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12:02 PM
@BartekBanachewicz 2.8 is the maximum that supports 3.x
holy smokes it compiled
@Pris Do you like minecraft?
@Jefffrey Don't really play too many games
Sheesh, Github is still under DDoS attack :o
They should launch a counterattack.
Or notify some legal authority to locate the origin or something.
@rubenvb unfortunately under US law they cannot
12:06 PM
@Mgetz how so?
@rubenvb Its the chinese government
GH works fine for me.
@rubenvb it's still a violation of the CFAA to do so
@Pris If that were true, why not block chinese IP's for the time being?
That's racist
12:07 PM
Or rather, Baidu but probably at the behest of the chinese government
@rubenvb the attack is against two specific repos
they can offload those URLs through a flare up mechanism
I want a kitty :(
wait, since when is rubenvb not an owner anymore?
so get one
@orlp Forever?
thought rubenvb was an owner
12:09 PM
@orlp never was -_-
I live under the strong repressive oligarchy that is the Lounge.
More like polygamy
if the lounge taught me anything
it's that leaving it is the best possible financial and mental decision
12:10 PM
@Jefffrey whaa
you mean requesting 3.3 on 2.12 fails?
Whaa what
@BartekBanachewicz Apparently
this is bollocks
the lounge makes you an asshole tough
If I add the two lines with ContextMinor 3 and ContextMajor 3
it crashes at window startup
it doesn't for me
12:11 PM
I tried with 2.2 adn 2.3 too but that didn't work
Also with 3.2
where did all the pure language questions go on SO :(
all Python questions that I scroll past are using some stupid framework/library I don't want anything to do with
"how can I do X in numpy?"
It doesn't crash, it just returns Nothing from the createWindow function.
"what does X do in Django?"
"fuck me I'm stuck with pandas"
"I'm dumb enough to use pygame, and now I'm bothering you"
playing guitar with your brother in underpants
12:15 PM
these band names are kind of getting old btw
@FredOverflow you gotta give it to them, execution is pretty flawless
no disrespect to necrophagist ofc
wall of smegma...
"smother teresa"
That's hilarious
yea that one is actually pretty good
12:17 PM
@BartekBanachewicz Bartek into Metal?
I bet they were a screamo band
@FredOverflow I play a lot of genres vOv
Bartek is an ayreonaut.
12:18 PM
@orlp Lol at the bottom list
oh wow
"deep fried abortion"
yeah, I don't get why you'd ban Lady Gaga
i'm terribad
12:19 PM
"That's not an easter egg, THIS is an easter egg:
> Scrotum Staplers
Come on, some of those band names are fake, right?
i know some of them are real
and given some band names that I know it wouldn't be too surprising
smother teresa was real
not screamo tho :[
@FredOverflow That sounds like DOOM music.
12:34 PM
My rooster just started singing. He's saying something like cock-a-doodle-doo.
@orlp Where is that from?
@VictorLopez the internet
@orlp Florida's Internet?
@chmod711telkitty that's a pigs' nest
I didn't know pigs used to build nests
but here they are
what is linker error in dev c++ ?
@Axeem a nice way to tell you "I can't find something"
12:45 PM
I am using wininet in dev c++. it means it can't find wininet. right ?
it means you forgot to add it to linker options
or something
If you want to use a library you need to A) include header files and B) link to lib files.
has this gone too far? ideone.com/WTCSVp
Q: C++: How can I get the number of characters in a std::string without calling any of the methods in the C++ string class?

Z_JFor example, how can I write a function like this: int countChar(std::string str); to count the number of chars in the str? I can't use any of the methods in std::string class, like str[i] != '\0'; or str.length(). Thanks!

lol why
@Veritas I'm allergic to SFINAE.
I am using both like that way
include <wininet.h>
#pragma comment(lib, "ws2_32.lib")
12:49 PM
name pollution ftw, for extra points it silently fails if we provide less or more arguments :p
::value sucks
you can still do it with the constructor thei inherit from integral_constant
Good morning!
check this please here is what code I'm using
12:54 PM
Except this calls string::begin() and string::end() and thus isn't actually an answer to the question. — Mgetz 13 secs ago
How can I solve this ?
Hi everyone
@AndyProwl Hello.
1:00 PM
Okay, so I have std::unordered_map<std::string, boost::intrusive_ptr<Value>>. If the key starts with $ or % than the value is immutable, otherwise it's mutable.
Meh, I always need synchronisation when reading.
I could use tbb::concurrent_unordered_map instead, I suppose.
why not immutable by default?
Is there anyone from Paris that could provide a place to sleep for me (kovarex and my gf) some nights between in 1. - 5. march?
way to use your game twitter acc
> 1. - 5. march
1:04 PM
> March 28
Also y u no hotel.
Yesterday the issue of swapping non-trivially-copyable objects was brought out. Let's say I have two non-trivially-copyable object of the same type T stored into two std::aligned_storage_t<T> instances. Could calling std::swap on those two aligned storage instances cause undefined behavior? If so, why?
can we close this crap already:
A: C++: How can I get the number of characters in a std::string without calling any of the methods in the C++ string class?

