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8:05 PM
Have you seen how many comics there are
/cc @рытфолд
I made over a hundred commits already!
@CatPlusPlus I believe around 2^128, plus or minus 2^128.
The special kids, yes.
8:10 PM
@рытфолд Wait, so. Why should I use LasagnaScript instead of, say, CoffeeScript?
Or TypeScript?
@рытфолд "99 versions of code on the wall"
@EtiennedeMartel It has his own syntax which is a unique and original snoflek
Oh, so it's Radek's usual approach of taking a problem that is already fixed and offer an inferior solution?
@MartinJames but have you looked at the version with no conditions?
@JerryCoffin lol
8:15 PM
@ScottW Going on pretty well.
Got plenty of work to do and not enough people to do it.
Hire me!
Have you guys ever noticed how "fire" is so close to "hire"?
Q: Integer to a template: cannot appear in a constant-expression

Kaustav NandyI never did template programming. What I need is the following: depending on certain integer (user input), my template should determine a type. Here is my template: template<int T> struct abcd {}; template<> struct abcd<6> { typedef double type_t; }; template<> struct abcd<5> { typedef float ty...

@ScottW For how long?
@ScottW That sounds reasonable (at least if you only had to deal with Java for a maximum of 15 minutes).
Q: How to save/read arrays of data in a file (C++)

user2614596i'm using a code which computes SIFT descriptors from an image. I have to process each frame from a video and store the sequence of each computed descriptor. For each image the descriptor is made by two arrays: Frames = (double*)realloc(Frames, 4 * sizeof(double)* nframes); Descr = (vl_uint8*)r...

8:18 PM
> them
100$ for 4 hours is pretty good.
Where do you subscribe to these services?
wat site
"JavaScript" has three names of shitty languages in it
@ScottW This is something you should not do. And whoever they are that wrote this crap should find something better to do as well.
JavaScript, Java and C!
8:22 PM
@JerryCoffin You don't like singular they?
@Mgetz So do any of you have experience with the WTL?
And what does it have to do with the WRL?
@ScottW But, is there something I can do to stop you?
So are windows C++ devs just sort of screwed when it comes to UI stuff?
@caps Yep
@caps It's not a matter of like or dislike. It's a matter of being sufficiently educated to recognize that it's crap.
Why do you think most applications on Windows have terrible and inconsistent UI? :p
8:28 PM
@jalf Windows has no way to enforce a consistent UI.
@ScottW "Your major"? What's that?
@jalf The tools suck, most of the devs are moron, and (more often than not) clients demand that any UI that even approaches decent or consistent being changed immediately.
@Jefffrey Your area of specialization as a student.
@JerryCoffin I have yet to experience this myself, but one of my coworkers told me once about how a client insisted on some part of our UI being a certain way despite everything she showed him about how it was contrary to the standards for windows apps.
Etymology diagrams by Google are nice.
8:30 PM
@Jefffrey My Major is Major Tom.
@caps Yes, but who cares about the standards for windows apps?
So I have to have completed a major to do tutoring, wat?
@Puppy People who write windows apps but don't make their own UI.
@Jefffrey No.
@caps Well, that directly implies that people who can make their own UI have no need to give a shit about the windows standard UI.
8:34 PM
and it has nothing to do with the WRL
@Jefffrey That'll teach ya.
@Puppy Right. If you make your own UI components they can have their own self-consistent standards.
@Puppy With Metro, Microsoft has lowered the standard too far for anybody to care.
not really feeling the need for there to be any kind of major cross-app standard UI.
@Puppy If you use Microsoft-provided UI components and want your app to look and feel consistent beside other Windows apps that use the same, then you care.
8:35 PM
just don't put a tick on the close button and maybe some familiar keybindings for power users and done.
@Jefffrey What are you studying at college?
@caps Yes, but you're presupposing that I'm an utter moron.
why would anybody give a shit about the UI of other Windows apps?
@Puppy How am I presupposing that?
may as well decide that I should use the same number of lines of code.
@caps I'm attending a CS university.
8:36 PM
or hire the same number of developers.
or have the same number of email addresses.
or take the same number of shits per day.
@Puppy Because some users actually use more than one app at a time, and don't want to un-learn one and re-learn another every time they turn around?
there's a big difference between that and having to look and feel consistent.
users don't re-learn to click on buttons regardless of how you style those buttons
unless you do something dumb like style them so they blend into the background
@Jefffrey Then your major is probably "Computer Science"
(inb4 "'considered harmful' articles considered harmful")
8:37 PM
@Puppy "It doesn't matter--except that when it does...which is nearly always."
@Jefffrey What are you specializing in? What are the classes you're taking that not everyone else is taking?
@Puppy You're being really ridiculous.
@caps Drinking. Oh wait, nearly everybody is taking that one.
But maybe we're just not communicating well.
8:40 PM
all I'm saying is
every Web page I ever visit and every app I've used for decades has used their own UI scheme
and I've never witnessed anybody fail to click a button because it didn't look like the default Windows button
@Griwes It was a producer/consumer queue, storing objects of a class with user-defined copy semantics. Underneath were just PODs, though, and the copying within the queue took too long. The solution was a queue which internally sliced off the POD part of the objects (class now derived from POD) and moved them through the queue. When popped, the PODs would get wrapped up in their class suit again, to reappear nice, shiny and object-oriented at the other side. /cc @R.MartinhoFernandes
Good evening.
what is a pod?
@caps We don't have that.
We all have a common path.
@Jefffrey So 100% of the students at your Uni take all the same classes? No variation? No specialization?
Q: What are POD types in C++?

