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12:01 AM
@LightnessRacesinOrbit [decl.init]p17 among others, it's implied that constructors in B are superior to any conversion function present in A
Er thanks?
I can spew random trivia too.
damn it..
@FilipRoséen-refp mm
Me too.
@R.MartinhoFernandes I always think you and @LightnessRacesinOrbit are the same person
12:02 AM
@LightnessRacesinOrbit interesting
not sure if any one of you should take that as a positive thing or not, but that's up to you.
Did you know that Saturn has an hexagonal cloud formation on its north pole?
Q: Is this user-defined conversion not ambiguous? If so, what rule allows it?

Lightness Races in Orbit [C++11: 12.3/2]: User-defined conversions are applied only where they are unambiguous. [..] Yet, the following compiles just fine in GCC and Clang trunk: struct B; struct A { A(); operator B(); }; struct B { B(const A&); }; int main() { A a; (B)a; } What am I missing?

@LightnessRacesinOrbit I told you already.. but heck, I'll answer the question in a minute (just gonna finish a smoke first)
@R.MartinhoFernandes Or defines identifiers used in another- I'm thinking winapi macro leakage for simple example
12:07 AM
Yes. Why are you asking?
implementing a new feature in Wide w.r.t. headers
It doesn't compile on your link, gives undefined references (would be weird if it didn't). — Paweł Stawarz 1 min ago
@R.MartinhoFernandes What, specifically?
the apparently low turnout of #3 or ThePhD's jams?
12:10 AM
they really shouldn't be on there since they're not Lounge events really
I wish phd would be allowed to play
@DeadMG define "Lounge events"
> complex<double>****,double**,double*,
oh my sweet sweet sweet sweet jesus
Four levels of pointers? Are you on drugs? — Lightness Races in Orbit 2 hours ago
complex<double> ****POPSELF= new complex<double> ***[n_Z];
I've never seen anything like this
I mean this is a whole new level
I think the question is meant to troll
I mean you just can't write code in such a horrible manner
wtf is it supposed to do?
12:18 AM
twelve function arguments; that must be a record, right?
@KarlKronenfeld dunno lol I stopped when I saw those 4 stars
I can't afford shit like that
just imagine the minibar prices
@AlexM. I thought some EE based on the variable names that are actual words
I mean, this code really wins every possible award there's for code suckage
I tell you what: I'm upvoting and saving in the favorites
that code is just gold
Some people are taught C++ that way so that they learn how things work underneath.
and therefore code everything as it must be underneath.
12:22 AM
Sadly, not only they don't learn how things work underneath but they also don't learn how to program decently.
Because let's face it: nothing works that way underneath.
@R.MartinhoFernandes that's not how you teach them how things work underneath.
@R.MartinhoFernandes in the first year of college we did a C++ OOP course
the profs would go crazy if you didn't use enough pointers everywhere
@R.MartinhoFernandes It might be after the compiler optimizes it and inlines shit! :P
that's how you make people go crazy and kill themselves
"why are you using that reference there. use pointers instead."
12:23 AM
I mean 4 levels of indirections with dynamically allocated memory?
@Jefffrey template<typename... Args> void f(Args&&...) new record?!
what kind of a monster are you if you make your students do that
@Rapptz that's just one arguments pack
also at the beginning of the course we used plain C with methods working on pointers to structs to do OOP, and only later on switched to C++
if any student was still malloc-ing in C++, it was fine by all means
same here
never bothered to pay much attention, I just wrote the code and did everything the profs asked so I could get the max grad...
no, this is not good, you guys will find out I'm not a C++ programmer
12:26 AM
shit, now you know
yeah me too
night everybody
someone actually answered that question, wow
12:47 AM
@Jefffrey template<class... Ts> struct Obj { static void func (Ts...); }; <- sure it's one parameter pack, but after instantating Obj we have a func that can potentially have a finite but unbounded <sup>thank @DeadMG for this one</sup> number of arguments.. so func doesn't have any parameter pack. I win, woo!
it can't have inf arguments.
it can have finite but unbounded arguments, and that's in theory.
