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4:00 PM
@IDWMaster Why would you want to do that?
@Fanael So I can create a HDC (Graphics drawing context) around a texture and draw some a GDI+ bitmap into it
@DeadMG thanks for reminding me how much I hate VS for C++ work. 'scanning headers, 652 of 1549' - no f-ing way
Currently if I want to put a GDI+ bitmap in a DirectX 11 texture I have to do this:
struct ARGBPixel {
unsigned char b;
unsigned char g;
unsigned char r;
unsigned char a;
struct RGBAPixel {
float r;
float g;
float b;
float a;
unsigned char* Get128BitImage(Gdiplus::Bitmap* bitmap) {
	Gdiplus::Rect angle(0,0,bitmap->GetWidth(),bitmap->GetHeight());
	Gdiplus::BitmapData rawARGB;
	//32-byte offset for alignment purposes/padding
	RGBAPixel* outputData = (RGBAPixel*)alc->Allocate((sizeof(RGBAPixel)*rawARGB.Width*rawARGB.Height)+32);
I know for a fact that you can do that
I don't recall how, but you can
you really want to look into Direct2D to replace GDI+- that's actually intended to work with D3D11
4:02 PM
@DeadMG browsing for the SDK incldue dir is taking almost a minute now
I feel dirty. I just wrote code to swallow an exception.
@sehe Owch. That's quite nasty. My machine doesn't take that long.
Well, it appears I once donated to the Canadian Cancer Society.
You're a philanthropist.
4:03 PM
I donate to Oxfam and St Johns Ambulance, I think.
That seems to be fashionable these days.
...and all you got was lousy cancer? (bad joke)
:/ We need to fix our build times. Twice now I've broken the build because I didn't confirm that a change compiles in all of the projects it's used in because that takes about 1.5 hours, and the change was minor. :(
I give a monthly donation to Greenpeace and the Canadian Red Cross.
don't even remember since they only asked for £2 a month or something particularly irrelevant
4:04 PM
@MooingDuck That sucks.
@DeadMG Yeah I know. VM, still, uses 2Gb and 2 cores.
Oh false alarm. VS just became unresponsive. Need to kill it. Ffs
@IDWMaster You can open a D3D9 texture as a D3D11 texture.
@DeadMG That won't fly. Few of those who have a saying in a hiring process have the expertise to tell C# from C++ code. Basically nobody will have the time to browse through your code and try to understand it.
If you want that job, you will have to hand them a neatly wrapped package, where everything is explained on the wrapping, because they won't even take the time to unwrap it and look inside.
Needed to kill mspdbbuild.exe, msbuild32.exe *2 and devenv.exe; next up: dumprep.exe
God. I hate this stuff
It's designed to be hated.
4:06 PM
@sbi Yeah, I got that. Difficult to do anything else in my position, though.
Argh, chat, why do you show me my message twice.
And then one disappears. Software.
not easy to back up my assertion that I have a solid grasp of C++ without giving experience or links to my own work.
4:07 PM
@DeadMG Yeah, I got that. That is what makes it difficult. What you would need is a good letter of recommendation.
@DeadMG Thanks. That should work nicely!
@CatPlusPlus That happens to me, too, sometimes, but only when I have a slow connection.
@sbi Didn't realize those actually existed outside of teacher recommendations for university.
Stupid router.
4:08 PM
sides, I figure that nobody here would recommend me for a job :P
@Drise I do. I'm trying to help the puppy here test compiling using VS2010
@DeadMG Uh, might be a case of me mistranslating. Would "letter of reference" make more sense?
I wonder how much it would cost to build a router from parts.
@sbi This is part of a popular algorithm. Can you recognize it? :)
4:08 PM
@FredOverflow Now you sound like Johannes
I concur.
@FredOverflow Thanks, much better.
@sbi Yeah- same principle. A letter from <some person who evidently knows WTF they're talking about> stating that I also know WTF I'm talking about.
Because the most interesting guy in the world said so.
4:09 PM
@sbi "ltter of reference"? Litter of reference?
@DeadMG "The puppy knows WTF he's talking about. Hire him".
I just didn't realize that they were actually used in employment except from previous employers.
:4484066 appears to be highly similar to a recursive decent parser for (math?) expressions.
4:10 PM
@DeadMG I'm getting surprisingly (VS2010...):
1>e:\deadmg\source\render\render\math\point.h(64): error C2039: 'array' : is not a member of 'std'
well that's curious
@RMartinhoFernandes correct!
