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12:57 AM
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7:01 AM
@Morwenn Precisely. I ve been waiting for this since ages. Thanks
@Morwenn who would have thought?
On a more serious note. I ve always been wondering how many companies really have to care about such things. Ie knowing which algorithm is the best by a couple of milliseconds, because it makes a real difference for their endproduct
The only type of companies I could come up with are very large firms with huge amounts of data where they have to go through when users query something, eg Facebook
So I m pursuing some sort of MBA and need to choose a topic for my master's thesis. Let's see if they have something in the field of fintech...
7:19 AM
Hmmm, maybe I should try to find a topic in the fintech field on top of which I could start a business or something
7:34 AM
seems like precise topics will be available from tomorrow
8:16 AM
I've posted a binary tree question. If you happen to be free, please have a look:
Q: Populating a binary tree

mr5I can't wrap my head around what's missing in my function to populate a binary tree vs the manual input. Printing the head value along with its left & right node value doesn't seem to help me as well since it looks correct to me. However, printing out all the values after auto populating it produ...

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9:37 AM
Q: Difference between preprocessor macros and std::source_location

Akib AzmainThere are some preprocessor macros like __line__ and __file__ which are replaced by line number and file name respectively. In C++20, a new class std::source_location is introduced which does more or less the same thing. So, my questions are... What are the differences between them? What are the...

