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5:00 PM
@DonLarynx uh no it's absolutely not like that
0/0 isn't a number
it's an indeterminate form
@DonLarynx The invention of Abstraction Inversion. Well, technically, it may not have been "invented" there, but this thread is how it came into the Lounge.
@BartekBanachewicz It's a number if I say so.
@R.MartinhoFernandes you need a ring to rule them all
(please oh please say you liked that pun)
@BartekBanachewicz Abelian Groups rule all the rings.
it's backwards
5:03 PM
@BartekBanachewicz I am the Eschaton; I am not your God.
or well, depending on how you look at that
@Jerry this is bad. @R.MartinhoFernandes I like your comment when you called him out on strawman.
@DonLarynx ...and intentionally so.
oh shit
it's seriously really complicated
GLFW-bindings have introduced multiple fixes over original GLFW to make it to work with GHC
no I have to retrofit those fixes onto 3.1
holy hell that's a shitty job
hmm or actually, I could diff original GLFW sources into an unified diff, so I would know where the changes were made
5:20 PM
this kind of music is so uplifting
it's doable, but I estimate it for at least a few hour
@Jefffrey bears resemblance to our filled peppers
Did you have yet another "you have to recognize haskell"/"no I really don't" argument with puppy?
what kind of meat is that?
5:30 PM
Jesus Christ.
@AlexM. No idea, pic found on the internet.
It's internet meat.
it was always a sad day when family made those peppers
I don't like that kind of tomato sauce
wait what
I don't like the boiled pepper texture
I don't like the smell of boiled peppers
oh, that kind eh?
5:34 PM
the meat inside is ok
the other kind is fine?
@Jefffrey the kind of sauce with big lumps of tomatoes in it is what I don't like
smooth sauce is ok
if I happen to find a tomato peel inside my sauce
I move away from the table
I was talking about ketchup.
and promptly throw a grenade at the plate
@Jefffrey well dunno read for yourself
5:35 PM
Which I guess they say is a kind of tomato sauce.
@BartekBanachewicz It's a rhetorical question.
anyway GLFW-b needs our help
captain glfw-b to the rescue
such a catchy name
@Jefffrey I've downloaded the lib and the bindings and upping it to 3.1 is doable
it not us, then who?
@Jefffrey captain gluhfewbee!
5:39 PM
I'm going out later to get stuff for 'Halfway Pie'. There is minced beef, peppers, onions, spices that Anne knows and other stuff. There is some light frying involved, then into a baking dish with mashed poratoes on top, then oven. When the potato is browned on top, it's done. Anne eats a bit and I finish it off.
@BartekBanachewicz that sounds great
@MartinJames sounds like Shepherd's Pie
@SamDeHaan Yeah, kind of.
@Jefffrey but there are other issues. Namely, in its current ("stable") state, some tests fail for me on windows.
those should probably be fixed before any upgrade is attempted
what stable state?
5:42 PM
latest gh/hackage release
Of hate?
of GLWF-b
I was talking about contributing to the GLFW-b, not about Hate right now
I won't force myself to work on Hate until you come back anyway
isn't 3.0 -> 3.1 supposed to be non-breaking?
5:43 PM
the outer API perhaps
but GLFW team has e.g. deleted some C source files and moved the functionality
wouldn't that require a 3.0 -> 4.0
the bindings package has to reflect that
@Jefffrey it's not that GLFW team has to respect Haskell's versioning policies
I thought they were universal
they're Real World; they can't be trusted
They kinda just make sense.
5:44 PM
@Jefffrey not really, no.
@Jefffrey like a lot of features of Haskell. Yet look how different other languages are.
@JerryCoffin wat
e.g. seems just fine there
aww, you guys deleted your messages
and I was just about to go latin grammar nazi on @JerryCoffin :(
@Jefffrey It was wrong before
5:46 PM
oh, you used i.e. in place of e.g., I see.
ninja edit
Anyway @Jefff I have a few p exciting ideas for Hate but I'm not going to tell them to you until you come back for realz
yo bro
so, in the meantime, GLFW-b really needs our love
well, mine.
i gotta fuckz uni in the azz first
only then I'll have the gutz to come back for realz
5:48 PM
> Don't waste your time! Start mining GAY coins.
speaking of gay people
@Jefffrey spare us the details
@AlexM. Oh, go ahead and do it anyway.
Adverb: exemplī grātiā
  1. for example
I couldn't find the form you mentioned
5:49 PM
Does it seem like attention to various questions is not randomly distributed? I get upvotes in spurts focused on particular answers. Kinda weird.
thought it was some sort of conjugation
pretty sure e.g. though is exempli gratia regardless
@AlexM. it's more like "for the sake of the example" than "for example"
if we really want to nit pick
@AlexM. That would (at best) make you a spelling Nazi, not grammar Nazi.
@Jefffrey it is the unabbreviated form of e.g. though
which is what I was going about
yes it is
e.g. has nothing to do with "gratis"
well, actually it does
5:52 PM
but just because gratis is a declination of gratia
so exempli gratia is more correct
mods are asleep, post chicks
@Jefffrey it's not exactly more correct
but correct
as in, the only correct form
just like "i.e." is "id est"
I notice I've started down-voting more.
@Jefffrey That'd be gratiis, no?
5:55 PM
is that infinitive
what's it called
whatever, you get the idea
@R.MartinhoFernandes dunno
I have no idea how latin works
I was kind of just faking it
pig latin
@AlexM. Dative plural.
5:56 PM
Dativ :P
@R.MartinhoFernandes nah I was about "id est"
@Jefffrey who dat
@AaronHall You are in the right place then. We'll hear your confessions.
> World's Most Beautiful Women
5:57 PM
I confess that I don't like bad answers.
Gretchen isn't just beautiful, she's an epic guitar player
here's a hot chick presenting beers
> There are some versions of this paradox that are closer to real-life situations and may be easier to understand for non-logicians. For example, the barber paradox supposes a barber who shaves all men who do not shave themselves and only men who do not shave themselves.
And I really don't like it when I have a really good answer and someone has to read past a bad answer to get to it.
6:00 PM
I love how this starts with "real-life situations" and then talks about barbers who shave all men who do not shave themselves.
Hi, quick poll : Do you feel that this question (and my answer to it) really should be closed as "opinion based" ?

