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5:00 PM
Maybe next iteration
best I can do is through stupid ideas at you. Use XML!
@Chimera It's fucking horseshit and we'd all be better off if it died in a pit whilst on fire.
@Puppy Now that's better! :-)
no, it would be better if that happened.
since it's not going to happen then it's not better.
5:10 PM
@Griwes no f way
> An aerial photo of the church with a water main leak, which turned out to be photoshopped, was widely circulated online No plans to change shape of Illinois church that looks like penis
@sehe fake holy ejaculation? :(
permature joculation
> It they trim that tree, the church will look bigger.
true, that
5:25 PM
The two hardest problems in computer science are naming things and taking mrb seriously after you see him in shorts
> You must cut the forest to see the tree.
default is a real keyword, not contextual, right?
@Puppy switch/case/default, remember? :)
5:30 PM
It's a very old keyword.
welp, got the offer
it's enough money so I'm starting to think about not declining it and going for at least a year, until I finish college
but at the same time it doesn't look like enough money
@Puppy yeah, the one at Gameloft
5:33 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes Wow.
I'm really conflicted because
I've been programming for 9 years and working on commercial products for ~4 years already
from this perspective, it's barely enough money
but I feel weird asking for more
since I'm a 2nd year student w/o a degree
@Jefffrey Who is mrb?
@FredOverflow The tweeter, I'd say.
and they offered me a lot more than someone who finished college and started working earns
@Puppy Oh
5:35 PM
holy shit, farting hurts.
@AlexM. Well, you got a lot more experience.
He is MRB. Wokay.
did I mention that I'm riddled with holes?
posted on July 02, 2014 by RongLu

Hello again! Three months have passed since we talked about what's new for Graphics Development in Visual Studio 2013 Update 2 . Since then the team has been working to bring even more Graphics Diagnostics features into Visual Studio. I'm very excited...(read more)

5:38 PM
@Puppy yeah, but from that POV I feel like I'm underpaid
still, it's probably the best offer I can get
I was gonna say, what really matters is how much you can convince someone to pay you
any maybe I'm overestimating my skills a bit
I want to move something in the direction of something else.
or maybe not
5:39 PM
So I just compute the direction using atan2(dy, dx) and then move it in that direction using x += distance * cos(angle) and y += distance * sin(angle) right?
I only did this calculation in 3D space, not 2D.
@rightfold Just compute the x and y deltas, divide them by 100 or something, and then slowly add those deltas to the position. No need for angles.
You cannot do that.
You need to divide them by something times the aspect ratio.
The angle is not always a multiple of 45º.
How does aspect ratio come into it?
Otherwise it would move faster in one direction, which is silly.
(defn angle [[x y] [x' y']]
  (Math/atan2 (- y' y) (- x' x)))

(defn move-in-direction [[x y] direction distance]
  [(* distance (Math/cos x))
   (* distance (Math/sin y))])
This should work anyway. :D
5:43 PM
aspect ratio has nothing to do with it.
It must move faster in one direction almost always.
Oh right. XD
unless your simulation is tied to the user's screen size or something.
which is dumb, just ftr.
> Shocking! Obama’s privacy board OKs massive NSA surveillance
I'm so shocked
who would have thought this could happen
this also shocks and amazes me
5:46 PM
Looks like the new question asking badges are live. I don't know what to expect:
- People spamming terrible questions to get the badge?
- Everyone downvoting everything to prevent them from getting it?

