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1:06 PM
@LightnessRacesinOrbit I mostly wanted to joke. I'm very bored and disheartened by my ignorance with move semantics — Dean 3 mins ago
@Dean Apology accepted.
@sehe I'm still wondering why std::forward is useless in that context.. :(
by the time a rvalue reference is bound to a function parameter.. shouldn't that be a lvalue?
Yes, both are still POSIX but since POSIX.1-2008+TC1 some functions that use struct timeval are marked as obsolescent. struct timespec is also part of the ISO C standard since C11. — cremno Jul 7 at 17:41
that's an interesting new word
'sup ell
hi :)
my timing code is broken :V
it gives negative time values
@Dean forward is for "universal references"
@Dean Yes, which is why forward doesn't impact the value category at all
1:21 PM
@Ell maybe you did start - end?
No, I did end - start :/
usually it gives a positive answer
but occasionally it will give a negative one
bad timing functions?
monotonic clocks
Maybe. I'm using clock_gettime(MONOTONIC_RAW, ...);
Hmm. It appears to be okay when using CLOCK_PROCESS_CPUTIME_ID
@Ell Jumping between CPUs can cause negative values.
Also, come back to C++, you've been exposed for too long. :P
1:28 PM
I only have 3 assignments left I think
Man, this is still amazing. Such a cheerio song.
are there waterfalls in the ocean or salty water waterfalls?
if you drink too much coffee, I wonder whether your tears would smell like cappuccino
I think some scientists would pay to get inside Telkitty's mind.
@ElimGarak Scientists can eat their heart out on 9gag and tumblr
we are wheat twats
I eat a lot of veges, I am not a vege
1:37 PM
I'm a sarma with mashed potatoes today, then.
> a vege
shit, I'm nothing
they haven't been invented yet
I'm nothing today, then. :<
Didn't eat lunch cause of shitty weather
ITT Everybody is piss poor
1:38 PM
and no breakfast
@Xeo hahaha
@Xeo high five
@Xeo shitty weather here as well, but that couldn't beat a growling stomach...
mine wasn't exactly growling
it was purring
1:41 PM
I can't proper functionally when I'm hungry. :/
At least I can enjoy a real feast for dinner, now.
@chmod666telkitty Oh god I misread that xD
ITT Rerito needs to get laid
@ElimGarak Don't worry about my sex life dear
1:43 PM
You do seem to know your french though :p
as in pot?
@chmod666telkitty learn to type
@chmod666telkitty Well, see for yourself
1:51 PM
Hi @Mr.kbok :D
@ElimGarak /cc @Morwenn :P :P :P
Nice! Czech Radio did tests on Prague-Brno highway with accelerometers to see how bumpy it is a ride. They published the data on Github. (All in Czech.)
I find rather interesting.
@wilx nice car on the left in the opening sequence
Nicely done though. Perhaps they should hire some of these coders for government sites
1:59 PM
@Elyse Old.
You are older.
@Elyse :( I am.
@wilx It would also be interesting to see a comparison with other highways
this way we don't have a baseline
@AndyProwl Yeah.
@Elyse Hehe
2:03 PM
I added a bunch of libraries to my project and now gdb isn't working right. Awesome
@Elyse lol
@Borgleader I'm no charity service .____.
@Morwenn Are you implying I need charity? è_é
@Rerito Well, have you read @Borgleader's comment? :o
@Morwenn I assumed it was a private joke
2:08 PM
That's because I had a kink overload these previous weeks.
Well I didn't notice that
@ScottW Drink alcohol and eat. That would overcome the two last problems. Then drink more til you fall asleep
How can you be cold at the office?
holy shit wikipedia
these have gotten huge
@ScottW How cold is it inside?
@Rapptz And they pop in annoyingly after 5 sec of reading the article
Do you remember a blog post or such where the author basically says "Git annexe considered harmful?"
2:23 PM
@Morwenn You are not, but he's in need and so are you, but of different things.
If the Wikipedia fell apart, something else would take its place. Probably the next day.
"X considered harmful" articles considered harmful
@ElimGarak don't think so
Your mom considered harmful
@Rapptz I wonder if the number of people who contribute reduce each time they ask
2:27 PM
@GregorMcGregor Obviously, such a fat ass
So, where is the fundraiser complete bar?
Something like archive.org would hoover up all the content, but the platform wouldn't reappear immediately because, well, it's expensive and the software is shit
@Rerito did I tell you that my flatmate used my bed while I was away :3
@GregorMcGregor Did he take a shower prior?
@GregorMcGregor The japanese dickwad?
2:32 PM
yeah her
To make sweet lovin'?
> "PS4--Added FMOD_THREAD_CORE6 to allow access to the newly unlocked 7th core."
@ElimGarak ?
isnt fmod some audio lib
@GregorMcGregor Why would she do that?
@GregorMcGregor maybe lock your room next time you leave?
2:34 PM
@Prismatic (News outlets got confused)
@Borgleader Haha, no I'm not :D
@Borgleader cuddles <3
@TonyTheLion <3 all day <3
@Morwenn Uh huh...
@Rerito because she's crazy?
@Borgleader :) :D
2:39 PM
@GregorMcGregor Aren't you afraid she might kill you in your sleep?
@GregorMcGregor maybe secretly you like crazy :P
Ah, it's a she
also apparently people think my Razer headset is too big
bby what else is
but seriously no such thing as too big a headset
Have we banned encryption yet?
Yes now the only encryption algo allowed is ROT13/base64
2:43 PM
linker errors, the bane of my existence
why don't they die already...
ld returned 1
or whatever it is
Rect is already defined in lib
@ElimGarak OH LOOK A DISTRACTION, seriously...
I found it, I was trying to link to the release version of a lib, instead of the debug :/
0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x00000000.