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9:12 AM
@JerryCoffin It's related to this, I am attending out of curiosity. Apple hardly ever host any in person event for International X?X?X Days.
9:26 AM
I have also ventured into new fields :x like just won a few online auctions and end with 100+ pieces of brand new kitchen ware and spent a few days visiting dealership and such to learn about ride-on mowers and tractors with the aim to purchase a new tractor with attachments sometime soon.
9:45 AM
Have recently purchased a tractor mower for the farm, which is not a real tractor.
it's a tractor shaped object
5 hours later…
2:29 PM
@Mikhail MS certainly engaged in anti-competitive practices. I'm not sure they really helped all that much though.
5 hours later…
7:37 PM
@JerryCoffin helped a bunch in enterprise, things like active directory essentially created a parralel a market for credential management. Bunch of IT deployments are running Linux on the metal and Windows in a VM.
@JerryCoffin in the 90s it helped in the personal desktop space
that was probably before your time
1 hour later…
9:44 PM

Ouch. I felt that.

around 3 years ago, I applied to a certain Senior Windows Developer company, they ghosted me. Few months later, friend gets hired there, and they love him.
They tell him to refer his friends, he brings me. I get hired as a dev, but not senior, and to a different team.

One day they promote me to lead that team, and after a while they moved me to lead the Windows team.

Now, after 3 years, I'm the lead for the project that ghosted my CV.
The lesson? Nepotism, luck, and terrible hiring practices. Also, stay hydrated.
having had to go apply for a job over the last year (fortunately found one in october) yeah it sucks
How much leetcode?
I Love/Hate grinding this crap.
@A.Smoliak I don't grind it so I got rejected a lot.
@A.Smoliak stuff is moving in a weird direction. AKA they ask you some trivial coding example and then ghost you.
Trivial? Like leetcode easy?
9:50 PM
I've conducted like 50 interviews so far in my career, typically it's because the candidates just don't know how to answer the questions :/
If you ever want to see what it's like on the other side, ask your manager so that you can take part in some interviews. It's a valuable experience.
yeah I actually did 15 today
Just make sure you stop at some point unless you don't want to go crazy. I swear it's like you're saying the same shit every time, like a movie script.
I used to co-interview with my ex-boss, and we were both saying the same lines, I even know from heart the shit he said before he even said it
10:44 PM

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