In computer science, the shunting-yard algorithm is a method for parsing mathematical expressions specified in infix notation. It can be used to produce output in Reverse Polish notation (RPN) or as an abstract syntax tree (AST). The algorithm was invented by Edsger Dijkstra and named the "shunting yard" algorithm because its operation resembles that of a railroad shunting yard. Dijkstra first described the Shunting Yard Algorithm in Mathematisch Centrum report [http://repository.cwi.nl/search/fullrecord.php?publnr=9251 MR 34/61]. Like the evaluation of RPN, the shunting yard algorithm is ...
I didn't think I needed to do anything like -std=c++11
pretty sure I would have fixed all that kind of error
@DeadMG missed an include?
4:11 PM
@sehe You don't.
@DeadMG Here (Germany), you are entitled to a testimonial (or however you'd call that) when you leave a company. You will have a hard time applying without presenting at least one of those. That's what I am referring to.
@sbi Yeah. We have something similar here. You "reference" your previous employer. Then when you apply for a new job, the new prospective employer asks your previous employer about you.
@DeadMG Then it would appear there is an include missing, I have the wrong project (Render.sln) or you forgot to commit (for month or two ?)
I vote for the last option.
4:12 PM
@sehe No, that's the correct project.
@CatPlusPlus Wouldn't surprise me.
@DeadMG That you can have here, too. I was referring to a written letter, though, some kind of a review. You get that handed when you leave, and it evaluates how you performed.
@RMartinhoFernandes :)
AFAIK here, usually, if the prospective employer wants to know, he will contact the previous employer himself.
4:13 PM
@sbi in America you're required to list your past companies, and people who want to hire you will call your old jobs directly.
you just give a list of people who you think will say nice things about you
Like your mom and your dad.
1 min ago, by DeadMG
@sbi Yeah. We have something similar here. You "reference" your previous employer. Then when you apply for a new job, the new prospective employer asks your previous employer about you.
most people expect someone a little more professional and independent? :P
@MooingDuck Usually they only call when something doesn't look right about you, i.e. you have had a lot of jobs in the past few years, or you were fired for some reason, etc.
4:14 PM
@DeadMG Grampa?
Grampa's gone :(
@RMartinhoFernandes Grampa's about to be gone, and I still haven't called. Note to self: I should call Grampa before it's too late.
@sbi I have one remaining grandparent. And she doesn't know jack about software development :P
@DeadMG I have this set up now: while true; do hg pull; sleep 10; done. Plink me, but I might be away since I'm cooking dinner and probably eating it soonish too
Teach her?
@sehe lol
4:17 PM
Well, of course
@RMartinhoFernandes GG.
@DeadMG Anyway, to get a foot into the door, can't you come up with someone who you could refer to when applying? Heck, even just working for free for two or three months, when done well, might provide such a reference. Of course, that would require you to really be great — the eyes of an employer, not only yours.
Don't worry, his eyes are covered.
@RMartinhoFernandes We all know that. In fact, it's why I added that.
hey, I was perfectly humble on my preceeding cover letter
4:21 PM
Working for free for two months? What.
@DeadMG I don't know whom you are applying to, but IME you have next to no chance, because basically you have nothing to show where others testified that you did a good job. Normally, when you apply for your first job, you have what your teacher wrote. But in your case, that looks bad, so you need something else.
@DeadMG Do you think he reads your blog? --> So it's over
> I was looking at designing flying carpets, but I came to a point where I needed to add a function to the project,
@CatPlusPlus It's usually called an "unpaid training program", "practical semester", or something alike. In business sectors where you have lots of applicants for few jobs, this is quite common. Or when you have too little to show, and need to start out all the way at the bottom.
4:26 PM
Trial run, yeah, but not for two months.
Or maybe I'm just that good that I only needed one.
@sehe Nah, he doesn't.
@sbi Hadn't considered such things. There was actually a minor scandal here a few months ago where employers were offering unpaid work, but people could never get a job with it, so the employer was basically getting free staff time.
Q: Function to manipulate a string ("abcdef" -> "faebdc")

JonasHi everyone I'm working on a function to manipulating any string in this following manner. "abc" -> "cab" "abcd" -> "dacb" "abcdef" -> "faebdc" "divergenta" -> "adtinveerg" ... and so on. This is the code I've come up with so far. I think it does the job but I think the code and solution i...

