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6:00 PM
Man, Initial D soundtrack is still amazing.
Theres a soundtrack for a programming language? :P
8 hours ago, by JBL
@LucDanton Oh shit I'm an idiot.
Get that out of my sight ;_;
Not as long as you're still an idiot. :3
6:03 PM
Augh !
@Borgleader It's, unexpectedly coming from me, an anime. :P
Here have another star!
@JBL ooh, that's a good one! Starred.
@Borgleader Bonne St-Jean!
@EtiennedeMartel Toi aussi. May you talk less and drink more ;)
6:04 PM
Well, that'll make sure the point is learned...
@JBL don't worry. Everyone is an idiot sometimes. Nothing wrong with that
@JBL At a therapist's, self abuse is not tolerated. Here, it's given a rating (which, obviously enough, can go to at least 11).
It's nothing to be ashamed of
@jalf Not the robot :P
@JerryCoffin nah, we just turn it into regular abuse. Drown out the "self" part by having a mob of others do the abusing for you :)
6:06 PM
@jalf To (probably mis-)quote Scott Adams, "We're all idiots at least 90% of the time."
A therapist would approve ;)
@jalf Worst thing is, the bug related to my problem is still there.... Spent a day on it...
I thought Cat was the idiot
But at least I stopped taking hex values without letters as base 10 values.
58 secs ago, by Jerry Coffin
@jalf To (probably mis-)quote Scott Adams, "We're all idiots at least 90% of the time."
6:07 PM
@JBL Don't worry. There's always another day. And once you've spent all the days you need on that bug, there's always another bug
it's the circle of life!
@jalf Problem is, I have a deadline for this code.
@Borgleader Can't believe it's already been two years since that awesome thing.
@jalf In this case, I was cheating -- misquoting a sign at a bar I used to go to that said something like: "In this establishment, sexual harassment is not tolerated -- it's rated on a scale of 1 to 10."
6:13 PM
@JerryCoffin heh
Guys guys guys, I'm gonna edit the room description k
@BoltClock what! But how do you know it's not still his birthday?
(also fine by me)
6:14 PM
hi guys
@EtiennedeMartel oh damn, i hadnt seen that before.
@not-kbok NOT YOU TOO
Has anyone tried Kerbal Space Program yet?
there were a bunch of people on my previous hangout who liked it
6:18 PM
@not-kbok I heard it's good. Didn't try it though.
@not-kbok I havent installed, a guy I worked with said it was pretty good.
@not-kbok yes
It's a lot of fun. I suck at it, but it's still fun.
Gotta give it a try then
Let me know if you managed to land on the moon before me :)
why is it so hard to find details on specific member functions of boost objects?
I want to see the members of boost::filesystem::path, but I can't find them. :(
@Xeo what did you google for?
Hey does anyone know a compressed texture format (like png) but dont store transparency data?
makes sense. I kept adding ::path to that, which does not link to that page
Yeah, google tends to favor the headers
6:32 PM
@DavidKron Yes. It's called every image format ever
png only stores transparency if you tell it to
@MooingDuck Also, I knew my way around the Filesystem docs
Thats not jpeg that is
There's the "Reference" page with everything and a "table" at the top
@DavidKron jpg satisfies the conditions you told us just fine
if you want answers based on conditions you didn't tell us, then perhaps you should ask a psychic instead.
@jalf I know but its compression is just to terrible
6:33 PM
@DavidKron Are you kidding?
jpg compresses much, much better than png
(And that's where many people have problems)
@DavidKron: Gif?
@jalf I did say texture, implying i was going to use it on textures and dont want compression artifacts
At the cost of image quality
Hmm, actually, that might contain transparency as well.
6:34 PM
@DavidKron Most people are just fine with compression artifacts on textures
Most popular texture formats are lossy
@TonyTheLion Hello unbirthday boy
So what you're saying is "I want the opposite of what people usually look for in a texture format, and therefore, I felt it wasn't necessary to inform you of what I required". See prior note about asking a psychic instead ;)
6:35 PM
This kerbal thing is ...quirky
And yes i know its probalby great in the sence of quality/low filesize
@DavidKron: Actually, what I read from wikipedia, PNG can be set not to store alpha channel.
So what is the problem with PNG?
I'm currently eating pot noodle
@wilx too mainstream
PNG -> Pot Noodle Gourmet
6:36 PM
@wilx Thankyou for being the one actually helping me!
@DavidKron So basically you want a lossless bitmap format without an alpha channel?
