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12:01 AM
@DeadMG they seem to simply attempt to line up in lines parallel to the relative angles between their movements. In the first sample, that's 0 and 180 degrees -> 0/180 degrees, in the "redirection" one, 0 and 135 degrees -> 158/338 dregrees. (ish, I'm not a math person)
that doesn't really account for how they flow around the bigger units
@DeadMG no, that's true. My angle thing doesn't match their video.
I'm just not happy with the idea of "store 999999 things"
it's easy to justify storing a grid representing the terrain when it's two dimensional, but not when it's three
A: Inline assembly performance advantage over C

g24lcommented: @bames53 oops sorry mate, I meant to write, that I verified those results also, but I'm talking on the phone with my girlfriend , which takes 50% of my own cpu time...

12:17 AM
Yeah I noticed... I have no idea how he pulled that out of his ass.
he had an earlier comment that basically made him look like an idiot.
@Mysticial Well the Q doesn't make him look good. It's only because the discussion is kind of interesting that I still +1-ed it in the end
I 1+ed the question, but none of the answers actually answer the question.
I guess
raycast + A* around obstacles
could be good?
12:21 AM
@Mysticial I don't expect anyone will, unless someone uses inside knowledge of Intel CPU changes
if anything my comment probably comes closest to answering...
A: Inline assembly performance advantage over C

Mysticialcommented: I think it's a hardware thing. On Nehalem, there is no difference. On Sandy Bridge, there's 25% difference. So it's probably a pipeline issue. Nothing to do with the compiler.

you linked a torrent? :D
for Upotte, whatever that is
anyways, delete please
@sehe Yeah, I don't expect that to be answered...
Oh, Intel added a cryptographically secure rng opcode. Neat. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RdRand
Yeah, it uses processor shot-noise... pretty neat stuff
12:35 AM
I guess
that the most logical thing to do is stick with a low-resolution pathfind
like split N where N is, say, 20 or something, create 3D grid, apply A* or and then try to smooth it out
in any case
it's like, 1:45am here
so nighty night
Oh gawd, my .tex file has 70kB.
1416 lines.
And it's still not done.
1:34 AM
Hire Donald Knuth?
5 hours later…
6:30 AM
@CatPlusPlus you mean, compiling ps?
Finally, someone broke the silence...
"5 hours later…" I think that's a new record?
room topic changed to Lounge<C++>: Last message posted 5 hours ago. [c++] [c++11] [c++-faq]
Oh. Darn. I was just trying to be funny about it, then you guys come along and destroy my joke.
@sbi Yeah I was just as shocked
@Mysticial I don't think so. I used to see this quite often on weekends. It has decreased, though, during the last year.
Usually when my last message from before bedtime is still on screen it is because I didn't sleep much.
6:35 AM
@sehe But you didn't sleep much.
@sbi Mmm. Discipline fail, yes.
@sehe What do you need discipline for? With me, being tired is usually enough.
@sbi My being tired inly comes later. I don't feel tired now though, which is why I thought I slept a bit longer than I did.
Anyways, gotta head to work, meeting coming up, so no flex-times for me today
7:01 AM
hello anyone here?
@mona No, we're all gone.
hehe :)
ok bye bye
speak up if you're not here.
i have a quick question in C++ if i have a mutlidiementional vector idem a matrix i need to delete the first colomn and the first row from it.i should use the erase function?
@mona Internal Parser Error. Restart required...
7:25 AM
Some jerks stole my open source and abused it. So I'm crying about it on the Internet.
good morning all
7:45 AM
(undefined behaviour)
Damn. I was *totally* saving up to buy Instagram.
8:02 AM
perhaps I am just a little slow on the uptake, but I am fairly sure it is both legitimate and fun to proclaim that Java is just a scripting language
depends on how you define a scripting language
@jalf any which way that lets me mock Java developers for being just script kiddies :D
honestly, I find such exercises utterly pointless. You can proclaim anything to be anything else, by defining your words suitably.
So why isn't C++ a scripting language?
Java sucks, all hail Java
Can't type today
8:09 AM
to be honest, I wouldn't really claim Java to be a full scripting language, it's an annoying grey area. For the most part, I consider 'scripting language' to be (more or less) synonymous with 'not compiled into a stand alone executable'
So if I compile TCL it stops becoming a scripting language?