std::string s1 ("divergenta");

for (auto it = std::begin (s1), end = std::end (s1); it < end; it += 2){
  std::rotate (it, end-1, end);}
the obvious solution, fuck runtime.. I only write c++
Q: Definitive rules on chat rooms with non-technical discussion

ManishEarth wants more waffles Related: flagging a chatroom which has no technical discussion (2) , flagging a chatroom which has no technical discussion I've noticed that there are lots of chat rooms on chat where there isn't much technical discussion. By "isn't much" I mean: People advertising their own posts (not cou...

Have you seen this?
@DeadMG Here, trial is usually 6 months, and I have always gotten full pay for that time. It might be different, however, if you apply to be a supermarket cashier, where they pay you less during your trial time. But totally unpaid work during trial I time I have never heard about.
4:33 PM
@CatPlusPlus if who has?
@DeadMG you're not bad. but you should not be set to work on any domain that has some clearly visible NP complete problem. he he
@CatPlusPlus No, I hadn't. (It's only 3hrs old.) But I don't think there's anything in there that applies to us. We're well in the category of rooms on-topic enough for them to not to even think about killing this room.
If these rules are official, then we fail to qualify as appropriate room, I guess.
@Drise What?
@CatPlusPlus Wait. I'm confused. That wasn't directed to me?
@CatPlusPlus That's nonsense. Let's look at them one by one, shall we?
4:35 PM
No, why would it be directed to you.
> The discussion generally (not necessarily exclusively) evolves around topics that are relevant to Stack Overflow. This doesn't mean it has to be about programming; it may also be about technology in general, about the programming community at large, or about Stack Overflow itself.
> The population of the room contains many active Stack Overflow users who use the chat as what it was designed to be – a Third Place –, not as their primary way of interacting with Stack Overflow.
@CatPlusPlus I would have thought it was directed at me because I am a moron sometimes :D
> The room is welcoming to new users, but critical (in a helpful and guiding way, if possible) of dumping-my-problem-into-the-room drive-by chatters.
> There's a (not necessarily outspoken, more implicitly present) agreement among the inhabitants regarding the question "What is this room about?", and even when the conversation drifts off for a while, it tends to automatically return to somewhere around this topic.
Well, I have most problems with that "third place" thingy.
4:36 PM
SO is terrible.
> The real-world equivalent of the room would be a user group meeting.
This is my first place. <3
I should be an ass and star all of his "Check"'s
So we meet every criterion balpha lists for "appropriate rooms".
4:37 PM
@sbi Well, this is only my first day of jobhunting, and I can always look into alternatives tomorrow or later tonight. Right now I'm just gonna fire off two more applications, I think.
@Drise He would cancel the stars.
@DeadMG I know.
Well, if you say so.
@DeadMG Well, do that. It's certainly a good start.
@sbi After all, the unemployment benefit people want me to apply to N jobs every X weeks, and getting a start on that N today can't hurt.
That is nonsense.
> And, since many users are just here for the chat, I don't see how it promotes community bonding.
4:39 PM
@CatPlusPlus many users of what?
Stop with the moronic stars.
and pins?
See, you broke the chat.
I bet that's the most stars anyone has accumulated in such a short span, though.
@DeadMG I remember that one night, I owned all of the starboard.
4:41 PM
> The real-world equivalent of the room would be people waiting at a bus stop.
@sbi Probably not in two minutes flat, though
Fuck's sake.
You guys keep the @Cat busy there.
Who the fuck pinned that?
4:42 PM
@CatPlusPlus I only suggested it, and only followed when someone else too the initiative.
@sbi We obviously have some work to do, but I'm sure we can do it without too much trouble!
i wonder, did everyone remove their stars?
@CheersandhthAlf Nope. I lost them to the void that is "star cancellation".
@JerryCoffin Nah. You will never stop people from discussing C++ here. It's as if most of those who come here have a C++ passion, really.
4:44 PM
so, voting here is like in US?
yes, and dybolt or what's their name
@CheersandhthAlf Diebold. I believe they got out of the voting machine business though.
@sbi Aside from anything else, half or more of the new people in that chatroom come here for C++
@DeadMG Yeah, I realized that, too, a while ago. Poor sods.
4:46 PM
we mostly boo them into oblivion
or if they drive-by-link, downvote them into oblivion
unless they have an interesting question
That happens?
Jack: Hey, you know what sucks?
Lindsey: vaccuums
Jack: Hey, you know what sucks in a metaphorical sense?
Lindsey: black holes
Jack: Hey, you know what just isn't cool?
