
$response = (new Amp\Artax\Client)->request('http://www.dl-protect.com/F2E5205F')->wait();
var_dump($response->getRequest()->getUri()); // string(18) "http://fabieno.com"
I get string(34) "http://www.dl-protect.com/F2E5205F" for the same code
Definitely using rc3 too.
@Fabien you copy/pasted the same thing?
1:52 PM
debug time. Set the verbose send option like so:
$client->setOption(Client::OP_VERBOSITY, Client::VERBOSE_SEND);
That will output the raw request information to your console each time a request is made.
And you can see exactly what is being sent.
@Fabien Also, make sure you run a composer update.
I'm working with the current master branch.
Oh I am on rc3
Then I need you to debug what you're seeing because I'm not seeing it :)
Look at the raw requests in your console and post them for me somewhere so I can see if the redirect is just not happening for some reason.
@Fabien same thing. rc3 is same as dev-master right now.
1:56 PM
GET /F2E5205F HTTP/1.1 Accept-Encoding: gzip, identity Host: www.dl-protect.com User-Agent: Amp\Artax/1.0.0-dev (PHP) Accept: */* string(34) "http://www.dl-protect.com/F2E5205F"
Just to be sure, I need you to rm -rf ./vendor to get rid of any composer cache then run composer update again if you don't mind.
@Fabien That's the only output you get? No other requests?
Yup. I'll delete the vendor
$client->setOption(Client::OP_VERBOSITY, Client::VERBOSE_ALL);
^ If you set that you'll see both the requests AND the responses in your console. That actually would be more helpful.
gtalked u result location
As message too long. I've deleted vendor and composer updated too
@Fabien Artax is doing the right thing here. You're getting a 403 response. That's why there is no redirect.
2:02 PM
oh. Wonder why. Forbidden Date
HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden
Date: Thu, 23 Oct 2014 13:59:55 GMT Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8
Transfer-Encoding: chunked
Connection: keep-alive
Maybe IP blocked I guess.
I suspect your IP may already be banned :)
Yeah that.
It's helpful to check $response->getStatus() first if you're seeing results you don't expect.
Aye, sorry for rookie issue.
Also, if you have multiple IP addresses on a given box you can specify which one artax uses to bind its socket connections as well.
$client->setOption(Client::OP_BINDTO, $myIpAddr);
If you had a pool of IPs on a box you could do something like this to pick a random address every few seconds:
2:07 PM
We have several boxes with many IPs.
But not usually the box the request is initially run from.
posted on October 23, 2014 by kbironneau

/* by kubajz */

@Fabien Oh, nevermind then.
Amp\run(function() {
    $addrs = [...];
    $client = new Amp\Artax\Client;

    // Every five seconds change the IP address the client uses when binding new sockets
    yield 'repeat' => [function() use ($client, $addrs) {
        $key = rand(0, count($addrs) - 1];
        $client->setOption(Amp\Artax\Client::OP_BINDTO, $addrs[$key]);
    }, $msDelay = 5000];

