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9:03 PM
Hey @Pringles, why did you go for this frankly lazy line, rather than "Pringle Bells"? http://t.co/fiJvSQVm
Pundamentalism.... Nice.
Why is Amazon asking for my social security number
9:07 PM
I love it when random sites (such as Apple or HP download center) ask me for my email.
Eets a tarp.
Standard email address: fuck@you.com
I'm sure this is legit but I'm not putting my SSN online, lol
works everywhere
9:09 PM
I was signing up for Amazon Payments >_>
It's hilarious though. Because every time I try to download a driver from the HP site. It always requires that you enter your email. (that was a while back, dunno about now)
So there was one day where I entered "fuck@you.com" at least 20 times.
Mailinator is cool.
Amazon payments sounds really shitty.
Just use a VISA/MasterCard/Somethingelse Gift Card like a real man.
And horde all your money in a giant cash box.
@Rapptz wtf
9:12 PM
It's requiring me to sign up for Amazon Payments to use mturk
@Rapptz Motivation to complain to your congresscritters about the IRS and its stupidity.
"congresscritters", love that word.
@JerryCoffin International Roof Systems?
@StackedCrooked It's Really Silly
@StackedCrooked Internal Revenue Service -- US tax collection agency.
9:15 PM
@JerryCoffin "Service"
It's a service for the government :P
@Mysticial Really? I don't remember ever having to enter an email address
@Insilico how long ago was it?
Because if I did I would've returned the printer and gotten a different one. :-)
@Mysticial I've experienced working with HP printers for a while now, at least for several years.
Hmm... for me I was trying to download system drivers.
9:25 PM
I always download the drivers that says "For IT Professional Use Only" because it's basically the exact same drivers as the ones in the "consumer" versions but with less crapware.
Every single time I entered that page, there would be this big popup that stays in the middle of the screen (and won't scroll away) that asks for my email.
They didn't even captcha it. So I totally could've just scripted it and sent them a fuck@you.com every millisecond.
Q: 71000 + 85 = 71,084?

sbiI really thought that, when the reputation system was changed to update in near real-time, I would never ever scratch my head and ask myself how the heck SO arrived at the reputation I have. (Yeah, I know, half of you are probably now holding their sides. So I am naive. Nothing wrong with that. I...

@Mysticial Is you.com a registered domain? It would be hilarious if it was.
That's what I call an attractive title.
@Insilico I dunno...
@Mysticial The number suddenly has a comma after 85 to it!
I usually don't pay attention to meta stuff, but seeing that title I had to click.
9:28 PM
@sbi Answer you downvoted was deleted or something? Or maybe it was some old rep stuff that just got recalculated now.
Oh, it wasn't @sbi who posted that. :P
@Mysticial So there's no thousands separator for 71000 but there is one for 71084? That is an odd inconsistency.
haha pekka fixed it
Oh, so I did :(
I could make that my trademark
@ThePhD What personality...?
@sehe All my tears. :c
9:33 PM
Yay. Moar tears.
And Hi
I should invest in L'oreal Shampoo.
Woo, stock shares here I come!
Haha, now that the ape has brought this up.
The downvoters for the posts that I use to keep my rep divisible by 5 are gonna be very confused why their rep fluctuates by +/-1 every once in a while.
*confused when it goes down when I undelete. When I delete, it'll show up in the history.
The posts you what?
9:43 PM
Good evening, ladies.
I have 4 posts that have uncapped downvotes on them.
By keeping them in the right combination of deleted/undeleted status, I can keep my rep divisible by 5.
@Mysticial You are batshit crazy.
@sbi ...and a fine evening to you Mr. Sonny Bonobo.
9:45 PM
Alex has gone full Kira.
> President Obama has signed a bill that requires U.S. airlines to be excluded from European carbon emissions fees.
Wait, what?
Er. So U.S. Airlines can cheat now?
@JerryCoffin The polite way you, a wasp yellowjacket, greet a gorilla as a bonobo does remind me of children stories, where animals can talk.
@sbi Ah, but look through the transcript from ~4 hours ago, and you'll find photographic evidence of a man with a grey beard). In any case, I seem to recall your claiming to actually be a Bonobo a few days ago.
9:48 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes Haha, so the Merkin president signs a bill that (he believes) changes European law?
Did I ever mention I considered him the lesser evil, rather than a better president?
I am still trying to grasp the level of WTF in that.
@JerryCoffin I used to spill the truth here, that I am a bonobo in disguise, but then the undereducated people here started to confuse bonobos and gorillas, so I decided to keep my mouth shut about that.
