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2:56 AM
As a country that claims to care about renewable energy. The state I live in does not even a direct number a person could call to for information on generating energy from solar panels that not for household.
3:34 AM
'Smart' phone maker tries to sell more expensive phones, good luck with that. - don't forget there are too many poor people on the face of earth, and amongst rest of those who are not really poor, there is a good chance he/she is a cheapskate.
4:31 AM
@TelKitty why do you expect your government to have such a thing? why not just call the local electric company..surely theyre the one who gives the final approval anyway(?)
Energy companies here are retailers, Ausgrid is responsible for the hardware/infrastructure such as poles and power lines. Then there is the state energy department which sets the regulation for energy industry, which clean energy belongs to. Last but not least, there are the power plants, solar farms, wind farms, bio-fuel companies etc.
@ABuckau If you want get into utility industry, you still have to deal with local government, a lot.
5:32 AM
5:51 AM
> Nike’s self-lacing sneakers turn into bricks after faulty firmware update
6:33 AM
any idea about below syntax:
void func(A* & a1)
A** a2 = new A*(a1); // so we are allocation pointer to class A but what does passing a1 as an argument mean here
I am not able to frame question properly to google so not getting right results
Does this mean a2 point to a1
6:49 AM
I should have verified by myself, just tested seems like my assumption is right a2 is indeed pointing to a1
good day
2 hours later…
8:24 AM
when the documentation for a library says it's "reentrant and thread-safe" does that mean you don't have to worry about operations being atomic when it is being used by multiple threads?
2 hours later…
10:42 AM
@ABuckau Couldn't be sicker than this:
@northerner I take that as to mean that the library doesn't have hidden global mutable state
11:32 AM
I'm hungry
Just now a guy one the street ask for my phone number and telling me I am beautiful. Nowadays I don't know whether I should keep a straight face or pretend to be happy when facing insincerity. I need to be less cynical.
Also, just because a woman walks alone, it does not mean that she's single. Okay, I am single, but that's not the point.
11:57 AM
Easy fix: stop being a woman
12:10 PM
Too late incarnate into a pet kitty now ...
Men don't get hungry?
TIL, thanks :D
1:18 PM
I get ungry but I don't eat x)
what am I
@Morwenn anorexic
1:36 PM
my BMI is in normal range
2:14 PM
"normal" might be perceibed as insulting..
Make that "healthy" then
But it can also be perceived as insulting v0v
I'm stuck on naming things T_T
Wikipedia says "normal" x)
I'm somewhere between 18.5 and 20
@Morwenn BMI is such a wrong index
Im not sure that makes it not insulting.
I'm 19.7 apparently
@Mgetz it's a good approximation for many people v0v
@Morwenn it's based on data from 1890 IIRC
2:21 PM
I'n neither muscled nor pregnant so it probably is an ok approximation
our understanding of physiology has changed
But we haven't found any approximation both simple & more accurate
So BMI it is
nope. the Greeks got it right.
why would someone say its a bad measure...
: |
And when I do blood tests I apparently don't lack anything, which is another proof that I'm healthy despite not eating that much x)
Save for depression of course XD
2:47 PM
eat more feelings
also template<typename T_T>
3:29 PM
Fuck, I have a GUI bug that only reproduces on release when the user has the code in a very specific state. It looks like a race condition or some other bullshit where the gui temporarily gets into an invalid state.
Spaghetti signals wreaking havoc all over the world /o/
Qt sluts and signals
3:59 PM
So, basically I hacked around the GUI bug by doing this if (settings.invalid()){settings=defaults()} famous last words. No clue how the user was able to put the GUI into an invalid configuration state.
I generally solve GUI parallelism issues with sleep(3) when I can't find the root of the problem
Among the biggest problems is that I'd need a complete list of steps to reproduce, which I don't have
In some places they "write tests" when doing this kind of work, whatever that means
It means that they write tests x)
4:23 PM
@fredoverflow if ($true); else; :D
4:51 PM
@Feeds technically plutonium is a non-rechargeable battery, just with a massive charge and decent output. And a bitch to create.
Remember when xkcd was cool?
@ratchetfreak technically a battery is a collection of cells, and technically has to be directly producing electrical potential
3 hours later…
7:51 PM
@Mikhail was? it is till is
2 hours later…
9:32 PM
Q: What should I do about overly aggressive comments from a user?

squaregoldfishI'm not sure whether to flag comments from a user or not. This user has asked for the traditional Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example, which is fair enough. However the attitude surrounding them is pretty...I'm not sure what the word is. But I don't like it, particularly illustrated by th...