@DeadMG you and your fancy words
damn.. forgot that <sub> isn't allowed in here
1:00 AM
when it fails the second if, it jumps to the else, and then just skips everything inside o.O
should one create a Q&A with the title "Why does SFINAE only apply if the substitution failure would yield a diagnostic in C++14?", or am I the only one who finds that interesting?
only you
@Rapptz it is however an important change introduced in c++14 which will be bloody dope
the intent of the DR that made it happen might not have been exactly what this will mean, but that doesn't mean that it isn't a good thing
apparently 95.5% of Crimeans voted to join Russia.
can't the Russians even fake a realistic election result anymore?
Oh. Thank you so much for showing my stupid mistake :(. — user3425082 12 hours ago
Thanks for showing my mistake :) — user3425082 12 hours ago
He's conflicted on the emotion, I'd say
1:13 AM
"It's against what I think therefore it is fake!"
weren't the Russians the ones with the 101%+ votes for Putin or something?
I'd say keeping it below 100% is an improvement towards realistic elections
with numbers and all the space of a 4x4x4 grid, this is way too easy (when it's not bugging around :p)
1:39 AM
@R.MartinhoFernandes yeah. I recently saw this in pictures. I was sort of thinking it might have been shopped o.O
I guess I have to spawn more blocks at once, and make the value needed to win higher
1:51 AM
Since you "need Boost Spirit syntax in the answer, sorry" (comment on the deleted answer) I suggest that you use "Boost Spirit syntax" [sic] in your question too. I'd start with the documentation, and then come back with a concrete question if you get stuck. — sehe 22 secs ago
2:30 AM
I so sick
2:43 AM
2 hours later…
4:48 AM
5:11 AM
Woah JDK8 supposedly launches tomorrow
5:28 AM
Isnt it like a year late?
1 hour later…
6:39 AM
must be an active day on this chat ...
Chat's been dead for like a week.
13 hours ago, by Borgleader
@TonyTheLion Having fun?
so much fun was had @Borgleader :)
6:55 AM
Good night ;) (3AM for me heh)
The most ridiculous offender of all is the sudoers man page, which for 15 years has started with a 'quick guide' to EBNF, a system for defining the grammar of a language. 'Don't despair', it says, 'the definitions below are annotated.'
@melak47 ah, so that was your intention
1 hour later…
8:09 AM
Why did the ghost ride the elevator?

To lift his spirits.
@MarkGarcia meh. cross platform? And - it's a serious build killer for files that fail to explicitly include files that are 'implicitly' included via the "stealth PCH". I'm not convinced

@sehe That sure is a problem, though it can be partly solved by the ones he mentioned (disabling it at the build server). IMHO its acceptable considering the boilerplate PCHs create.
I have to design an architecture.
@rightfold That statement is somewhat redundant.
8:19 AM
I have to an architecture.
guys, I am getting access violation when debugging this code pastebin.com/hFRcFDRV. The exception is thrown in iosfwd where its trying to read string len
the catch is; it works fine 3/10 tries without throwing any exception..
@Annie use debugger.
@Abyx, yes the exception is thrown wile debugging ..
The debugger shows you where it comes from.
We won't ever read that much code.
Especially not when you use crap like std::vector<char*>.
> #include<windows.h>
^ or that
8:31 AM
its coming from cached_name.empty()
line 54.
@rightfold, what I tried it with std::vector<std::string> as well.. same error.
Perhaps pInfo[i].pPrinterName is nullptr.
@Annie Then it is time for... Stack Overflow!
@MarkGarcia, why is windows.h bothering you?
@Annie lol. Just had enough problems for the day because of it. :)
8:59 AM
On a Linux machine, where would you store images uploaded by users in a web app?
I store logs in /var/log but where should uploaded files go?
Home directory I guess. :v
@rightfold /tmp/randomfoldername or ~/.cache/appname/imagecache
lol tmp
@rightfold Is it a server?
Yes, web apps run on servers.
"the uploaded files"
9:02 AM
@sehe People upload images and they are later shown to other users.
If it's content, use a database
Like, you can add images to your content.
I want to store images on the file system.
You can store a database in fs. Use /opt/mywebapp/content/images/uploaded or /var/share/mywebapp/....
Ok, thanks. :3
The crux is to make it a easy to isolate data from package installation files. b Easy to administer (e.g. making it easy to put the data on a separate mountpoint and easy to administer the file permissions for a certain app in bulk)
9:04 AM
Yes, that's why I don't want to put them in the same directory as the PHP code.
