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12:19 AM
@LandonZeKepitelOfGreytBritn people can usually self regulate, typically burn out happens when something external like a deadline or a bad manager/coworker pushes
7 hours later…
7:23 AM
@Mikhail that absolutely makes sense
@Mikhail frankly speaking no it s not. Because continuously feeling like an underperformer is really not pleasant. You just feel like it's never good enough and always feel dissatisfied no matter how much effort you put into it
5 hours later…
12:10 PM
If it makes you feel better, your employer is underpaying you. They pay you less money than your work is worth. That's how a company makes a profit. If you stop making more money than you cost there will be no point in having you, so they'll fire you. The fact that they have not fired you means you're in the green. In other words, if you're underperforming or not is decided by the market, not your effort.
12:55 PM
interesting point of view you got there.
1:26 PM
@Mikhail not really? having impostor syndrome usually implies you feel you're not qualified to do something
2 hours later…
3:20 PM
posted on October 05, 2023 by Marco Arena

A new blog series about SObjectizer and message passing: SObjectizer Tales - Prelude by Marco Arena From the article: Some time ago, I was looking for alternatives to Microsoft’s Asynchronous Agents Library. I developed a Windows application interfacing with industrial cameras and performing multiple tasks such as visualization and object recognition...

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5:26 PM
posted on October 05, 2023 by Blog Staff

This article discusses the memory layouts when creating an object controlled by a shared_ptr in C++ through two methods: using a raw pointer and via the make_shared function.  Inside STL: The shared_ptr constructor vs make_shared By Raymond Chen From the article: There are two ways to create a new object that is controlled by a shared_ptr. // From a raw poin

3 hours later…
@StackedCrooked you're 39-40 years old.
@LandonZeKepitelOfGreytBritn Why do you think that?
@StackedCrooked Because that's what I wanted to think about.
I guess from the date, 2010, you can derive some things.
Yhea some kind of social side channel attack
8:35 PM
But I'm actually 43. You were pretty close.
Jeezz I haven't been in my car for days, I got absolutely no clue where it is parked
that's going to be a lot of fun tomorrow morning before going to work...
Let's hope I can find my car
I'm pretty sure you'll find it.
@StackedCrooked Why do you think that?
@LandonZeKepitelOfGreytBritn Because I once drove on a whim to Berlin hoping to meet a girl I met on a holiday in Sicily. It turned out to be the Love Parade that day. I went with the parade for the whole day, and at the end of the day I totally forgot where I parked my car. I eventually found it after 3 hours of searching.
I'm pretty sure your car is easier to find.
Too bad you coul've replied "Because that's what I wanted to think about", that way we would have reenacted our prior exchange. Some kind of recursion/loop
This being said. What did that chick become? Did you wife her?
8:43 PM
I don't have the intellectual capacity for that.
@StackedCrooked to wife a chick?
Nothing very complicated to that afaik
@LandonZeKepitelOfGreytBritn I was replying to your earlier line.
I know, I was messing with you. \r\woosh
1 hour later…
10:07 PM
@Mgetz I was making fun of the first part of the statement where he confidently claimed to have far exceeded everybody's expectations :-)
but you pingged me...
i'm bored
what you guys up to
we still gardening ?

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