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3:00 PM
I don't mean to sound arrogant if I came across that way though.
@thecoshman From your usually responses, I thought you were cool with it.
@R.MartinhoFernandes ¬_¬ I am sure you are baiting me now
@Chimera Uh oh, previous exposure to C calls for tough measures for teaching C++. AC++ is a good plan then. From my POV it has almost no pedagogical flaw — which is rare for an introductory C++ book.
@thecoshman Knowbuddy wood aver doo dat!
@JerryCoffin (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
3:02 PM
Would you recommend going straight to c++11 or getting my hands dirty first?
@sbi pedagogical, what a word :O
@nahpr what do you mean?
btw, which compilers support c++11 now?
@ronalchn None.
@sbi very good..... glad I chose wisely then.
@sbi Hell++ does.
3:03 PM
I thought so, just wondering if its changed
you guys fighting in here?
For best C++11 experience grab one of GCC 4.7 or Clang 3.1.
@TonyTheLion Why are you asking? You bored?
@TonyTheLion maybe, want to make something of it!
@thecoshman :)
3:04 PM
best C++11 experience <--- didn't know that existed???
Looking at the extra features, there's so much I want to use already, if there is a good working compiler for C++11, I want to download it already
@R.MartinhoFernandes called it!
@sbi no, I'm not bored.
@TonyTheLion Of course it does.
3:04 PM
@TonyTheLion read 'least painful'
Best != good, FYI.
As long as there is one, there is a best one.
@R.MartinhoFernandes hmm... can there though. To be the best, you need to be better then something. Surly you need at least two for one of them to be the better
3:06 PM
@ronalchn Define "support". Almost all have at least some C++11 features, but none of them supports them all.
@thecoshman Alternatively, you can define "best" as "none is better than you". Then one suffices for having a best one.
bacon week, huh?
I am boted of bacon.
@sbi maybe... maybe...
holy shit! I just built a large C application using Clang that was until now always compiled using GCC... amazing...
3:07 PM
@JerryCoffin All pre-ANSI C compilers have some C++11 features.
@Chimera Clang is a GCC 4.2 (modulo bugs, obviously).
@TonyTheLion The secret is to avoid learning Java or C# like the plague, that way you don't know what you're missing on, and C++ doesn't seem that bad.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Is it a fork of GCC?
It even identifies itself as one by providing the GCC version macros.
@Chimera Not really a fork, but being a drop-in replacement for GCC 4.2 was one of the design goals (to provide a smoother transition path).
@satuon Too late, I know C#.
3:09 PM
It seems to produce more useful warning messages.
Thank fuck I don't know Java
but my experience with it this morning was enough to put me off forever
I so badly want to show you folks a video of the application, but I'm afraid I'd get in trouble with work.
Better not, then.
@Chimera show us! DO IT!
It'll be fun
@TonyTheLion You have veered from the right path and are now spoiled.
3:10 PM
It's a fairly complete slot machine implemenation using GTK
@sbi hahah
@sbi The right path includes more than one language.
@Chimera Clang is a fork stuck painfully into GCC's soft parts.
@TonyTheLion Well, all my jobs have been C++ so far, and I always chuckle when people moan about it being so much worse
It only avoids languages from which there's nothing interesting to learn.
3:11 PM
@TonyTheLion It's not that bad.. it's just that the functionality to typing ratio is abysmally low
@sbi What is the relationship between Clang and LLVM?
And for that matter, Java has interesting things to learn.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Taps food, waiting for the Java bashing to start.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Ha!
@R.MartinhoFernandes So does brainfuck.
@R.MartinhoFernandes I've done a small amount of Java, it's not that bad. I prefer C# though.
3:12 PM
Most of those interesting things boil down to "how much feature X sucks", though (checked exceptions, I'm looking at you).
@Chimera LLVM is a compiler ecosystem. Clang is a compiler built atop of it.
@sbi Ah sounds like something I will have to read more about..
@R.MartinhoFernandes In terms of GCC extensions. Not in other terms, I HOPE :p
@Chimera It is if nothing else, consistent and pretty simple
@DeadMG I don't know what other terms you mean, but yes, it's a GCC 4.2 in terms of features.
3:15 PM
well, for example, C++11 support
or the licence under which it's code was released
Only technically. Politically is quite different.
@Collin Yep, the thing I don't like about it is options for GUI components. They all seem to suck.
Hey guys!
I have a question! :D
@JosephPotts Good.
@Chimera There are very few GUI libraries that don't, for any language
3:18 PM
It's not relavent to C++ but I can't find any other section
It's about music players
@JosephPotts we've heard that before
@Collin Well I think Microsoft did a good job with it's GUI components.
The building tools make the Java ones bearable anyway. I actually like WPF, but I haven't done much QT
3:18 PM
I can't find a music player that keeps on looping a specific portion of a song over and over again.