Or both...
destructors can be dynamic and default, functions can be dynamic, abstract, or deleted, and constructors can be deleted or default.
What happens if I delete a function, and the destructor throws? ;)
@Jefffrey the one from the tweet, I wager
@FredOverflow lol
@FredOverflow nice
5:48 PM
@Puppy do you make new and delete language features?
If so please make them ugly. :[
@Mysticial People give a shit about badges?
@rightfold Of course not. That's batshit insane.
@Puppy Yeah: Robo-reviewers
new T() is nothing more than new (malloc()) T();.
if (!address) throw std::bad_alloc(); :D
5:49 PM
terminate in Wide.
What if you want to catch it anyway?
Do you have to use malloc and placement-new explicitly?
new T can call the new handler
malloc cannot
@rightfold Give or take.
It’s rare anyway.
@JohannesSchaub-litb I haven't seen you in a while. Were you caught in an infinite template expansion? ;)
5:52 PM
I figure that you only really need to handle OOM in very rare situations
and merely having the potential for an exception to be thrown limits what the compiler can do w.r.t. optimizations and limits what libraries can do in an exception-safe way.
Couldn't you just download more RAM?
NON-BREAKING NEWS: Vaccines proven safe--again--in new study: http://gates.ly/1mKokgQ #VaccinesWork
@FredOverflow ive not been active with stackoverflow recently
busy with real life
@JohannesSchaub-litb any particular reason?
university, friends, sports
entertainment (WM)
5:55 PM
my activity as saver of the lost standardese riders has been stopped for those reasons
@ThePhD football/soccer
5:56 PM
defaulted destructors should be easy to implement.
just give the destructor an empty body and test for it in trivial destructibility.
(the english WC ofc xD)
@JohannesSchaub-litb You were being entertained by a toilet?
puppy, you are too late
there is no english WC. i'm not even sure how it's abbreviated there
I have no idea what the hell you're on about
@Puppy i am sorry, you seem to be too unclever to follow me
5:59 PM
yes, I'm sure that's it
i'm glad we're in consent!
should I require a semicolon after default/delete?
nah, I kinda feel that that's the C++ way.
i wouldn't want to write delete; i;
do shut up Johannes
@JohannesSchaub-litb lol
@Puppy Yes.
It’s extremely ugly otherwise.
6:00 PM
In other news, litb actually has a life. Blasphemy!
You’d have this weird non-brace thing followed by not a semicolon.
I don't need a semicolon here
You don’t need periods between objects and methods invoked on them either.
well, you kinda do.
why are all ghosts results of horrible murders
why can't a ghost be just some random guy who lived a normal life
6:03 PM
because people feel that it makes for good stories.
but decided to become a ghost just to piss people off
because most people would not become a ghost and haunt the living for their own personal amusement
void f() = delete
void g() = delete
int x;
This is extremely ugly IMO.
@AlexM. Cat plus plus will probably be the first such ghost.
int x; is illegal in Wide.
6:04 PM
I would definitely haunt some people for my own amusement harhar
and it's not = delete either, it's just delete.
Anything else that does require a semicolon will do.
You get the point.
my pipes are dying
dammit too slow
@rightfold I don't think that I do. I've only employed semicolons where I need a separator. I don't employ them arbitrarily.
@EtiennedeMartel Don't use it. I don't license it.
I'll sue you.
@R.MartinhoFernandes Yeah, I didn't.
I'm just gonna hide all that complexity behind the fact that most of that code is gonna be used from auto-generated code.
6:19 PM
I messed up and ordered 5x5pcs of terminals.
@sehe I don't get it. Why is taking that guy seriously, after seeing him in short, relevant to computer science?
Is duct tape a good isolator?
Nevermind, I can just measure it.
@Rapptz こんにちは。
6:23 PM
... Wait, is that the right kanji?
No it's not, it's horrible.
Fuck Kanji.
there's no Kanji for that
6:25 PM
Kanji is horrible.
@rightfold ?
I think.
6:27 PM
i sneezed
it hurt
@R.MartinhoFernandes I'm waiting for the flood of terrible questions from all the badgewhores. :)
I think @rightfold finally figured out how his dick works.
@ThePhD Awful.
@rightfold ”wa ba desu"?
6:28 PM
@Rapptz Listen. It sort of works. D:
@Mysticial badgewhores are need love, too
Orbs follow the nearest player, and go faster as the approach them.
Wait why is chrome smooshing some of the japanese characters together. D:
6:29 PM
@Jefffrey graphics is not yet done, but I’m gonna do that right now!
@rightfold I am not a baka. D:
Now, is there an easy way to get the return type of a function?
decltype, naturally.
6:32 PM
Use std::declval if you have no arguments ready.
variable templates are cooler than I thought
variable templates?
it's like partial application except for template parameters
variable templates are an embarassment to the Committee.
not that they needed more
6:34 PM
they specified a language feature to save you two whole characters invoking a constexpr function.
it's a worthless waste of space in the Standard.
Well iunno, I think of them as beefier alias templates.
You cannot use them as aliases for functions.
beefier in a way that nobody needs.
& wouldn’t work on the name, for example.
Default arguments are gone.
Anyone have proposal for this variable templates thing?
6:36 PM
proposal? it's already adopted.
Also fuck functions not being functors.
we can add it to the uniform initialization/list initialization, dynarray, array new/delete, pile.
There should be badges for days with no questions asked. — Anthony Pegram 17 mins ago
^^ looks like we have a winner
I'd get that badge.
There should be a Help Vampire badge.
When someone achieved it, their name should be blinking red and their avatar should feature vampire teeth.
6:42 PM
@rightfold And their questions auto-deleted.
@rightfold Do you acquire it by posting a question, as your first message, in the Lounge?
@rightfold nah that just leads to stuff like
"how dare they make fun of me? I'll make a shitload of clones and post crap, that'll show them."
"fuck yeah retards, you don't mess with user25281945"
@Jefffrey You acquire it when your Q/A ratio is higher than 1, where A is non-upvoted non-self answers.
Write an if statement that is not an iff statement.
6:51 PM
Who? ME?
@Puppy So... how does it change template declarations?
control flow with if, goto and booleans
Also, why would that get voted in and not template <auto X> ?
6:51 PM
I don't see if iff.
@ThePhD It adds a new and utterly worthless form.
if (!x) goto l; if (x) l: { … } :D
@ThePhD Because the Committee are a bunch of braindead old farts without a brain between them.
How bad is the new form? I still can't find the paper describing it.
I wish labels could be integers.
So you could goto l, I and 1!
6:52 PM
I believe I described it on more than one occassion as "utterly worthless"
template<typename T>
T n = T(5);

