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6:00 PM
@orlp There is a hidden assumption there though--specifically that because things have always fallen before, that they will continue to do so. Without some sort of theory to explain why that will continue to happen (regardless of whether it's the theory of gravity or some religious belief we'll dignify with the name "theory" for the moment) it's just that: a hidden but fundamentally unjustified assumption.
@JerryCoffin I agree
but that is an assumption virtually everyone makes, irrespective on your stance of god
however if you believe in god you definitely believe he can override that
(assuming the traditional all-powerful model of an abrahamic god)
Truthfully, you can't really trust anything. This could all be a simulation.
Or the universe could have been created last Thursday.
6:07 PM
@Lalaland that very realization makes it irrelevant though
you can never prove the circumstances of your own existence
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obvious troll is obvious
@Jefery in culo alla bale in bocca al lupo
Is there someone who could make me this conversion (of my program with the new header)? I hope no one does. The exercise is pointless if someone other than you does it. — Borgleader 14 secs ago
@Borgleader lol 'bro I have not slept in over 36 hours am so tired please Help me here >> I have an Exam in it in two day's'. Fuck me, I almost believe it.
6:22 PM
@ElimGarak Reuse is "efficiency", not "laziness".
It's worse than laziness, laziness was the polite word for it. :P
RadAway is an alchemy object, link between Tamriel and alternate Earth confirmed.
@ElimGarak I can't agree. Would it really make either game better if they re-drew so the two looked significantly different from each other?
@JerryCoffin It goes much deeper than that, it's basically a reskin of Skyrim in many ways.
6:26 PM
Most of the "new features" were stripping down from earlier games or completely removing them.
Fuck me... 'And i am sure that it has no mistakes but it didn't run (i used "execute without debugging").'
@ElimGarak That may well be--but it's more or less orthogonal to this specific question.
Never reuse anything
All things must be made from scratch
On asset reuse / creation, that's a different topic. All I am saying is... Video game journalists often mistake developer efficiency for meaningful content.
It can be both
6:29 PM
@CatPlusPlus It can be, but Occam's razor suggests (at least to me) that Elim's probably right: it's much more likely an accidental side-effect of reuse than a sign of actual intent to show a real relationship between the universes of the two games.
It's a reference
Well, might be; I don't really care
My favorite thing is people projecting games from the first one for the second and the third one. Especially in Mass Effect where the storyline was scrapped twice (once put in serious jeopardy when they fired their lead writer, the downturn with ME3).
I should be working on things
I have zero ideas
@CatPlusPlus You can always enjoy input mangling. :P
6:34 PM
@CatPlusPlus what happened to your game
@ScottW I took Monday off. I'm flying back to St. Louis tonight.
Browsers needing shitloads of CPU for a single YT video
presently in Colorado Springs
I'm not a huge fan of it, but I didn't notice any particularly terrible bits.
Washington-Dulles, though.
6:40 PM
@ElimGarak The more interesting question is whether the author's intentions matter. A piece of art has meaning and interpretations far beyond the author's original intentions.
If I look at a painting, and see some inner meaning, how is that meaning somehow of less worth simply because the author didn't intentionally place it there?
I am pretty sure that if there were anything more to the story beyond a simple reuse/mishap or a reference, people would get royally upset. Bethesda has already achieved the reputation of fucking up Fallout (there's No Mutants Allowed, a hardcore splinter group, let alone simple mortals), I doubt they'd do anything more to propagate that further.
@ElimGarak Doesn't matter. People will still wait in line to pre-order Fallout 5 or the next Elder Scrolls game.
Yup, people voting with their wallets
@ElimGarak I'd do it because of that
6:44 PM
With all its flaws, I genuinely enjoyed Fallout 4. Albeit, a single playthrough and giving up on the second two hours in. Yet, I've played Skyrim many times over.
With Skyrim I just rushed through the main quest when I realized all the dungeons were copy-pasted together.
I don't care much for large empty worlds. I'm always into RPGs for the plot and its characters, and Bethesda hires shit writers.
Yeah, they use grid aligned assets, a very small set of "uniquely identifying" pieces
I find that the Fallout series has much better story and setting while the Elder Scrolls games have better gameplay.
The only Gamebryo game I really liked was New Vegas and that's because the writing was good enough to grind through the drudgery.
