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12:00 AM
@Maxpm Oh. Doesn't matter at all, imo. They are both just as clear.
As long as it get's the message across, the exact verbage is a matter of opinion
I like "wasn't" opposed to "is not" because the exception occurred before you got back the message. But it shouldn't really matter as long as it's clear.
12:11 AM
I'm hungry but it's past one am.
@daknok_t So what?
A: Community-led deletionism: a protocol for sanity

jalfWell, just ensure that the opposite opinion of @Pekka's is represented, I despise the trigger-happy deletionism that is going on at the moment. It is extremely discouraging and demotivating that we, users who just want to help others and share knowledge, have to constantly spend time combating ...

+6/-5 ... quite a split
1:14 AM
Q: Show battled deleted questions to the public as if they were 10k+ users

Pekka's Reputation BordelloThere's much discussion about deleted questions. One suggestion on how to deal with them is, delete them, but collect them in a separate archive. That seems to be pondered by the SE team, but it is nowhere near implementation yet. Shog comments here: [...] Right now, the archive is SO - locke...

1:28 AM
The x86_64 intel instruction set is so poorly designed
> If you could rely on users to always close questions when they should be closed, you wouldn't need moderators. Why are you spending 30 minutes writing questions that are borderline off-topic? Nobody does that. On my worst day, it might take me 10 minutes to write up a question that's actually on-topic.
@ManofOneWay you mean it shows it's heritage?
Argh, meta pisses me off to no end
@sehe Yeah, the piling of bits from one architecture to another hasn't exactly made the design any better =)
1:54 AM
@daknokt I like what you did with your screen name. I should try ::sehe :)
anyone used Qt Creator?
2:06 AM
@Pubby Do not blame Meta, blame the idiots (who have way too much power on Meta)
3 hours later…
4:49 AM
5:30 AM
Hello. I am a computer science student. I am assuming polymorphism is one of the hardest concepts of C++?
5:54 AM
@JavaPro Not at all
I am trying to master it all. I am a noob
I thought you were a pro!
Your name is JavaPro ;)
just programmer lol
i didnt know what to pick a year ago
5:56 AM
Ah, the chat cuts off the end
i know for polymorphism in c++ all you do is throw in a virtual function and just do a good inheritance order and its good.
Virtual is only one form of polymorphism - templates and overloading also provide it.
i know of overloading that was a few sections ago
templates is next
after the test lol
programming is hard when they throw everything at you at once
5:59 AM
I can imagine. Anything you need help with?
im just trying to get the concepts right
recursion seems like witch craft
Oh, recursion is very important.
Make sure you get experience with it
yep its basically a loop structure
and great for programmer effiency
Not really a loop
disagree on the statement that overloading provides for polymorphism. It doesn't.
6:02 AM
thats what our professor said
i just think about overloading operators as a easy way to manage the structure
@HovercraftFullOfEels I got that from the wikipedia page. But yeah, I wouldn't think about it as being polymorphic.
ah, overloading operators, that's differnt.
professional programmers? I am a first year student haha
for programming
To understand recursion, just do lots of it. It can actually make some complex tasks simpler to do, but with a cost.
yea more memory but its more programmer efficient
6:04 AM
To understand recursion don't use C++ ;)
my professor said its more important to push it out to the market etc
what's more important?
professor said programmer effiency
ah, yes, I see.
30 years experience vs 1 so i absorb his knowledge
6:07 AM
somebody here?
coders dont sleep right?
yea, right :D , i thought they're busy lol))
im a student so all i have is my books and code blocks
@JavaProgrammer yea)) i'm too.
C++ can be quite evil
6:12 AM
for those advanced programmers , which library is the best for socket programming, for accesing someone's computer ? no,not hacking ))
@JavaProgrammer yes it can, but is powerful as fuck.
Sockets can access other computers?
@Pubby i put a comma between them.
So you need 2 libraries?
my professor is so creative on projects like ripping off angry birds to see if we can code it lol
6:17 AM
@Pubby in a sense , yes :)
@Pubby so?..
@ddacot Oh, I'm not exactly sure. I've heard Boost.ASIO was nice, and Berkeley Sockets/Winsock for C.
@Pubby thanks, i'll ive a try
6:55 AM
You've earned "Legendary" and 128 other badges. See your profile.