    // Do other stuff here
Good to know though.
That's the kind of thing I do for my scraping where I have several IPs on the same box and just switch them out.
You could also set a specific address on a per-request basis.
$client->request($uri, $options = [Client::OP_BINDTO => $oneOffIpAddress]);
All options are available on a per-request basis by passing a second array parameter to the request method.
There's a ton of functionality in artax that nobody knows about. It's extremely detailed :)
You need a full time documentor (fake-word-alert).
2:15 PM
Yeah, there's a lot going on. It's why I mostly try to avoid writing prose documentation for things anymore until they're really close to v1.0.0. It's time for that on this project BTW, I just have lots of other things I'm working on right now.
@rdlowrey What stuff are you working on?
@NikiC Well I didn't want to create a whole non-blocking ecosystem for my server but I ended up having no other choice.
Man there's some ugly protectors out there.
Plus the redis thing
@NikiC But, today I'm continuing work on the aerys websocket API
@NikiC Spoiler Alert: Generator usage is everywhere.
@rdlowrey look cool ;)
2:19 PM
Generators basically solve all the API problems I was having. In the main http server part you'll be able to stream things like this ...
@rdlowrey any updates for me?
:19573094 Oh, I didn't tell you: Parser is awesome
oh, good to hear
just what I needed. I'll try to get you some benchmarks vs. my userland one soon.
great, I'm looking forward to it!
2:20 PM
I'm sure it's much faster than the userland one, I just don't have a legitimate test setup right now.
// yielded strings without an explicit "header/status/reason" key are like echo in the web sapi
function myHttpRequestHandler($request) {
    try {
        $asyncResult = (yield someAsyncThing());
        yield 'header' => "X-My-Header: {$asyncResult}";
        yield '<html><body><h1>Hello, world</h1></body></html>';
    } catch (Exception $e) {
        // The async operation failed.
        yield 'status' => 500;
        yield $e->__toString();
@NikiC ^ generators make async response generation trivial.
It should do 50k messages/second, depending on the payload
well, at least on my box it does
@ircmaxell Hey I think I found your missing phonebook. Someone posted it in reddit comment form ;)
@ircmaxell but seriously, I don't see how anyone can argue with your logic. Makes perfect sense to me.
2:31 PM
the first time I posted, it told me it was too long (over 10000 characters), so I split it into 2 posts
I learned a long time ago not to argue with @ircmaxell
We had an argument once....
he won
@Sherif He's often right. But not always. Feel free to argue with him.
@bwoebi Well, granted this argument was one that required some pretty deep knowledge of PHP internals and there are very few people that have @ircmaxell's grasp ;)
In my experience, Anthony generally won't argue something unless he's quite knowledgeable on the topic. So your best possible outcome is likely to end up agreeing in principle and disagreeing on subjective minutiae.
@bwoebi don't argue, discuss. If you keep it to technical points, we can win. But when you make things personal, eih
@rdlowrey like us disagreeing on shared-nothing vs shared-something? :-)
2:36 PM
PHP is such a tarpit
@ircmaxell maybe add '1/2' , '2/2' to the posts? Reddit may re-order them when the voting war begins.
I don't mind re-ordering, because they stand as separate posts
one is about specifics he said relating to the interface itself, and the other is against the "they do this in Java" sentiment
otherwise I'd have replied to myself with the second one
I mean as engineers we're wired to reach perfect logical conclusions. It all depends on what you intend to do with those conclusions that can prove poisonous to a discussion :)
@Matrix I'm sure there's a room for testing markdown (if that's what you wanted). :)
2:52 PM


Where you can play with regular chat features (except flagging...
3:07 PM
Does anyone have a gif for when you've just found out that you deleted and over-written a directory that contained some uncommitted code :-P.
dam, hacker news is some traffic :-)
is that your tumblr?
it sounds like a scraper :)
@ircmaxell yes, you can haz more traffic :)
ah cool :-)
a little one-sided :-P
@KevinMGranger I am, the greatest man, in the world!
3:31 PM
Created a minimal example to demonstrate a question. Solved my own problem. I suppose that's the system working as it should.
that's awesome :-)
@Jimbo I don't actually know what that's from, I've just seen it everywhere
@TRiG yep. Works like that all the time for me.
@ircmaxell thanks!
3:47 PM
Guten Morgen, meine Herren respektiert
@ircmaxell top search keyword for my blog right now is monkey, then unicorn ... I hope it stays that way ... because funny ...
Joe, where is your blog? I remember reading one post, then I lost the URL
Hey, Has anybody used this library github.com/AuraEQ/laravel-multi-tenant? Or if not, do you think it's stable enough to use in production?
3:51 PM
Committing your code only to find a double new line 5 seconds after. #developerproblems
@ChrisTill They describe it as "experimental". So... I guess that depends on your meaning of "production". Making the next ello? Experimental is probably a bad idea. Making a blog for your cat pictures? Probably safe.
@Chris I'm making the next 'Ello'. Sort of.
music that makes you dumb
I'm looking at making an app i have multi-tennant to support multiple clients
Never built a multi-tennant app before so thought i'd use a library
4:00 PM
@ziGi things that are dumb: graphs with no labeled axes
posted on October 23, 2014 by kbironneau

/* by Buck */

/me schedules blog post for 28th ...
@KevinMGranger You're missing out. The IT crowd is brilliant
@Feeds This just took SOAPException to a whole new level.
4:21 PM
@Jimbo it's on my to-watch-eventually list
4:46 PM
insight is actually pretty cool ...
and wordpress are fucked ...
Q: Unicorn is killed automatically

JaniI'm using unicorn in a staging environment (Ubuntu), when a build process is started unicorn is killed automatically with the following logs. I, [2014-09-23T06:59:58.912673 #16717] INFO -- : reaped #<Process::Status: pid 16720 exit 0> worker=0 I, [2014-09-23T06:59:58.913144 #16717] INFO -- : r...