Which is probably why the Fallout games have less replayability.
6:46 PM
Fallout as an IP has a fantastic background to draw on, and the idea of nuclear annihilation is fascinating to almost everyone and their grandma.
I get bored with ES
You are confusing digits (the symbols like '0' and '7') with numbers (things like how many fingers you have). Decimal and octal are systems for representing number values with symbols. Any integer can be represented in decimal as a string of digits from '0' to '9' and any integer can be represented in octal as a string of digits from '0' to '7'. If you don't know this, I would be seriously concerned that you are lacking in the basic mathematics knowledge required to be a competent programmer. — David Schwartz 26 secs ago
It's a pity Bethesda only knows how to make Fallout games about a person trying to find one of their lost family members.
Played maybe 3 hours of Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim in total
Eh, people prefer different types of games.
6:48 PM
I like how Etienne pops out everytime a game discussion pops up :D
I just finished Legacy of the Void and it was a great game.
Bad writing in an RPG is my pet peeve.
I love how the Blizzard puts in the effort to make each campaign mission unique.
@Lalaland legacy of the void*
Uhm, isn't Legacy of the Void about the Protoss?
6:48 PM
Writing is all an RPG has, so if you fuck it up, you're kinda left with a bad sandbox.
@ElimGarak Yes.
More Clojure fun.
I could only really enjoy the Terran one (first one).
map is a function but doseq is a macro.
Press X for sarcasm
6:49 PM
@ElimGarak Wings of Liberty?
Or the older Starcraft 1?
@Lalaland Yeah, I like "human tech", Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty.
Reasons to not play Fallout 4 keep piling up
Never was big on semi-magic spiritual creatures or unstoppable monsters.
Those "theme" details don't really effect the gameplay much IMHO.
6:51 PM
I thought each faction has a completely different play style
Yes, but that doesn't have to do with the story line or plot all that much.
We are aware of global routing issues hitting our sites. Hurricane Electric is having some trouble routing through Europe. We're watching.
finally reverted the dumb parsing
@ElimGarak Game discussion started by a game dev, how unusual ;)
@Borgleader Etienne is gr8 <3
6:53 PM
I'm gr4, half an @EtiennedeMartel at best
Lately, I've been more about stuff I can do in video gaems rather than stuff I can listen to linearly, and optionally make choices that don't really matter.
@ElimGarak And that's why I like the StarCraft genre.
Leave the complicated plots for novels.
I've played Wolfenstein: The New Order this weekend. It's a great dumb shooter. Get it for cheap if you're looking to waste some time.
Also, come play GTA Online heists with Nooble, Melak, me and some other dude. The game is relatively cheap right now. Warning: Nooble can't fly for shit. Don't let him fly.
6:55 PM
advertisers are evil
The second one popped up right as I went to close the first
And then they complain about ad blockers
> Cheap
> $36
Fucking pricks
@ElimGarak The only online games I play right now are Ark, League of Legends and I'm propably going to jump back in Diablo 3 on the next season.
Well, advertisers do enable most of the web to function.
6:57 PM
For instance, SO wouldn't exist without ads.
I don't really have more room for multiplayer play.
I think I'll get Jotun next.
I am thinking about Just Cause 3 for some dumb destruction fun.
And maybe finishing Dragon Age Inquisition. I gave up just after reaching the "Sky Forge". Or whatever it was called. Can't believe how things change, I was glued to the first one. Dwarf noble, betrayed by his bro, conscripted to fight the Dark Spawn and shit.
@Lalaland You say that like it'd be a bad thing
@CatPlusPlus I think everyone agrees that SO provides at least some value.
I like look and feel of FreeBSD installer
6:59 PM
At the very least, we get entertainment from islam.stackexchange.com
I don't know much about Inquisition as a game. I remember two things: glowing reviews and that presentation I saw at MIGS 14 about their AI engine.
Oh, Mafia 3 is going to be fun. I can feel it. I like the setting a lot. Always wanted to be a legit black dude in a video gaem.
I stopped reading reviews a while ago.
I find that let's plays are much more effective.
@ElimGarak If only it didn't do that DLC shit
Fuck season passes
7:02 PM
Yeah, the business model for AAA games has been effectively going to shit for the past 10 years. Buy Fallout 4 for $60, buy season pass for $30.