10:09 AM
Today I learned you can have an else: block under try: except: in Python. Fancy.
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11:52 AM
Recently, I have learned that some devices can be used for other purposes.
Like you can use GPS for accurate timing, or my toy lidar can measure temperature.
Also, I don't understand why so many people say that 2020 is a year they would rather forget. Sometimes difficulty can be a real reason. A lot of other times it's just an excuse for not doing things that can be done.
You can whine about COVID-19 and do nothing. In the end, it's a year that you will never get back.
@TelKitty Be careful on using GPS exclusively, use it in the background to resync clocks though
12:07 PM
There are more problems with the lidar - it works for a minute or two, then it always ends up giving me garbage data and I don't know why.
@TelKitty does the laser produce heat? If so it's probably overheating. You can try pulsing it to manage that
or just add a fan
Lemme try that. I have been reading the manual, apparently, there are lot of config work that I did not do in the first place.
well do the stuff the manual recommends first
1:03 PM
@TelKitty it's a year that will forever color the idiom "hindsight is 2020"
Just don't get fired lol.
1:20 PM
@nwp Unless you live in Europe
then you can get fired without having to worry too much
Them damn communists not letting their useless people starve smh.
@traducerad god forbid workers should have employment mobility
we do have worker mobility. It s just that if we get fired we don't starve to death thanks to the unemployment benefit
Unlike folks in the US, apparently
it does even happen that if an employee wants to leave the company he asks his boss to fire him. So he can get the unemployment benefit while calmly looking for a new job from home
1:52 PM
dont live beyond your means, paycheck to paycheck, and that wont happen
you think i should pay for your food when youre not working..?
also don't be unlucky and get into an accident
you would be stupid to be unlucky and not be wealthy, like, who does that
same type to demand people pay for their stuff?
you think doctors are your slaves? pay what they ask, or gtfo.
be a doctor and work for free..bet you wont.
if it's every man for himself why even live in a society
because we work together means im expected to pay for your stuff? gtfoh.
You don't build your own roads so gtfo the road
2:02 PM
you dont build your own computers..gtfo
but he paid for them
exactly. not a shared thing. his personal.
I'm fine with paying decently high taxes for nation labratories to research semiconductors
like health?
and research the internet
2:03 PM
you might be...but taxation is mob rule theft
what happens when we dont agree on what is fine to pay for??
then why don't all the billionaires just fuck right off to some libertarian utopia?
you pass a law and take from me?
Democracy is far from ideal, but I haven't found a better system yet
why would they lol..humans are social creatures. im sure they mostly do what they want. but thats off topic..
it's sort of relevant in the sense that their wealth depends on other people supporting them
2:05 PM
so it's not just some platonic ideal of personal property that they amassed, it's contingent and supported by the rest of society
sry i asked..i know where thats going.
dont want there to be billionaires? stop buying their products. simple.
I don't want to be a billionaire if it it's on the backs of other people which pratically means that no I don't want to be a billionaire
you have more than starving children in africa..but youre probably not worried about making that equal, ya?
I'm very much in favor of foreign aid and development funds for developing countries
2:09 PM
a lot of good thats doing for those starving kids right now
nowyou have 10000x what they have
so, my wealth alone won't feed a person for probably even one lifetime
tax policy can save a lot more lives
We all know that we won't convince one another of the other opinion, so this all kind of pointless. This is basically just a worse version of Bioshock 1 verusu Bioshock 2 :P
in a less entertaining format
so it's back to "Memes to own the libs"?
happy coincidence i saw on fb just now. I consider myself libertarian.
but i dont expect other people to take care of me.
have you considered maybe just moving to some tax haven if you're so bothered by taxes?
Sorry i dont want to just give up my property??
I was just asking in earnest to see how important it is to you
2:58 PM
to work hard and keep what i earn? silly question.
I get it, you see personal property as some absolute and don't see a role for government besides defending the borders or something nebulous like that. I was just curious if you were bothered enough by the state "taking from you" to consider moving
maybe you dont understand people because you spend most of your time in the digital world? its as much of a people problem as it is a logistical one..
I understand that, so there's things more important to you than your liberterian principles, that was all I was asking, I wasn't trying to do some gotcha move
you werent going to go down the long road of "and the what will you do, when youre out there alone..how will you computer, etc?
No, I actually wasn't. I was specifically asking for something realistic like a tax haven and not some uninhabited island
3:11 PM
to answer your questio , yes, i have considered it..and its actually a goal im working towards. not a tax haven, but to live independently in relative isolation.
ie. a farmer :p not totally independent, but more so.
im not anti-modern..obviously quite the opposite, considering this is a programming chat room...but i dont agree with your solutions to the problems...that doesnt mean im anticivilization.
I get that you disagree. I just see so much evidence for government being able to mitigate the market failures of pure capitalism, that it's hard for me to take "pure capitalism" advocates seriously.
vote with your wallet. simple.
That's too expensive. Prohibitively expensive.
its not convenient, sure.
I don't think it's a coincidence that mixed economies are the most successful in terms of creating the happiest populations
I find it hard to stick to some gut feelings about property in the face of evidence
3:20 PM
To make wallet voting feasible you'd need large portions of the population to check what should be done how and at least somewhat agree on it. That means something like 100 hours a day spent researching. We just cannot do that.
again, a people problem..you want convenience and indulgence..
I want a practical approach to maximizing happiness
What we can do is pay someone to spend those hours and make a decision for all of us. Maybe a group to reduce single person bias. That saves billions of hours of work and it's where governments come in.
making a simple issue complex..you profit from government spending, no?
The same way as I profit from my boss spending. Not really but partially yes.
3:28 PM
I can be reductive too, "so you just want to hoard as much as I can, everyone else be damned, I don't care about the populations happiness"
It's clearly not that simple for either of us
"leave me alone and ill leave you alone..unless we have a mutual agreent" ...dont make me into a monster
"... and the unfortunate people can wallow in their misery" is the unspoken part of that.
That doesn't work with government-scale problems.
pooling resources is what got us to the point of being able to specialize and build cities, civilizations, etc.
specialization is not the same as communism..
3:33 PM
who here was advocating for communism
er..is there another word for that? dont get ddfensive.
I was specifically mentioning mixed economies before
I see the growth acceleration that capitalism provides, I'm not blind
socialism could do the same thing..but people are npt perfect, and many will be lazy, given the chance.
