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12:00 AM
@sehe what are the rule<struct _, …> {} = bits about?
Frankly, they're ugly pacifiers because X3 seems to lack another way to achieve attribute coercion
I've written an ugly helper before that lets me write as<T> (parse_expr) instead
huh, would you have to (…blah…)[make<what_I_want>] otherwise?
The whole tag type template parameter is only there to facilitate separation across TUs
although I notice that the calc_duration action doesn’t have much in the way of type hints either
@LucDanton Actually, that wouldn't work because the context type doesn't (appear to) depend on the contents of the semantic action (it couldn't, because [](auto& ctx) { _val(ctx) = 1; } looks the same to the compiler as [](auto& ctx) { _val(ctx) = "one"s; }...)
@LucDanton Precisely, or at least a related symptom
So the point is really that to expose a certain "synthesized attribute" we must declare it, and rule<,T> is the only vehicle for it AFAIK
12:07 AM
that's kinda disappointing
@sehe how applicative
@LucDanton Found the less ugly hack
A: Understanding the List Operator (%) in Boost.Spirit

seheBecause it's time to get people started with X3 (the new version of Spirit), and because I like to challenge msyelf to do the corresponding tasks in Spirit X3, here is the Spirit X3 version. There's no problem with auto in X3. The "broken" case also behaves much better, triggering this static ...

git commit -am "Fix everything"
@sehe aw how cute, an operator[]
ah sod it, I'm lazy
@Rapptz What am I supposed to read between these lines? :P
12:17 AM
@LucDanton yeah, it was to mimic the Qi thing (attr_cast<> IIRC)
Is everybody in the Unity community high or something?
Why would you recommend to use ray casting for simply making the player face the mouse cursor?
You have the position of the player, you can convert the mouse cursor to world position
It's just a simple vector subtraction and normalization
judging by the docs that one looks like a cast, which makes sense given its name :)
@Shoe maybe too much unity makes you high
@LucDanton I'm too lazy to look it up now
@sehe Oh spirit! It's been a while :) X3 looking good yet again!
12:22 AM
Hmm. I think the Qi was nicer there
Call me superficial but i find the qi::rule declarations / qi::grammar to be so noisy. in X3 theres no fluff (or much less anyway)
@Borgleader Who doesn't agree. But if you look at the specific sample you will find at least two cases of annoying replacement noise (rule<...> and the lambda instead of elegant phoenix actors)
Also, X3 becomes a real tedium, (if not completely unbearable) with stateful rules (by which I mean rules with "locals")
And then there are the teething issues (template instantiation depth, anyone)
So, I write X3 when I know it's gonna be trivial, self-contained and stateless. Anything else, and I'll still use Qi
I see, so X3 basically optimized for the easy cases basically? (And compilation times I guess?)
@Shoe you creep
@sehe that thing with the struct _ tag you casually mentioned off-hand, too
12:27 AM
@Borgleader Surely not. That's the upshot in my opinion
@SpongyFruitcake you prankster
@LucDanton I considered that the rule<> noise
I suppose given the order of template parameters there’s no helping it
Template aliases ftw?
@sehe So what youre saying is they optimized the compilation times and as a result the easy cases got easier to write but anything else got worse?
12:30 AM
They tried to do away with overhead, and as a result the non-trivial cases got more tedious. Some a lot more tedious
Frankly I loathe the whole separating declaration/definition machinery. Not just because of the templates, but also because it basically forces you to deal with the plumbing at length.
Oh it's that time of the month again?
Qi was less flexible in that respect, but seems a lot more straightforward
@SpongyFruitcake You mean, you heard? About lastpass?
Uh oh... what happened to lastpass?
Use KeePass?
12:41 AM
@sehe huh, that’s weird
@Shoe Up talk?
Up talk?
12:59 AM
how to rotate bits in sse ._.
best I could find is 2 shifts + or
@SpongyFruitcake have you tried std::rotate
You kid but that's what I currently use
I guess I rotated right into this one
1:23 AM
@Ell join the club
it's fun
we club baby seals on weekends
in retrospect, I should have said "On weekends we go clubbing...baby seals"
did something get flagged
was it the baby seal joke
am I about to get sealed off from the room for a while
> I just ask friends for 500g, and then i travel to lots of maps daily and ask "i need 11g more for weapon please"
> Ez 100g a day
@SpongyFruitcake secret tactics
oh god my pun infection might be incurable
@LucDanton sigh
@jaggedSpire Hey! That's a Canadian thing
gotta wonder where the other 400g + change went to only make that little, but who knows
1:32 AM
@Borgleader it is indeed
The problem with these people is they ruin the system for everyone
Just like our politicians
"Oh wow I'm so smart by doing this I net a profit for me lololololol"
Then people notice and stop trusting the system and it all goes to shit
...so the problem with these people is that they are people?