Z_JThis is not an answer to the question. It's just that someone says my question is a riddle, not a programming question. I hope so, because that would make me feel better of not being able to solve it. It's an exercise (exercise 12-9, page 567) of Programming Abstraction of C++ (2012 draft versio...

@VittorioRomeo Yes, because std::swap would operate on references to non-existent objects of type std::aligned_storage_t<T>.
@Z_J so what you just edited into the question, is a fundamentally different question than you originally posted. Your original question referenced std::string for which doing what your question demanded would be undefined behavior. Your edit asks the person solving it to write their own string classMgetz 25 secs ago
1:13 PM
How do I eat a pie without using my hands, mouth or stomach? — Yakk 36 mins ago
@MarcoA. lol
@LucDanton: ideone.com/VanMJn - is this undefined behavior then?
@VittorioRomeo Very yes.
Damn. I do use code like that in some of my projects
I still cannot see "what could wrong" during the swap, though
1:19 PM
Make your stuff assignable and swap that.
@VittorioRomeo You’re swapping things that don’t exist.
Just to make sure: std::swap is a fairly innocuous function template. It’s not a language primitive.
What's the difference between \0 and NULL?
Yeah, but I was under the impression that I was basically saying take all the bytes stored in as1 and swap them with all the bytes stored in as2
@VittorioRomeo Nope. Barring ADL and Standard types, it’s all in terms of move assignment.
So you’re using the operator= of the storage objects even though they’re dead.
Why is it the case that the objects don't exist?
@Mgetz Okay so he wants to write his own string class. Why does he think he needs to find the length of a std::string without calling any of its methods?
1:22 PM
@AndyProwl They’ve been destroyed right before reusing their storage.
@FredOverflow seems to me to be an english comprehension issue
The objects are constructed in place before calling swap(), aren't they?
perhaps he should find a book in chinese
they have to have translated someone's book or have a native author
@LucDanton Oh
it's not like china doesn't have good developers
1:23 PM
@VictorLopez \0 is a representation of a char of value 0, and NULL is some creepy macro
I think that char of value 0 has all bits set to 0
@LucDanton: what if I wrote my own swap function that used memcpy to actually swap the bytes of the two aligned_storage instances - would it still be UB?
can we get this guy one more close vote to stop the carnage
@VittorioRomeo Yes. You do need trivial copyable to do exactly that.
@VittorioRomeo As an aside, you would also need to pass the actual objects to that swap of course. Not to the storage corpses.
Q: Making swap faster, easier to use and exception-safe

FredOverflowI could not sleep last night and started thinking about std::swap. Here is the familiar C++98 version: template <typename T> void swap(T& a, T& b) { T c(a); a = b; b = c; } If a user-defined class Foo uses external ressources, this is inefficient. The common idiom is to provide a m...

Well, assuming ADL etc. You can write a moral swap that handles that. I wouldn’t go on to calling it swap to avoid problems though.
1:27 PM
@LucDanton You mean destroyed inside std::swap because of reusing storage?
Meh how can you keep all of this in your head
@AndyProwl No. The destruction is implicit so you won’t see in the code.
@AndyProwl I’ve written optional and variant a handful of times.
@LucDanton: ideone.com/VanMJn - so this shouldn't be undefined behavior, correct?
@VittorioRomeo I don’t think this compiles because the type is not move assignable. If you have an ADL-enabled swap and do an ADL-aware call then yeah that works. (In the sense that the overload will be found and called. It still has to be correct of course.)
It seems it does compile and produce output (below)
Can I suggest you do auto& blah = *::new …; instead? It avoids a slight problem actually.
@AndyProwl so it does!
1:31 PM
I'm extremely surprised all of my code did never blow up. I swap/copy aligned_storages in many of my data structures and everything just seems to work... wow.
Speaking of pointless minutiae, you need <new> if you use the stock placement new :)
@BartekBanachewicz I was thinking about something related to bitwise operations, like modifying the middle bytes of an integer by using chars. Maybe I'll bring that up later. I just had that question.
A: Build a top-front-side puzzle solver

orlpPyth, 0 bytes This program will when run with any of the 100000 testcases will output the optimal configuration of blocks as a string of 64 ones and zeroes, and when this is impossible it will indicate this by printing nothing. This program can not be beaten, as it solves the optimal amount o...