Java is a grey area, because it is sort of packaged into what could be called a stand along executable, but it is really just a compressed folder of source code that is used very much like a script in a funny programme called the JVM
How do you define standalone? C++ executables typically need a lot of plumbing infrastructure too. They link to standard libraries and C/C++ runtimes and whatnot
> A scripting language or script language is a programming language that supports the writing of scripts, programs written for a software environment that automate the execution of tasks which could alternatively be executed one by one by a human operator.
Apart from that, C++ doesn't have to be compiled to native code. And there's no reason why Java can't be compiled to native code
it's an absurd distinction
8:11 AM
Guess that means natural language processing is scripting
We all know that 'scripting language' is a very vague term that really doesn't mean much.
I look at it as a way to describe what the language is good for. Little tasks that you would like / need to be easy to modify
things like laying out a games HUD, nice job a script right there, but could equally be done through some sort of CSS style document
C++ could be used to write scripts that are loaded into your main program, but you are probably going to want to limit the features of C++ that could be used.
If you limit the features then it's not C++;)
I think GIMP can use C++ for extensions, although pretty sure it's fairly unsafe
it would be a partial implementation of C++
Given that there are some pretty huge software projects written in Java, I don't really see how it qualifies
anyway, now we're running in circles. A scripting language is whatever you want a scripting language to be, and therefore, anything you want to be a scripting language is a scripting language
circular definitions at their best
Well, I did intend my original comment to be a joke, but then people insisted on getting overly pedantic, and before long not even the chicken knew why he crossed that god damn road. He walked home to his loving wife, who questioned him why he didn't get the milk like she asked. He explained to her about the people questioning him all the time about why he was crossing the road, and that he soon got fed up saying 'to get milk' so started saying silly things; sooner or later he lost track...
8:20 AM
well, it wasn't a very good joke.
"Haha, those guys suck because those guys suck"
@thecoshman ... of the truth and so came home. Well, thought the chickens wife, what was it you went for?
can't find a bunch of files now
look elsewhere
oooh nm
8:24 AM
Just got myself confused... Running a win VM inside Win7
@sbi o_0
8:40 AM
Um, am I confused or is it the curious guy who is? How is operator==() for containers specified?
@sbi via std::equal
btw, chat topic is outdated
@Abyx Ok. And isn't that specified as "same length and all elements return true for operator==()"?
@Abyx That was well know when I posted it. See here.
@sbi I am not confused.
@curiousguy They all say that! :)
@sbi General container requirements specify that a==b iff [a.begin(),a.end()) is equal to [b.begin(),b.end())
IOW: other properties of the compared objects are ignored.
This contradicts your definition of how equality should be defined.
8:48 AM
5 mins ago, by sbi
@Abyx Ok. And isn't that specified as "same length and all elements return true for operator==()"?
I don't see the contradiction
Unless you define "is equal" as something other than "operator== returns true"
@jalf Hug?
Equality is ==
@curiousguy So sbi is saying that the same number of elements should exist, and each pair of elements at the same indices should be equal as defined by operator++. You're saying that each pair of elements should be equal as defined by operator++, which implicitly requires that the same number of elements exist. And you're saying that this contradicts sbi's definition?
I'm confused
@jalf operator==()
yeah sorry
8:55 AM
oh man, I had some fun over the weekend learning about make
9:18 AM
@thecoshman better learn how to use it :) Don't tell us you spent 24 hours building GMP or MIPR
9:31 AM
just reading up on clever things you can do to help reduce the amount of work you need to do in order to use make
things like generic rules that can take a *.cpp and convert it to a *.o
@thecoshman Don't tell me you did it all by hand before!
@thecoshman ... nice for out of context quotes
@thecoshman One very clever thing to do is to use a metabuild system that generates makefiles for you. Or to bypass make completely.
@Pubby never really used make much, and not for for big projects
9:52 AM
@sbi this person is awesome.
damn, wish it was morning again here too. I hate afternoons.
@LucDanton such as...
my parents, they ask me awkward questions about my exams and results and stuff, that I don't want to answer right now
or ever
@sehe I wouldn't think it was out of context considering is was a direct follow up to my previous post, but never mind
@DeadMG like "did you pass?"
9:56 AM
and you didn't?
no, I didn't
@thecoshman CMake and SCons are among them. There's a lot more than those two though.