int main()
    n<int> = 10;
    std::cout << n<int> << " ";    // 10
    std::cout << n<double> << " "; // 5
That syntax is actually extremely good for my purposes.
first line in main doesn't work
or shouldn't..
@Jefffrey I try to stay humble :P
if it does then that's cool
6:54 PM
Non-constexpr variable templates are confusing and terrible.
Avoid them.
namespace Colors {
    template <typename Component = byte>
    rgba<Component> red = rgba<Component>( 255, 0, 0, 0 );
That's my one use case.
it's so much more problematic than template<typename T> constexpr T& n() { static T ret(5); return ret; } int main() { std::cout << n<int>(); std::cout << n<double>(); }.
Other than that, not too fantastic.
I don't think it's as bad as puppy is making it seem
6:55 PM
it's utterly worthless.
DOesn't that make it EXTREMELY hard to disambiguate between types versus variables, though?
yes, it's a whole "Mouse over and the IDE tells you which is which".
if it doesn't highlight them differently to begin with
That's fine and all, but what I'd love is template <auto X>
@ThePhD You love making concoctions, don't you?
Hmm, weird.
6:56 PM
I don't even know what that is
if (true) {
    goto e;
} else {
well, you're tough out of luck, because an actual feature that actually reduces duplication and such is too advanced for the C++ Standard Committee.
This is illegal in C#.
It says that e is not in scope.
Wide will not offer goto.
6:57 PM
Wide considered dangerous.
@Rapptz template <auto thing> struct blah { ... }; and then...
Whereas if (true) { goto e; } e:; works fine.
I've been trying to understand how my salary is calculated for three days now, and I still don't get it
@rightfold wow, I didn't know this was possible in C++
blah<&my_struct::my_member_function_pointer>() // works like magic
6:58 PM
E.g. it auto-deduces the type, so you don't have to decltype( ... ) and then actually write the type a second time now that the template knows which "type" it is.

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