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9:01 AM
In case I scared you too much: you might get an answer if the question is interesting enough (and the learner's attitude is detected!). I think you'll be fine. You can read the rules if you want to know more
Yes, thank you. Do not worry, I was not scared.
sehe you use skype?
I don't see how that's relevant :)
Just asked, i want to work for me ;) I pay :)
Small thnigs.
I have enough work as it is. This would easily be considered spam, by the way
I'm going to grant you ignorance, but age is only half an excuse here. We've had plenty teens here with proper judgement :)
:) I understand what you mean.
9:10 AM
lol I feel terrible for laughing at that
Browsing through my list of screenshots. Found this interesting quote.
What worries me is that I don't remember the quote or taking the screenshot.
but 2^inf -1 is no different to 3^inf-1
@StackedCrooked That looks flawed. Firstly the "sum" is contrived (the bartender wins nothing by pooring them "at once") and secondly it should be more like Σ(n:₀ →∞) 2ⁿ is uppose
@chmod711telkitty sure it is. you can't quantify it, but you can qualify it
anti-anti-jokes are sometimes funny even though they don't make sense at all
9:16 AM
Glad to have entertained you then
you should make a multireddit
combining antijoke and antiantijoke
keeps you on your toes
9:30 AM
@StackedCrooked RACIS… oh wait
@Jefffrey isn't 2.3-2.8 like terribly old?
@orlp lol, imagine that were not the behaviour.
9:40 AM
2.8 is more than two years old
Dat launch.
What launch?
Dat launch.
@райтфолд is that anal leakage?
9:45 AM
@Blob Sure, but note that this is my first "serious" recursive-descent parser, so it's probably terrible in many ways.
Do you guys ever suffer from androgynous circumlocution?
@FredOverflow Needs more backtracking.
I usually use Dynavect vectorized triple-coding to solve that.
And a manifold sculptor for dimensionality reduction.
Alright, time to add structure types so I can hack around with vtables and typeinfo. :D
9:48 AM
@райтфолд No sane language needs backtracking.
@FredOverflow Never said you need it.
@FredOverflow then you don't like haskell
recursion is basically backtracking
It's easier to write a parser that does a lot of backtracking.
@orlp I meant no sane language needs a backtracking parser.
@райтфолд parser or lexer?
9:49 AM
Instead of doing lookaheads you just try everything until it parses.
It's easier to understand.
are you talking about the parser or the lexer?
Parser, but you can write a lexer in the same way.
I don't know
Backtracking lexer? Can you think of a real world example where this would be necessary?
9:50 AM
there's like 50 million different parser generators
but all the ones I looked at suck
I prefer one_of(\&use_decl, \&proc_decl, \&main_decl) over given (peek()) { when ('use') { use_decl() } when ('proc') { proc_decl() } when ('main') { main_decl() } default { die "fuck" } }.
@orlp Have you looked at ANTLR? What is your target language?
@FredOverflow my target language is C++, and I want to use my own lexer
basically I want a parser generator that doesn't generate 1000+ lines of boilerplate
Which parser generators have you tried already?
@orlp Here, a lexer in but a few lines of code which is simple, easy to maintain and easy to understand: github.com/mill-lang/mill/blob/develop/millc/lib/Millc/Lex.pm
9:52 AM
@orlp Spirit :) (just ignore the includes. they're not generated :))
@sehe since when is spirit a parser generator?
@райтфолд I already have a good lexer
@orlp Since when is it something else (talking about Qi part of the lib)
that doesn't use fucking regex >.<
@райтфолд What is .pm?
9:53 AM
@FredOverflow Perl module.
Perl 6?
@sehe I thought it was a parser, not something that generates a parser given a grammar
No, Perl 5.
You can use it for Perl 6 but people tend to use pm6 for that.
ah the good ol' .cpluspluseleven
9:55 AM
@orlp ... what grammar would it parse?
If they use pm, they typically start with use v6; so the Perl 5 interpreter will fail with a readable error message instead of a syntax error.
@sehe the grammar you give it
@sehe you give a parser generator a grammar in BNF, and it spits out a parser for that BNF
is github being DDos'd again? I can't reach some pages with a 503
I wasn't aware that spirit could do that
@MarcoA. ye, china
@orlp You feed it rules in an eDSL (similar to BNF) and it spits out a PEG parser for those rules
9:56 AM
damn ddosers
Backtracking is the best thing ever.
@MarcoA. china put XSS in baidu (chinese google), everyone in china that uses baidu unwillingly helps DDoS github
It's really underrated.
It's also really expensive.
9:57 AM
@orlp I read it. I just wonder "why"
@MarcoA. censorship
@orlp But GitHub is so communist!
@райтфолд In fact, I'd say the opposite. Backtracking is a nice last resort, but it kills performance and invites side-effects bugs in parsing
they want to block the great firewall circumventions github hosts
@orlp so the great firewall didn't suffice?
@sehe Good thing I don't care about purrformance as long as it's fast enough!
@MarcoA. they specifically target 2 repos that provide tools to work around the great firewall
@FredOverflow lol "actually three great walls."
@райтфолд the effect of badly anticipated backtracking is vastly underrated !
@райтфолд I think Larry Wall is the funniest language designer ever.
9:59 AM
Key to this is the observation that backtracking almost always serves to enable brute force search
@FredOverflow I like Joe Armstrong as well.
The Erlang guy? Na, don't like him that much.
@FredOverflow And Andrei Alexandrescu.
I don't think he's funny. At all.
That guy.
9:59 AM
He's just pretty good
@райтфолд I wouldn't like to share an elevator with him.
@sehe Larry, Joe or Andrei?
@FredOverflow Why? Afraid of ellipses and dot dot dots?
@FredOverflow Clearly, Andrei (follow the arrows/context)
@райтфолд I don't know, he's just weird. What's his agenda?
No idea.
10:01 AM
Rich Hickey is also a funny guy.
I forgot about Rich!
And Odersky appears in funny pictures.
Q: Error expected ',' or '...' before numeric constat