^^ The answer obviously is to invoke Godwin's Law.
1 hour later…
10:50 PM
ugg. My coffee levels are down and somehow I finished all my work by 5:00 pm. Should fill up the chat with edgy conspiracy theories.
@Mikhail do you have some publications about your current research?
+ more under review
@Mikhail not bad! Got a link?
or are you talking about the conspiracy theories?
This is what Agner Fog must feel like
Culture theories

Evolutionary biology

Random number generators

Software optimization resources

Digital electronics hardware

I wonder if its all racist :-)
@Mikhail what are you going to do after your PhD?
going into academics or in the industry?
Can't go into academics, can't go into industry....
My biggest issue is that they aren't letting me out
10:56 PM
@Mikhail freelancer?
@Mikhail Your parents? grounded?
Maybe, I'm thinking of some entrepreneurship
@traducerad I built everything where I work, despite having a 2x better than everybody publication record my advisor keeps making shit up by why I can't leave.
Sounds like you're just getting exploited at this point.
@Mikhail I am not familiar the optics industry. Don't you need loads of money? I always thought the equipment used to build cameras and stuff is extremely expensive. That s the impression I had when I worked for that: gazer.com/uk They make their own cameras or a part of it at least
If they keep you there for another year, you might want to start considering whether a sunk cost is a sunk cost.
You've been there for what 5 years now?
6 is the limit right?
11:00 PM
5 years... still have to find a company where I am not fed up after my 2 first months
I guess google must be filled with geniuses and where I won't be bored a single day
I was at UIUC for 3 years on the Ph.D program as well. After 3 years, I finally got forced out, pulled the plug on it, and left with just a masters.
@Mysticial 7 years and you can take action, guy at my department said "I don't know what to do"
Limited my losses to just 2 years of my life.
1 being all you need for a masters.
@Mikhail that s the easy answer
11:03 PM
I tried to encourage him to take administrative action but we really couldn't do that until the deadline lapsed.
Once I realized that things started going south during my time there, I started interviewing.
That was my contingency for failing out of the Ph.D program.
Although I suspect the underlying issue that the entirety of the department reserves right to commit the numerous ethics violations that my PI commits. Its also easier for them to do nothing.
Do they consider you important to them?
Put yourself in their shoes. Why won't they let you leave? Are you just trying to exploit you?
If you're important to them, one option is to turn the tables on them - i.e. threaten to leave.
Was told I couldn't take the prelim because my advisor didn't have anybody to replace me. When you take the prelim you are required to graduate in 9 months. Wasn't clear if he was talking about his lab or his company, or both.
Sounds like they are using your diploma to hold you hostage there.
11:09 PM
That is exactly whats going on
But there are other facets like my advisor accusing me of "being crazy" or having a mental illness when I disagree on technical parts. Also not having any money for work. Also our work is terrible.
I'd escalate the situation if there is a place to escalate it. If there isn't, then you'll have to play politics with them. "I just got a job offer from XXX for a quarter-million a year. So better give me a really good reason to stay."
Also the guy I work for threatened to have us replaced by non-Americans (apparently I'm American) because they listen to him better. I thought this was a joke but this semester I've had to deal with 3 visiting students.
As we speak I'm setting up a build environment and deploying a product for his company...
Welcome to the real world. The school/prof sees you as something that can be exploited. It's up to you do decide if you want that to continue.
Worst part here, is that if I get the degree I'm going to pretend that its useful, and put people down who don't have one.
It mostly makes sense if you believe god is punishing me for vanity, or some other transgression :-)
Can we agree on the fact that what is nowadays called a binary semaphore shouldn't be called a binary semaphore, as it is used as a signalling mechanism as far as I can see?
11:20 PM
better names for binary semaphore include red-green pole
A normal semaphore doesn't have the same application as a binary semaphore
@Mikhail I d call that a mutex
or a spin lock
Underlying problem with the word "semaphore" is that its not American English, which is the only English the C++ standard embraces
@Mikhail You made the British part of me cry
11:27 PM
11:41 PM
Fact: if your computer was a nuclear reactor, it would harvest the power from a spinlock to charge its backup battery.
Isaac Newton remarked in a letter to his rival Robert Hooke dated February 5, 1676 [O.S.][7] (February 15, 1676 [N.S.]) that:

What Des-Cartes [sic] did was a good step. You have added much several ways, & especially in taking the colours of thin plates into philosophical consideration. If I have seen further it is by standing on the sholders [sic] of Giants.

This has recently been interpreted by a few writers as a sarcastic remark directed at Hooke's appearance.[8]

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