Lindsey: lava?
what, that we downvote them into oblivion, or that they have an interesting question?
@Drise I don't think black holes suck in a metaphorical sense. I think they quite literally apply a solid force pulling objects towards them.
That they have interesting questions.
not that I can think of, come to think o fit
4:48 PM
GPL is awesome.
Well, I only now managed to read the criterions for "inappropriate rooms", and we fail we fail to meet any of those, and some of them we fail violently. I mean ' The room has a general feel of "no community here".' Seriously. Here? LOL.
It recommends putting almost twenty lines of a comment at the top of your source.
@DeadMG If their question was interesting, what are the chances they'd have to link here to get people to pay attention?
If the fine folks at meta have a problem with us, it's that we are too much of a community, rather than too little.
4:51 PM
@sbi I refuse to have a feeling of community. Oh, and everybody go away -- you should not feel welcome either! :-)
@JerryCoffin You are mostly absent when I am here, so you cannot be close to the community, anyway.
oh it's worse than i thought, the us election thing
never should have l00ked at this
i will look away
now looking away
@JerryCoffin Depends on the time of day.
@sbi You see, you're making those accusations they're talking about!
@JerryCoffin Where are they talking about accusations?
4:53 PM
@sbi He's a night owl, from European perspective IIRC.
probably like 9am in hell his timezone
@CheersandhthAlf Voting is useless in my state. If it was ever anything but red, hell have would frozen over years ago.
@sbi I'm too lazy to go back and look, but I thought there was something about "only accusations being thrown back and forth" or some such.
@DeadMG Yeah. So? How can you be part of the community, when you're not here while The Grumpy Old Man hangs out here?
@sbi Simple -- I'm the grumpy older man -- you're just the substitute when I can't be around.
@sbi You can be a part that doesn't have to experience The Grumps™?
4:56 PM
Should I put the license comment in a file that would otherwise be completely empty?
@JerryCoffin If anything, you're the slightly older, but much less grumpy man here. Shrug.
@RMartinhoFernandes lol, actually I don't. :(
@Fanael Are you pulling our collective legs?
@sbi He'd need a collective of arms.
@sbi It's been quite a while since I gained too much weight to be "lightly" anything.
Holy shit... what's with this massive burst upvotes that I'm getting...
@sbi No, I'm serious.
@JerryCoffin Damn. Fixed.
I just woke up.
@Fanael Well, the serious answer would be: If the file is empty, you might just as well delete it. Now ask yourself: Does a file that's deleted need to have a copyright notice? Tree in wood.
5:00 PM
@sbi I can't delete it. Hint: it's name is __init__.py.
@Fanael Yes. To be specific, /dev/null/ is the perfect place for the GPL.
GPL is just as bad as patent trolling, IMO
@Fanael it depends. if chances are that the file will be edited later, then yes.
it's a good thing to enforce conventions uniformly. then exceptions then need to have very good reasons.
Since I am again hacking at that script that creates SVN branches etc., and since the script almost did something nasty while fiddling with our repository, I decided to create a mirror of the repo, which I can then run the script against. 90mins ago I started, and it has now mirrored >7.3k revisions. So only 17k more to go... Yawn.
@JerryCoffin The questions is valid for any other license, there's nothing GPL-specific in it.
5:03 PM
@DeadMG Worse -- the GPL is like a patent troll doing its best to force the rest of the world to become patent trolls as well.
@Fanael No, it's just valid for infectious licenses.
oh yeah, and that.
@sbi Are you trying to say that only copylefts recommend license comments?
@Fanael No, I am saying that all contaminating licenses are best made use of by sending them to /dev/null.
IMO the MIT licence is the best
Boost's is similar too, right?
5:06 PM
@sbi Right. But it hasn't much to do with the original question.
@DeadMG Boost's is even more permissive.
@JerryCoffin not really. It's a quid pro quo. Don't like it, don't take it. Simple as that.
@DeadMG Boost's license is OK now, even for SourceForge projects, but it wasn't always that way. It took many years before it was "officially" okayed as open source license. Dave Abrahams just didn't give up on it.
@Fanael Well, if you insist on being serious about it, then I'd put the license in a file by itself, and a comment no more than a line or two line referring to that. 20 lines is enough to hold pretty much the entirety of a reasonable license (e.g. Boost).
yeah, but I don't give a flying moneys about officially okayed
5:09 PM
but e.g. SourceForge does (or did)
@DeadMG MIT license makes no sense at all. You're not investing in some alternative ecosystem and you're not bringing home $$$. I'd like to do at least one of those always. You're just asking the help vampires of the software world to exploit you.