paxos1977I've come across this term POD-type a few times... what does it mean?

8:43 PM
Puppy hasn't seen many people trying to use computers, evidently
they do all sorts of crazy fucking shit
@sbi ty ty
@sbi I really hate that term
@Puppy Most are at least vaguely similar because almost all of them descend from the Xerox PARC research the Sun licensed, Apple stole, etc. Nonetheless, there are enough differences that most people only know a few applications well, and a few more sort of reasonably. Consider the number of people posting to SO who can't even figure out the "format code" button, not to mention doing anything even mildly complex.
well I'll admit that there's clearly a reason why every music player uses the same icon for play, pause, etc.
but there's a long way between that and look&feel.
@caps Maybe 2 courses out of 21 total are to be chosen, but even then the choice is very limited.
8:45 PM
I have been working hard today, to be able to speak to (almost) everyone in the company I hadn't spoken to last week about that thing we want to do.
I have been told by someone I know how to rattle a cage. I took this as a compliment. :)
@Puppy When your app has the same look and feel as other apps, then it should behave the same way as those apps.
@sbi Ooh.
Puppy doesn't like consistency remember.
@caps If it behaves the same way what's the point of having it instead of those apps?
every app using the same standards means no innovation
God knows what we'd be stuck with if Chrome had followed the Windows standards
TIL presupposing Puppy is a moron is some sort of impediment
8:49 PM
Aioli aglio is just as disgusting as it is unreadable.
@Griwes That's the thing about C++: You can go all gold-plated high-level with std::queue and std::string and std::mutex, but when the shit hits the fan, you get out the manual, dig into what's under the hood, and pimp that thing until it does exactly what you need it to, playing all the dirty little tricks you managed to pick up on the way. When I was doing C#, and problems like this arose, the common answer was to hope they'd fix it in a new version of the framework.
Absolutely horrible.
@sbi The funny thing is that absolutely none of those are particularly high-level.
@Puppy Compared to C, which some people insist you must use when doing "fast stuff".
@sbi That merely demonstrates their lack of knowledge, not that C++ is high level.
8:51 PM
I want a wooden room.
Why don't you go and piss at someone else's leg, puppy? I'm dressed too nicely to deal with you tonight.
a double buffering system with two vectors and a mutex can rival lock-free data structures.
@StackedCrooked I just put pointers to boxed bytes on a queue.
You know, BlockingQueue<Byte>.
@Puppy I said behave the same, not do the same thing.
8:56 PM
Is it possible to alias git add - A. to git add -A .?
@рытфолд I want an Amber Room and a Malachite Room.
@JerryCoffin i feel guilty for wanting that chandelier to drop
@Puppy It means nothing of the sort. What it really means is that people can provide meaningful innovations instead of spending their lives squabbling over trivia.
The longer I spend in this chatroom, the more I see how the stuff people say about some of the regulars is true, when I didn't see it at first.
@Pris Oh, don't feel guilty (but do be aware that if you ever visit St. Petersburg, the chandelier will drop you).
9:00 PM
> Selfie in front of running train costs three college-goers their life
@JerryCoffin That can be achieved just by re-using a UI library
@Xeo :/
@Xeo I hate it when that happens. Should be "lives" not "life".
@Puppy Some prefer to separate the interface from the implementation.
A: Compile time template instantiation check

Ralph TandetzkyThere's is no way to do that. So I would say: No.

