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9:00 AM
like pedantic/standardese stuff
I still don't follow
if you compile a file, you compile it for either C or C++... you can't compile it half and half
well you could... but that would involve dirty tricks
oh, you mean are there things that they do not agree on
yes, C++ being a superset, at what point is C++ "forked" off of C? C++ is a superset of C99? or what
well sure, but that would as amazing as if Java and PHP disagreed on something, they are different languages, so why should they treat everything the same
@doug65536 C++ is not a superset. It has a few examples of C things that have been removed/broken/changed
it's wrong to think of it like that, it's like asking on what version of Java is C# based
9:06 AM
@sehe Ryan Higa. :D
Erlang is awesome.
Why not.
You have >= and =<.
9:09 AM
Seems logical to me.
>= is the other way around of =<
@Zoidberg because you say "less then or equal too" no "equal to or less then"
@thecoshman Why not?
@ScottW Except for floats.
9:11 AM
Floats aren't numbers.
They're objects from hell.
IMO Float and Double shouldn't be instances of Num in Haskell.
@ScottW They sound like the Nanny?
performance doesn't matter in haskell?
How is performance related to this.
9:13 AM
@Zoidberg because 'less than' is a more inclusive group and thus take precedence
Performance matters for artists.
you seem to want arbitrary precision instead of floats
Where the fuck did you get that from.
@Zoidberg From your mom.
9:13 AM
I'm saying that floats shouldn't be instances of Num.
Haskell is a solution to problems that do not need solving
ok, forget my comment then
@Zoidberg The whole Num and Fractional and so on typeclass hierarchy sucks.
Ah well, Num is kinda pointless anyway.
(he he he, that'll get the fan boys going)
that probably goes for all functional languages really :P
9:14 AM
you suck
@thecoshman But, but fibonacci!
@ScottW concurrent programming done more easily
cause side effects
@ScottW it was made for telecom, mainly.
@ScottW idk squat about erlang but I read you can make incredibly reliable programs in erlang
Erlang is awesome.
9:15 AM
lol Telnet.
@ScottW fault tolerance
functional languages are like primitive life, they server no obvious purpose, and seem to do nothing but service
Fault tolerance? Perl!
@ScottW telecoms is not telnet...
@ScottW ooh, you where trying to be funny
@doug65536 perhaps
@thecoshman Now, now.
9:17 AM
hahahaha in 13 minutes I have class.
Time not to go to class.
@StackedCrooked ah now, I genuanly did not realise that was even supposed to be funny
Old here? Do us a favour and don't bore us with "I'm too cool fro school" crap.
@thecoshman I concur
Q: Best programmer

user2082619I want to ask, how to be the best programmer?, I know, I need many practice, but if someone can give me a list of good practice of software engineering and a list of books to improve my skills in programming. Thanks

FTL: good fun, worth getting, damn hard
@TonyTheLion nothing says agreement quite like a star :P
9:20 AM
posted on February 18, 2013 by R. Martinho Fernandes

Now that we can map all indices back and forth between the interface and the storage we can start fleshing out the interface of our tuple. A worthy goal is to provide exactly the same interface as the standard tuple class, so that we can use ours as a drop-in replacement. To member or not to member As planned, our tuple will just delegate the actual storage to a standard tuple. That will be