Cosmin Iovanabout 2-3 working days to sort winrar converter based LZO key. Ok, I did codes etc .. Initially the code was written in codeblocks, the beginner. Now I am so to migrate to gcc49 on cygwin. In codeblocks it works. In gcc49 i use : -std=c++11 as flags. Now when i try to compile i get this error ...

10:01 AM
come into my elevator boys
it's safe here
in Java Sucks, 2 days ago, by райтфолд
user image
SPJ is more of an enthusiast than a funny guy.
His graph of average programming language lifetime is pretty funny, though.
Guido van Rossum isn't funny at all.
After Rob Pike, Anders Hejlsberg is the least funny of all.
Rob Pike is grumpy and serious.
Like James Gosling.
@MarcoA. lol
10:05 AM
@MarcoA. lol is that the github DOS? :)
@райтфолд You like James Gosling? ;)
@FredOverflow It's the MS-DOS.
But he gave us the JVM!
Gosling is awesome!
That looks like library code. Where is the code you have written? — FredOverflow 2 mins ago
The code is written in c++. — Cosmin Iovan 35 secs ago
10:06 AM
Yep in c++.
Today I want this to compile and run:
use std::io;
proc greet(name: String) { io::writeln("Hello, " ~ name ~ "!"); }
MAIN { greet("rightfold"); }
Which means implementing parameters and string concatenation.
@FredOverflow top kek
@CosminIovan I don't get it, are you writing your own standard library?
@райтфолд Did you steal ~ from D?
10:08 AM
@FredOverflow No, I cloned it.
If I had stolen it, D wouldn't have it anymore, which would be weird.
What does the i in idup stand for, anyway?
that's where the error is ... as informed by the compiler, but the real problem is likely to be in his own code </my5cents>
10:09 AM
It returns an immutable duplicate.
Webzen belong codes.
The difference between immutable and const is that T can be cast to const T but not to immutable T unless T is already immutable.
So you need idup.
I just inspires me in them does not steal.
@FredOverflow In Haskell, adding an element to an immutable hash table is an O(n) operation. In Mercury it's O(1)!
10:12 AM
@райтфолд How?
@FredOverflow You can guarantee at compile-time that nobody else knows about the argument you pass to a function.
Move semantics in FP? I like it :)
So the function can just mutate the hash table and return the same hash table, but it looks like it's immutable from the outside.
HashTable = hash_table.new(),
HashTable2 = insert(HashTable, "a", 1), % pseudocode
% cannot use HashTable anymore, only HashTable2
WTF is with the starboard.
10:17 AM
I had a really hard time parsing that title.
@райтфолд What do you mean?
Lots of not-funny crap on it.
So you deleted the not-funny crap?
So nobody knows what the problem is my question? :)))
hi guys
Doesn't the chat have a spam/harmful link filter?
10:23 AM
what spam ?
@CosminIovan The problem is we have no idea what your problem is.
Anyone understands this:
If you have 3 processors and 3 threads would take time x, then 4 threads would take time 1.5x ???
What is that "One Direction" thing and why does it use only 1 dimension?
why 1.5 ?
1.333333 ?
* and not 1.3333 ?
@libjup That would make more sense to me.
10:25 AM
@FredOverflow ok :) then we agree on that :)))
Yes :)))))
@VictorLopez The songs are all one-dimensional
@Puppy 3d audio is really good for end-user experience, no doubt about why Zayn did leave 1D.
@VictorLopez Do we have 3D audio yet?
FredOverflow Look again on my question, edited
10:29 AM
@FredOverflow no actually wouldn't it be factor 2?
Because one thread can only be computed by one processor; and if you have three processors but four threads you have to wait until the three threads are done... and then you have to wait the same time for the fourth thread to be done by one processors while the other 2 are idle...
I edited the file and put all pastebin
@libjup Interesting. Is this homework? Can you post the exact assignment, verbatim?
it's not basically homework; but I stumbled across this presentation from University of Washington: homes.cs.washington.edu/~djg/teachingMaterials/spac/…
see page 22
The example with the 12 units of work probably explains it, but I have lost interest in the problem by now ;)
@libjup maybe I'm missing context
only looking at page 22
but what it says there is just bullshit
10:39 AM
X X X | X X X | X X X | X X X