The problem with these people is that they put themselves before the others
And that they are generally dishonest
It annoys me
It takes decades to build social trust
And then a couple highly-placed morons come and shoot everything down
For the sake of what? Power/profit/other garbage stuff
sincerely, fuck you
that's touching ... especially since it comes out from you
So in the case of gw2 it's generally harmless but once people feel scammed they stop donating
You're basically destroying generosity of others for your own profit
Have I mentioned I hate people
1:36 AM
No you haven't.
Oo, multiple recipient sms with pictures takes forever to send ...
@Luc By the way I still don't believe this "no inflexion point" thing
That would be committee-design levels of bad
@SpongyFruitcake power damage is power×crit contribution×bonus crit damage, subject to the restriction that extra power + precision + ferocity is your attribute budget (and what attribute mixes are available). that doesn’t leave much to the imagination, in terms of item budget you end up with power best followed by precision followed by ferocity… also known as berserker
@jaggedSpire yeah you messed that up :P
if you want to restrict the offensive attribute budget to save for defensive attributes then you swap out berserker pieces for attribute mixes that give you whatever you want defensively
@SpongyFruitcake the one exception is guaranteed crits (as well as non-precision sources of crit chance), which means you can skimp on precision… but you can’t replace it by anything offensive (i.e. more power or more ferocity) to gain even more damage (other than condi stats)
because you can’t replace e.g. a (power, crit, ferocity) piece by a (twice the power, no crit, ferocity) piece, they don't exist
2:00 AM
@Shoe Most people in the Unity community aren't programmers. So many of them are scripters trying to make quick $$$ by making a non-commercial game out of royalty-free assets.
@LucDanton but all this is purely stats and doesn't take into account skills etc
@SpongyFruitcake they all work the same (except those with guaranteed crits or traits that improve crit chance, as I’ve mentioned)
if you have twice the power, you do twice the damage. if you have twice the crit chance, you crit twice as often. if you have twice the crit damage bonus, you get the idea etc.
Hallo all!
@LucDanton right, but then you need to factor in skill rotations, alterations and boons
I'm a grad student in computer vision. I'd like to learn good C++ since a lot of CV jobs require expert level skills in C++.
2:08 AM
@SpongyFruitcake they don’t change with your attributes. save for the fact that if you have twice the power, you do twice the damage etc.
@kmario23 run away while you still can
could you please suggest a good book or learning material or some video lectures..
Q: The Definitive C++ Book Guide and List

grepsedawkThis question attempts to collect the few pearls among the dozens of bad C++ books that are published every year. Unlike many other programming languages, which are often picked up on the go from tutorials found on the Internet, few are able to quickly pick up C++ without studying a well-written...

@LucDanton I don't disagree, I just think it's overly simplistic to discard those from a model
@SpongyFruitcake they’re not discarded at all
2:11 AM
e.g. I make sure to separate 'crit chance' from the actual precision you have on your equipment. other contributions to crit chance that are not equipment come from the build, certain skills always crit, sigils/runes etc.
at the end of the day you wear all berserker's to deal the most damage
Okay, imagine the following: you're trying to model a battle between two characters. You can't just reduce it to a comparison of stats, right?
@SpongyFruitcake what else is there? it’s all stats
not sure if serious
@SpongyFruitcake Danke Schoen! In your opinion which is good to learn C++11 or C++14 please?
stats meaning numbers, not attributes on equipment
2:14 AM
@kmario23 Definitely don't bother with anything pre C++11 (Java included), learn the rest as you go. Go with C++14 when you can, but C++17 is out Soon (tm) too.
That being said keep in mind that the Real World doesn't actually use C++11 and when it does it's a butchered version of it.
So you might as well start getting depressed right now because all your future efforts to improve things are futile
@LucDanton Yeah, right, but that doesn't factor in skill rotation, boon uptimes etc etc?
@SpongyFruitcake it does, in that rotation and boons make no difference to the conclusion
I see. Well that's depressing.
shower curtain as tarp ... how good is the ideal?
@neoDev easy there, you're spamming.
