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12:08 AM
Anybody read any good C++ articles?
I gotta prepare myself emotionally for C++ library development.
12:43 AM
@Mikhail Sorry, I don't know how to read.
Example 2 from this set looks neat: github.com/MCGallaspy/dr_strangetemplate
4 hours later…
5:00 AM
I was looking for a ride on mower because I was kind of subtly mocked at for using a push mow on the rural land and it's impractical to mower the whole place with a push mower. Then I came across a hay making equipment & was having some 'other' thoughts :x
6 hours later…
11:27 AM
@Mikhail Depends on the kind of article you're looking for
I've probably read hundreds of such articles so I'd be hard-pressed to just name one out of the blue
That makes no sense, you could name any one and it would answer the question
No because you'd find it worthless
If you ask a more targeted question I might come up with interesting articles or talks
11:46 AM
Okay whats the last article you learned something new from?
Excellent question to which I have no obvious answer, let me look at the latest r/cpp things again
That one comes to my mind but it's already several months old: probablydance.com/2020/08/31/…
When I see 'new' in C++ (lounge) I think about memory allocation >_<
Looks like I haven't learnt anything new in quite some time :/
Maybe you know everything?
Surely I don't
But I do know a lot about metaprogramming tricks, so articles either teach me next to nothing or are sufficiently difficult to understand that I delay reading them
On the other hand I should start to use concepts soon enough, so I expect to consume a bunch of articles on concepts as I'm learning to use them properly
11:56 AM
Concepts are likely to ICE my compiler :-(
I finished reading the research paper describing my future employer's hardware architecture. Can't figure out if its a good idea...
I will use glorious GCC 10
Worst case you will be able to shit on it with proper experience
Where glorious means you compiled in concept support
Also more generalized constexpr
Basically GCC allows me to start working on cpp-sort 2.0.0, only full ranges support is lacking for my needs IIRC
I am re-learning where my android keystore is on the machine for 101th time. Seriously it's embarrassing.
It will disappointing when you can't find a CI with concept support
11:59 AM
I have the time
You should do more stuff with sorting networks :-)
I have been planning the switch to C++20 since 2017
And I have issues dating back from 2015 to take advantage of the new features of the Ranges TS
I hit library design issues whenever I try to rework the sorting networks part of it
Does the new GCC have the dynamic memory optimization stuff?
also ConstexprIterator iterators on std::array in C++20 look neat
Yes, it's got new/delete elision
I think you have to pass an explicit option though
Going to be sad when it does absolutely nothing :-)
Well I need to go find some meta programing articles to read
Really want to try to figure out how to use meta programing for compile time scheduling, or else I think I might loose my job :-/
12:11 PM
I fear that the elision will only work for cases you could have optimized by hand anyway
Compile-time scheduling doesn't sound like something I've got any knowledge about, sorry :p
well a lot of times functions might return values given by an std::map that doesn't change
auto get_property(enum option){return my_map.at(option).property;}
So like maybe the compiler would know that my_map is constant...
I don't know, just trying to come up with some fun stuff :-)
The library frozen provides constexpr maps optimized at compile time with a perfect hash algorithm to ensure that the lookup never has to handle collisions
Basically gperf as a compile-time map
Yeah its definitely one of those things that should be in the STL ASAP
along with things like boost::static_vector etc
12:20 PM
Actually the frozen maps had huge compile time issues with compilers from just a few years ago
static_vector has several proposals with slightly different semantics, most people want it but they have a hard time deciding which version should be provided
As far as articles are concerned, I just read this article: quuxplusone.github.io/blog/2020/10/23/once-flag
Learnt a bit of trivia, but nothing much
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2 hours later…
4:13 PM
I managed not to fuckup the library release this time
Making a TODO list of things to consider around a release was a great idea
2 hours later…
6:31 PM
A: What does "static" mean in C?

dreamlaxThere is one more use not covered here, and that is as part of an array type declaration as an argument to a function: int someFunction(char arg[static 10]) { ... } In this context, this specifies that arguments passed to this function must be an array of type char with at least 10 element...

int someFunction(char arg[static 10])
by using the keyword static in this case you are enforcing to pass a 10 element array
6:34 PM
Yet when compiling a code smippet where you pass a non 10 element array the compiler does not say anything
What s the matter?
@Morwenn why are you working on a Sunday?
9:07 PM
The answer was MVC, it's always been MVC :o
@CupOfJava Here you go:
#include <stdio.h>

static void foo(int a[static 5])
    fprintf(stdout, "%s\n",  __func__);

int main(void)
    int a[3] = {0};


    return 0;
Whats the question?
3 hours ago, by traducerad
What s the matter?
9:45 PM
@traducerad It's a personal project, it's got nothing to do with work
1 hour later…
11:06 PM

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