FYI usually ends in tears
@Chimera oh, you clearly haven't used them :P
I remember old versions of music players like vlc doing it, but now they don't
@JosephPotts That sounds like quite an unusual feature for a music player.
@thecoshman I have. They seem more refined and easier to use than Java SWT, swing etc.
Why don't you just extract the bits you like out of that song?
3:20 PM
I could've sworn 1-2 years ago music players had it.
@R.MartinhoFernandes My first CD player (Sony CDP-520ES) had it.
@R.MartinhoFernandes I am sure I have seen this in video players.
which sbi?
it does seem like an odd feature for a normal player to have
have you thought about something like Audacity?
@thecoshman Have you used the ones in Java?
3:21 PM
Ow! I might've found it
@R.MartinhoFernandes I've used a few of them but not to any intense level, all suck
any way, time to go home to house that did not get DV delivered :(
I like both WPF and WinForms.
@JosephPotts There can only ever be one sbi.
I took the wrong train today.
sbi is a singleton
3:23 PM
Getting late on your first day at school is funny.
you always get the same instance
Getting laid on your first day at school is funny, too.
I meant which music player were you talking about, but don't worry, I used your answer as a reference ;D
@TonyTheLion Single instance, numerous facets.
Single instance, numerous facets, same grumpiness.
3:24 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes No, the grumpiness differs, too. There's facets to grumpiness, you know?
@sbi ah right, thanks for clarifying :P
I'm grumpy today, my feet hurt horrendously and I've had to deal with Java.
makes for a very bad mood
oh and mySQL
@TonyTheLion yourSQL?
@TonyTheLion YourSQL?
3:28 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes Zinc.
> Hello, I have a problem with my k-d tree.
that should be the new standard line for noobs
@Fanael Hmm...speaking of awful GUI toolkits! (Oh, but looking it's still in existence, and apparently being maintained -- maybe in the 20 years or so since I last looked, it's gotten less crappy).
@JerryCoffin What, Zinc's a GUI toolkit?
3:31 PM
Zinc is a metal.
PSA software?
@Fanael Yes.
AFAIK PSA makes car engines.
What’s so funny about k-d trees?
just trolls
3:32 PM
@daknøk There was a help vampire today repeatedly posting "I have a problem with my kd-tree, here's the code, fix it please".
asking about them
makes it funny
by "repeatedly", we mean
he posted about five or six straight questions
k-d trees aren’t that special.
each of which was basically identical
3:33 PM
saying "Here's my code, it's bugged, please fix"
@daknøk Mostly that stupid toupee they wear.
what a fool
sounds like average troll
each one getting -5/-6 and closed/deleted
3:33 PM
thank god I wasn't there and was doing something useful with my life, for once
@daknøk Somehow he gathered 2.7k rep.
I have a virtual function F() const;
@nahpr Good for you
@R.MartinhoFernandes he probably has a mutual upvote network.
@nahpr please, please give your functions more descriptive names.
3:36 PM
@nahpr In that case, you've stolen my property. I stole that from Borland in 2006 so it's mine. Signed: Apple Computer.
@DeadMG Duuude, I love it when they do that. I'm totally like, "Man, what was I going to do all afternoon.. What's this? A challenge? I love challenges."
morning everyone :)
I have a virtual function F() const; the child override can't be constant. What can I do? Is my only option making the parent non constant?
@Neil he's not "dude" but "puppy" FYI
3:37 PM
@nahpr yup
@nahpr What you can do is find the part ofthe site where people answer questions. Hint: it's not this part.
Why puppy?
@Neil In case you ever really do want one: codegolf.stackexchange.com
@Neil woof
@Neil look at his gravatar
3:38 PM
@nahpr const is part of the signature. Otherwise, you'd just be making a non-const overload besides the virtual method
@nahpr Sounds like a broken design.
@daknøk Nope:
4 hours ago, by R. Martinho Fernandes
506 questions, 9 answers.
1 hour ago, by sbi
@LuchianGrigore Order his questions by votes. On the fourth page (of 17), we're down to the score of one per question, on the sixth down to zero, the last four pages are negative votes. Only one in 40 people looking at his most-upvoted question upvoted it, but he also managed to get a score of -4 for a question with 3.6k views. These are all very bad signs, IYAM.
@JerryCoffin I had a better one today.
@KonradRudolph I ended up watching the whole thing. Was very interesting, thanks.
3:47 PM
@DeadMG I prefer live!
@nahpr Good for you. Now, stackoverflow.com/questions/ask ^^
I need to iterate through a vector. the loop will be deleting some members of the vector. the vector can't iterate backwards. how do I do it? last question; promise.
@DeadMG: What's wrong with this? stackoverflow.com/a/12250489/245265
funny, cause I just took a few minutes to type up my own answer
@DeadMG If I ask such stupid question I will get down votes. that cant be.
3:50 PM
and then I was about to respond to your comment
@nahpr Have you considered asking more intelligent questions? Just saying.
@DeadMG You can respond with a comment if you wish.