X X X 1 Time unit
X X X 1 Time unit
X X X 1 Time unit
X X X 1 Time unit
4 Time units

X X X X | X X X X | X X X X

X X X 1 Time unit
X 1 Time unit
X X X 1 Time unit
X 1 Time unit
X X X 1 Time unit
X 1 Time unit
6 Time units
@orlp reffering to the 1.5 factor as bullshit or to the rest of the slide ?
actually, it's not bullshit
he's intentionally proposing a dumb algorithm
no, it makes sense
You have no power here, servant of Morgoth! You are nameless, faceless, formless. Go back to the void from whence you came!
I was just not aware he's making a toy example for a bad soluion
@orlp ok :D
I think we could use this line on the newbies who ask homework questions here without doing any research but harassing the loungers here for answers
10:42 AM
@chmod711telkitty are you referring to me ?
if you are indeed someone who ask a homework question here without doing any research
no xD I was genuinely interested in a discussion on a slide I found :P
@FredOverflow Now you know about YMIR? and Webzen?
@CosminIovan I don't think that would change anything. Have you tried removing the underscores from your template parameters as suggested in the comments?
Yes but, when i remove says: It's not declared in this scope
10:47 AM
Did you remove them everywhere, not just in one spot?
I removed only at that function
Remove them everywhere and try again.
You are not supposed to start identifiers with underscores. That's reserved for the standard libraries.
now i try
Q: What are the rules about using an underscore in a C++ identifier?

Roger LipscombeIt's common in C++ to name member variables with some kind of prefix to denote the fact that they're member variables, rather than local variables or parameters. If you've come from an MFC background, you'll probably use "m_foo". I've also seen "myFoo" occasionally. C# (or possibly just .NET) se...

only odd number of underscores are allowed
10:53 AM
@FredOverflow I don't know, do we have 3D audio?
@VictorLopez Well, my speakers fill my office with sound.
@StackedCrooked Like, really good audio? or just audio?
I thought today's pizza was ping-pong chat.
     /\  ______________ \
    /::\ \ZZZZZZZZZZZZ/\ \
   /:/\.\ \        /:/\:\ \
  /:/Z/\:\ \      /:/Z/\:\ \
 /:/Z/__\;\_\____/:/Z/  \:\ \
/:/Z/____________\/Z/    \:\ \
\:\ \ZZZZZZZZZZZZ/\ \     \:\ \
 \:\ \     \:\ \ \:\ \     \:\ \
  \:\ \     \:\ \_\:\ \_____\;\ \
   \:\ \     \:\___\ \ \_________\
    \:\ \    /:/ZZZZ\:\ \ZZZZZZZZ/
     \:\ \  /:/Z/    \:\ \  /:/Z/
      \:\ \/:/Z/      \:\ \/:/Z/
that one's pretty good
@FredOverflow lol, not using any fucking underscores as a prefix seems to be unconditionally safe. Why do developers insist on walking the perimeters of the roofs of high buildings for no reason?
I mean. FFS, it's like the ever-popular 'I deliberately overstepped the bounds on my array and X happened' questions.
Because the stdlib headers do it that way, so it has to be good practice!1
(I suspect that that really is the reasoning behind it)
And running into trouble with it is relatively rare, so you can do it for a year before things break horribly and then think "but that always worked."
11:03 AM
@Wintermute [sigh]
It looks _kool!
@orlp Needs more Escher, I think. s/\\ \\ \\_/_______/
Hm. And the line below it filled with Zs.
Q: Why is the code in most STL implementations so convoluted?

Matthieu N.The STL is a critical piece of the C++ world, most implementations derive from the initial efforts by Stepanov and Musser. My question is given the criticality of the code, and it being one of the primary sources for people to view examples of well written C++ for both awe and learning purposes:...