@рытфолд That's a real life situation.
Is Object being an instance of Object a problem because of Russell's paradox?
Should Object instanceof Object throw an exception?
6:02 PM
Object not existing seems the best solution.
@quantdev that depends, do you have the Proper Answerer perk?
There's not a single method that should be shared by all objects.
Java's Object has 80 or something.
@AlexM. guess not
It is useful to have a type T such that ∀A: A <: T, and a type B such that ∀A: B <: A.
@рытфолд To implement void*?
6:03 PM
Ain't those bottom and top?
Yes! :D :D :D (Hence T and B!)
In particular for covariance and contravariance to work well.
RandomAccessIterators support x + n and n + x, where x is the iterator, and n is std::size_t. TIL
It's ok to have a bottom, it's not ok to have a top.
Unless I'm inverting the two.
@Jefffrey So you prefer my boobs over my vagina. Got it.
6:05 PM
booty, not vagina
That's exposed given G-string.
I'm lost.
You smell.
I know.
6:07 PM
Q: OpenGL shaders and game engines in general

Pilpel Is it okay to encapsulate all the dirty shaders codes inside a class object, and then let the user call easy methods such as Render()? I've done this with a simple Skybox object and I wonder if this is a legit approach for modern games. Here's a c++ example: class Skybox { public: void Init...

way to ask a specific question
> How do developers implement their game engines?
> modern, OOP way
The first question is very particular. The second question is pretty general so I'd say a link to a good article would also suffice. I've seen broader question getting fully answered in stackoverflow. — Pilpel 12 mins ago
Oh, it's the classic "if someone else does it, then it's not wrong" logic.
Ooooh, I missed this.
@RichardDawkins @weed_mouse Hitler believed that Atheism was the superior race.
@Jefffrey Not even close to that many. Some that are there are still pretty laughable though. What do dogs and rainbows have in common? According to Java, they both have hashCodes!
@JerryCoffin Maybe it was Ruby's Object.
@Jefffrey Could be--I know substantially less about Ruby than Java.
6:13 PM
$ Object.methods.length
=> 95
> [..., :===, :==, :<=>, :<, :<=, :>, :>=, :to_s, ...]
Because every object needs comparators and should be serializable to string.
@Jefffrey You seem to have left out the crucial :========================= operator.
Perl 6 has a nice type system.
@рытфолд Didn't you try to say something like this yesterday?
@JerryCoffin Personally I think that :======================== is much more useful.
parents name their children after celebrities
frankly naming your child after a favourite food of yours seems far more rational
I wouldn't to be named after some popular food
that's just asking to be bullied at school
@Puppy ration-al
@KoinArab That's a pointless exercise. — Jefffrey 21 secs ago
It's the best pun I've ever done. I needed to share.
@TonyTheLion Better than being named after beyonce.
6:36 PM
@Puppy That's sounds a lot less problematic.
@TonyTheLion Yep.
lol nutella
what the fuck is wrong with people
It's not that weird, to be honest.
I've seen Brazilian names.
> Liberdade Igualdade Fraternidade Nova York Rocha
Liberty Equality Fraternity New York <family name>
@TonyTheLion There was also this guy who named his two sons Winner and Loser.
> Um Dois Três de Oliveira Quatro
One Two Three <family name> Four
There's also "Madeinusa", dozens of phonetic spellings of various mispronunciations of US city names, or phonetic spellings of mispronunciations of celebrity names.
Q: c++ program for multiton class using singleton class?