We did that once in the past, and deploying was an eternal pain due to chown crap by git user.
sounds reasonable. Then, there is also
The Linux Standard Base (LSB) is a joint project by several Linux distributions under the organizational structure of the Linux Foundation to standardize the software system structure, including the filesystem hierarchy used in the GNU/Linux operating system. The LSB is based on the POSIX specification, the Single UNIX Specification, and several other open standards, but extends them in certain areas. According to the LSB: :The goal of the LSB is to develop and promote a set of open standards that will increase compatibility among Linux distributions and enable software applications to...
/var/share doesn't exist, though.
/usr/share I suppose (/usr/local/share for dev deploys). Sorry
in Smart Developers' Lab, 4 mins ago, by MohammadMMohammad
From Honeymoon
The things they flag these days
Also, trololololol, I was able to star that, even though it's a gallery room
/usr/share is for static files.
I will go with /var/lib/<project name>.
Q: Where to store application data (non-user specific) on Linux

William LannenIn my OSGi-based Java app I am developing a bundle to provide the rest of the system with access to the file system. In addition to providing access to the user home directory, I also wish to provide access to a non-user specific area. Exactly what this area will be used for is as yet undetermi...

@EtiennedeMartel Wrong binaries, sorry. I will upload the release ones.
9:14 AM
@rightfold Any directory you want :ssh:
Happy Holi
@CatPlusPlus -1 not enough consistency.
Ahaha consistency
What the fuck.
Get out.
You can only have consistency if you redo the entire filesystem hierarchy
I'm planning on /platform
9:17 AM
tis enough of that.
lol was waiting for it ... ^
ok let's just flag this guy out.
1 message moved to bin
Not enough people to validate flags, I'm afraid.
9:19 AM
You guys are watching world T20 or not?
No, we are trying to get rid of idiots in our room.
Today a match Between Zimbabve and Ireland
A Great one
Match About to start in just 9minutes
Zimbabwe vs Ireland
So what team are you supporting?
Press 1 for zimbabwe
And 2 for Ireland
I support the flag, but I need to know which one to flag
Let's have some fun in the room guys
9:22 AM
Banning people is fun, but we can't do that.
@sudorm-rfTelkitty lol
I support Ireland
very progressive team
kevin o'brien is fantastic player
Kevin Joseph O'Brien (born 4 March 1984) is an Irish cricketer who plays for Railway Union Cricket Club and has played for several English county cricket clubs. He holds the world record for the fastest century ever scored at a World Cup, coming from 50 balls against England on 2 March 2011. An all-rounder, O'Brien is an aggressive right-handed middle to lower order batsman and a right-arm medium-fast bowler. He made his One Day International (ODI) debut in 2006 in Ireland's inaugural match. O'Brien played for Nottinghamshire in 2009, and in 2010 was awarded a contract with Cricket ...
You will surely love him watching at his best
really amazing player
We don't give a shit about cricket.
Holy shit nobody cares about this
Get out.
guys, can we create an observer on a printer's device context, such that; when any process sends print command we get notified?
9:25 AM
No, that's not possible.
plonk and plonk problem solved
Local state is hard
@CatPlusPlus Looks like Dwarf fortress adventure mode in space.
You clearly haven't played DF adventure mode :v
> looks
Do you know Sachin Tendulkar?
9:31 AM
haha. Looks like I crossed someone. Unwittingly
@Aaღirkhan Do you know the mosselman?
zeg ken jij ..
No I don't know anything about cricket (thanks, Google)
this is sad, the only revenge some nerd can use on this site is serial downvoting ...
You must be new here.
That's by far not the only "revenge". And it's hardly "revenge"
@sehe I know about Musalman not Mosselman
9:32 AM
@sehe You clearly suck at Git and Boost.
Yeah if you don't know what you are talking about you'll get downvoted :P
@Aaღirkhan :) it's a folk song. I think it exists in English cultures too, but I'm too lazy to look up the authentic translation
@StackedCrooked Zing
@rightfold Those were just the two answers that were most recently upvoted. That's how I know it's "random" downvoting (exactly, because it fails to be random enough)
ok back to the work
enough time pass
yes, I can imagine your boss with a whip behind you
And please never come back.
9:34 AM
Not at all
There is no Boss
@rightfold Shhh
Seems like a fun conversation. How do I unplonk?
