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10:00 AM
Can't wait until someone decides to use NodeJS for a safety-critical system
sup, chiquito
yo roberito
@jaggedSpire I'm gonna need a nap cuz i woke up twice last night. I'll channel the spirit of the red panda :3
I had the weirdest fucking dream last night. I wandered into a town where everyone was pigpeople. The most disturbing one yet. I am never sleeping again.
10:06 AM
@ElimGarak Which US state were you in?
Don't worry, the pig people were normal at the time.
@Owatch Oh, Nebraska.
At least my delivery is happening today, finally. I mean, seriously, 250 km and moving towards a week of waiting. Damn weekends and people needing rest.
10:09 AM
what are you expecting?
Now we're being invaded by aquatic mammals:( Reuters: 'EU and Turkey seal migrant deal'
@Mr.kbok The MBP I mentioned Friday, and an iPhone 6s
is xkcd trying anymore
Yeah, I don't even like the things I liked before there. :(
10:10 AM
@Mr.kbok xkcd was never consistently good
yeah, at least now it's consistently bad
Hey :)
@Mr.kbok twins
@ElimGarak MBP?
@Mr.kbok MacBook Pro, the thingy Bartek uses
10:11 AM
Man I thought I was going blind yesterday but my vision is good again today
dunno what happened
@Prismatic That doesn't sound good, man. :D
I think I slept wrong with my arm over one of my eyes screwing it up for awhile
The steam sales aren't that amazing this time...
@Prismatic Telkitty had a good idea. It throws everyone off.
@Ven Steam sales have changed a lot, the rules behind them
10:12 AM
broken clock
The worst thing you can do is sleep on your arm and then try to reanimate it in the morning
@ElimGarak oh ok
hitting it against the wall etc
I expected something more fun
@Mr.kbok That feeling of terror when your arm doesn't move is horrible
10:13 AM
Yeah, scared the shit out of me a few times after it didn't budge for a while.
Arms are also surprisingly heavy lol
@MartinJames u sayin?
@chmod666telkitty No me - starboard:)
@Prismatic Only in reels of 10,000. Individually, they are under a gram.
@ElimGarak Wut?
@MartinJames Your attempt at humour has been rejected, please try again
10:15 AM
@Ven You can probably trace it online, it's been big news this past week.
A single star burning brightly on the starboard! ... coz Lounge has been inactive, probably
@ElimGarak Uhm... Okay?
@Prismatic Elim bought a Bartek box; how much humour can you take in one day?
10:21 AM
@Ven I want allomorphisms in PHP.
how to implement
$functor = Functor::seqFunctor();
$function = function($x) { return $x / 2; };
$eq = Eq::seqEq(Eq::intEq());
$this->assertTrue($eq->eq(Seq::make(), $functor->map(Seq::make(), $function)));
$this->assertTrue($eq->eq(Seq::make(1, 2, 3), $functor->map(Seq::make(2, 4, 6), $function)));
@Elyse do eet
Isn't today cyber monday
rev up that consumerism
uh, hi
10:28 AM
> >in PHP
> Without unit tests you become a professional debugger not a programmer.
us canteen is amazing
No matter from which side you start, the first letter of poop is there.
How can you debug something without have written anything to start with? Are you debugging someone else code?
10:31 AM
@ElimGarak Kinda pronounces like poop as well
@sehe cough ABP cough
what do you call words that are symmetrical again
See you all later.
ah yeah
10:32 AM
@Ven would be nice with type hints
paladin drones
but you can't do that :P
@chmod666telkitty just a random quote I liked. From memory.
@Elyse well... go ahead?
It's impossible.
10:36 AM
> Hi Rightfold

I hope you are well.

I'm currently looking for someone with Go experience to join a great start up in London
Misspelled "rightfold", missing comma.
t t t
do it
don't you like Go
"We have nothing to pay you, but we'd be willing to give you a percent of our future profits."
> Negotiable salary
10:37 AM
I should reply with this video:
@ElimGarak Do start ups actually do this? I hear they pay less and offer more equity but working for nothing?
The only reasonable response to that kinda shit
@Elyse lol I love GradeAUnderA. I think I found out about his videos from someone on here
@Prismatic Depends on who is fronting the cash for it and how much, I guess.
10:38 AM
Replied with just "NEIN".
Am I the only one feel funny when I read 'I hope you are well' at the beginning of the email ... I mean, why wouldn't I be?