Why is this for python3
11:16 AM
Are you bored, Freddy, why so many video links?
@MartinJames Apparently, there are many Java programmers using _ member prefixes migrating to C with classes.
@FredOverflow We need immigration control:)
@chmod711telkitty Of course I'm bored. It's Saturday noon and the sun is shining.
Also, I have a diminishing cold.
11:19 AM
@FredOverflow It's raining here, and there is no good football on today, (just some internationals). I'm bored too.
@chmod711telkitty Meh.. requires effort.
Is f(i++, i++) undefined?
I can't even be bothered to downvote all the C linked-list questions.
Sounds like depression. You should see a doctor.
@FredOverflow yep, but f(++i, ++i) is a much more interesting question in C++11.
11:22 AM
It isn't undefined, right?
not sure
it might be defined.
@FredOverflow I tried to book an appointment, but two of the three docs at the village practice are off with clinical depression.
You should totally ask on SO and reap the rep.
@MartinJames you know what my advice would be ...
Q: Is f(++i, ++i) undefined?

PuppyI seem to recall that in C++11, they made some changes to the sequencing behaviour and that now i++ and ++i have different sequencing requirements. Is f(++i, ++i) still undefined behaviour?

11:23 AM
@chmod711telkitty It's bad. Like really bad. I can't even face going to the Vernon Arms and getting ratted.
play kerbal space program
alcohol is a depressant ...
Wow, already closed. I voted to reopen.
@chmod711telkitty Yes, but it's difficult to commit suicide if you cannot walk up a high building, hold a gun or remember where the pill bottles are kept.
what's already closed?
11:26 AM
@Puppy The stupid.
Your question was closed after 1 minute, but I reopened it.
@Puppy I thought the order of evaluation for that is undefined
The order of argument evaluation is unspecified, not undefined.
@FredOverflow You are a moderator ?:)
@MartinJames if you run up a really tall building to commit suicide, you probably get runner's high and stop having suicidal thoughts
11:28 AM
@chmod711telkitty lol
@CosminIovan I don't think so, but high rep users have special powers on SO, as well.
@chmod711telkitty What if you're too fast to stop though?
I keep reading all these stories about how people die climbing Everest
@Pris That does not make it UB.
I'm a little surprised that technology can't save the day and let people scale far more safely
@FredOverflow what if you run up all 80 floors & reach the top, but the door to the top floor is locked?
11:30 AM
You probably die of exhaustion or a heart attack.
@FredOverflow You have skype? :)
No Skype, no webcam, no microphone, no headset, no nothing.
@chmod711telkitty Yeah, how depressing would that be?
You could still call the suicide hotline. "One suicide, please. And make it fast!"
@FredOverflow no clothes either? do you turn up to teach those innocent teenage girls naked?
11:32 AM
@chmod711telkitty What innocent teenage girls?
[note in diary - if intending to run up the stairs of a tall building to commit suicide, take a fire-axe or sledgehammer in case the door is locked]
I would be way too lazy to carry a sledgehammer up to a building. Or to take notes in a diary, for that matter.
@FredOverflow Yeah. Thinking about it, suicide is too much effort. Fuck it, I won't bother.
My whitespace regex is beautiful:
my $space = qr/[ \n]|#(\((?:(?-1)|.)*?\))|#.*?\n/s;
$code =~ s/^$space+//s;
11:34 AM
inb4 MySpace joke
@MartinJames I think it would be safer to go for a cliff since there would be no door or gate to stop you
but then again, that would be more ~effort~
@райтфолд Does that still exist?
Also, I have dependencies. One is outside the office now, squeaking. Walk time, back later..
poor bailey, have to walk martin everyday to prevent him from sinking into a depression
@orlp damn
11:42 AM
@sehe got you hese
@FredOverflow "One suicide by alligator, please. And make it snappy!"
@orlp what does it mean when you reverse my handle?
you can stop, plro
I just think it's mildly funny
Duc Lanton
11:44 AM
@orlp care to elborate?
Alright, nested comments work very well.
Jartin Mames
chmod 911
How do you even spell @райтфолд
@VictorLopez uh, you just did it.
11:46 AM
@райтфолд What? Did I?
f - а - й - т - r - о - л - д
@chmod711telkitty not sure if cookie or dried feces
@райтфолд Nested comments gotta be like the most important language feature, by a large margin.
@FredOverflow semicolon insertion is also very important.
@orlp i like those. However mangling names is a bit reminiscent of school yard bullying IYAM. Also, AFAIR it started last night when you were being a bit obnoxious to me in the first place (I ignored you there)
11:48 AM
oh sorry, I didn't realize you associated that with bullying
@райтфолд I don't like things that end in "...colon insertion".
I'll stop
my browser is doing weird stuff
(disable the keylogger, fixed)
nah I have this vim plugin
on my laptop
@orlp It was the combination with your repeated questions yesterday that I wondered. Which is why I asked. I understand now.
11:50 AM
so I can browse without having to use this obnoxious trackpad
but for some reason the vim plugin kept activating while trying to type in a text box
If you have another question, you ask a new question on SO. You don't prepend it to an old question that was already answered. — FredOverflow 5 secs ago

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