I read that a lot of people felt battlefront's pricing was a rip off
The videos I saw of the game looked really good though
@Prismatic How much were they charging?
Battlefront is shit as a game, but the presentation is okay. It's absolutely nothing new and arguably even lesser than the decade old entries in the series.
Its a full priced game ($60usd) but its really short apparently (and multiplayer only?)
This static pricing nonsense is silly too
7:04 PM
The reason I got Battlefront originally was those fucking space battles with landing in the fucking bays, exiting your machine and fucking around on the enemy ship.
I don't know about it being multiplayer only is really an argument though, games like Quake 3 were full price too
Aren't they still adding new multiplayer junk though?
don't do multiplayer, players ruin everything
@Lalaland Yeah but additional content is like another $60 i think
Don't play with pubbies
7:05 PM
@milleniumbug Multiplayer enables infinite replayability though.
@Lalaland No it doesn't
Multiplayer gets old for me, real fast. I am mostly done after three sessions. Especially games where emergent gameplay is impossible.
The only MP games that have value for me are the ones I know I'll be able to convince friends to play
Well, it offers an order of magnitude more replayability than single player.
7:06 PM
So 60$ shit is out before the race even starts
@CatPlusPlus Some people have different preferences. For some, it's the thrill of just beating strangers in general.
What keeps multiplayer games alive are your friends who are willing to play it with you when you feel like playing. Shit, fucking internet access timed out. What cat said.
Playing with strangers sucks balls, especially GTA heists. From the incompetence, greediness and general trolling like disconnecting or leaving when things are not going your way.
Best multiplayer is LAN parties
@CatPlusPlus Those are expensive. In terms of time, space, and planning.
Not really
7:11 PM
Well, you have to find a time, and space for ~5-10 people. Everyone has to clear out quite a long block of time in their schedules.
Transporting desktops can be a bit difficult.
So, Friday night, you call your homies, hey come over, bring your shit with yer cars and buy stuff to eat. Done.
Why would you transport desktops
Also, how about them laptops? :P
7:12 PM
Scheduling meetups is hard regardless of the nature of the meetup
People have jobs or something
Personally I don't get it
@CatPlusPlus Yeah, we should all be homeless bums.
Clearly the way to live.
Well, you can't participate in LAN parties as a homeless bum, unless you're there to stick 'em up. With a stick, because you can't afford a gun.
Supposedly guns are actually pretty cheap.
Like $500.
7:16 PM
Everything is cheap if you have lotsa money
And that's for an AK 47.
Man this starcraft AI stuff is cool
I get home and VS2015 Update 1 is finally live!
sounds like a fun project
@набиячлэвэлиь $500 isn't that much. Compare it to the cost of a phone or a laptop or a month's rent.
7:18 PM
@CatPlusPlus precisely. so once you managed that, getting your desktop there is no biggie :p
@Lalaland I have no comparison, because I don't use US money
My phone costs about 5$
Well, less
But will it blend?
Actually, I am idiot. "Dumb" phones are dirt cheap.
@ElimGarak It's a Nokia so probably not
7:21 PM
I can't wait to find out just how much Clang/C2 doesn't work. I'm thrilled.
I loved battlefront
Was Lounge offline for the last 15 minutes or so?
the old one I mean
I had trouble connecting.
7:22 PM
@fredoverflow me too
@fredoverflow Supposedly some issues in Europe.
Feeds said something.
No issues from glorious USA.
Was working for me
7:23 PM
@melak47 Let me know how borken it is.
lol FreeBSD's vim package depends on LLVM
FreeBSD uses clang as it's default compiler right?
is that it?
posted on November 30, 2015 by EricMittelette

In preview of Visual Studio 2015, we introduced Coroutines for C++, see these blog post for an introduction and here . You can also look at the CPPCon 2015 talk about C++ Coroutines here . We continue to work on resumable functions, here it is a brief...(read more)

7:24 PM
@Lalaland glorioUSA?
@fredoverflow He's the idea guy who tells software engineers his unreasonable demands.
32 mins ago, by Feeds
We are aware of global routing issues hitting our sites. Hurricane Electric is having some trouble routing through Europe. We're watching.
@ElimGarak So basically some guy who doesn't know how to write a for loop?