@SpongyFruitcake to be precise, there is one scenario that makes optimization tricky: permanent full boon uptime (i.e. all-out DPS in a group scenario). because with permanent 25 might you have so much power that precision reaches parity (i.e. you want 100% crit)
but that’s actually more of a knapsack kind of problem where you find out which (power, prec, ferocity) berserker's pieces you swap out for (prec, power, ferocity) assassin's pieces until you have 100% crit
2:19 AM
._. please stop
historically that has only ever mattered for guardian and mesmer builds, and to reiterate that's in a full party scenario aka pve. in wvw/pvp power is king no matter what all of the time
are you saying condi engineer is garbage
@SpongyFruitcake no it’s very good dps, and has a dps+utility variant
condi and hybrid builds do the same analysis but with (condi damage, condi duration, power/precision) playing the role of (power, crit, crit damage) roughly speaking: you make sure to reach 100% condi duration on whichever condis deal damage in the build, then max out the rest
aka how many (power, condi damage, condi duration, precision) pieces you need until you fill with (condi damage, power, precision) pieces. again, knapsack
Time to publish a paper stating that picking the best guild in GW2 is NP-hard ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
technically in pvp and wvw settings you’d figure that condi duration is the best stat but since it’s vulnerable to cleanses you’re not exactly incentivised to drop condi damage
2:26 AM
back in my days cleanses were far and few between
@SpongyFruitcake sorry, I misread that as condi ranger. condi engineer has as much damage (i.e. top of the charts), just not the utility build variants
@SpongyFruitcake good point, and there were constant sources of -condi duration (food + melandru typically) that you had to counter with your own +condi duration.
I have a bank row full of +condi cookies or what was it
koi cakes?
2:28 AM
correct, you nerd
@SpongyFruitcake that’s because they’re still the best cheap option lol, even after all this time
we’re still living off the huge stock that was made during whichever event they came from (dragon bash?)
you’ll be mega rich in just a few more years!
I'll just roam from map to map asking for 11g
@AlexCerry good afternoon
@AlexCerry sure
2 hours later…
4:20 AM
3 hours later…
7:27 AM
Sup guise
7:53 AM
Lel. Snobbization, a.k.a. "Learn something half every 3 years!"
8:14 AM
Good morning.
@sehe I do that in face-to-face meetings, too, no matter what the local time is.
It's universal for a reason
@AlexCerry cool. so you expect here someone would do code review of your homework which has little or zero practical value?
8:29 AM
5 messages moved to bin
@sehe also move @ProblemSlover this message (so you expect here someone would do code review of your homework which has little or zero practical value?
(And no, I don't expect that)
@sehe what mean?
Can you stop noising? You've been told to direct questions to Stack Overflow, code review to Code Review. There's a question room that either was unable to help or not interested. Please deal with it.
@sehe is not a question.
@sehe no matter you very senior i think. you understand only 0xffffffffff.......
8:35 AM
Groveling doesn't help. Also, last warning. I'll start kicking you if you can't let it go.
@sehe i let it go. You do not understand. I not groveling you are. honestly why people judge what another think. I just ask for advice no question.
shy bear
Finally it's silence...
Do you enjoy a silent chat room? :p
8:47 AM
Silience.. I mean the room which is free of noise from vampires :P
Also if free from dracula. ^
A: Can I show two sides of a card in one photo?

Loren PechtelWell, you asked for creative, you didn't say practical: Gravitational lensing. Place the card edge on and behind a sufficiently massive body. Position the card and camera correctly and both faces will be visible, albeit substantially redshifted, one side worse than the other. Obtaining the su...

9:13 AM
Problem solve just need to use mutex. because each client sending data to one server (same resource).
Love everyone.
no matter what they say.
are you our local jesus
if you think.
we mostly try to avoid that
not everyone.
life is short i help people how much i can.
not short enough apparently
9:20 AM
think != help. Also, if you look beyond your nose you'll see most of use spend way too much time helping
what is more interesting helping fell good.