Akshit ChauhanWrite a Multiton class.(It is similar to singleton, but the user would limit the maximum number of instances that can be created, at run time). [ Hint - Write a singleton class (A class that can have only one instance). Then convert it to Multiton Class. ] without using templates. C++ templated c...

Uhmm, what please? — πάντα ῥεῖ 1 min ago
6:43 PM
> Éter Sulfúrico Amazonino Rios
Amazonic Sulfuric Ether <family name>
'Miss Ouri'?
> Akshit Chauhan
@MartinJames Woxingtone, Oazinguito, and Uoston are all intended as "Washington". They all sort of like sounds like how a Brazilian person says "Washington" in various accents.
speaking of unfortunately naming
Here's a multilol. — Alex M. 6 secs ago
6:45 PM
hahahahahaha genius
> Produto do Amor Conjugal de Marichá e Maribel
Product of Marital Love of Marichá and Maribel
Best name ever.
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it's too funny for a Tuesday. — Martin James 41 secs ago
@R.MartinhoFernandes ..and after the DNA test fail? :)
> Simplício Simplório da Simplicidade Simples
Simple Simpleton of Simple Simplicity
Or something to that effect.
I would never have guessed
"It is I, LePuppy"
6:50 PM
Simplicissimus is also a name for the 1668 novel Simplicius Simplicissimus and its protagonist. Simplicissimus was a satirical German weekly magazine started by Albert Langen in April 1896 and published until 1967, with a hiatus from 1944-1954. It became a biweekly in 1964. It took its name from the protagonist of Grimmelshausen's 1668 novel Der Abenteuerliche Simplicissimus Teutsch. Combining brash and politically daring content, with a bright, immediate, and surprisingly modern graphic style, Simplicissimus published the work of writers such as Thomas Mann and Rainer Maria Rilke. Its most reliable...
and I'm here to father all your lovechildren
inb4 puppy pile
@R.MartinhoFernandes All humans are possessed by the ghosts of aliens.
@R.MartinhoFernandes I wonder what fraction of that '8% severe' are Haskell developers?
6:55 PM
we should ask Bartek if the other guy is possessed, and find out
ba dum tschhhh
wait, there's more than Bartek?
does that guy reproduce asexually or something?
@Puppy He meant that Bartek is the possessing entity.
There's an innocent person suffering from Bartek-possession.
All is not lost. Googling 'Wards against Bartek possession': 'About 1,080,000 results'.
get a trinket that gives you a +5 Protection from Bartek
7:02 PM
@AlexM. I bought a generic 'anti-functional' bracelet last year, but I could not understand the invocation instructions.
and no, you can't have puppys
@R.MartinhoFernandes how do they determine this? What about all the people who are possessed by ghosts, but don't realize it? :o
unless they have ghost detectors, I guess. Self-reporting just strikes me as very unreliable
@jalf It's an EMF meter you ignoramus!
selling anti-bartek trinkets, get your anti-bartek trinkets right here
just $500 for a smidge of Puppy's Bartek-repellent
home-made and verypotent
@Puppy How do you make this repellent? Does Daisy have anything to do with it?
7:13 PM
also I'd never sell my trade secrets
I'd never smell your trade secrets.
not even if it'd save you from being possessed by Bartek?
@Xeo What are those on the right? Little potatoes, or water chestnuts, or what?
7:22 PM
@Xeo remove the egg and I agree.
@Xeo Oh, okay. Years ago I had a girlfriend who considered gnocchi pretty close to the most perfect food ever invented.
@Xeo You took the picture with gnocchi?
@R.MartinhoFernandes Yes
Wow, much better than potatoes.
And he did it with a Tamagnocchi.
7:24 PM
(I know the (photo) quality is shit. Doesn't matter.)
@Xeo make that egg hard
and I'll nom it
@AlexM. Ask rightfold about hard stuff and eggs
semi-runny eggs are ok with fries
I dip the fries in the yolk
but for anything else, I don't like runny eggs :(
what is that below the egg?
it looks fried
Turkey somethingsomething, mozzarella, fried egg, tomato sauce, gnocchi.
ooh, ok
7:27 PM
It's Schnitzel in German
Fried eggs are OK with fried bacon.
I dip the fried backon sticks in the yolk.
it's schnitzel everywhere
@Xeo "schnitzel"
7:28 PM