WOOT!!! Time to retire from newbie questions forever.
Interestingly, my audit page shows:
days represented 186
rep cap was reached via rep from upvotes *only* on 122 days
earned at least 200 reputation on 149 days
earned 0 reputation from suggested edits
7:13 AM
any one here
@Mysticial Congrats
@Pubby do you need help with anything?
@TaylorBioniks Not really.
@Pubby ok I just here to help right now
because i can't ask questions
@TaylorBioniks What?
7:25 AM
@Pubby I deleted some of my questions of this site because I was not working on them any more
and now I can't ask questions
they said my questions need higher upvote
Ah, you should answer some questions on the main site then
I have
Guess you need more upvotes then
it was fine until I deleted some, then my rep went up 25 point and i did not do anything
Yeah, deletions are weighted pretty negatively. Undeleting might help.
7:29 AM
@Pubby how do you undelete?
Uh, actually a moderator might be required. If you still have the old URLs you could try accessing those to see if the 'undelete' option shows up
@Pubby I don't have them, just read you can't undelete. I will just have to get my current questions up voted
Alright, good luck
You can't view your own deleted questions, so you won't be able to see the undelete button. But you can still inject the script to undelete. There was a meta post about that.
The only deleted question I can find on your reputation tab is this one:
And that is not something you want to undelete.
But in any case, try posting some good answers.
That might push you back over the threshold to be unbanned.
@Mysticial OK thank you. I have been posting answers
7:35 AM
Just gave you an upvote. :)
nah, don't
I have enough upvotes today. :)
Don't remove too many chat posts or you'll get chat banned!
@Mysticial so what do you code? @Pubby ok thanks
C and C++?
@Mysticial @Pubby Thanks I can ask questions again
@Mysticial I meant like what kind of software?
7:39 AM
@TaylorBioniks You're unbanned already?
@Mysticial yeah
Ok, just make sure to post good questions (read the faq). If you get some downvotes you might get banned again.
@TaylorBioniks Wow, you really were on the edge. Yeah, don't get anymore downvotes. Or you'll trip the ban again.
@Pubby I have read them. I just need to not ask questions at night
So make sure every question you ask is very good.
@TaylorBioniks Why would that matter?
7:41 AM
I was tired when I was asking those questions that have down vote
Downvotes seem to be because they're too subjective or lacking research
@Mysticial from experience what revision control system do you recommend?
Revision for what?
@Pubby really I wish people would have told me that
@Mysticial for storing code I currently use Git/Mercurial
@TaylorBioniks Oh, I've only used two. The Microsoft internal one, and subversion. So I haven't used enough of them to judge.
@Pubby thanks this looks very useful. so I don't put enough info in my questions @Mysticial OK
@TaylorBioniks More information would be very good for most of your questions, however 2 of your downvoted questions are simply not suitable for the site - more information simply wouldn't help.
@Pubby which ones
@TaylorBioniks "free css" and "what should a real time"
@Pubby in free css/java script I'm asking for a library/software recommendation and, in the other one I'm asking how would be the best tool for the job
7:51 AM
Those are both subjective
(which is off-topic)
@Pubby OK should I delete them?
No, don't delete anything
@Pubby ok
Downvotes and deletions hurt. Deleting something doesn't undo the affect of the downvotes - and AFAIK, it makes it hurt more.
@Mysticial so deletion is like more down vote
7:54 AM
I thought deletions removed down-votes
@TaylorBioniks Yes, you can think of it that way. The exact equation is kept a secret so I don't know.
@Pubby That only applies to rep. And only if you deleted it yourself.
Of if a mod deletes it and there are no flags on it.
@Mysticial I see
The only reason I can see your -11 question is because you deleted it yourself. So you regained the rep you lost on it.
Assuming you have other questions that weren't deleted by you, I don't think you get back the rep from them. So it's not showing up in your rep-tab.
@Mysticial no I deleted all my own questions. is my -11 the ruby on rails website question?
If you deleted anything that had no votes on it, it won't show up in the rep-tab.
So I can only see one of your deleted questions.
7:59 AM
@Mysticial yeah I asked that question & then I come back and half the question is gone and a bunch of down vote
Found another of your deleted questions:
No votes on it.
and bunch of comments
It's definitely too vague. And