"No" is a valid answer - but only if backed up with evidence.
9:05 PM
@Puppy ... but that is what we have been talking about this whole time. How to use a UI library.
@Xeo did they recover the selfie
nope :)
@Mysticial Nvm, I'm grumpy today
@JerryCoffin Guess which one of the two I have been to in the 80s. :) (It was more impressive in my memory, though.)
@Columbo "Grumpy: the new addition to numpy and scipy for producing programs that grumble about all the work you make them do."
9:07 PM
lol dat guy's desktop
@DonLarynx How is that weird
@FredOverflow Looks like it's all the same pictures.
@Columbo nvm
It's so staged.
9:08 PM
I forgot @Columbo that technique only works for integers.
@DonLarynx I see. :)
like charr = 1 so then charr - '0' = 1.
@JerryCoffin That's only important if maintaining the same interface is important.
@sbi I'd guess the malachite room. The Hermitage is a more popular destination than Catherine's castle (and I'm not at all sure the amber room had been restored yet in the '80's).
@Puppy That is wrong. Separating interface and implementation is also helpful when the interface is following the spec, while the implementation is, well, the implementation of the spec.
9:10 PM
@sbi Which is also only important if following the spec is important.
I.e. always?
@JerryCoffin Erm. I might be confusing something here, but I thought the Amber Room is the one they're still after?
@Puppy I thought you work code for a living now?
@CatPlusPlus Can't say that my Wide compiler is lacking from not following the Java spec.
@sbi I do
and when we decide to follow a spec, we do it for a reason, not just because it's some random spec in that area
9:12 PM
@Puppy And what kind of job is that, where a spec isn't important?
@sbi Yes, sort of. The panels from it disappeared during WWII. They've never been recovered. The current amber room is basically a reconstruction based on descriptions and pictures of what it previously looked like.
(FWIW, we do SCRUM here, but a spec still is a spec, no matter how you arrive at it.)
@sbi Some specs are important. Other specs, not so much.
@JerryCoffin Ah, I see. Well, I have been to the Malachite one. It did impress the young me back then.
@Puppy Much you still have to learn, young padfoot.
9:14 PM
@sbi I was probably somewhat older, but I was pretty impressed as well.
@sbi Well, I guess that your embedded device app follows the Java language spec, then?
and also the XMPP and WebSockets specs?
and the specs for drinking water contaminants?
I've also been to the (reconstructed) amber room, and was definitely impressed with it too though. I'd recommend a visit, but it's pretty hard to recommend that anybody visit Russia any more.
@Puppy Rabulism.
does anyone know whether operator auto() is going to part of C++17? I can't find anything in N4296
@sbi wat
9:16 PM
@Puppy What you do is rabulism. Did I mention it doesn't suit my needs tonight? #
@TemplateRex ... it already is lol
operator auto is fine
I presume you mean the conversion operator, right?
I apologize for not considering your mood before forming my opinion
@Puppy As well you should!
@Columbo yes, the conversion operator auto()
9:19 PM
Is 77% of all programmer's jobs on web technologies?
@Columbo do you have a reference where this is described?
@TemplateRex Currently checking, but I am quite sure that it is correct
Saw it several times yet
@Jefffrey No. Web devs aren't really programmers.
@Columbo yes it works in Clang no problem
I was just looking for the exact semantics for the type deduction
@TemplateRex What's the semantic?
9:20 PM
@TemplateRex That is equivalent with placeholder return types of normal functions (IIRC)
> The placeholder type can appear with a function declarator in the decl-specifier-seq, type-specifier-seq,
**conversion-function-id**, or trailing-return-type, in any context where such a declarator is valid.
@Columbo I got some mysterious bug using Boost.Test with the macro BOOST_CHECK_EQUAL_COLLECTIONS when I have iterators that dereference to a class having operator auto()
So operator auto() { return "str"_s; } is actually operator std::string() { ... }?
From [dcl.spec.auto]/2
@Jefffrey oh god please no
what :/
9:22 PM
@Jefffrey Well, yeah
More or less
What's the difference?
@Columbo I am struggling to find a reproducible example that does not require a wall of code, no luck so far. So i guess my Q is can operator auto() { return x; } ever do something else than operator T where T is the type of x?
@TemplateRex Is it defined in class?
@Columbo Of course?
9:24 PM
@Jefffrey I was just asking to be completely sure :)
@Columbo yes in class, (inside a class template, but the data member is just a regular size_t, not dependent on the template parameters)
@TemplateRex Then I reckon they should be equivalent, despite the naming of course
that works fine, so I can't repo my bug
@TemplateRex Btw., that is only valid since C++14 IIRC
But I'm not a hundert percent sure