@DeadMG I'll have to deal with that 2 months later. right now I'm in pre-examination gloom. :(
9:57 AM
@DeadMG you are studying CS?
my university's idea of "examination" is "can you recite the formal definition from memory?"
it's pathetic
@LucDanton think I might stick with make for a bit longer, nothing I am doing is that big, so it is easy enough to manage. Though, I will probably look at other things whilst 'researching' at work
being sick and all this university stuff is way too much for me to handle
@thecoshman Try to make dependency analysis work!
10:01 AM
@sbi I like the "Games" section :)
@sbi that's one of the best tweet from @shanselman
@thecoshman Even for small things those are easier imho (scons in any case, I've never actually created cmake builds, only used them).
I feel people became moron with C#. Because nobody actually knows the fundamentals about data structures and how basically implement it.
@DeadMG you can't explain that to your parents?
they wouldn't understand
10:03 AM
@DeadMG Well, spending most of your time on your own projects, and hanging out here 20hrs/day might not have helped either, don't you think?
that's the major problem
I don't react well to pressure, I just avoid it
my parents have a much more pro-active mind
@DeadMG So what is your plan? You can't not tell them forever. You will have to tell them eventually. So what do you gain by not doing it now?
I have a plan?
@DeadMG I am sure this attitude will get you very far in this project-driven industry with its crunch times.
oh, that kind of pressure doesn't bother me
10:06 AM
@sbi Unless he becomes an academic researcher perhaps.
@StackedCrooked it's changing in that area also, certainly in the CS departments
@StackedCrooked Yeah, right, no pressure in academics. Oh, wait...
I definitely don't have the temperament for academics :P
In any case @DeadMG, if it's the educational style that bothers you you could always look for changing schools. But a certain degree of 'memorize this' will always be present, even more in the first years of college (don't know what year you're in)?
10:08 AM
here the actual 'reproduce the text' exams stopped after about a year or two
but I've looked into changing universities, and the relevant problem is money
I could probably get into the second or third year programme of any other university, if I could afford to do it
@thecoshman you sir have a talent for reading things in strange ways. That of course read 'nice for out of context quotes'. In no way does it qualify your own message as out of context. In fact, I don't you could quote any message out-of-context unless there was a context.
ah, that's annoying indeed :s.
@DeadMG Well, your current plan seems to be that you do not want to tell your parents.
I definitely don't
they will murder me
10:09 AM
5 mins ago, by sbi
@DeadMG So what is your plan? You can't not tell them forever. You will have to tell them eventually. So what do you gain by not doing it now?
I failed university (4 year program) the first year three times in a row. Then I switched to a 3-year bachelor program in a different school and passed that easily.
room topic changed to Lounge<C++>: My parents will murder me. [c++] [c++11] [c++-faq]
@DeadMG that's a problem solving strategy
@sehe Oops. Sheepish grin.
@sbi There is a stray a or a stray will there (Edit was)
10:11 AM
May's parents?
Isn't there a timestamp on every chat message? So I could know which came when?
@ScottW But they failed too
well, I'm sure that my parents would feel that murdering me would solve the problem of having to financially support me
@Caffeine Install the SO Chat userscript
what's that?
10:12 AM
@Caffeine They are ordered according to their timestamp. (So, yeah, there is one.)
@Caffeine Well, it's the so chat userscript
Right ... thanks.. I wandered into some groups which had timestamps of days ago.. I was confused... aynway, thanks!
@sbi That's only an ordering. It doesn't tell you when a message occurred. It tells you (relative) upper/lower bounds
@sehe Well, I did say there is one.
10:13 AM
@Caffeine Perhaps just start by using the normal chat features (such as reply-to-message (arrow icon))
@sbi Aha. That way. An IBM consultant answer: True but not very helpful
hahaha... but I don't find that icon...
@Caffeine: Click on the down arrow to the left of a message. At the top of the popup appearing is a relative timestamp. Hover over it with your mouse, and the hint will tell you the absolute time the message was posted. But only down to the minute.
Ooooh! I found it! :D
@Caffeine Well, google won't help. But a bit of mouse hovering should open a world of possibilities undreamt
Shit I did the paste-google-result link thing again. Google hijacks links...:
Q: SE Chat Modifications -- Keyboard navigation and commands for chat

Tim Stone Screenshot Use /command shortcuts to perform common chat tasks: See message history inline: Easily preview replied-to messages: And much, much more... About Legends tell of a prolific Meta Stack Overflow chatter who despised using their mouse above all things. In an effort to keep t...