"// please don't down vote. if this is off topic tell me and I will remove it after 2 days thank you."

doesn't help at all.
@Mysticial Yeah I deleted it because no one knew how to do it. also you can read these question?
Users with 10k rep can see deleted questions if they have a link.
@Mysticial ah I see. Because I can't see them
That's not a good question to undelete. It's way too vague and broad. And pretty much unanswerable.
8:05 AM
@Mysticial thank you so much for all your help. which question are you talking about
"Mercurial setup on hostgator(linux) server hgwebdir"
@Mysticial yeah I figured that after no one could answer it
@Mysticial @Pubby thank you for you help goodbye
8:44 AM
Modern Hello World!
9:06 AM
Q: c++, std::atomic, what is std::memory_order and how to use them?

2607Can anyone explain what is std::memory_order in plain English, and how to use them with std::atomic<>? I found the reference and few examples here, but don't understand at all. http://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/atomic/memory_order Thanks.

Does WinAPI have method to draw a point, not a line? :)
@user1131997 this point is named "circle", or "pixel"
9:23 AM
Damnit, my mouse is broken, drag&drop doesn't work for more than a second.
And very often, clicks aren't recognized.
@FredOverflow swap buttons, maybe right button is not so broken as left one
No, I'm just gonna get a new keyboard/mouse combo on Monday. It was time for a new one, anyway. The paint on some of the keys has vanished completely over the years.
Had nothing particular in mind. I usually go to a local dealer and check the models out until I like one. I never buy keyboards blind, no matter what people tell me beforehand.
But if you have any particular suggestion, I'd like to hear it.
But nothing of that "natural" crap, please ;-)
Hm, it seems there is no easy way to connect a Wii to my PC monitor? I might have considered buying one if there was.
@ScottW I've never done that stuff since I don't do much multimedia with my PC.
Yesterday, I bought a Thinkpad X61 laptop. Any opinions on Thinkpads here?
9:42 AM
aesthetically....ugh. too boxy.
other than that...never used one, so i couldn't say
9:55 AM
@FredOverflow they're nice. Good quality, look nice, but expensive
So it seems someone finds it star-worthy when I say "I'm not sure". I'm not sure what to think about that.
@jalf I bought a used one for under 200 Euros.
@cHao I don't care about aesthetics when it comes to working with a computer.
Anyway, just to keep the meta-shy crowd in the loop, this is some of what's been happening there while I was asleep: meta.stackoverflow.com/q/124457/133368, meta.stackoverflow.com/q/124439/133368, meta.stackoverflow.com/q/124466/133368.
We have a civil war, really? :)
@FredOverflow Note that this question was closed. But, yeah, the questions and answers around this issue currently seem to take up more than half of meta, and the discussion is quite enraged. Of course, not going there, you'd never realize it.
9:59 AM
Wow, the Nintendo Wii only has 480 lines resolution? It sure didn't look that bad when I played at a friend's house yesterday.
@sbi I'm simply not that emotionally attached to stack overflow, I guess.
@FredOverflow that's standard non-HD tv resolution
I know I posted something on one of the meta questions yesterday, and this morning I had 22 new responses in the top left corner thingy. I just cleared them all without reading though. :)=
@jalf I'm not up to date on HDTV and stuff. Could I connect a Wii to a, say, 10 year old TV? I thought you needed a HDTV.
@FredOverflow I had been attached a lot more before before a certain incident. But it still irks me when high-rep users consider leaving.
Good morning!
The CPU comparison between modern consoles is interesting. The Wii has a single 700 MHz CPU, Xbox 360 has 3 x 3,2 GHz and Playstation 3 has 8 x 3,2 GHz. How do you keep 8 cores busy simultaneously? I wouldn't be surprised if PS3 programmers weren't up to speed on multicore development back in 2006. Are they now?
10:09 AM
@FredOverflow I just ran into Billy's timeline on Twitter. It seems he hasn't posted on anything else for two days. So I checked @James' timeline, and it's similar. The same goes for JaredPar. If you, from there, follow the links to other participants, it looks pretty similar there. And the subject makes up half of the non-pinned starboard here.
@Bob What are you crying good morning here, when it's almost noon?
@sbi I know James, are the other two also C++ SO users?
Maybe because you are living in the future?
I have made a web service (JSON) and I have a client. I know I can use HTTPS to encrypt the data being sent from the client to the server....but is it possible to also ensure that the URL I connect to access the data is not being used by other clients?
Note the rep.
Billy ONeal, Northfield, OH
32.2k 5 49 149
I don't recognize the face, guess I've never met him.
@FredOverflow I never met any of them either. Jared has had a few good C++ answers. That's how I ran into him, I think. I forgot how Billy caught my attention, but I suppose it happened the same way.
10:16 AM
@Bob If you define "future" as "living east of me"...
@Bob have you noticed: This is the C++ room.
@sbi yay drama.
@FredOverflow One core is locked off for the OS, and another is disabled in manufacturing, so the application only gets 6. But more importantly, the PS3 cores are more like GPU cores- they're not really OOO CPUs, and more focused on vectorized instructions. A PS3 doesn't possess twice as much CPU power as a 360.
@Bob sure, with client certificates or...well...authentication of any kind, really
@ScottW I do.
10:24 AM
@Bob What does "used by other clients" mean? I don't think you can stop them from using it as their desktop wallpaper...
you can't go into a butchers and ask for bread just because the bakers is closed.