@Flexo No, you're investing in everybody's ecosystem.
@Flexo Yeah, just like with infectious diseases. If you don't want the irreversible disease the neighborhood kids have, don't play with those that have it. If nothing is done against the virus, however, in time all of them will be infected, and then you're out of luck.
@Flexo Yes, really. At least to me, it seems carefully worded to seem to allow particular things, but when/if people do them, get accused to violating its requirements.
the GPL is "Let's force people to not use our code because they can't afford to give away their own product as FOSS"
5:11 PM
MIT is as close to public domain you can get with retarded copyright laws.
Public domain the best domain
@CatPlusPlus CC0 is closer.
@sbi not really, it's perfectly viable to build a successful company around other licensing models and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. (for better or worse)
@Fanael Yeah, but people are more wary about using CC0/Unlicense/WTFPL stuff.
@Flexo Yeah, because the disease doesn't catch on. Those who advertise it want it to catch on, though. Should they ever succeed, we'd be all forced to work for free.
MIT is proven and unobtrusive.
5:14 PM
@CatPlusPlus As is Boost -- but better in both respects.
GPL sucks balls.
Better how?
@DeadMG IMO, the GPL is more (mostly) about second-rate programmers vilifying their betters, simply because they knew in open competition they'd lose.
GPL is bad even for FOSS projects.
Well, in libraries and such.
@CatPlusPlus Less obtrusive, for one. Unlike MIT, it doesn't require that you give credits. In essence, it says: "you can do whatever you want with this with only one limitation -- you can't blame us if you don't like the result."
@Cicada Hello.
5:18 PM
MIT doesn't require credits, only that licence is included.
Old BSD licence required credits.
@JerryCoffin I put the whole license there. Including the shebang, it's 27 lines of a comment.
Well, BPL says that pure binary distributions don't have to include the licence, and I think this is the only difference.
Q: I can't assign from pointer to pointer to derived class and pointer to pointer to base class?

user1517994I'm getting back into C++ after several years of mostly Python, and am hitting up against a strongly-typed wall. I think I have a good handle on basic polymorphism and type-casting between pointers of base and derived classes (e.g. Can a pointer of a derived class be type cast to the pointer of i...

^ found duplicate, voted to close
needs 3 more
By the way, the dupe wasn't easy to find. I'm wondering if we should tag it as .
5:30 PM
@CheersandhthAlf 2 more.
@FredOverflow We could, but it's not really asked very frequently at all.
i just had dinner and answered a question with existing "solution"
i think this should maybe be in faq?
@JerryCoffin I wouldn't be surprised if it had already been asked half a dozen times on SO.
A: Declaring global structures in header files in C++

Cheers and hth. - Alftypedef struct { GLfloat lgtR, lgtG, lgtB, lgtA; GLfloat x, y, z; bool islight; GLfloat width, height, depth; GLenum lightn; particle prt; int maxprt; } emitter; should better be struct Emitter { GLfloat lgtR, lgtG, lgtB, lgtA; GLfloat x, y, z; bool isli...

@Cicada litb!
5:33 PM
^ I didn't discuss static initialization fiasco, should I?
@rubenvb i think she just emulated him, that's all ;-)
@CheersandhthAlf litb is too complicated to be emulated.
@CheersandhthAlf No, that's an undeniable proof that Cicada is in fact litb in disguise.
@Fanael or that
@FredOverflow True, but compared to some that are multiple times per week, that's not very frequent. Don't get me wrong -- I don't particularly object, but I think it is less frequently asked than many.
@Fanael is she that smart?
5:36 PM
@RMartinhoFernandes Is Shunting Yard restricted to mathematical formulas? Or is it equivalent in power to, say, recursive descent?
Jul 7 at 13:34, by sbi
@Cicada Johannes? You in there? Need help?
@CheersandhthAlf No, litb is smart enough to be dumb when disguised as Cicada.
If Johannes is in @Cicada... well... you know.... He'd be into 51-year-old French basement dwellers
My evil plan unfolds!
Your plan includes getting laid by a the German C++-fu master?
5:40 PM
Wait, what?
@rubenvb Jokes about "in hell your lover is German" come to mind. :-)
I wonder. If I gave you a file that had a plane of regularly distributed points, how would you triangulate them?
I want his/her/it's haircut.
@Drise triangulate implies three points.
u just want his extra hand
5:41 PM
oh noes! Bieberfan alert!