@sbi I have made myself appear so dumb, you're even telling me hover 'with your mouse' - as if I was gonna hover with ... anything else?
10:17 AM
@Caffeine Once you approach Zen, you can hover without technical aids
@ScottW Look above your heads, maybe I am there..
@Caffeine You could use your trackpad. That works, too, though. (Sorry that I initially forgot to tell you that.)
@sbi Or the pointer marble thingy for that matter. Or the wacom tablet. Or your WiiMote
Do people chatting here do that in their work hours?
as far as I know, it's work hours for most people
10:20 AM
@Caffeine Do you?
I am - and getting a feeling i shouldn't... Cause i can't well... concentrate.. but I have searched so hard for a place like this, that I can't let go!
@DeadMG It's work hours too, but mostly after-work, since it is hard to keep a conversation with all the work distraction :)
I don't have chat hours...
I like you guys...
@Caffeine Oh you can. We can get you banned too if it is required
(just to clear - in a very non romantic way)
10:21 AM
@ScottW Whew nice save
@ScottW lol
Do any of you use Ruby mine?
@ScottW I think I prefer caffeine arabically
I am trying to use the debugger, without reading about it, of course... :p
Coffea arabica () is a species of Coffea originally indigenous to the mountains of Yemen in the Arabian Peninsula, hence its name, and also from the southwestern highlands of Ethiopia and southeastern Sudan. It is also known as the "coffee shrub of Arabia", "mountain coffee" or "arabica coffee". Coffea arabica is believed to be the first species of coffee to be cultivated, being grown in southwest Arabia for well over 1,000 years. It is said to produce better coffee than the other major commercially grown coffee species, Coffea canephora (robusta), but tastes vary. C. arabica contains le...
@Caffeine Wut. Didn't know you could read about a debugger
@Caffeine Visual Studio's debugger is really good.
but that's C++
10:23 AM
@DeadMG Ow, what a shame.
I would take that nobody knows about Ruby Mine?
among you...
this is the C++ room
@Caffeine If you like us, you must be new here.
I know... and I joined it cause I am learning C++ in my spare time.. and like it... But at work I am stuck with Ruby
Guys - I will see you later ... tonight (when it's night where I live) - now, I have to work... till then, it was wonderful talking!
10:26 AM
Good thing you can procrastinate with C++ lounge, then.
Then again, I think any workplace that embraces Ruby should be considered a relatively good workplace in my book
@Caffeine You can be logged in into several rooms at the same time.
@Caffeine Remember: Don't drink and jive!
@sbi He knows that, apparently
@sehe Yeah, I should have looked.
Then again, Ruby is more then just RoR
@sbi I know that, I just don't wanna leave this one hanging...
But I am just RoRing...
Okay guys... really... I am not even a permanent employee here, I will get my ass kicked... See you later..
10:30 AM
@sehe Yeah, but their are no rail-less Ruby rooms (yet) in the chat.
@sehe why thank you :P
@sbi 'ruby-on-rails' and 'ruby-rails'! is C++ the only language/platform/subjects/fetish where people can get along well enough to stick to just one room
@thecoshman I dunno.
damn edit time limit :(
I hope I got it all
I can't wait to get home tonight, my new NIC came this morning!
I wonder if there is any advantage to using an external NIC rather than the one built into the MO-BO (beside the fact my built in one died)
10:45 AM
@thecoshman weehoo. Your packets will really enjoy traveling through brand new ICs
"I am shocked that the rich avoid paying tax" says George Osborne, beneficiary of a £4m offshore trust fund set up to avoid paying tax.
@sehe and I shall enjoy them travelling at all! :D
> sorry, unimplemented: use of 'type_pack_expansion' in template
What's a "NIC"?
network interface controller
significial improvement:<
10:48 AM
@bamboon Ah, thanks. So, basically, this is a network card, right?
@sbi yeah
> Disturbing notice outside local hospital — Warning. Guard dogs operating. — David Nobbs
@thecoshman Just last week I was in shock when someone on national radio had setup a debat around this central statement:
> "The top 10% of rich Dutch families are contributing 80% of the countries tax"
so I asked my friend/co-worker how his weekend was, he said (along the lines of) "not to good, my cousin's arm got ripped off"
@sbi yeah, but often also refers to the chip on your mobo if you don't have a classical expansion network card
10:50 AM
I'm not sure whether that claim is true, but if it were I'd be (a) shocked at the sheer fact that income distribution is so out-of-balance (b) shocked that they dare complain that it isn't fair
@thecoshman We're speaking Ireland here, right?