Though if the entire connection is encrypted, nobody should be able to see the request URL in the first place.
@DeadMG You can ask, but if you come in on a bad day, you might make the cleaver's acquaintance.
then you still need bread, and butcher don't stock it
@KerrekSB As the man who makes a habit of cleaving, I'm well aware of that :P
I call it 'Bleedin' Bob's Sundays', and the fillets are really sensational.
@FredOverflow The Wii. unlike PS3 and 360, does not support HD. So you can connect it to any TV, new or old, and get old resolution ;)
10:26 AM
@DeadMG I'm glad to see you're a "Right tool for the right job" sort of man
I'm all for using the wrong tool for the wrong job, except when it means you can't use it for the right job
@DeadMG Why is one core disabled? Because the chance of a faulty core is quite high, I suppose? And what is an OOO CPU?
@FredOverflow Yes, they couldn't get the yields up. OOO - out of order execution.
instruction re-scheduling and stuff?
so faster per GHz when executing branches, that sort of thing
10:29 AM
@FredOverflow yep, executes instructions out of order. In other words, reschedules them
so when you say 6x3.2GHz, it's pretty meaningless without knowing the architecture and what goodies it has, and from memory, the PS3's architecture, not many goodies compared to x86
oh by the way, I had an idea for a small language feature
like, instead of just doing this to get the current object for a member function, what if you could also do like this(function) to get a reference to the currently executing function?
allow anonymous recursion and such
hey guys , which library is good for
1) socket programming
2) Accessing someone's computer. [don't know the technical term]
@ddacot there is no make-anything-I-want library.
@abyx lol, is my question equal to "make-anything-I-want library" ? unuseful sarcasm.
10:41 AM
for "socket programming", the socket, send and recv functions are good enough
@ddacot 1) Berkeley sockets; 2) getty
@KerrekSB but , is good Boos.Asio for socket programming ?
smb recommended me that library.
@ddacot It is.
but is it better , i mean more powerful that Berkley sockets or any others?
Whatever library you use for socket programming you'll still have at some point to write e.g. a messenging protocol on top of the sockets. Boost.Asio helps with that.
10:46 AM
@ddacot you mean does it make "better sockets"? No, it does not, but it presents a cleaner API which makes some tasks easier for the programmer
If you only want to write a toy program to understand sockets themselves, you could stick to just your usual system API, yes. On the other hand, it's not more complicated to use just the parts of Asio that give you access to the sockets and when comes the day you want to use more of it you're a tiny bit more familiar with the library.
does ASIO do file I/O?
Supposedly it's available as an extension but I haven't looked into that. Documentation is scant I'm afraid.
@DeadMG it does, but it's not cross-platform
10:49 AM
mmmm cheese is tasty!
maybe it's impossible to make async cross-platform file IO
Right now Asio needs very much more documentation to help users write their own extensions to it I think.
@LucDanton thanks for the answer. I'll pick boost asio. But for accessing computers, what libraries beside getty are good?
@ddacot What would 'accessing computers' entail?
@DeadMG But 6 x 3,2 GHz certainly is indicative of the manufacturing costs and head production, right?
10:51 AM
@FredOverflow Nope. If they have a limited architecture, then they might not be that expensive to push out. Again, a comparison with GPUs is appropriate here- they ship many, many cores, but each one is pretty damn cheap.
@LucDanton experience , going deeper in c++.
is that enough?
oh yes, that's not for hacking purposes.
You want another library to gain experience and go deeper in C++, and you referred to that as "accessing computers"? Oh well, in any case I recommend anything and everything that is in Boost.
@DeadMG Wouldn't it have been a lot cheaper to use pre-existing designs for the CPUs? Or did nothing in existence satisfy the specific needs of the PS3?
they wanted to ship it with just a CPU, i.e., the Cell was intended to serve as both CPU and GPU
@LucDanton okay. thanks ;)
10:54 AM
but GPU technology advanced much faster than they expected and they had to ship a discrete GPU anyway to be competitive
so yes, they would have been a lot better off just using x86 or something
But a "UPU" (unified processing unit) sounds like an interesting idea.
but, if things had been different, if GPU technology hadn't exploded in power, it could have been a very smart move
10:55 AM
How do you program the PS3? Assembly? Or did they also develop C++ compilers for the PS3?
haha, assembly
I'm pretty sure they created C++ compilers, at least
I know that the Xbox 360 ships a C++ compiler
@KerrekSB At least there's a very thorough error message :)
but their SDKs, they're all under NDA, so you can't really talk about the dev tols
@DeadMG But probably very limited, right? Does Boost work on that compiler? :)
@FredOverflow True, no lack of diligence there!
10:57 AM
@FredOverflow NDA.
@FredOverflow nothing in existence satisfied the specific design goals of the PS3
@DeadMG "Never Discuss Anything"?
i.e., open your mouth and say the PS3 dev tools suck cock, and Sony will sue your pants off
> the PS3 dev tools suck cock
@DeadMG Uh oh, you're in big trouble...
well, that is the legal effect of the agreement, so
10:59 AM
The instruction set for PS3 is just PowerPC with some new vector instructions for the SPUs. Afaik, they just ported gcc
@FredOverflow I don't dev for the PS3 so never signed :P
phew :)
Has nobody jailbroken the PS3, though?
yes, they have

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