@R.MartinhoFernandes That's about the typical level of WTFness as far as governments are concerned.
@Insilico No, not at all, if that's really true, it's way above typial. I mean, how many governments around the world have you heard signing bills that they believe change the law in other jurisdictions?
Well, SR3 is completely batshit insane.
9:53 PM
@EtiennedeMartel Told yeh it was fun.
@R.MartinhoFernandes I like that insurance scam minigame.
@sbi Actually that happens all the time here in the states. For example, Federal law makes marijuana illegal, but many states have laws that directly conflict with that.
@Insilico That's quite a bit different. There's quite a bit of room for question about which should really have jurisdiction there -- but no reasonable room for question that the US has no real jurisdiction over Europe.
@Insilico ^What he said.
9:57 PM
@JerryCoffin True. My original assessment might stem from the constantly high levels of WTF I already expect from my own government.
@Insilico Fair enough.
What is it with lots of C++ programmers not wanting to use the standard library?
I want to do it in a way that doesn't require the standard library, would that be possible? — user200081 3 hours ago
@Insilico blah blah bloat something blah blah hides whatthefuckever blah blah other nonsense blah blah I AM A DUMBASS blah blah
@Insilico Stupidity. Or, to expand on that a little: S T U P I D I T Y ! !
10:00 PM
Eh. The standard library is okay, I guess.
Maybe. Sort of. Kind've.
So the citizens of the country which is the most crazy about "lean government" get such a government that they expect the worst WTF level from it. That certainly must be coincidental.
I find it funny when people ask "Can I do this without the standard library?". Yes, of course. Everything the standard library does can be done without it. It's not freaking Java. The whole point is so you don't reinvent the wheel every single time in the crappiest way possible.
@ThePhD I'm not trying to say its perfect -- but avoiding it should be done for a specific reason, not just for its own sake.
Wow. Next, I want to see someone ask a question about punch cards :-) — Dave 38 mins ago
@JerryCoffin I know. I tend to just not want to use the std library on the completely irrelevant basis of not wanting to use all dem underscores 'n' stuff.
10:03 PM
@Insilico Sillyness.
@ThePhD You mean you don't like cool function names like std::lexicographical_compare?
@R.MartinhoFernandes You need some cough drops?
@ThePhD If your real problem is with underscores, some editor macros may be the cure.
Damn, that beer is bitter.
10:04 PM
Note: editor macros, not C preprocessor macros.
push_back will never take me alive!
@sbi It's body language, you damn silly ape.
If you use the C preprocessor to replace push_back with PushBack, I will stab you.
@Insilico :3c
@R.MartinhoFernandes I don't know how to mime that question in a chat room.
10:05 PM
@Insilico ... in the back.
@Insilico Stab with what?
That's what I'm the most interested in.
@EtiennedeMartel A plate, if necessary.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Way to clean a death.
@EtiennedeMartel An arrow: ->.
@sbi Sounds inefficient.
A hoe?: _____n
10:06 PM
@EtiennedeMartel One of these chefdepot.net/graphics16/waring_stand_mixer.jpg. Turned on.
@EtiennedeMartel Have you ever seen the wound a plate makes when forced through human flesh?
@sbi It's the "forced" part I'm refering to.
Although it might indicate you're really serious about it.
@sbi I'm pretty sure I'd rather not, thank you.
room topic changed to Lounge<C++>: We are serious about it. [c++] [c++11] [c++-faq]
@R.MartinhoFernandes How is that surprising? You're at the top of the "frequently in room" list. Me, OTOH, being on position #3, is really surprising. Well, and then it is not. :)
10:09 PM
@sbi Maybe the sarcasm already decayed after two days.
Sarcasm, unfortunately, has a short Half Life.
This was deleted? Didn't seem like a trivial question (at least not to me... might have been a duplicate though)
@EtiennedeMartel Look at my avatar. I can force a cake plate through the skin on your belly and out the back again without so much as a grimace. Complete with tart. And that'd be a far more serious wound than one of them skinny knife could ever inflict on you.
@Borgleader >deleted by user200081 10 secs ago
@Borgleader Something wrong with your vision?
10:11 PM
@Borgleader By the owner. Can't really say I want to see it back.
@sbi Depends of the definition of "serious wound". A knife to the face would probably kill me faster, and I don't like dying.
@EtiennedeMartel He's not violent. It's just for show. Don't let him know I spilled the beans; I fear his retribution.
@R.MartinhoFernandes What do you mean, "two days"? You replied within a minute.