Why does installing fucking mercurial fail because it couldn't find MSVC
@набиячлэвэлиь because you suck
7:26 PM
oh llvm are writing a linker
@ElimGarak That's @Nooble's domain
It uses C extensions for optimisation
@fredoverflow The guy who cleans up after the Problem Architect
lol, UML
7:27 PM
Reminds me of the time I had to use that framework with everything inheriting from AbstractThing...
Well, Object, Thing, ObjectThing... It's all the same crap.
oh hey
> We have a great job opportunity of C++ Software Engineer for you in Bethesda
well how about that
Bethesda the software company or Bethesda the place?
@BartekBanachewicz in Bethesda or at Bethesda?
Bethesda is a census-designated place in southern Montgomery County, Maryland, just northwest of the United States capital of Washington, D.C. It takes its name from a local church, the Bethesda Meeting House (1820, rebuilt 1849), which in turn took its name from Jerusalem's Pool of Bethesda. (In Aramaic, ܒܝܬ ܚܣܕܐ beth ḥesda means "House of Mercy" and in Hebrew, בית חסד "beit ḥesed" means "House of Kindness".) The National Institutes of Health main campus and the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center are in Bethesda, as are a number of corporate and government headquarters. Bethesda is one...
Bethesda Softworks is in Rockville now.
7:29 PM
it sounds pretty fun though
@melak47 the former
hence #lolnope
or actually
I think he might mean both
Also, the only Bethesda Softworks subsidiary worth touching is the Bethesda Game Studios or whatever remains of id software.
> IT Recruiter at Rockville, Maryland
no idea really
I'm not moving anyway
It would be nice to blame the bugs in TES VI on you. :P
I don't think I want to go back to professional gamedev
@ElimGarak UML sequence diagrams are legit though.
7:33 PM
Wat, crunch time and miserable pay not your thing? :P
They really help make protocols more clear.
@ElimGarak more like shitty code and shitty code
I like what we do at my current place: professional tools for other developers. The standards are high.
@BartekBanachewicz But you could observe some museum-class legacy code there. :P
@sehe you here?
@sehe how would you write expr = identifier | expr '(' expr ')' as a PEG?
expr = '(' expr ')' expr | identifier expr
7:38 PM
Just got to get rid of the left recursion.
Nah, that's not it.
ANTLR can deal with left-recursion. Just use ANTLR.
expr = whatever; braced_expr = '(' expr ')' | identifier? what's a PEG
Just use antlers
7:41 PM
In computer science, a parsing expression grammar, or PEG, is a type of analytic formal grammar, i.e. it describes a formal language in terms of a set of rules for recognizing strings in the language. The formalism was introduced by Bryan Ford in 2004 and is closely related to the family of top-down parsing languages introduced in the early 1970s. Syntactically, PEGs also look similar to context-free grammars (CFGs), but they have a different interpretation: the choice operator selects the first match in PEG, while it is ambiguous in CFG. This is closer to how string recognition tends to be done...
@melak47 Google: pegging
I got it.
expr = identifier expr_helper
expr_helper = epsilon | '(' expr ')' expr_helper
7:44 PM
I've got the Kathy Lee Gifford South Park song stuck in my head
@Rerito Doesn't ring a bell, what season was that?
The first
I don't like early South Park.
Weight Gain 4000
I'm really bored.
7:47 PM
How about a new programming language?
@Elyse how about a basic super simple skybox renderer in opengl?
Or simpler, you know, fap
How about food?
Food is a trap.
If you dislike xylophones, you are a xylophobe.
7:53 PM
@Lalaland that should work except for a detail
@Ell aaahahhahahaha NO
@Lalaland PEG doesn't have |, it has /
and epsilon / <whatever> always matches only epsilon
Can you do <whatever> / epsilon?
I mean, we can also remove the epsilon, but that adds a ton of rules.
@Lalaland yes, that's why I said it's a detail
@Lalaland how?
I mean you could implicitly do it with all the funsies PEG has to offer like * for repetition
7:57 PM
en.wikipedia.org/wiki/… has all the transformations.
Warning thought, it's a 2^n blowup in rules.
expr = identifier helper / identifier
helper = '(' expr ') helper / '(' expr ')'
guess that should do
That also works.
@CatPlusPlus time to get in the holiday spirit!
7:58 PM
@melak47 kitti \o/
I love kitties

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