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3:42 AM
good morning :)
4:18 AM
good morning
4:36 AM
@AnshulTyagi good to know that you solved yourself (y)
good morning all...:)
Good Morning People :D
hi i initially set base_url to production .... after that user changed it to staging ---- then logout ...... after logout .... its showing me staging url ... how can i control it's static variable value
question clear ? @nawaabsaab @MukeshRana
Good morning
should i explain more ??
4:40 AM
local URL
why are you using static ?
test server URL
you can store into Shared Preferences. Use that value only and clear SP whenever lgout
@AnshulTyagi @MukeshRana how to get focused item position of listview
Q: How to focus next listview Multiline edittext item on imeOption click

Vishal ThakkarI have listview with multiline edittext. Now i want to focus next item edittext when user click ImeOption. I was tried this solution but not working. Focus next item I have view like below: User can add new item on click of add sign. Now suppose user now write anything in first item editt...

4:59 AM
good morning
5:19 AM
good morning
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8:46 AM
@Rahul u thr?
@ShutterSoul yes
@Rahul m nt able to set near by radius for a particular location
Actually my requirement is need to create an app that ll work on a particular loction and near by area (within 50 mtr) radius
A: Getting results of nearby places from User's Location using Google Maps API in Android

bjiangFor Android, I tried to use Place picker for Android. It can add the built-in place picker UI widget to your app, so users can choose from a set of nearby places displayed on a map. It easy to use, you just need to do is: int PLACE_PICKER_REQUEST = 1; PlacePicker.IntentBuilder builder = new Plac...

@AnshulTyagi no it is not lyk that
i dnt want type of palce
i need only radius
@ShutterSoul first define lat long bounds
8:57 AM
@Rahul how? I got only lat long value frm getLocation
using API ?
@ShutterSoul first you need to store those location statically
other wise how will you know current location is preferred location
@AnshulTyagi no API
@Rahul hmm that the thing but as of now thr is no web service so i hv to set the preferred loc statically
or store in SqlLite
den how to compare ? -_-
9:00 AM
then you simply query
first collect all requirements
@AnshulTyagi wht requirements ?
1 hour later…
10:33 AM
@Rahul it workd thanks :P
forgot to ping hehehe
10:46 AM
Anybody has idea on this
11:04 AM
hi @Mukesh :) first of all , pls tell me what method to use for loading data into fragment after swipe?
1 hour later…
12:09 PM
how to add overlay for images on map @Rahul @AnshulTyagi @IshitaSinha @Kaushik
12:23 PM
any shortcut to make model class from json in kotlin?
for java I was using jsonSchema2pojo
Q: Create POJO Class for Kotlin

Pratik ButaniI want to create POJO class for Kotlin, as we know that www.jsonschema2pojo.org converts JSON to POJO so we can use it with gson. Anyone know how to create Gson POJO for Kotlin QUICKLY? Edited: I know its use Data classes, but is there any simplest way to create it?

if this helps
Thanks buddy
no problem beere
Punjabi nice
wt removed
@Kaushik nope.. i ll try
12:36 PM
you come we'll go again
I go two to three times in a week :P
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@nawaabsaab (y)
1:15 PM
@nawaabsaab money money
lols aur ni kuch
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6:02 PM
good knight

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