@ThePhD When expressed with wit and flair, sarcasm can be good for centuries. Newton's " If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." remains as nasty as ever (to anybody who's bothered to read enough to understand it).
@R.MartinhoFernandes I know he's not. He's old. He doesn't have the sufficient strength to be violent.
10:13 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes If you spilled the beans, the retribution shall be that you clean the kitchen.
Fine. I spilled them in the living room. Good luck with that one.
Only one way to fix that: drink beer.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Shrug. Well, then you will just clean the kitchen and the living room.
I posted something on reddit and it got on the frontpage
@Pubby You have my condolence.
10:16 PM
@Pubby woah...
holy shit that was you?
@Pubby I don't use Reddit enough to know what IAMA stands for?
I Am A
Internet Assigned Motherfucking Agency. Or something like it.
@TonyTheLion Yeah, right, sounds like a very good idea: ask a programmer to teach you his native natural language... Next thing you ask a German for foreigners teacher to teach you C++.
Whats that term to say that say you have a char array and a char pointer is expected you can just use the char array directly?
It decays? Was that it?
10:21 PM
It's called "What the fuck are you doing?"
because I really don't know
@Borgleader Just put your nose close to it. Does it have a code smell? Then it's called "decaying".
This question
@sbi I sure as hell wouldn't do this myself.
@Borgleader Well, then put someone else's nose close. That doesn't change much.
Anyway too late it's been answered.
10:23 PM
@Borgleader But not particularly well.
It's a terrible answer.
"You are doing it wrong. RTFM. Here is an irrelevant quote from a poor fucking manual"
@R.MartinhoFernandes And it's not even the right "manual".
Apparently the OP of that question just wants to replace "simple" with "sample"? I don't use shitty C string functions so I can barely grok that.
@R.MartinhoFernandes holy shit lol'd
what a champ
FWIW, cplusplus.com had some kind of overhaul recently. It even includes C++11 stuffs.
No idea about quality though.
cplusplus.com's main problem was that it used to be good a while ago, but it sat on its success and incredible PageRank and just stagnated from there.
Quite similar to what I call the "IE6 syndrome".
10:31 PM
Ok, it's still terrible.
Just looked at chrono docs.
The example is terrible.
Hopefully this is a tad more adequate.
seconds_type s_oneday (60*60*24); means "Look I have no idea what I am doing".
@Borgleader I saw that.
If you are using <chrono> and converting units manually you are doing it wrong.
No excuse.
@R.MartinhoFernandes And that's why you shouldn't use that site :P
10:34 PM
@Borgleader I've had a Stack Overflow user going berserk when I mentioned cplusplus.com isn't a very useful site for correct C++ stuff in a comment. O_O
Yeah, most <chrono> examples completely miss the point.
You should use this, I've also been told that cplusplus.com is full of errors.
@Borgleader We're all familiar with that site. That's the site I link to when I need to provide a C++ reference of some kind.
Q: C How to repeat function until conditions will not complied

Czesław PompkaI got code: void Grown() { if(!hero.getMoving() { SendAttack(int 110000001, int 1) } } How to repeat function ( if(!hero.getMoving() ) until conditions will not complied? I don't want repeat all void Grown(), only if(!hero.getMoving()

10:36 PM
A question tagged but mentions only C in the title.
@Insilico It was bullet 'C' in his homework assignment?
@sehe TBH I kind of hope so, although it doesn't improve my understanding of the question much.
I didn't look at the question
@sehe Don't worry, you didn't miss much.
I know
10:39 PM
@JerryCoffin and the robot have conspired to make a better answer than mine. Damn you and your superior knowledge! ;)
In any case, I shall learn by osmosis !!!
@sbi: Why are you apologizing?
Sorry, @Borgleader, I just had to. That, it downvote. — sbi 1 min ago
Is that a sentence?
@Insilico I am tempted to change the tag to .
@R.MartinhoFernandes throw inadequate_keyboard_error();
@sbi C, plus or minus (something).
std::string::npos Huh... I did not know about that...
10:45 PM
On Wikipedia, many lists themselves contain lists. A * List of lists of ancient kings * Lists of A&M Records artists * Lists of ABC shows * Lists of African Americans * Lists of African Union members * Lists of American football players * Lists of American television episodes with LGBT themes * Lists of American writers * Lists of Americans * Lists of Armenians * Lists of atheists * Lists of Australian rules football leagues * Lists of Australians * Lists of abbreviations * Lists of academic journals * Lists of accidents and incidents involving military aircraft * Lists of active sepa...
@StackedCrooked Is there a list of lists of lists of lists?
