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7:34 AM
Got up 30 minutes too late, now Andrie got all the answers. :)
4 hours later…
11:23 AM
(I never even knew this room existed. Sure is hidden.)
5 hours later…
4:17 PM
@Spacedman Any reference to 1980's techno-dystopian fare automatically gets a gold star.
@smci 'cause we like it that way? :-)
4:51 PM
@JoshuaUlrich Cracked me up: stackoverflow.com/questions/10418002/…
@gsk3 Me too. Coding that "feature" into read.zoo must have required some sort of time travel implementation, no?
@joran R does time travel, right? But according to the Julia benchmarks the function to let you travel back in time by 10 seconds takes exactly 10 seconds to complete. :-(
@gsk3 That's a dangerous sounding function! If you had it call itself recursively, you'd stop time entirely!
@joran Better rewrite that recursive function so it can be vectorized.
@gsk3 Thanks; I couldn't help myself.
5:00 PM
@JoshuaUlrich 4k rep...should know better.
@gsk3 I didn't even look at their reputation. Regardless, I would have done it if their reputation was < 100.
Funny is funny.
food for thought, prompted by @smci 's meta question as well as a google search for "r knitr" returning lots of yarn-based advice: are we too clever at naming projects in R-land? :-)
5:24 PM
@gsk3 Well, we could name everything using strings of 30 random characters. That would certainly stand out in google searches.
5:53 PM
Q: calculate series of same element r project

user1301512ab<-c(-2,-1,0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,-1,-2,-3) b<-data.frame(a,ab) head(b) a ab 1 1 -2 2 1 -1 3 2 0 4 2 1 5 1 2 6 1 3 1.Select series of same element? 2.Сalculate series of same element?

(Do give them a chance to edit/adjust before getting too harsh on them, though.)
That's awesome. [here-code-read-mind]
@smci It's like asking your neighbor where your kitchen sink is. :)
6:59 PM
@joran Haha. I like the clever naming. Just thought the "teach me how to knit" sites were particularly amusing.
7:15 PM
I just stop by to mock questions... for example
Q: read.zoo always prints out results - why?

robintwI am using read.zoo to read tab-separated datafiles into a zoo time series. I have the following code: z <- read.zoo("poolBL03GD04_842_WMO_03862.tts", index=2:5, FUN = conv) As far as I understand, this is assigning the result of the read.zoo function to the z variable, but it prints out th...

I keep hitting my toe with this hammer. Why does it hurt?
ok.. my mocking is done here.
@JDLong it's more like, "This hammer keeps hitting my toe. It's especially painful when it's a sledge hammer. Why does this hammer keep hitting my toe?"
1 hour later…
8:46 PM
Perhaps I'm taking the wrong approach to questions such as these, but every once in a while there seems to be a "help desk" question (somewhat vague question, usually solvable, but very tedious to get to the heart of the matter). For example:
Q: Error in using str on a data.frame

Stat-RI am getting an error when I trying to use the str function in R. Here is the data: > dput(data1) data1<- structure(list(Year = 1990:2010, Counts = c(1401L, 1290L, 1168L,1260L, 1252L, 1381L, 1330L, 1275L, 1235L, 1248L, 1237L, 1206L, 1175L, 1172L, 1055L, 1030L, 1002L, 987L, 915L, 806L, 868...

Does anyone have a suggestion about how to be more efficient when answering?
How's that for a help desk question?
@BenBarnes That's very noble of you. I personally can't help because I tend to ignore those types of questions. I'm not particularly interested in providing efficient, free, tech support. ;-)
@JoshuaUlrich, Yeah, that probably makes the most sense. Sometimes I learn a thing or two along the way, but usually it's more pain than gain.
9:05 PM
@BenBarnes In that case, I would at least check that it worked for me (since they gave an easily reproducible example), and if it did say so, mention that it is something in their current session or that gets loaded (from the saved session), and maybe mention conflicts(), but not much more than that. It would be a comment, not an answer. If I'm in a good mood, I'd check back later to see if they responded. If it was something in their setup, then vote to close as too localized.
Which is pretty much what you and Sophia did.
@BenBarnes I was more likely to do it when I felt like I'd learn something from it. In the case of that question, before there were any edits, my guess was that the OP was using some package that improperly re-defined str. If the OP provided sessionInfo() and showed that there were no functions masking str, then I would be interested.
Hi @Andrie
@BrianDiggs, Ahh, too localized. I like that criterion. Thanks !
9:24 PM
I can't stand having to repeat requests for basic information, like you ask again for sessionInfo() - I don't get why folks don't just do what is asked
some folks
@mdsumner why should they, if they get an answer anyway?
it's basic courtesy
That's funny.
though I guess Ben's request was vague, "And perhaps sessionInfo() would help, too"
it seems like an obvious request being an old timer
@mdsumner Yeah I blame @BenBarnes for not being more direct!
9:32 PM
I just meant that my complaint about not meeting his request the first time might have been a bit harsh
I didn't want to give false hope. Perhaps next time I'll say something like "with the number 42 and the results of sessionInfo(), we have the answer to life, the universe, everything, and your question.
@BenBarnes Or you could say, "If you show me your sessionInfo(), I'll show you mine."
...or s/mine/the answer, but that's not nearly as funny.
Hey, there's nothing wrong with my str.
OK, night night.
@BenBarnes Nice to meet you. Welcome here.
Oh, look. It's @JDLong. That probably means he is busy with his annual modelling cycle. Expect lots of questions soon...
1 hour later…
10:57 PM
@andrie finally got a regular work schedule again... it's been > 6 weeks. Relocation is complete. I am now a resident alien!
Alien, and not from New York!
Ok, that's the second music reference from me in ~24 hours. I think I'll turn in for tonight. Take care ya all.

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