A schnitzel (German pronunciation: [ˈʃnɪtsəl]) is a boneless meat, thinned with a meat tenderizer, coated with flour, beaten eggs and bread crumbs, and then fried. A popular food in many countries, it is made from veal, mutton, chicken, beef, turkey, or pork. It is very similar to the French dish escalope. == Etymology == The German word Schnitzel is the diminutive Snitzel from the Middle High German word Sniz for 'cut'. The term Wiener Schnitzel itself dates to at least 1845. == Wiener Schnitzel == The dish called Wiener Schnitzel is a popular part of Viennese cuisine. It is made of veal and...
but yeah, it's that
> Read the sign, you schnitzel!
I never ate turkey, does it taste differently from chicken?
a family friend gave me a turkey egg for easter
it was HUGE
evil look while waiting for stars
You've never seen an ostrisch egg then.
@AlexM. Yes, it has a flavor distinct from chicken.
@AlexM. You were lucky until the chicken got involved.
@EtiennedeMartel I haven't either, but I've read that one ostrich egg is enough to serve around 20-25 people.
Or me
@EtiennedeMartel not many ostrii raised around here :(
@JerryCoffin It's fucking huge and heavy. Has to be about 6 inches long.
7:31 PM
I love latin plurals
they remind me of rome tw
and how they pronounced "triarii" "tree-ah-ree-ey"
Fun fact: if you microwave ostrich egg, it will explode the microwave and probably the table it's on too
But, yeah, an ostrich egg is roughly equivalent to two dozen chicken eggs.
You can make a pretty big omelette with that.
So, for those of you with experience in Visual Studio, how well does their library (the MFC? I think?) get along with the STL.
One of the things I hate about the VCL is that it doesn't interface with the STL at all (not really it's fault, exactly, but still)
I wonder what kind of crashing algorithms Obsidian uses in their games
they know they make ultra-awesome games
so I think they nerf themselves with things like
if (Player.HavingMostFun()) CrashTheGame();
Fallout NV is just amazing
I didn't think they'd manage to do something with how Fallout 3 was thought but they managed to do it
and make Bethesda's ideas look like a skeleton that can be worked around and through
I kinda wish it didn't crash so often
it happened 12 times in the first 20 hours
and I'm not adding that one time it got stuck in an infinite loading loop
@caps MFC is pretty much the same way--it has its own string type, collections, etc., and everything is based on those.
7:41 PM
@JerryCoffin Super lame.
And its collections don't have iterators?
Reasons to use MFC:
@caps I should probably add: MFC may be the single most despised library on planet earth.
@JerryCoffin Worse than the VLC?
Model Fuck Controller
@caps I won't try to argue about whether it's worse, but certainly more widely despised (but part of that may just be that it's better known).
7:43 PM
Does factorio have multiplayer?
@caps You can iterate them, but it's rather more like Java iteration than standard C++ containers.
@caps it doesn't just like the ATL doesn't, there is WTL that allegedly does and is open source as well
@JerryCoffin The VCL does this "nice" thing where you can't NOT allocate VCL classes on the heap. The only option for constructing a VCL class is new WhateverVCLClass. And the idea of a copy constructor is more or less impossible as well, since whatever VCL object you pass to the constructor becomes the "owner" of the constructed object.
@CatPlusPlus A (tiny bit) of an exaggeration. There are actually two reasons to consider using MFC: 1) existing code base that already uses it, and 2) it's the only thing MS actually supports for writing GUIs in C++; for some situations it's marginally less problematic than the alternatives.
7:47 PM
Oh dear
@JerryCoffin I was mostly referring to being able to use STL algorithms
@caps I haven't used it in quite a while, so I don't remember for sure, but I wouldn't be surprised if parts of MFC are about like that.
@caps Yes, MFC collections won't work with them (though I suppose you could probably write an iterator adapter to get it to work).
Q: bad characters in the first response

MarcoI have found this question: Corrupted question The first answer seems to be corrupted. I see the answer as follow: Is it an issue of my pc or not?

^^ lolfail
7:49 PM
Fun fact: we're now up to 99 declined flags on that answer. — Brad Larson ♦ 3 hours ago
ITT people cannot read
@Jefffrey We don't need any more movies at all.
@Mysticial also the history of that mentioned answer is hilarious
@Jefffrey Compared to, I dunno, another thriller or another sci-fi or any other random genre?
I don't see why we don't need more superhero movies.

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