> In a fit of frustration at my inability to fix her laptop, she once chucked a textbook at me. The title? "Conflict Resolution" — callingshotgun (Note: That link only works for grown-ups.)
@Insilico It's a set of one.
@sbi So grown-ups are anybody with ≥10k reputation?
10:47 PM
@sbi Obviously false, since it worked for me.
@Borgleader Hardly. Nothing about std::string is "neat". Quite the contrary, it's a giant mess.
It's a neat mess, though.
@JerryCoffin It's neat in the sense that when reading the code, "std::string::npos" is a little more telling than the lovingly random "-1".
Toilet paper when used with a toilet roll holder with a horizontal axle parallel to the wall has two possible orientations: the toilet paper may hang over (in front of) or under (behind) the roll. The choice is largely a matter of personal preference, dictated by habit. In surveys of American consumers and of bath and kitchen specialists, 60–70% of respondents prefer over. Despite its being an apparently trivial topic, some people hold strong opinions on the matter. Advice columnist Ann Landers said that the subject was the most controversial issue in her column's history. Defenders of e...
What. The. Hell.
@sbi Hmm...like legos on the floor for you to walk on, all in nice, neat tidy rows.
@Insilico Proof that some people have too much time on their hands (as if chat wasn't sufficient as proof of that!)
@Insilico See, and people get all worked up about people getting all worked up about bike shed colors.
10:51 PM
@Borgleader Okay, I guess you have a point there.
I need to learn some obscure language/framework so I get all those questions where I'll have no competition to answer.
@Insilico Somebody wrote a fucking wikipedia article about toilet paper orientation... I mean great... Somebody needs a job. :)
@JerryCoffin That won't hurt. It only hurts when they are not tidy and in rows. Especially when one of them is stuck diagonally.
@Mysticial There have been studies and shit.
@sbi Your feet must be tougher than mine.
10:53 PM
Well, it is kinda true that toilet paper is the internet of the bathroom.
@JerryCoffin I got more kids, hence more practice.
Hard to live without it.
@R.MartinhoFernandes what's the problem there? The layout mess? The non-consistent 'narrative' (i.e. the standards quote grabs)?
@Mysticial Easily replaced with three seashells.
@JerryCoffin Gorillas don't wear shoes, so feet get tougher naturally.
10:53 PM
My feet are disgusting
the skin is like leather
I believe you
> Only the classes (...) that have a destructor explicitly declared as such (...) have a virtual destructor.
@sehe This.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Probably.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Tautology for the win! incorrect use of the word "tautology"
@R.MartinhoFernandes Ow. that may be slightly... inaccurate
@Insilico Is it?
10:54 PM
@sehe It is accurate. I omitted the parenthetical parts for clarity.
Oh [...] (or that inherit from a class that does) [...] was omitted
@sehe I guess it's is for C++ programmers. :-)
@R.MartinhoFernandes So, indeed it was the inconsistent narrative. Well it is the reference section, not the tutorial :)
May 25 at 14:58, by Ell
Wow. I just learned that my feet are so disgusting you can carve dead skin off them with a knife and I wont feel a thing
@Insilico Tautology? No, just plain falsehood. struct base { virtual ~base(); }; struct derived: base {}; Now derived has a virtual dtor, with no explicit declaration.
10:55 PM
@Insilico No, the quoted part was inaccurate. The full page had the inheritance bits included though.
@JerryCoffin It is correct. I omitted stuffs to make the silliness more obvious.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Ah, so you're the culprit!
@Ell You know, just quote the whole link?
May 25 at 14:58, by Ell
Wow. I just learned that my feet are so disgusting you can carve dead skin off them with a knife and I wont feel a thing
Why does the site use an icon of a couch for the "Member Constants" section?
oh kewl
10:57 PM
@sehe It's just callus, which is quite normal. :-)
@R.MartinhoFernandes in that sense, all references are bound to get rather silly.
@Insilico haha
@Insilico I know
Dammit, I keep forgetting replying to a one-boxed quote doesn't reply to the person who made it the quote. -__-
"dead skin" => "won't feel a thing". What's so surprising about that?
10:57 PM
@Mysticial And have you seen his edit comment?
@R.MartinhoFernandes Oh yeah. I should mention it's like 3mm thick or something like that :L
Why doesn't quoting work with replies?
Because it doesn't.
@Mysticial Because SO.
@Mysticial Oh, it does. But only if you reply with a link to a SE comment.
10:59 PM
I learned the other day that you can make quoting work in multiline Markdown.
@R.MartinhoFernandes No way!

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