@rubenvb of course!
@rubenvb I'd guess he means "how would you tesselate them".
I have no idea what "tesselate" means in non-marketing definitions.
Well uh, order the points by coordinates
That'll make a naturally sorted set of triangles
Also, dinner.
How would that make dinner?
5:45 PM
@rubenvb It means dividing a polygon up into triangles (usually done because most graphics hardware shades triangles, so to let it handle the rest, you first break the shape up into triangles).
Anyone ever do a WCF data service?
@JerryCoffin GPL is about not being exploited. It's like saying "hey $BIG_CORP, you can use my research/hobby/investment, but only if you're willing to share some of the perks of it with myself and your customers". MIT is like looking for the rich guy who never buys rounds in the pub and deliberately going for drinks with him as much as possible.
@JerryCoffin oh. Huh. I thought it was magically upping the visible polygon count using dedicated hardware without hitting performance as much as doing it the normal way.
Oh also I tell you how many points are in said plane.
@Flexo Right, but there's no sense of proportionality.
it's like going for a drink with a guy, and he buys a round, and then you have to buy him a round and give him your whole house and let him fuck your wife and daughter
if you want to share some of the perks of making software, then goddamn charge for it like a sane person- that's proportional.
making other people GPL their code is just costing them money but you don't make any off it either and it seriously limits the potential user base
5:51 PM
@Flexo If it really accomplished anything close to that, I'd probably put up with what I'd have to then view as its purely theoretical shortcomings. In reality, however, that doesn't seem to be how it works.
@DeadMG "share alike" is payment in kind - it's hardly my fault if someone figures that that I'm not worth much, ignores the copyright statement/license and then looks shocked when I'm pissed off with them. If I "borrowed" even a small amount of some proprietary code by accident I'd be on the receiving end of a multi-million dollar lawsuit before you can say "source control" - how's that any more proportionate?
@Flexo This has nothing to do with what happens if you violate the licence terms.
what I'm saying is that the GPL's idea of payment in kind is "For any amount of GPL code, you give everything you've got."
which is obviously not proportionate
@Flexo That might well have been it's intention.
In reality, however, what GPL is saying is this: "Hey, I know you like this neat little library here, and I know it does exactly what you need, but either you let your code get infected with me, or you're not gonna use it. Haha!"
i had a great idea. i will buy a camera. then i can post pictures of nice girls instead of foods and norwegian countryside
In the end, very few non-GNU open source projects actually use GPL.
5:55 PM
Also, one can say "git" really fast.
@sbi tl;dr GPL sucks.
@sbi it's my right as an author to say "if you want my code give me what you've got" if that doesn't suit you it's your right to decline. Simple as.
@DeadMG What do you think about this implementation for a 2d bitmap? ideone.com/GUKnh
@CheersandhthAlf Why would you need a camera for posting pix of girls, but not for posting pix of food?
@sbi Because posting pictures of food is bad.
5:56 PM
@ManofOneWay Wastes space.
@EtiennedeMartel I was asking about a technical issue, not an ethical one.
@ManofOneWay use a std::bitset.
if you need the space.
@ManofOneWay boost::multi_array<bool, 2>. Problem solved?
@sbi because i stumble over food pics in the newspapers, but not pics of nice girls
@rubenvb Don't you have to set the size at compile-time in std::bitset?
5:58 PM
@ManofOneWay std::bitset for static-sized bitmaps, some boost thingy for dynamic-sized bitmaps. Don't reinvent the wheel.
@ManofOneWay ah yes. Then use vector<bool>. It serves the same purpose.
@Flexo Yep. It's also my right as an author to say "you'll never see my code, you bastard!" Shrug. So? What GPL does is to show you the code, let you inhale it's great aromas, but refuses to be consumed. Yeah, that's legal. But so is many things that the public considers bad behavior.
@rubenvb It's 2d, and I dont want to say x*width + y each time I want to access an element
@CheersandhthAlf So how did you get those pictures from the newspapers to imgur? (Also, you just switch to a different kind of newspaper.)
@Flexo Yes, you're within your rights -- but I'm also within mine to think you're being conceited to put that high a value on your (usually minuscule) contribution (and no, here I don't mean you personally).
5:59 PM
@ManofOneWay Make a wrapper for boost::dynamic_bitset then.
@ManofOneWay yes you do. Jedi mind trick
Why wouldn't you?
@DeadMG I don't want to use boost. Would you have made it different in any way?

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