Damn, wasted ~15 minutes answering a question with a nice code implementation only to be told that my implicit assumption is wrong :/
(For those who can see deleted posts: stackoverflow.com/a/17282193/1968)
@DavidKron DXT, a very widely used (and hardware-supported) compressed texture format is lossy, just like JPG.
4 mins ago, by jalf
png only stores transparency if you tell it to
> @user1131467 Screw this. :p – Konrad Rudolph 1 min ago
@KonradRudolph I feel your pain
6:37 PM
If you just want a lossless image format which doesn't store alpha, then the answer is "every lossless image format ever". I don't know of a format which always stores the alpha component. Some formats optionally do it, but I'm not aware of any which requires an alpha channel
@Borgleader <3
PNG is probably the best in terms of compression ratio though
Although you could look into the lossless JPG variants
@TonyTheLion <3
@BoltClock I hate it when other people are right about me being wrong ;-)
6:39 PM
@DavidKron: What are you fishing for anyway?
@Borgleader How are you?
@DavidKron wtf?
Let's see, so far, I've (1) told you the exact information that you got from @wilx later, I've told you that pretty much any other lossless format will also do, and I've told you that your assumption that "when I say texture format people understand that I want something lossless" is wrong. I'm pretty sure all of those come under the heading of "helping you"
@TonyTheLion I'm fine you? :3
@Borgleader I'm alright
I'm sorry if I didn't lick your ass to your satisfaction. But that was not among the original requirements. I merely answered your question, and helped you correct a misunderstanding.
6:41 PM
@jalf Depends heavily on the input. PNG works well for things like charts and graphs, but lossless JPEG/JPEG-LS tends to work better for things like photographs.
@JerryCoffin No way, polaroid is best format
@JerryCoffin And PNG is much slower to encode (although that probably doesn't matter much for a texture format, it is worth being aware of)
hi there
@BoltClock ...and has that nice white strip on the bottom for write names too!
6:43 PM
I could run my benchmark on NVidia but....
I forgot to copy the damn code :/
welp i have the last one I've posed
This room is full of idiots today
Also I wasn't supposed to repwhore and i got 75 rep
room topic changed to Lounge<C++>: We are all idiots. Especially you. [c++] [c++11] [c++-faq] [no-helpdesk]
@BoltClock hrhrhr
40 mins ago, by Jerry Coffin
@jalf To (probably mis-)quote Scott Adams, "We're all idiots at least 90% of the time."
6:46 PM
@BoltClock wait you're not an owner, you can't do that!
32 mins ago, by Cat Plus Plus
exactly! :<
meh, I guess we gotta give you our toys time to time
Well I am your pet mod
@BoltClock The best kind of pet -- one we don't have to feed or groom.
6:47 PM
catalan numbers
up right right up right...
also why are all questions answered
i want to answer but they are answered this site is bad i am leaving for ExpertSexChange
6:50 PM
@BartekBanachewicz Write sexier better answers!
@JerryCoffin A self-feeding dog would be awesome.
A: SVN post-commit - permission denied to .svn/lock

Bartek Banachewicz my post-commit hook file runs perfectly fine on it's own, just not when called from an actual commit. My crystal ball tells me your svn hooks are ran by a different user, that doesn't have write rights to the folder it needs to create the lock in.

like this?
@ThePhD ...almost as good as not having a dog at all!
I don't care so much about the output but more about the placement of the symbol when using glBitmap. — SirRoot 7 hours ago
Wth is this guy on about -.-;
@JerryCoffin Except when you get to play with it and pet it and then when you're done it goes out and eats a deer or something for its food.
6:51 PM
@BartekBanachewicz -1 not enough jQuery.
@JerryCoffin I think I have no answers in , time to fix that
A: How to substring in jquery

Justin NiessnerNo jQuery needed! Just use the substring method: var gorge = name.substring(4); Or if the text you want to remove isn't static: var name = 'nameGorge'; var toRemove = 'name'; var gorge = name.replace(toRemove,'');

I'm beginning to hate boost docs
lol of course
boost docs are annoying. try watching videos instead if they exist
boost::iostreams::mapped_file is throwing an exception. VS won't tell me what it is. And I can't find it in the boost docs
6:54 PM
boost and qt need more complete documentation
We have a self-feeding dog when there are enough rabbits in the fields. I don't understand why the ears are always left over?