@orlp What is that?
it's my answer to a flawed code golf question which has no solutions
1:47 PM
@πάνταῥεῖ I know. But I just wanted to edit the question to something like "This is not a good question. Don't watch this. It's useless". Why you edited it back to my original stupid question? — Z_J 2 mins ago
@orlp Those kind of questions are similar to Code Jam's and similar.
@VictorLopez code jam?
@orlp The biggest contest about who eats more pizza and has less social life among developers, Code Jam, never heard of it?
I don't generally participate in competitive coding
I don't like being under pressure
@orlp In that case, you may want to stay away from gzip.
1:54 PM
@FredOverflow I thought I should stay away from Queen?
@orlp there are also people who can't handle pressure but will do just well if they're not stressed
First Queen, now gzip?
@MarcoA. It's not that I can't handle pressure, or can't perform under pressure/stress
it's that I do not enjoy that state of mind
@orlp We will train you.
so I won't willingly seek it out
Or even better, multiply the pressure by an area. It will make you stronger.
There is topcoder also.
Yay, parameters work!
There are two topcoder challenges for C++
man c++ feels so outta style
I wish I had web dev skills because then I'd be relevant and hip and cool all in one package
For some reason my JIT compiler isn't being invoked.
Or rather, for some reason it doesn't compile a certain instruction.
2:02 PM
@райтфолд did you draw the pentacle with the flour?
@райтфолд teach me how to write my own language
What do you mean by "writing a language?"
define syntax, define semantics - done
i think I want to turn my workstation into a server
and RDP to it
how to do it software-wise?
2:04 PM
install Windows Server
I'd basically like a setup where when I'm plugged in to my laptop, I can work on my workstation faster
I can stream steam games to my laptop so gaming is not a problem
@ScarletAmaranth and?
@BartekBanachewicz and you're all set up; perhaps
I already sync most of my stuff via gdrive or github
Oh, my program is too fast. It terminates before the JIT-compiler has finished done compiling the function.
@ScarletAmaranth I think I'd like something like ActiveDirectory
Ideally I could directly share the local working copies locally
mmmm maybe just RDP would be enough... but then when taking my laptop out I'd still need to sync manually
@CatPlusPlus can you configure enterprise Windows?
2:07 PM
@BartekBanachewicz Pancakes are part of your delicious breakfast.
I might've read your message wrong.
@Nooble Which part of "I can stream steam games" is unclear
There must be something using WebRTC that solves that.
that's for browsers
I need an enterprise-ish solution
well I'll start with remote logon with RDP
and go from there
yay foobar mobile
2:09 PM
I haven't used foobar in ages
@BartekBanachewicz I think you can use Sync Center for Windows to sync from a network.
is it Windows 8 only?
my workstation has windows 7 right now
7 Pro and 8 Pro on my laptop
Yeah it's win 8 only :(
@Pris Really sad to miss that out right? I saw it too.
@BartekBanachewicz You can also use bitTorrent sync.
2:14 PM
@Nooble I want it locally
@Nooble I could upgrade to 8 on my workstation
@Nooble No, it's not.
@VictorLopez Honestly it just looks like most of these posts are freelancer style job requests. I don't see why NASA wouldn't give that work to one of their employees or interns
Stupid llvm::iplist has no subscript operator so to get the second element I do this:
auto argv = &*++++function->getArgumentList().begin();
much increment
2:16 PM
Anyway, hurray.
Parameters work now!
@R.MartinhoFernandes Oh fuck you're right.
@BartekBanachewicz Nevermind, Sync Center works for Vista and above.
@Nooble I hear that a lot.
A) Is not the NASA we believe.
B) They're running out of astronauts.
C) Their amount of astronauts is fine but they want to test out wild developers.
Hmm... Doesn't BitTorrent Sync store locally?
Their website says it's decentralized and P2P.
2:22 PM
when you want to be fancy and british
use std::vector<T>::iteratour
@orlp 3
@orlp This is your 3rd strike.
@Nooble oh that
strike on what?
@orlp I bet lrio's source files all have #define iteratour iterator in the header
2:24 PM
This cut really hurts.
@VictorLopez It just looks like outsourcing work that is too boring or time consuming wrt how much they pay developers
Fuck you antivirus I hate you so much