@EmileCormier Nah. More like, I totally forgot what your answer was and what the fuck is going on whilst I was typing my own answer up :P
@EmileCormier Thank you. So a map it is.
3:52 PM
@nahpr No, that's a completely different question.
@nahpr it = v.erase(it); is the idiom designed to handle that situation
@EmileCormier Think of it this way. He is basically trying to implement his own primitive reflection system.
you are writing a function that is returning metadata about his class
but his class is constant, it never changes.
so why the hell do you have a mutable set?
There's no way to initialize a constant set in C++03, AFAIK
but when I erase a member wont that affect the loop order?
@nahpr That's erase's problem.
@EmileCormier Uh, you could, say, use the same method everybody's been using for decades- a simple function.
std::set f() { std::set ret; ...; return ret; }
static const std::set stuff = f();
3:56 PM
I can't help but notice that the current topic is one of my quotes. I'm so proud right now.
Can I claim any kind of retribution for that ?
(I'm mainly thinking about money)
definitely not
@DeadMG : D'oh! I've used that myself. I can't believe I forgot about that.
Worth trying.
3:57 PM
@ereOn what quote is thta?
@ereOn *that
The one that is starred on the right.
isn't this far from the first time I downvoted you for unnecessary globals?
@ereOn Starred, not favourited.
"Hello, I have a problem with my k-d tree" ???
@DeadMG: Thanks.
3:59 PM
@DeadMG Thanks for the critique. No, I don't remember you downvoting me for that before.
@ereOn Perhaps you meant "attribution"?
@EmileCormier Huh. Could be my bad memory.
@nahpr: You probably don't get it, but the time you will have a k-d tree problem, you will understand immediately.
reminds me of that guy who never answers a question without a link to his own proprietary products.
there are a few people I downvote almost every time I meet them
@JerryCoffin I was definitely talking about retribution (well money). Isn't that the proper term ? (And I was kidding, obviously)
Sometimes I feel like I'm more learning english than C++ here. That's scary.
4:00 PM
@ereOn Payment would be "remuneration".
@DeadMG Oh, and I was answering with the OP's constraint that there had to be a "dynamic" SetItem thing in the base class, without questioning the dubious need for that.
@DeadMG so you have std::downvote for some people automatically invoked?! :P
@ereOn If you want to learn C++, you need to go to english.stackexchange.com.
@ereOn Retribution is punishing someone else for some bad act.
@DeadMG that? It's more like those.
4:01 PM
@TonyTheLion lol, not automatically
but they consistently do bad things
@R.MartinhoFernandes I've only noticed the one.
@DeadMG they are bad, and they should feel bad
@ereOn Dijkstra: "Besides a mathematical inclination, an exceptionally good mastery of one's native tongue is the most vital asset of a competent programmer." (whether that's English or not is a separate question).
@DeadMG: Ouch. Definitely not the meaning I intended.
4:02 PM
@DeadMG Why did you tell him? It was so funny how he asked for getting retribution.
this guy
@JerryCoffin: I believe I master my native tongue. And I keep learning english every day.
@sbi Inorite? But all good things have to come to an end.
Useless advice of the day : in french, "rétribution" means "remuneration".
hello world chat is empty
4:03 PM
@DeadMG That guy used to spam the C++ newsgroups a decade ago. (I am sure @Jerry and @Cheers will remember him.) I am appalled to learn he's still around.
@ereOn A false friend. Those are nasty.
@sbi Check out his answers, and guess how many have links to his own products in them.
@DeadMG: I guess he uses StackOverflow for cheap SEO
I wonder how well that works.
@DeadMG What about this guy? I missed it, was out walking the dogs.
@Chimera He almost exclusively answers questions with links to his company's products.
@DeadMG That's what party poopers always say.
4:05 PM
@DeadMG Yeah, he mentions that in his bio.
> We use this technique in the C and C++ front ends for the DMS Software Reengineering Tookit. They have been used to process millions of lines of large C and C++ systems, as well as dozens of other languages.
@DeadMG Why don't you just flag the guy? I've just checked his four most-upvoted questions, and they are all linking to his company.
I'm sure they do, and it's really relevant...
@sbi Are the answers dependent on the links?
@sbi I've been thinking about it. The problem is that it's more of a trend- I don't object to a few, and he does have 1,600.
4:07 PM
Would it be considered vandalism to edit his answers and remove the offending free ads ?
@Mysticial I am sure the SO gods don't care about that. He is (ab)using SO for his marketing, and I doubt Jeff or Joel would like to lend their well-oiled marketing machine to someone else's company.
They don't add anything to the answer.
@ereOn I'd say, bring it up on meta and let the mob decide what to do with them.
@ereOn In 1.6k answers? Where he has two decades of experience of entangling them with useful advice? No way.
Hasn't the question been asked before on meta ?
(Checking it right now)
4:09 PM
@ereOn Yup.
Q: Defining the limits of self-promotion