It's official: nginx kills unicorns
nginx kills unicorns... automatically
That tag has quite a few good question titles of a similar nature
Do I need to use any special functions when updating a clob field?
Google says no, but the results from my code say otherwise.
5:02 PM
Wow - sounds fun:
A: Unicorn restarting on its own - No memory - gets killed

Christian SommerauerFor Unicorn memory usage the only way is up, unfortunately. Unicorn will allocate more memory if your rails app needs it. But it does not release it even if it doesn't need it anymore. For example if you load a lot of records for an index page at once, unicorn will increase memory usage. Now this...

"Now this is exacerbated by the fact that 512MB are not a huge amount of memory for 2 rails apps with 3 workers."
#define RECKI_MAKE_STRING_CONSTANT(s, l) ((reckistring) {\
    .gc = (reckirefcounted) {\
        .refcount = 1\
    .h = 0,\
    .len = l,\
    .val = s\
@ircmaxell what language is that?
C macros
Hi guys!
Could somebody help me with this: stackoverflow.com/questions/26533247/…
Yay. 3 computers, 2 of them segfault predictably. Yay
5:15 PM
You know what they say, 2/3 ...is bad?
I try to create a random scheduler .. which will generate random minute interval from 0-59

Here is code http://pastebin.com/gmYuNpyQ
can anybody answer my question please?stackoverflow.com/questions/26532951/…
but unfortunately its not working
I hate review test questions. Every time I get told that I just wasted my time, my response is to close the tab and not take that same risk again.
hmmm, that's not a good idea, is it...
5:27 PM
@ircmaxell usage example pls
reckistring * var2 = NULL;
var2 = &RECKI_MAKE_STRING_CONSTANT("test", 4);
replace reckistring with zend_string
so I think I'm going down the wrong road here
function test($string) {
    $string .= "test";
    return $string;
static inline reckistring * recki_if_test(reckistring * var1, int *validReturn) {
	reckistring * var4 = NULL;
	reckistring * var3 = NULL;
	reckistring * var2 = NULL;
	var2 = &RECKI_MAKE_STRING_CONSTANT("test", 4);

	if (var3 == var1) {
	    var3 = recki_string_realloc(var3, var1->len + var2->len, 0);
	} else if (var3 != NULL) {
	    var3 = recki_string_realloc(var3, var1->len + var2->len, 0);
	    memcpy(var3->val, var1->val, var1->len);
	} else {
	    var3 = recki_string_copy(var1);
	    var3 = recki_string_realloc(var3, var1->len + var2->len, 0);
produces ^^
which doesn't work, but I'm not sure if it even should work, or if I need to revisit
@ircmaxell óÒ that works?
@NikiC no. no it doesn't
well, it compiles
but it doesn't do what I would expect it to :-P
how ... how does that compile?
it stack-allocates the structure, then gets the stack-address of it...
5:33 PM
@ircmaxell and does this work for static consts?
"work" is not a good term oO
also, I don't get how the "val" initialization is supposed to work there
@NikiC val is a pointer to a single element array, no? So just assinging the pointer to a multiple element array could work, but it doesn't
I was trying to have to avoid: 1) heap allocating constants and 2) having a separate route for constants (special case)
@ircmaxell it's not a pointer to an array, it's an actual array
if it just were a pointer, it would be no problem
@NikiC which is still a pointer to the first element
also: it doesn't work, so :-/
5:36 PM
@ircmaxell you can heap allocate and reuse
and re-use how? Keep a global array of constants for the module?
i.e. do a persistent alloc, initialized in minit
yeah, basically that
I use xG(str_foo) for that
hmmm... there are advantages of that...
but that's also complex
I'll do that later...
alternative is doing an alloca - but of course that only works if the lifetime is strictly limited to the function
actually, no I can't do that later without special-casing all over the place...
5:45 PM
how the heck do I update a lob
It'd be cute if you could @ whole blocks -- @{ /* shhh... */ }
doesn't work
it doesn't update at all, doesn't even throw an error
    reckistring *string_constants[{$count}]
@NikiC something like that ^^ ?
though I'd probably prefer named constants for readability of the resulting code.
on the other hand, you'd have to encode the names because of special characters, so probably an indexed array is better afterall ^^
I don't want the resulting code to be readable
becuase I don't want to encourage people hand-tweaking
5:52 PM
yeah, but debug and stuff ^^
@DanLugg the "no tears, only dreams" operator
Do you guys know of a website that does a no-chrome, full page syntax highlighting with line numbers?
I need to print out some code samples for interview questions and that would be the easiest way for us to print stuff out with highlighting and line numbers ^^

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