@thecoshman I take it, this is in the literal sense. I mean, I get ripped off often enough, and it'll cost me an arm and a leg, but usually only figuratively speaking
@sbi I believe his cousins lives in Ireland
@sehe yeah, apparently his arm was literally ripped of by some machine. Too badly damaged to be reattached
@thecoshman Well, those Celts are rough folks...
@sbi apparently not tough enough
10:53 AM
@thecoshman I take it a mere Englishman would have been torn in half if the same force had been applied to him.
Anyway, won't you finally tell us how you coworker's cousin got her/his arm ripped off?
@sbi strangely... I didn't ask... hang on...
@thecoshman "Hang on"? How fitting...
11:41 AM
after a tasty lunch, I come back with search results for you
11:57 AM
@thecoshman corkman.ie/news/… Trucker's arm re-attached by surgeons
though the damage was too severe, and the arm did not take
@sbi At least, it wasn't the guard dogs operating ^
> Jerry Clifford, general manager of the plant, said the accident was shocking and regretful, but they were delighted to hear the man’s arm had been reattached and that he was making good progress following surgery.
@thecoshman That was Published on 10 April 2012
22 flags in the PHP room?!
I am going to trust the word of a cousin who saw him over an article that whilst published today, was probably written a few days ago
Can one really call themselves "guru" if one don't know how to "embed a tiff image in html"?
12:01 PM
@Insilico embrace multi cultural chat
@Insilico really embedding it - wooh
@Insilico I think i saw those flags about 3 hours ago, though
If you're a "guru" I'm sure you can figure it out. :-P
@sehe: Yeah but they show up as "new flags" for me
I'm not sure what's offensive or spammy about it
@sehe I believe that was what he was hinting at, though.
@Insilico The amount
@thecoshman Ugh. What did you have for lunch? Forelegs? SCNR.
@Insilico I think the guy was keeping pinging people to help him with his problem. They probably got annoyed at him. I validated all the flags.
@sbi lounge?
12:04 PM
@sbi: I see. I wasn't there to observe said flagging
@sehe Freudian slip.
@Insilico Nor was I.
@sbi I started at the top thinking 'nah - invalid' then after the third repeat I switched to 'ah - valid'
Ah okay now I've actually looked at the transcript
@sehe I first looked at the username and realized what was happening.
@sbi I had a boob with chips. what you mean by SCNR?
12:07 PM
@thecoshman: "Sorry, Could Not Resist"
Either that or "Somatic Cell Nuclear Replacement"
@sbi Redo from start. PRESS PLAY ON TAPE [NSFW]
@sehe I'm at work and share a room with two cow-workers. I'd rather not click on that.
@sbi: Hmm for something that's "Commonly used" I haven't used a lot of those acronyms
@Insilico You're not common enough then.
@sbi: That a good or bad thing?
12:14 PM
@sbi The C64 reference was really the whole point. Nevermind that youtube (obviously) has pulp entertainment indexed on those keywords
@sbi It's a Satisfaction (by Benny Benassi) music video parody involving ancient computers instead of power tools
@Insilico I deliberately left this to anyone's guess.
Press Play on Tape is awesome :)
@sehe That reminds me: Jack Tramiel, the guy who created the C64 (and later the Atari ST series) just died.
Jack Tramiel (, Trzmiel means bumblebee) (December 13, 1928 – April 8, 2012) was an Polish-born American businessman, best known for founding Commodore International, the manufacturer of the Commodore PET, Commodore 64, Commodore 128, Commodore Amiga, and other Commodore models of home computers. Biography Tramiel was born as Jacek Trzmiel in Łódź, Poland, into a Jewish family. After the German invasion of Poland in 1939 his family was transported by German occupiers to the Jewish ghetto in Łódź, where he worked in a garment factory. When the ghettos were liquidated his family was sent...
Only a few days ago
12:19 PM
When the Commodore PET was introduced, it created a much bigger splash than what Apple ever achieved. Only people have forgotten about Commodore, while Apple managed to keep people interested in them.
And Jobs get a system banner message on Stack Overflow. :-/
12:53 PM
A: Dennis Ritchie goes into the night without a quote on Stack Overflow?

sbiNote the current tagline for the C++ room: RIP dmr (1941 — 2011)

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