@sehe lies, I'm pretty sure these 219k rep were obtained through bribery
You promised not to tell
@SpongyFruitcake And some reprostitution I bet
9:24 AM
> Ni homme, ni femme, le cas d'un intersexe né il y a 65 ans "sans pénis ni vagin" est étudié mardi par la Cour de cassation.
la cour de castration :noel:
@SpongyFruitcake Imagine an online casino where you could bet with rep
now that would be something
and people who spend it all would be basically forced to gain more by answering questions
speaking of which when did you get almost as much rep as me?
did you bump your Q&A activity
is there an option to raise reputation requirement for chat room?
yes it's at 1605 now
divided by 80 :/
and you are wrong by 1 digit btw
9:40 AM
i don't think I am
@Ven Some people are just immune to hints bro
@Rerito c'est pas très important, il fatigue
Les HKais comprennent pas notre style d'humour, laisse tomber
Expérience journalière et douloureuse
@SpongyFruitcake not really
9:50 AM
(Surtout pour quelqu'un comme moi qui s'exprime quasi exclusivement en sarcasme)
just a steady flow of adoration
@Ven Yummy!
@SpongyFruitcake toi, être cynique ? je n'y crois
j'ai une sainte horreur du sarcasme
9:56 AM
j'aime bien saupoudrer mon sarcasme d'obscénités et d'emprunts au wesh
sarcasm in form of trolling
@Rerito Wesh alors
I still can't get over text-align: left on most of the web, what's wrong with justify?
Have people never opened a book or read a newspaper or a publication or?
It triggers me to no end
You know what triggers me? People reimplementing things from boost or the stl
Last trend: optional
But bloat!
10:04 AM
And of course, their optional implementation requires the type to be default constructible
in C, 31 mins ago, by louigi600
I want more space for my code
that's not optional, that's struct { T thing; bool is_it_there; }
@Rerito lel
@Rerito using optional = std::pair<T, bool> :noel:
10:06 AM
@SpongyFruitcake Wow that's exactly it! You must be a medium or something ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
@SpongyFruitcake use T* to safe memory
@Ven I would have fired you for single attempt to troll me with your "sarcasm", smart french "friend".
@ProblemSlover he's actually an illegal immigrant
I just might be.
You legal émigrant.
10:07 AM
he's waiting for deportation and in the meantime kills his time in here
@Ven noraj stp
enjoie tes cours de C++ à la noix
@SpongyFruitcake clearly you mean std::unique_ptr
@Ven that's from STL, banned
@SpongyFruitcake it's not the STL, it's the C++ Standard Library.
@SpongyFruitcake Are you assuming we have a compiler that supports using directives like that? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
@Ven not from the POV of whoever does this
10:08 AM
> The [Lua binary bytecode] format is not officially documented, and needs to be reverse-engineered
@BartekBanachewicz Is that XML?
A chicken’s brain is divided into two hemispheres. Each eye is attached to the opposite hemisphere, i.e. the left eye is attached to the right hemisphere and the right eye is attached to the left hemisphere. Chickens can be asleep and awake at the same time!
If yes that's exactly how it works here
I learn new things everyday
Olala TIL @Ven est un dangereux banlieusard
10:11 AM
(Oh btw I am silently removing the usage of that crappy optional thingy)
@SpongyFruitcake So you're looking for a... justification then?
@rightfold I'm not well I'm dad
@BartekBanachewicz I'd love lua if only it didn't start indices at 1
instant and irremediable garbage
> =not 5
> =not 0
> =not NaN
@SpongyFruitcake you should love Terra then :P
it's basically Lua but it has builtin support for SIMD and its arrays start at 0
10:23 AM
I don't see the advantage of prototype based OOP over class based
@BartekBanachewicz let's see
@Ell hordes of JavaScript "developers" brandishing pitchforks
@Ell interfaces suck
also it's just much more flexible, as it moves things to runtime
@BartekBanachewicz in general?
I'm not sure what you're getting at
@Ell the closed ones which you can't add a class to later on do
@SpongyFruitcake I wrote things in it
I don't see how that has any relevance to prototypes
10:28 AM
@Ell well, prototypes don't have a lot of limitations that static class systems do
... aren't you always advocating strong, static type-checking?
Must've been the Haskell-Bartek, then.
I got over that some two years ago
the "always" part, that is
@BartekBanachewicz there are dynamic languages with class based OOP
10:30 AM
besides, I was a fan of Lua since before I first joined Lounge
@Ell and they are pretty much fundamentally more limited than the prototypal ones.
incidentally, in Lua you can have both
I don't see how
Heck, some class OO libraries for Lua even let you pick the flavor ("go-like", "java-like" etc.)
@Ell it's (assessing object's "genealogy") done in runtime, so can be based on data or user input. I thought this was rather plainly obvious.
Chat is back!
@BartekBanachewicz lol I love that passive-aggressive condescension
I'm stealing that
10:41 AM
@BartekBanachewicz but clearly we should script editors with haskol
@BartekBanachewicz the classes in python or ruby are "done at runtime". I don't see the fundamental advantage of prototypes
@SpongyFruitcake it's not...