It's not
@MarkGarcia You don't. Because you know better
@Aaღirkhan you should hook up with cicada, you two can have a really lovely time together ...
9:36 AM
Ah. Better safe than sorry.
@sudorm-rfTelkitty wait. is the top troll smearing "troll" on some of the lounge's most enduring members :)
Boost Asio's stackless coroutines come pretty close to this (modulo evil pointer arith) — sehe 24 secs ago
@sehe It's quite funny that it is included in Boost.Asio's recommendation to the standard.
@Aaღirkhan Dude, you're worse than Telkitty.
What the fuck.
matlab cola
@rightfold wtf do you mean, I am the best troll, everyone else is worse
9:52 AM
@CatPlusPlus well then, cookies huh? going to sell my details are you?
I know what you did last summer
really? because I sure as hell don't
so, now that we had a jam that hardly got participated in, do you think we can give it a bit of a rest
maybe slow it down a bit so people might get a tiny bit excited about it?
@MarkGarcia it's darn useful
Maybe short ones every 2 months or so and a longer one once or twice per year
1 message moved to bin
1 message moved to bin
9:56 AM
@CatPlusPlus indeed
@sehe but now you have to audit messages to clean up, you could have done it in one go! (but seriously, thanks)
I need a plan on how to get through this day, without falling asleep.
Also need a better organisation wrt announcing who participates and updates
rss and/or email
he he he, Paddy's day :D
@thecoshman The timing was too fast.
third weekend is terribly arbitrary
and by that I mean produces wildly different dates in each month
and the long duration didn't help either
also competition from IEM
10:14 AM
@DeadMG like I said, maybe slow it down a bit
1 message moved to bin
I'll have to leave this room during work. Meh.
Annoying images
well if someone else was mad owner :P
@sehe You could just plonk the poster of those images
Fucking fuck.
fuck fuck fuck
10:33 AM
fuck fuck fuck fuck?
Fuck the Fucking Fuckers
fuck. fuck? fuck! fuck. fuck? fuck. fuck!
¬_¬ I've never been able to scare a cat this much
ps, sorry for interrupting your fuck fest
what the fuck?
we were fucking along happily, and you dare interrupt it?
you bastard. :P
10:37 AM
fuck it
ok, joke's over
you can't withhold my free speach
hmm.. would you guys consider a question such as "How do I write a proposal for C++?" on- or off-topic on stackoverflow? The wording of the actual question might differ, but I'm thinking of creating such Q&A
well... you can... but you really sohuldn't
10:39 AM
@FilipRoséen-refp Yes, I would. The details are too specific to each individual proposal.
@FilipRoséen-refp C++ doesn't need to get married. :)
also I wouldn't encourage anyone to actually go that route
@DeadMG answering a "A or B"-question with a yes is somewhat odd, but I see what you are saying
@DeadMG or the answer too generic
anyone who can't figure it out themselves has no business submitting to Committee.
10:41 AM
generally, only post FAQ style questions to shit you have actually seen frequently
@thecoshman There sure are common things that should be addressed in the proposal, no matter if the topic (even though CWG issues are stricter and requires more thought than LWG) and yes, I'm guessing a lot of LWG guys will come after me because of that sentence.
have you ever actually attended a meeting?
@thecoshman generally, sure.. but some topics are interesting to address even if noone asks them explicitly
@DeadMG nope, but that doesn't mean that I haven't read any of the documents related to such meetings.
cause all I'm saying is
the LWG guys are very strict.
and I've been there and sat through the meetings of them arguing about wording.
@DeadMG surely, but as stated by the last sentence of the message in question I wasn't all that serious (but for the record I was, kinda)
10:44 AM
I don't know what you actually intend to gain by asking this question and providing this answer.
nobody who can't figure it out for themselves has any business performing this duty, the Committee already has too much crap, and hardly anybody is interested.
@DeadMG were you here when I brought up the issue with [temp.res]p8? speaking of "wording".
@DeadMG just trying to kill some time.. that's it really
and nor do I particularly care
@DeadMG everyone should care.. the sentence in question is quite a buzz kill depending on how you interpret it: "If every valid specialization of a variadic template requires an empty template parameter pack, the template is ill-formed, no diagnostic required."