@Elyse You would've at least thought about it had they said the salary is competitive.
> I.2 - Avoid global variables
> R.6 - Avoid non-const global variables
I think this duplication is moronic /cc @thecosh
@Elyse how did they find you
github is my bet
10:44 AM
@AndyProwl sucks because it's full of them
@Rapptz Indeed, and apparently so by design
pretty stupid tbh
> The duplication is deliberate; some people do read sections of the rules and too many cross references makes reading unnecessarily hard. The enforcement sections emphasize different aspects, but my guess is that a tool will simply enforce all aspects (source)
^ Bjarne
Rapptz is more nocturnal than I am, and I do stay up pretty late ...
> aibohphobia, the fear of palindromes
10:49 AM
@Mr.kbok you receive a lot of shit from github, even with my public email hidden. I think they git log to find it or something...
to install vim I need 538MB of binaries
such bloatware
did you guys also get emails from Jobcombinator
@AndyProwl That's a good idea, yes.
I wish there was a C++ tool that allowed you to draw a tree of all your includes
uh git needs so much perl shit I am seriously considering switching to something else
10:57 AM
so you could easily spot circular includes or double includes
I think GCC has it built-in
Print the name of each header file used, in addition to other normal activities. Each name is indented to show how deep in the ‘#include’ stack it is. Precompiled header files are also printed, even if they are found to be invalid; an invalid precompiled header file is printed with ‘...x’ and a valid one with ‘...!’ .
but I'm using MSVC :(
@ElimGarak I don't think it's a good idea
nvm not as useful as I imagined
A: Displaying the #include hierarchy for a C++ file in Visual Studio

xtoflThere is a setting: Project Settings -> Configuration Properties -> C/C++ -> Advanced -> Show Includes that will generate the tree. It maps to the compiler switch /showIncludes

10:59 AM
MSVC has /showincludes no?
just found it
@AndyProwl Well, people skipping over content is very common. What would you do?
@ElimGarak First you can make an index, second you can devise tools for browsing
Also the emphasis was an automated detection so that programmers "don't have to know those rules"
(other silly idea IMO)
11:13 AM
F*ck vodafone & it's sh!tty service, every time I try to log on, it automatically logs me off. Then I called their helpdesk and it''s closed.
how do I know my account is not hacked!!!
I am so paranoid
> TIL that in Japan, you can hire handsome men to show up at your office and watch sad videos with you until you cry, then wipe your tears for you
Wait, why?
thats why
Yeah, good point
11:16 AM
does it have to be in the office?
why would anyone want to cry in an office?
it's totally unprofessional
@TonyTheLion Just take a pencil and start randomly drawing connected lines.
@Nooble lol
This looks fucking great
What is it?
11:31 AM
@StackedCrooked Correct!
Generated with 10^8 points on a 900x900 canvas
@набиячлэвэлиь Nice.
Looks shit in green, though, this one
> Without types you become a professional grepper not a programmer.
11:36 AM
@набиячлэвэлиь I'm going to school >~<
@Nooble git clone --recursive https://github.com/nabijaczleweli/mandalas.git && cd mandalas && mkdir build && cd build && cmake -GNinja && ninja mandalas && mandalas
ew CMake with ninja
CMake has 3 generators for make
ninja is cross-everything
the problem isn't ninja m8
SFML uses CMake and I didn't feel like manually figuring out building it with waf
11:46 AM
@набиячлэвэлиь Looks like spherical aberration/astigmatism to me.
@MartinJames It does? Well, fuck me, I ain't generatin' that
@набиячлэвэлиь Well, it also looks like a Christmas card. Does that sound better? :)
@MartinJames eww holiday cards
It reminds me of your mom. No matter how much you zoom out, she still fat.
@Rapptz what is a better generator than cmake?
11:51 AM
there's a ninja_writer.py file that everyone uses
(so the answer is "python")
waf blows
Why do you think that?
You're the only person I've seen so far to actually like it
it's been a really long time since I've messed with build systems so I can't give you an informed opinion on it anymore but I don't remember anyone liking waf.
CPython forkbombs @Nooble when he tries to build waf
11:53 AM
I also remember thinking tup showed promise but it wasn't that good
@Rapptz TBH, is there any build system that anyone actually 'likes', as distinct from 'hates marginally less'?