@BoltClock Quoting the meme doesn't mean I really want to read Javascript... :-)
Great, right when we're having a great discussion about whether or not a compiler will do an optimization. The OP says this: ahaha
@ChrisCM Which optimizations do you mean? I have not used compiler optimization yet. — tmighty 1 min ago
I started a 'journal' so when I get errors in Qt I write it up on a blog post. (I put all the errors in a single blog post for now) Although I know that to experts what I'm writing is so completely trivial, but beginners do have such a terribly hard time figuring things out due to documentation being so obscure and not covering the petty details which beginners suffer with
6:55 PM
@Mysticial LOL
@Mysticial so, the acceptable answer: "try -O2 when you run the compiler."
tag: \~ca\~
ah, I got it, chmod does't do hidden files by default! — ACarter 1 min ago
@Mysticial tag: ~~major idiot~~
My crystal ball was right :D
6:56 PM
'm back.
And I feel so much sympathy for the guy that edited the room description ^_^
hey guys what do you think of a debugging wiki
so thousands of coders from all over the world post what error they got and how they debugged it
so whenever someone puts in a google search, they find the answer instantly in the wiki
@JBL That would be me
that's one of the worst ideas recently
@BoltClock Thank you !
@JBL No need for sympathy -- he's a mod, so just send money.
6:58 PM
@Raindrop We have that already; it's called Stack Overflow
@Raindrop only sounds like a good idea until you realize that there's thousands of causes for some of those errors
soo.... X11 any one got experience with it? I'm finding I am getting serious lag spikes whilst I try to process events.
@thecoshman Have some, but so long ago that it's probably no longer relevant.
@BoltClock spot on!
@JerryCoffin lol, you seem to think x11 is modern :P
7:03 PM
wait, is boost allocating 3GB of memory when I tell it to map half a gig of a 3GB file?
no, it's allocating 0xCCCCCCCC bytes :(
@MooingDuck ahahaha
@JerryCoffin but yeah, I have (I believe) told X11 to only give me certain events, but it still seems as I process the built up queue, I get serious lag, tens of seconds at times. The mouse movement seems to be rather bad.
@thecoshman I seem to think I was working with X11 R3 and current is at least X11 R6...
I want Attributes. D:
@JerryCoffin I'm sure it's the same basic concepts though
7:07 PM
waaaiiiit, boost is throwing a boost::exception_detail::clone_impl<boost::exception_detail::error_info_injecto‌​r<std::exception> >?
@thecoshman Doesn't sound like anything I recall encountering anyway.
AHA! I told it to map a zero byte file!
I rather think boost ought to handle that case
@JerryCoffin how where you getting events? I have seen that you can use a blocking or a non blocking function to get the next event.
@MooingDuck I recently found out that a whole bunch of our libraries and tools at work crash at startup if an invalid locale is set in your environment. Why? Because they link to boost::filesystem, which apparently sniffs the locale and throws an exception (at static load-time of all things) if it's not recognized
Boost is fun sometimes
Why would boost need to mess with the locale?
What does that have to do with generating and maintaining filename strings?
7:11 PM
@thecoshman Maybe I haven't been entirely clear, but if memory serves the work I'm talking about was around 1988 or 1989. I have virtually no recollection of any of the details.
@ThePhD I have no idea. It wasn't really important for us (since luckily, we can control the environment our programs run in), so I just laughed at it and moved on :)
Silly, silly boost.
@JerryCoffin lol, fair enough. I don't suppose you fancy getting back into it :P
@thecoshman Not particularly, no.
@JerryCoffin ah go on :D
7:14 PM
I'm too cowardly to report a boost bug. Most likely the err is mine
@MooingDuck A little like reporting a compiler bug -- but without a standard to give an assurance of what the proper behavior would be.
@JerryCoffin there's docs, but yeah.
@MooingDuck sort of ;p
@MooingDuck There are docs, but most of them are meant to be descriptive, not prescriptive. If the implementation differs from the docs, it's a coin toss (or judgement call) as to which one is really right.
7:18 PM
I can't find anything about errors/exceptions in the docs for mapped_file.
@MooingDuck Use the source luke! :-)
@JerryCoffin I... don't have the cpp files on this machine, just headers and precompiled binaries
@MooingDuck That does make it a bit tougher...
@JerryCoffin yes
@JerryCoffin Maybe he should trust his instincts instead?
7:21 PM
Now that I think about it, that's a good idea for a useful tool: generate a call graph of what's used by a function, walk the graph and build a list of exceptions it could throw.
@ThePhD Works better for thermal exhaust ports than for exceptions, I'm afraid.