10:46 AM
oh, that irrelevance
pff.. "irrelevance"
@TonyTheLion I do. But I'm also a room owner. Letting peeps know
@Aaღirkhan ¬_¬ dude! not cool
@thecoshman Plonk that worthless shit
@FilipRoséen-refp It is rather irrelevant.
@DeadMG indeed. still needs binning though.
10:48 AM
@DeadMG irrelevant to.. what?
I'm going to go with "Pretty much everything".
ain't no compiler vendor gonna check dat requirement
@sehe IMO part of being an owner is having to suffer no plonking people so you can see what needs binning.
frankly, such blatant problems with the wording are the easiest to deal with since the implementation authors can simply ignore it.
it's the much more subtle issues that the implementors have to actually implement that's a problem.
The hell was that.
10:50 AM
and particularly
what was what?
@DeadMG "ain't no compiler vendor gonna check dat requirement", does this mean that we should (in future revisions) continue throwing in such things? if it doesn't matter; why was it put in in the first place? the standard could have just not specified that requirement.
@FilipRoséen-refp It likely had meaning in some earlier revision and is now just junk.
and if you think future revisions won't contain that kind of junk, you're wrong.
@DeadMG ohhhh someone is wrong on the Internet
@TonyTheLion despair more like :P
10:52 AM
@BoltClock Spamming got flagged, I suppose? Not much of a bother outside of that. See here i.stack.imgur.com/9uFZ1.png
I'm not saying the Committee should not fix it but frankly, they could spend their time fixing things that any implementor with two brain cells could not fix for themselves.
I want chop suey.
@DeadMG I never said that I didn't think so, I said that we should be more open-minded for such junk if one were to think as what you wrote.
I don't see what's so bad about that image
@FilipRoséen-refp Why?
@DeadMG It wasn't the first. He's just dropping ads here
10:53 AM
they're a meaningless byproduct of the Standardisation process.
@DeadMG "ain't no compiler vendor gonna check dat requirement", that's it really. If we should leave junk in the standard just because compiler vendors are not very likely to actually care about it..
that's what you wrote though, I sure didn't.
we should leave it in the Standard because there are issues to address that we can't rely on compiler vendors to fix for us.
10:55 AM
which the Committee should be spending their time addressing.
Send DR, stop caring
@DeadMG nhaa, we can take out the entire section about a variadic template being ill-formed if the parameter pack requires to be empty in every instantiation
we can, but that's a non-zero investment to clean up a zero problem, which is a waste when they have decidedly non-zero problems to deal with.
@sehe Was wondering what that fellow's deal was
@sehe Ah, I plonked him when he first arrived.
10:56 AM
@BoltClock Well, who knows. Maybe you could ask him :)
(Don't understand a word of those billboards he posted)
@DeadMG even though compiler vendors don't care there are issue with the sentence, effectively (depending on interpretation) disallowing concepts that the standard specifies for types in the standard library
@DeadMG Good thinking. I don't usually do this, because there are only so many room owners. And if we plonk, we can't keep an eye on things
@sehe Well, I used to be more aggressive about binning stuff, but people kept crying about it. Now as far as I'm concerned it's their own problem to look at the shit.
what the heck is a plonk?
10:57 AM
I was thinking about a userscript with a global ignore list
So owners can superplonk for everyone
good idea
"Plonk is a Usenet jargon term for adding a particular poster to one's kill file such that the poster's future postings are completely ignored. It was first used in 1989, and by 1994[1] was a commonly used term on Usenet regarding kill file additions."
alright, nevermind.
@BoltClock I don't really care. Maybe it wasn't even ads(!?!?). It's clearly not welcome and he's not a regular/making any effort to introduce himself.
Random link dropping is never appreciated. Oneboxes even more so. On top of that, it was likely spam.
@FilipRoséen-refp Which is totally irrelevant.
@DeadMG mmmm. Maybe you could just resign as an owner? Make it more clear.
10:58 AM
@sehe It's just really bizarre complete nonsense
@sehe Not gonna happen.
Well worth the flags. It's just.. mind-boggling
@BoltClock Thanks anyways for coming by
@sehe It's been a while
@DeadMG how can that be irrelevant? we have a rule in the standard that renders it impossible to implement the standard library using what is specified in the standard for the types affected
10:59 AM
@BoltClock Where you been hiding?
fwiw he was explicitly told to stop
And didn't, so good riddance
@DeadMG You're making much sense. I'm not even gonna try now. I'm at work

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