@BartekBanachewicz It is, and I find it delicious
@Ell when you instantiate an object, it belongs to one particular class. In prototypes it's one or more.
"1 or more" pretty much encloses "1"
(actually it's 0 or more, but then typically there's some master Object thing)
@BartekBanachewicz that's because your language is not dynamic enough.
Take ruby, i.e.: class A < [Hash, Array].sample; end
here, you have a class that inherits Hash or Array, and you won't know until runtime!
10:44 AM
this is a good idea because
it's not a good idea because it's ruby
10:54 AM
Don't do such shit.
It's even more complex than this, tbh.
class A; end
a = A.new
def a.val; 5; end
puts a.b #=> 5
Ruby will happily create a fake parent class when you define a method on an object, and use this one for a instead of the class A.
@Ven wat
because Ruby is totally dynamic
when did they add it
being dynamic?
a long time ago
10:59 AM
how could they
@Shoe It's always been like this.
it does allow for some "cool" stuff, like implementing decorators in Ruby, e.g.
the inherit thing
they also added inheritance a long time ago...
not being dynamic
11:00 AM
it's never been static...
class A
  def a; ...; end
That's one of the hacks that's easy to do in Ruby due to it being Ruby.
@Shoe Classes are objects. In class X < Y you can put whatever object you want in place of Y. [Hash, Array].sample picks a random object from a list with Hash and Array.
It's always been like that.
@BartekBanachewicz have you heard of Python? :D
@BartekBanachewicz That's a pretty much pointless distinction in e.g. Ruby.
Ruby class can have "two" parents. One class and one "mixed in".
11:09 AM
Those parents better be of opposite genders, otherwise!
@Ven Mixins are unbounded.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Not in that sense. When you mix in a method, your object has two parents, the class it had before, and the "fake" class that holds the new method
@Ven Yes, but you can mixin as many modules as you want.
@R.MartinhoFernandes So multiple inheritance in all but name only?
11:11 AM
@R.MartinhoFernandes but each time you mixin, the fake parent is replaced by a new fake parent
is I think what @Ven is trying to say?
ignore me, I'm probably wrong vOv
Basically. It uses a linked list for that.
@Ven Pretty sure. It would be extremely annoying otherwise: mixed-in Comparable? No Enumerable for you.
@R.MartinhoFernandes I meant "sure, that's how it is, I don't see how my message contradicts that"
the "class" part of your object class has a linked list to modules
I guess it's an implementation detail
the rabbit hole goes even deeper in MRI anyway since it has "eigenclasses", whatever those are.
@Ven Right. ancestors will just return everything.
The only thing I meant is that, with:
class A; end
a = A.new
def a.b; 5; end
a.class #=> That's still (pretended to be) A
a.class == A #=> true
in reality it's a singleton class with the two fields I mentioned earlier. At least that's how I remember it from Ruby under a microscope.
11:19 AM
@Fanael Yep.
Don't use Ruby.
use Moo!
oh I am so happy
happy as a little monoid
11:21 AM
:D monoids
@Shoe my code is good
free modans!
@Ven What if he sexually identifies as an abelian semigroup?
@Fanael what if she identifies as a semi-lattice?
@Ven I prefer semi-lettuce
@Ven This singleton class is the eigenclass.
makes sense
11:24 AM
Ugh, using "Abelian" with anything but "group".
> This is a place of welcoming, and you should just get the hell out of here.
I sexually identify as an Abelian helicopter.
I sexually identify as a cunt sucking twat waffle‌​.
The upcoming EU data protection laws seem to have a pretty robust definition of personal data. ico.org.uk/for-organisations/data-protection-reform/… /cc @wilx
(A UK website has the best summary; who woulda thunk?)
@R.MartinhoFernandes Interesting.
A Monoid class without a Semigroup superclass is so terrible.
It brings so many limitations.
11:35 AM
God, this interview task is silly and tedious. Parse limited XML/HTML, send it to another thread for filtering some tags away but use the first thread to write the filtered results to output.
@wilx Yay, gratuitous threads!
I have the parser but the shunting data between threads is tedious.
@wilx single mutex round robin buffers?
11:54 AM
@wilx "XML/HTML"? That's a new one
@milleniumbug I like using C/C++ to parse XML/HTML.
@milleniumbug not really just ancient. I haven't heard about XML+HTML since XHTML was popular pre HTML5

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