Jeff AtwoodFirst: DO NOT LYNCH THIS USER. Please. Calmly read what I'm about to write before doing anything. This post is not meant to be an incentive to attack a user, but a discussion about the issues. Consider a user whose posts all roughly look like this: Not open source but may be worth a try {lin...

Q: People Advertising their Services/Companies

Michael StumI have just taken the liberty to edit out some too obnoxious advertising, and I was just wondering what the general consensus is about people advertising their own companies or services? My common sense tells me that this is acceptable if the answer really answers the question (as opposed to cop...

A: Rename the "Spam" flag option to "Advertisement"

RosinanteThere are, I think, two categories of legitimate targets for spam tags. 'Frank' or acute spam. It has nothing to do with the subject at hand. It is just advertising or promotion injected into the site. Links to naked ladies, whatever. Material that fails a subjective ratio test, where the ratio...

@sbi More accurately: "Yup, repeatedly!" (Though, the one I linked mentions this particular miscreant specifically).
So this Ira Baxter guys seems to fall into the "Also, if a huge percentage of your posts include a mention of your product or website, you're probably here for the wrong reasons." case.
4:11 PM
I checked out his most recent 29 answers
and 19 of them linked to his own site
Time to flag, I'd say.
@ereOn OK, I'm in. I'll flag his latest dozen or so answer which include a link to one of his company's products.
Oh, just for what it's worth, one more:
Q: Using SO / SF / SU to promote your products?

deletedSee this question: http://superuser.com/questions/3049/must-have-android-applications/3284#3284 I answered twice with links to my own Android products that fully met the criteria of the question, and they got downvoted. I do make it clear that I am the developer, and I post regularly about other ...