@AndyProwl Why are you using one :P
Stay here writing code, or go out and cycle? Hmm.
hm this BitTorrent thing could be ok
fuck butt sync
2:28 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes Stay! Would you like a cup of tea?
well dropbox can sync via local network apparently but 5GB
@Nooble Because it's a company laptop
@Nooble I still have gin.
I can't even pause it let alone disable it
@AndyProwl Oh :(
2:28 PM
It's been doing this shitty superlong scan shit since midnight or something
@R.MartinhoFernandes Would you like more gin?
@ParkYoung-Bae Fancy timer is fancier than my fancy timer. Truly a sad day.
Btw Koala how's the snake game going?
I need to finish setting up my new Linux box. Programming on Windows always feels awkward :S
2:31 PM
@ParkYoung-Bae nice
@R.MartinhoFernandes I need to finish setting up my new Windows box. Programming on Linux always feels awkward :S
@AndyProwl I'm setting up a grid system.
Collision detection should be easy.
@BartekBanachewicz Yeah, but you suck.
and GDB works, right
@Nooble I'm stuck on handling movements
And I already have a list of things I'll be stuck on after that
I might do this snake thing on today's evening
hur hur hur
2:33 PM
@AndyProwl Are you using a grid or is it a free-moving snake?
but so far stuck on enterprise management
@Nooble I'm using a grid but in 3D
@AndyProwl Cool.
basically the snake moves on 3D surfaces
but I underrated my suckage when I decided to go that way
@R.MartinhoFernandes how ready is ogonek for use? e.g. how stable is the API?
2:36 PM
k let's try how rdp works
What is rdp?
@райтфолд repeated derp protocol. Hm...where thePhD lately...
@Mgetz parts of it are stable, but I haven't documented which parts yet. I have a big push coming up that breaks a few interfaces.
The only thing I am willing to say is ready to freeze is the stuff under namespace abiv0
@R.MartinhoFernandes then I'll wait, I've been meaning to recode the message split code in my version of hexchat. It would be nice to have that for it.
When I get this box as I want I'll do more hobby dev again.
I think my USB stick died, though :S
2:46 PM
that's fine it's not a high priority anyway because the code has some serious process flaws I need to deal with first
How am I to install stuff now :s
Maybe I can throw the ISO onto an HD partition and EFI my way out of it.
@R.MartinhoFernandes just go and buy a new pendrive
If I go out I'll go cycling.
hm so all 3 of RDP, nomachine and Teamviewer are laggy as fuck
I think I have a fetish of making things more complicated than I can handle
2:50 PM
sending image of desktop isn't going to cut it
It always always ends up that way
why is lan so slow
it's 128MB/s come on
should be enough for video, no
@AndyProwl me too or trying to make it too optimized
@Mgetz It's like I'm overrating myself every time I design something
Embedding a jvm in c++ should be faster than making a local server right?
2:51 PM
Free lunch is over. CPUs are idle most of the time waiting for memory.
@DavidKron We both have no idea what you are talking about.
Can 10GbE handle screen data without lag/compression?
Funny thing.
@AndyProwl so in this case I coded the message assembly code before coding the split code
it's 1920x1200x3x8x2
2:52 PM
which is dumb because IRC is limited to 512 characters per message
@райтфолд If its faster calling java from c++ by embedding a jvm rather than sending local sockets
sysresccd can be run from the HD. Nice.
so two screen images are 105MB of uncompressed data
And yes i have to use java. And yes it sucks
to send them at 60Hz I'd need 6GBps link
2:53 PM
Alright, this is tricky.
My boot partition is not large enough, though. Shit.
For a call, I first push the function on the stack, then the arguments.
So f(a, b) results in the stack [f, a, b].
so do I install Windows 8 on my workstation or not
@BartekBanachewicz free win10 upgrade
2:55 PM
Problem is infix notation: a ~:f:~ b must still result in the stack [f, a, b]. However, f must be evaluated after a.
there's no Win 10 yet
So that'll be push a; push f; swap; push b; call 2; I suppose.
@BartekBanachewicz eh.. next couple of months
or preview
then I'll certainly upgrade both
fuck previews
meh, I'll do it later then
Yeah that should work.
2:57 PM
hm let's try copying data speed
Same for operators like a + b.
stable 110MBps
The mildness of the Chinese reactions on Coliru is amusing.

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