oh robot has been active
god damn you @feeds (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
you flip too many damn tables boi
¬_¬ autohot-key... where are you?
9:21 AM
saw that
@TonyTheLion (click my name to being up that thingy)
It's brilliance
an unflipped table ZOMG
@TonyTheLion no, just getting ready to flip :P
@Feeds interesting. never considered that public inheritance enables implicit conversion to the base. obvious now that he mentioned it but good thing to be aware of
9:26 AM
has anyone used ToUnicode before? how large should the out buffer be? 2 wchars? 3? 4?
lol y messed up :p
I know >_>
I always do >_>
@thecoshman MSVC
9:27 AM
you messed up :D
@thecoshman Nothing about virtual keys there.
have I got them the wrong way around?
(Also, I'm moving to GitHub.)
@thecoshman yep
apparently so...
9:28 AM
@R.MartinhoFernandes how come?
I swear every month the swap the brackets
so, any idea? how long a WCHAR string could one virtual key possibly translate to? :S
@thecoshman BitBucket wikis suck. Either they are invisible or everyone can edit them. Not very good for putting docs there.
@R.MartinhoFernandes really?
@melak47 Lots. Consider dead keys.
9:29 AM
@thecoshman We've become desensitized to your typos.
@R.MartinhoFernandes but can you stack up lots of dead keys? I mean...like ^? I thought only one
Dunno, but people in Asia have weird typing methods. I am not very familiar with them.
@thecoshman what typo?
9:31 AM
@R.MartinhoFernandes why doesn't the msdn page tell me how to use the stupid function ._.
"The parameters supplied to the ToUnicode function might not be sufficient to translate the virtual-key code because a previous dead key is stored in the keyboard layout."
gee, well thanks very much
@R.MartinhoFernandes "typing methods"?
Do you mean how they produce the characters on the screen?
Japanese is phonetic typing with IME and you select a Kanji by pressing space/down, Korean has sections of the keyboard separated by consonant or vowel.
and the function doesn't appear to have a return value for "buffer was not long enough to store the translation" ...blergh
In Vietnam, some keyboard layouts produce stuff in NFC, while others produce stuff in NFD. The latter will need longer buffers.
@melak47 Does it work if you use that convention of passing a null buffer first to get the size?
9:35 AM
@R.MartinhoFernandes that's a convention?
@melak47 Some WinAPI functions I've seen do that.
But it is usually documented.
the msdn page says the function returns the number of chars written to the buffer - if the buffer is a nullptr, how can it write anything
@melak47 It takes a pointer to a size, no?
@R.MartinhoFernandes you should learn Japanese in and use it for testing your unicode library.
@R.MartinhoFernandes ?
it takes an LPWSTR, and a size for that string
9:36 AM
Oh, it takes an int size. Nevermind then.
I'm screwed? or what
I'll give it a nullptr buffer and see what happens :3
Well, 640k should be enough.
for everyone
9:38 AM
@StackedCrooked haha.
@R.MartinhoFernandes >_>
I only want to translate a single stupid key
@TonyTheLion fro rather the for :(
yeah, nullptr is not a good idea
@R.MartinhoFernandes NFC? NFD?
@thecoshman I missed that
9:40 AM
@thecoshman Unicode normal forms.
elevated liver function (again)
but no sign of infection
which is nice
@melak47 they are all smart, and all have friends
gallbladder scan on Thursday, and apparently, "gallbladder" means "gallbladder, liver, and pancreas, and a "general look around""
9:41 AM
@DeadMG finger up the bum
not with an ultrasound probe
@DeadMG those things are massive yokes
nice. the virtual key code resulting from pressing "ä" gets ToUnicode'd to a captial sigma. wtf
@thecoshman So I'm pretty sure that they won't be sticking it up my bum
9:43 AM
@DeadMG got to check the prostate
@StackedCrooked filtered
@StackedCrooked No.
a yoke is like a joystick.
@thecoshman "Irish slang for ecstasy tablets."
@DeadMG not in this instance
@DeadMG Does it deliver joy?
@R.MartinhoFernandes TIL, but not in this instance
9:44 AM
@melak47 Bad locale?
@StackedCrooked it will do if it shows a curable disease which causes my symptoms.
Irish coloquism for 'thing' usage, "can I have that yoke for the internet"
@R.MartinhoFernandes it's possible. locale as in C++ output locale?
or windows somethingy or other
may or may not be related: my language bar goes AWOL when I enter my window...
Whatever Windows uses for keyboard layout stuff.
I'm alive!
9:48 AM
hm, using "GetKeyboardLayout" to get the current locale thingy doesn't change anything
Don't ask me then. I know nothing about the WinAPI.
if that doesn't work, then how am I supposed to find the currently used layout ._.
Oh I was using that the other day
@Ell ? :o
For my Keylogger :L
9:50 AM
any idea what I'm doing wrong? :D
Nope haha, I just used getkeybiardlayout then
getkeyname or something like that, idk
The fuck. Why can't I do the following in C#?
I can check later but I'm helping to move the fridge out of the kitchen atm
  var something = ...;
var something = ...;
is there like...an easier way to let a user input unicode text than parsing and translating WM_KEYDOWN messages? I tried just using whatever you get from WM_CHAR messages, but that also gets me a sigma instead of an ä
9:51 AM
Variable names have function scope.
I think there is a better way, I just can't remember what it is
No, not quite that.
Something like that.
any way to use std::wcin to get text input...without having a console?
@melak47 What exactly do you mean by unicode text?
9:54 AM
@jalf I want the user to be able to enter text. but I have a windowed application, not a console one
so (I think?) I can't use std::wcin? :S
@melak47 but what do you mean by "unicode text"?
@melak47 Correct
You should be able to use WM_CHAR. It should tell you which UTF-16 codepoints have been received
@jalf yes
@melak47 The OS-level stream it represents doesn't exist.
@jalf but I get for example a captical sigma when I enter an "ä"
@melak47 and how do you determine that?
9:56 AM
by printing it to std::wcout :3
(I do have a console window, for debugging)
@melak47 you mean by going through a couple of semi-random encoding conversions?
yeah, that's reliable
That's wrong.
9:57 AM
Look at the integer value you get out of the WM_CHAR message, and check if that is what you expect
The numbers are all that matters.
Don't print stuff out.
Hi ho its of to work we go
9:58 AM
@R.MartinhoFernandes but..ultimately I need to print stuff out
You're shit out of luck
@melak47 Unicode in the Windows console?
@R.MartinhoFernandes not the console
@melak47 yes, but if you look at the input you get from Windows separately, then you can at least check if thati s correct
@melak47 Well, forget the console, then.
9:58 AM
once you know that your input is received correctly, then you can look into why your output is wrong
Just check that the numbers are right.
Today is almost a wonderful day.
don't take input and immediately forward it to output without looking at the intermediate value
The "almost" is due to the fact that it's Monday.
@jalf I actually want to print it by drawing it with DirectDraw, eventually. :D
9:59 AM
ä is U+00E4, btw.
every one break fro b'fast
If it is, you can forward that to any place that can actually handle Unicode output and have it work.
@melak47 ... is that relevant? The point we are making is that until you've checked that you receive the right integer value from WM_CHAR, you can't assume that WM_CHAR is broken (which it isn't)

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