those "unfortunate" now get cell phones with data plans..
Which is great. I don't know why you would complain about that.
What would you think if for example a family were to give birth to a couple children and they happen to be both handicaped, they exhaust their own savings and are now left destitute. Does that sound fair to you?
3:37 PM
everything free would be great..but that doesnt work
and the alternstive is..i pay for theor children?
if the mother drank..then do i not pay?
It's unfortunate, but we can work towards that ideal. Maybe some day we can make at least food and phones basically free. At least the shitty ones.
is that fair to the children? to me?
It is.
@ABuckau you're constructing this again as if every unfortunate event has a reason
It means if you crash your car and break your legs you don't starve.
3:39 PM
let's say they get hit by a car
im really not. shit happens.
It does. And the government uses resources to make the shit that happens less bad.
it belies a pattern of thinking of "if it happens to them, they deserved it somehow"
so if i cripple myself...youll covery needs? but not if i dont cripple myself? whos the monster now :p
You get covered either way.
3:41 PM
no..i think i should provide for myself. and by that, you do the same.
The number of people who cripple themselves is not significant enough to punish those who do.
Were's you a self-reliance kind of guy. The people who can stand for themselves, should do so
@ABuckau Some will make it, some will die. As nature intended. Thankfully civilization exists that makes the world less terrible.
because life is terrible without a dataplan?
you might get bored?
Yeah. I don't want to live in a cave and die of old age at 30.
3:43 PM
Im sure mst people use it as an educational tool /s
I think you're very focused on one type of unfairness, that you seem blind to another kind of unfairness
It doesn't matter. People want it, people should get it. At least we should make an effort to make it reasonably affordable.
i have to believe people are capable of more ...i see people loving in slums and i think theyre lazy, not unfortunate. buy some fuxking lumber and paint..even if ot takes 6 months to save for. or live in swaller..the choice is THEIRS.
free houses for everyone? sounds great. many willbe trash before long.
human problem, not logistical.
Do you really think people choose to live in slums?
i think they are capable of improving them, so in esssence yea.
obviously not..
3:46 PM
Why don't they improve them? Just laziness?
noone would choose it. but they seem to do fuxkall to improve it.
i dont know psychology well enough to answer that
because that is work, and not instant "maximize happiness" ?
get a little fuckit in your system and you care less?
you think its because theyre...trying so hard for..their children? or some other grand thing?
why do you think they dont??
genuine question.
I don't know how it works there, but I think it's because whenever someone makes a nice thing in the slums it gets destroyed or stolen. Having a nice house in the slums is probably more trouble than it's worth. And I'm sure they have issues with not starving and simply cannot afford to waste money on paint.
Add to it all the people who "work" and offer power in 1 hour packages, horribly overpriced but it's all they have access to to drain any money that happens to end up there and live on the bahamas.
That's one reason you pay taxes, so people can go investigate and for example make the practice of selling overpriced power packages illegal. Things I don't want to care about and will not get fixed by me voting with my wallet.
whoever is paying for it then..
For what exactly?
whatever the overpriced thing is youre talking about.
dont buy it. do without.
3:55 PM
People in the slums pay for it to charge their phones with the free data plan instead of wasting it.
And doing without power in the slums doesn't sound like an improvement to me.
instant gratification strikes again.
put that company out of business. the void will get filled.
not everythig is rainbows amd sunshine 24/7.
So you expect people who have garbage education, garbage health and huge problems to sit down, analyze power prices and all vote with their wallet by sitting in the dark without heating?
and because the government doesn't stop it, the next company will kneecap every upcoming competitor with their resources
nope..i expect theyre helpless and powerless.
Yup. That's the problem. And that's where governments step in to try to at least get the next generation not be helpless and powerless.
Paid partially by you.
4:01 PM
what percentage of those 'free' phone plans do you think are being put to good use? what percentage belong to narcotic dealers...and neglectful parents?
I expect those to be used just as well as regular phones. Fuck around on Discord all day instead of working.
you know what im doing tomorrow?
Raising a barn?
Finding a farm to buy.
Just don't get unlucky and have a dough happen or the EU dumping its excess food and crashing the market making you lose the farm, leaving you with a small child and nothing else. That would be lazy.
I meant drought.
everybody knows droughts are punishments by gods for the farmers not being pious enough, nothing the government can do about that
4:10 PM
crawling under a nasty (?) trailer, that i live in, because im not ready to commit to a house, and its cheaper than renting..to install pex piping, that i saved up for months to buy..so that i can have hot water and a shower again. and to stop the leaky pipes from causing wood rot.
am i special? or is ot not actually that hard..
not everyone is physically capable..im not talkong about handicapped people. *
You think those slums people sit on their ass all day long and never fixed anything in their houses?
how would i know..excwpt what i see in video.
well regardless of the discussion at hand, hope the installation all goes to plan.
you think im the type to live in a large city ?:p
it should..pretty basic. not fun, but should manage.
just know that im not some rich person who has these opinions because i think ot will affect me. nor do i have visions of grandeur...but i do think life, liberty, amd property are absolute.
Sometimes I think it makes sense to sort people by ideology. It's probably not feasible, but it would be an awesome experiment.
4:22 PM
what patterns do you expect?
too many to list i would imagine..some you have in mind?
I'd expect people to be much happier due to being surrounded by like-minded people.
There's so many pop-psych papers about various correlations
And I'd expect some ideologies to do better than others.
id gladly prove you wrong :D as to which do better*
i csnt say that, because you havent said yet..but i csn make a guess.
I don't know about the "do better" thing. A lot of people act like ABuckau suggested, mostly in their self-interest
so if they're really successful they'll want lower taxes
and find a moral justifaction for it post-hoc
4:34 PM
Putting a bunch of people together who think "there is no need for a government, everyone can fix the road in front of them" would be interesting.
im not sure self-interest is what is the problem..more similar to instant gratificstion: not willing to do hsrd things for eventual benefit. many do, and many dont..id hesitate to quantify that..i dont know enough people well enough
@nwp road for what?
To drive around on.
for what
To move food from farms to markets for example.
nvm bedtime.
good talk? in ways. thanks. good day/night.
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11:28 PM
Let's be clear, I don't think any country is really 100% capitalism or 100% socialism.
Take China for example, in reality, is 90% capitalism(early stage) + 10% dictatorship.
US is 90% capitalism + 10% socialism.
Australia is 40% capitalism, 40% socialism, plus 20% feudalism.
I am like 5% east farmer ... okay, maybe not 5%, more like 2%-3%.

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