@Rapptz tup requires me to specify each exact file to compile
And looks awkward in general
iunno I like ninja
maybe it's cause at this point I stopped caring
Ninja's cool, because you don't write the build files for it
@набиячлэвэлиь waf sucks
11:56 AM
yeah it's meant to be generated
ninja_writer.py is easy to use though
albeit low level
@Mr.kbok Why do you think that?
iunno man I'm looking at the docs for waf and it does not seem easy to use
@набиячлэвэлиь the long answer is too long, but the short answer is that I used it in several projects
> I used a thing and because of that it sucks
I thought this was a meta build system
@набиячлэвэлиь I answered your question.
I successfully use it to build Gaem
this isn't a meta buildsystem
this is a lie
also wow it actually uses the pickle module
What are python pickles anyway
12:00 PM
serialisation format
basically python obj -> bytes
@набиячлэвэлиь Off the top of my head: docs sucks, built script tracking sucks, no dependency management, no error reporting/debugging, msvc support totally blows, no header dependency management that I know of, also docs sucks really bad
I'm reading the docs right now
did I mention how the docs sucks
and yeah it seems pretty bad
The docs suck
Good enough for me, though
12:01 PM
I'm almost at the bottom of the page
and I still don't know how to use this
@Mr.kbok "header dependency management"?
@набиячлэвэлиь ninja-build.org/manual.html#ref_headers
yeah this
@набиячлэвэлиь first off, it's Islam.SE. These people have friggin' principles. (It's all they got)
Second, "A medical condition that affect the anus after consuming food."?
12:02 PM
It does automatically track dependencies based on #includes
@sehe ABP = AdBlockPlus
meh MSVC, don't use that shit
(Don't mention adblocking to sehe if you don't want him to bartek you)
@набиячлэвэлиь Dajum. You really don't read a thing, do you
@ElimGarak +1
Nope, I never read a bit of English
I only speak it fluently, never read it
@набиячлэвэлиь what if you're targeting, uhhhh windows
It shows
12:06 PM
oh I know I know MinGW? yeah no
@Mr.kbok I prefer C4 there
@Mr.kbok I use Windows and never get near MSVC with a two meter pole
@sehe lol, you know C4 is not really for targeting
@Mr.kbok Well, he's 15, so he has no targets yet :P
why can't i access reddit :\
12:07 PM
@ElimGarak I ain't 15 yet
Oh. Did I expose myself as a non-terrorist?
Yet another direction of career opportunity closes
oh my god those stared items
that is total meme material
12:08 PM
Without X you become a professional Y, not a Z
Without cinching you become a professional anything, not a cinch.
@sehe As the old joek goes: I was young and stupid back then, now I'm just stupid.
Me? Wiser? plz
Guise, please no star.
@набиячлэвэлиь I know
12:10 PM
@набиячлэвэлиь Maybe if you had a practical problem to solve you'd know why your tools suck
@ElimGarak s/no/all/
@Mr.kbok Sure
@Mr.kbok Again, I urge you to remind you that nab was born in 2000. Give him some 5 years to simmer.
I'm already bitter, I only need to grow old now
For example, Elyse started starting projects at 17 and he's becoming pretty good at it now.
Suddenly, I feel very old.
12:12 PM
this was unexpected.
@JohanLarsson are you on twitter? (tell me you're @JohanLarsson91)
@wilx Well, you and sehe are about the same age.
@ElimGarak lol
@ElimGarak He is still young in spirit. I do not feel that way. :)
@sehe No, only time I have ~used twitter is when you streamed twittering.
12:13 PM
@wilx Get some kids then :P
@ElimGarak haha yeah, it was just so that he'd know why waf sucks but not for him
// 2015-11-30| IntReader.TryReadInt32("ab  12345", 4, ...) 1 000 000 times 16 ms
// 2015-11-30| int.TryParse(substring: "12345", ...)       1 000 000 times 146 ms
// 2015-11-30| int.TryParse("12345", ...)                  1 000 000 times 123 ms
I'd like a daughter, but I am afraid she might become a web developer.
think it is better than last spam
@ElimGarak I have two.
12:15 PM
@ElimGarak sick
@wilx Ooh, you like them?
@ElimGarak I love them.
what's the usual git log message line width?
Well, they say kids are the best thing that can happen to you. But then again, when they happen, you can't take them back so it might just be people consoling themselves.
@Mr.kbok 77?
12:17 PM
I'll go with 80
@ElimGarak It is not true only for aberrant minority.