@Columbo ya, I'm using C++14 on clang 3.6 SVN
9:26 PM
@TemplateRex Wait what!?
@Puppy Accepted.
@TemplateRex Weird
> hundert percent
@Jefffrey Seems right to me, what's so noteworthy
@Columbo weird what?
9:27 PM
@Columbo hundred?
@Jefffrey lol
@TemplateRex So the error starts occuring only once you take the large code?
@Columbo ya
@Columbo Are you by any chance German? :)
there's no "hundert percent" in the english language AFAIK
@TemplateRex I was just sure you used an outdated GCC version or sth. :D
And that was what caused the problem
But you said that you couldn't reproduce it, so..
9:28 PM
@Columbo haven't used gcc for over a year
@sbi Yes, bingo
@sbi Sie haben ihm uberfuhrt.
@TemplateRex Me neither, just for validating code samples :D
@Columbo War nicht schwer.
@sbi Hat auch keiner behauptet.
9:29 PM
Dec 8 '13 at 13:16, by FredOverflow
@MartinJames Us Germans have the upper hand in the Lounge. We rule das Lounge mit ein Iron Faust!
@FredOverflow lol!
I say, let us unite and make the Lounge German speaking
@Columbo the large code is a custom std::bitset class template, with proxy iterators whose operator* return a proxy reference class with an implicit operator auto. Running the Boost.Test macro on two bitsets gives the error. Replacing the proxy reference conversion op with size_t type resolves it.
Einz, zwai, drei, ..., funf, sex, sieben, eight, noin, zen
@Jefffrey I like sex
@Columbo I'd rather not.
9:30 PM
@Jefffrey I always knew there was something zen about counting.
apparently funf is five
not four
@Jefffrey Fünf
@FredOverflow Yes, but his counting is missing 4 what the counting zen is good for. (I apology.)
einz zwei polizei, drey feur officeur
Genug des Schabernacks
9:31 PM
What is tied up and yells "nine nine nine"? A German being raped
Maybe it's a satanist being hung upside-down?
@Columbo That one is horrible.
inside the Boost.Test macro, the iterators are derefenced and equality compared. The first error is from "if( *left_begin != *right_begin )", and then a long list of op != that are being found (except the plain op!= on size_t that should be found if the reference class would have been converted to size_t)
@Jefffrey I know
Like I-was-going-to-bed-but-now-I-can't-horrible
9:33 PM
That's why it's funny #GermanHumour
@Columbo But then it'd have to be "das Wohnzimmer" or some such thing, wouldn't it?
@JerryCoffin Precisely, and we already had that :D
We have the word "Lounge"
Where do you have it?
@Columbo I'm guessing this is perhaps some ADL issue and that Boost.Test is doing some namespace stuff behind the macro wall that I am unaware of that interferes with the type deduction
9:34 PM
@Jefffrey In airports, for example.
operator auto() {...} remaining such makes absolutely no sense to me
@Columbo It's not funny at all. Someone pass me the brain bleach, please.
It's like auto func(int) { ... } remaining auto func(int) { ... }.
And don't tell me it remains like that, because I don't want to know, if that's the case.
@Jefffrey "remaining" What are you talking about?
That it doesn't become decltype(...) func(int) { ... }
That it's not deduced and is perfectly equivalent to the equivalent deduced type.
9:39 PM
@sbi Perhaps my idea of German humor?
Jun 15 '13 at 0:39, by Jerry Coffin
@R.MartinhoFernandes I am, however, reminded of a much funnier version of the same (that I may have told here before). American family in Germany walking along the street, and sees a German guy peeing between a couple of buildings. Teenage girl looks, wrinkles her nose in disgust, and says: "ewwwww...gross!" German finishes up, walks about to the street, smiles widely, and says "Danke shein!"
oh fun a new Pat Condell video
@JerryCoffin That one's at least funny.
@sbi Thank you. I thought it was (at least a little).
9:43 PM
@JerryCoffin That one's hilarious!
Item Ring Protection From Fire
holy shit
that's the sources of one of the Gothics
drops a tear
Gothic was a very good game. Thank you for the memories. — Alex M. 7 secs ago
@JerryCoffin Got obsolete ....
@πάνταῥεῖ What are you talking about? :-)
@AlexM. Sounds like any late 90s RPG.
9:54 PM
@Puppy nope, it's Gothic's scripting language (Daedalus) that Piranha Bytes came up with
a bigger sample, still with info taken out
NSTANCE ItRi_Nekr_Ring2(C_Item)
   name             =   NAME_Ring;
   mainflag             =   ITEM_KAT_MAGIC;
   flags             =   ITEM_RING;
   on_equip            =   Equip_ItRi_Nekr_Ring2;
   on_unequip         =   UnEquip_ItRi_Nekr_Ring2;
   wear            =    WEAR_EFFECT;
   COUNT[5]            = value;
everything was scripted, including the dialogue
pretty weird to make content act that way
then again, it allowed for more interesting stuffs
like teleporting the player god knows where by calling a global function from a ring's "use" callback
and not having to map this to something like XML
@πάνταῥεῖ Not seeming to make sense. :-)

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