a flag fest
4:14 PM
how do you flag that ? spam ?
I'm not participating
I'll be a spectator, lemme grab some cookies and coffee
I flagged it as "other" cause I wanted to write a custom message saying that it wasn't just this one message.
ok, will do the same
@ereOn "other" and an explanation that he's using So for promoting his spam
Is "Ira" a male or female name?
4:17 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes More often female, but in this case I think male.
@R.MartinhoFernandes "Ira (עִירָא, Standard Hebrew ʿIra, Tiberian Hebrew ʿÎrâ) is male and female given name."
@R.MartinhoFernandes That user is male, afaik.
If you don't know what gender a name is, may I suggest using our gender analysis tool ?
Sorry, couldn't resist.
@ereOn You may -- but only once.
4:19 PM
the guy is jesus
"The truth is in the details."
Love that one.
@ereOn The Truth is in GTA:SA.
@Fanael: :D
Speaking about games... I believe I will leave you gentlemen, go home then play all evening.
@ereOn Good evening to you sir!
Good evening to you too :)
4:23 PM
@ereOn Have fun.
@ereOn what r u playing?
I pasted this into the "other" edit field of the flagging feature at one or two dozen of his answers:
> I only now discovered that this guy is here now, too. I remember him annoying the hell out of me in Usenet a decade or two ago with posting "answers" solely to plug his company's products. I am appalled the guy is still around, and I am appalled he hadn't been caught out at SO yet.
This will either significantly increase my flag weight, or zero it.
Pekka, I think your heart is in the right place, but... This should not be necessary. You're effectively setting up guidelines for targeted advertising on SO - and there's already a system in place for that. One or two self-promoting answers out of 100 might be called a misunderstanding; 400+ is a blatant attempt to get around paying for your ads, and deserves neither sympathy nor "clarification". — Shog9 Jul 17 '10 at 21:59
You know what really hurts me inside? Internal bleeding.
4:42 PM
Argh, I'm sure I mentioned this before, but I hate it whenever I google "How do I do X in Y GUI framework?", where the X in question is a purely aesthetic matter, and the solution ends up being "write code like this and that".
Also, Android sucks.
what is the name of that free NNTP server that was discussed a few days ago?
bye take care
Also on SO sucks.
My teammates say SO is great and they browse almost exclusively. They so don't know how much quality they're missing...
Also, I'm pissed off. Can you tell? </random ranting>
is a mess...
@R.MartinhoFernandes I can tell :P
@JerryCoffin Oh, never mind.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Quality like this? :P
10 hours ago, by Mysticial
Q: Is tr any Possible of geting output in this way in java..if u knw plz help me

fresher Is tr any option to do above image output in java.. I want d Output in this way. can any one guide me.. above there is a code... In middle i need line that separate the Output data. thanks in advance..

@JerryCoffin thanks!
@Mysticial #1 90% of the titles are horrible (hurts search like hell). #2 There's often a question related to what I'm looking for, but never with a proper answer, only with kids taking stabs at I don't even know what.
@Mysticial I hate questions like that.
4:52 PM
@Mysticial I'm talking about the open ones.
@TonyTheLion At least they have entertainment value. :)
@Mysticial When I see questions like that, I'm always tempted to post code to display their example as a bitmap...
@DeadMG I just looked at my flagging summary page, and found that I have flagged 18 out of his latest 30 answers for having links to his website. That's 60%. Grumble.
shouldn't have linked you to him? :P
So, in order to get this thing to look as I want it, I need to... write an Adapter class.
4:55 PM
man, I can't wait for my driving license
How the fuck does that make sense.
should make my life somewhat less painful
cycling is causing me some serious agony
Q: Which one of the following does NOT describe the relationship between two classes?

Difficult peopleWhich one of the following does NOT describe the relationship between two classes? Choice 1 Cardinality Choice 2 Aggregation Choice 3 Dependency Choice 4 Inheritance Choice 5 Encapsulation 3 is my choice I'm right?

Someone is again using Stack Overflow to double-check all his homework answers.
voted to close
shitty question
It's the third one I see today from that user.
4:57 PM
How does one google for links to a specific website?
site:foo.tld bar Nevermind me, still waking up.
@sbi link:blah.com
@LucDanton it's evening. Well, at least where I am

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