@Mr.kbok Rebel
@ElimGarak taking back has been successfully endeavored by many in the past (not saying you should, but hey, it's possible)
12:19 PM
Ah, that reminds me, anyone here adopted?
@sehe why?
@JohanLarsson what? I wanted to add attribution to my tweetings (I forgot with @Elyse's, soz). Or about the second part?
@sehe Matches damn perfectly
I've always wondered how people feel about that (knowing they were adopted). I'd imagine if the parents are coolio, it's practically indistinguishable in the sense that you don't care (when adopted as a baby).
12:21 PM
I prefer my parents warm, thanks
@набиячлэвэлиь Yeah, your mom is great.
@sehe you gonna tweet the parsing results? :D
---Everyone enjoys Schadenfreude on twitter--
I can have very long commit messages
like this one is 26 lines long
is this bad
12:26 PM
I can have long streaks of WIP messages
The convention is short header then empty row then description
@Mr.kbok it's very good
The left one is about "I love him regardless", the right one is "Well, it could've been your kid, as well." and people getting defensive.
you know they will always send mothers to plead ... seems to be the most effective
12:29 PM
sourcetree irebase is broken fyi
mother moaning for children is supposed to evoke great emotions
@ElimGarak still, respect usually comes with careful examination of the situation, instead of just knee-jerking to a head line
@Mr.kbok sourcetree is crappy, that's broken enough for me
I have to admit, the left one looks exactly like the image you have in your head when you imagine the parent of a person who shot up the place.
"Well, he's always been fascinating with killing, his daddy did try to beat it out of him... In the end, we just brought him animals to kill, to quench his thirst. I can't believe this happened."
12:32 PM
I had a psychopath sound technician shove me off-stage yesterday. I saw the same abusive mind in him ... Chilling
@JohanLarsson it's really 77, isn't it :p
Does anyone else think Fed reserve should just raise the damn interest rate? It's like watching a 12 hours foreplay with no further action.
I soooo hope he has no kids
@sehe what kind of life do YOU live lol?
@Mr.kbok Of course it is
12:33 PM
how did you expect me to believe it
@chmod666telkitty and why?
@VermillionAzure It was a disturbing incident. Luckily, I don't respond violently, ever. Many people were concerned and have spoken on my behalf.
@sehe do you use a gui at all?
@Mr.kbok TortoiseGit is superb, Vim-Fugitive counts
@ElimGarak Well, I didn't care about being adopted up to the age of about 15, when I found out that I was born in Birmingham. I was pretty suicidal for a while after that revelation, even though I only lived there for my first six months:(
12:33 PM
Github and similar are also GUIs
@Mr.kbok Johan said it (a), and it looked right to me (b)
@MartinJames :/ Did you have a chance to reconnect eventually? Or was it some kind of a tragic loss situation?
@ElimGarak What? With some pseudo-anonymous DNA donors? Nah, fuck 'em, why bother?
@VermillionAzure because they have been talking about it for almost a year - month after month for a whole year. Yet ... no action ...
Yeah, in that case, definitely.
12:35 PM
Oh I see
I've heard magit is good
@chmod666telkitty But what will it do?
Let's see... isn't lower interest supposed to support growth or something
for the interest rate to get back to historical norm?
I guess
I dunno something is wrong with our system me thinks
Where we can have third, fourth derivatives and packages for things that aren't even there
@sehe I find tortoise horrible
12:36 PM
And then it results in a bubble and people KNOW they're blowing mostly air
@ElimGarak They could have been serial killers, lawyers or COBOL developers for all I knew.
@Mr.kbok I can't fathom in which way you perceive SourceTree to be better o.O
SourceTree is kinda okay... Kinda.
It's ugly, clunky, very annoying UX and slooooow
The only thing I can see it be marginally better than Tortoise is managing remotes
In which case I say, fuck it, Git Bash FTW
12:47 PM
turkey pardoning ceremonies are always funny :p
.NET BCL uses karma - with a twist
private static readonly IReadOnlyList<DoubleData> HappyPaths = new[]...
TIL - the facepalm says it all
was nasty names due to one class doing too much previously
12:52 PM
Thank you so very much, dear friend
he's right, but the question was clear enough anyway
damn you bear
@LightnessRacesinOrbit Don't be lazy — Dean 9 mins ago
Boy. That's a whole new level of ass-hole-ness
I didn't read the question, but +1 for annoying LRiO.
@Elyse :(

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