@JerryCoffin I thought of that a thousand times :(
just to get docs accurate if nothing else
@MooingDuck Maybe time for me to download Clang sources and try to get some idea how difficult it would be to hack it.
@JerryCoffin probably quite complicated, since it could only really be done at the linker stage at the earliest.
@MooingDuck Yes -- I have a feeling even when things try to list it, the lists are often incomplete.
heh, I'm testing my encoding guesser, and a ".tlb" file came up as "local code page". Probably not quite right.
7:26 PM
@MooingDuck Yeah -- pointers to functions, virtual functions, templates, all mean you need calling context to have a clue what a function will do.
@JerryCoffin I was just thinking of linking against precompiled libraries.
my friend got those on internship entry test
Test 1. Visitor
-Create an Interface or Abstract base Class 'Shape'.
-Implement three concrete Shapes: 'Circle', 'Rectangle', 'Triangle'.
Consider these shapes to be your data model.
-Apply the visitor pattern to your data model.
-write an AreaVisitor that computes the area of any data model object.
-Write a main that makes an arbitrary instance of a data model and apply the AreaVisitor.
Do they explain what the Visitor pattern is?
> entry test
likely not
why not?
7:30 PM
It's a test, so you should know some stuff.
Btw, was it a live-test, or did they just send him the test?
I don't exactly know the visitor pattern.
Much less how to implement it with templates appropriately.
@Xeo they sent it to him
and he has plenty of time from what he said me right now.
@ThePhD A way of getting behavior kind of like virtual functions, but implemented in a separate class.
@JerryCoffin It's compile-time resolved, right?
E.g. what they use for boost::variant?
@ThePhD No. In this case you'd have a ShapeVisitor base class that defines an Accept pure virtual. Then you'd derive AreaVisitor from ShapVisitor, and its Accept would get the area of a single shape and add it to the current total.
Oops -- the Accept would be in Shape not ShapeVisitor.
7:36 PM
Seems kinda messy.
@devnull The goal of SO is to be an archive of QAs that are helpful to others. If the Q happens to lack effort, then so be it if it manages to be helpful. This question is different from the "usual" lack of effort questions because it isn't too localized (it's even got a gazillion dupes). Just run down the list of the top questions on SO. Many of them show just as little effort. But they have thousands of votes because they are helpful - IOW accomplishing the goal of SO. — Mysticial 1 min ago
Why not just Area on the class itself?
Gotta get back to work, I'm not gonna keep arguing with the guy.
i was about to try to answer and then i saw that @Mysticial was here, lol i'm out — Stephan 23 mins ago
^ @Mysticial You scare the locals off. :P
@ThePhD The main reason is to allow extension (new virtual-like behavior) without modifying the class. Pretty pointless in this case, but consider (for example) a compiler's AST -- you don't want to modify the AST and/or AST nodes every time you want to make a new use of the information they hold.
7:38 PM
@JerryCoffin That actually reminds me of Clang. They have an ASTContext and an ASTConsumer that I have to use to make clang go. D:
@ThePhD Yes -- ASTConsumer is probably an implementation of a Visitor (or at least similar).
Also it's really horrible trying to work with Clang. I know it's leagues better than trying to finagle with GCC/GDB, but still. It's nightmarish to create these gigantic functions just to compile a single Translation unit -- and not even really compile, just rip type information out of. =[
@ThePhD Yup -- that sort of problem with large projects has been one of the big reasons people have been talking about a "software crisis" (and such) for decades now.
Also one of the reasons people want software reuse -- but have largely failed to achieve it.
Well, I'm hungry. TTYL.
7:45 PM
And I need to get some sleep
Sleep is for pussies.
The Bin knows some great ones
why did you bin my message dead
7:51 PM
@ThePhD Yeah, I know.
I wasn't asking for help with code o.O
what the fuck is hooking anyway
@ThePhD Wait until you actually try to create AST nodes and shit like that. Or code-generation. Then you're gonna hit the fuckin' roof.
I don't know. That's why I asked...that particular question e.e
@ThePhD No sleep 'till Brooklyn.
7:55 PM
@moonbeamer2234 are you aware of brilliant site called Google?
The bastards at MinGW-w64 are reconvincing me to keep up the toolchain building.
@rubenvb lol, how come?
BOOKS @bartek
@Xeo Well, obviously, having someone build user-ready toolchains is a handy thing for a compiler/runtime project.
7:58 PM
@R.MartinhoFernandes Hey, it doesn't say highest_resolution_clock!
And they don't want to give out the toolchain building stuff to others, i.e. they would like to be able to provide a baseline build procedure.

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