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1:00 AM
@JerryCoffin That's not pessimist, that's stupid.
A pessimist is rather like someone who has 30% of the chance to become the most powerful & richest person in the world if putting in effort, but instead not trying because chance of succeeding is less than half.
1:23 AM
The new Joker movie annoys me, could a normal person become an evil genius because a string of bad events happening to him? A mediocre person could only become a mediocre criminal.
A person can become evil, but they wouldn't become genius. Don't give mediocre criminal wannabe any false hope.
3 hours later…
4:42 AM
@TelKitty Clearly incorrect (with, Hitler as an obvious example of a person who was quite mediocre in earlier life, but became perhaps the most notorious evil genius of the 20th century).
Talent not shown does not mean it does not exist.
Ugly duckling is a swan to be.
@TelKitty So how do you know the Joker wasn't the same way?
1 hour later…
6:15 AM
Hi, I would like to ask for your opinion about this book: ics.com/intro-design-patterns-c-qt-2nd-edition Would it be a good addition to the c++ faq? stackoverflow.com/questions/388242/…
The book appears to be a bunch of boring Qt recipes, without explaining any design concepts.
For example, the delegate example is lifted directly from the official documentation (star delegate)
6:39 AM
I disagree. It is a practical book, for people wanting to write real applications with Qt.
But, do you disagree that a substantial portion of the examples are the official ones in qt?
No, but you mention "star delegate". They use this Qt example as a starting point for one exercise, and for explaining practical modifications to the original use case. They never try to plagiarize the Qt examples, they use them like anyone would use open source resources.
6:57 AM
@JerryCoffin Must admit that I did not watch the movie, but from the trailer, it's obvious that joker did not understand how this world actually worked even well into his adulthood. Neither did he have the chance to be exposed to broad range of knowledge and wisdom.
While the "ethics" of this approach may be debatable, the central question is if this book produces anything of value beyond the official Qt documentation. As somebody has read over the official examples on numerous occasions, at present, I don't see too much value added.
@JerryCoffin Hitler started to come into power around 30. He was disadvantaged to start with, which means it would have taken longer for him to obtain that power, having less resources to start with.
7:41 AM
How many ways can I connect a raspberry pi with an arduino?
One can, for example using GPIO or USB.
Do I have to consider power leak?
8:35 AM
Last week, Motherboard published the full email thread in which Stallman wrote that the “most plausible scenario” is that Epstein’s underage victims in his campaign of trafficking were “entirely willing." Stallman also argued about the definition of “rape" and whether the term applies to the victims.
8:57 AM
Well that's a mega yikes
1 hour later…
10:01 AM
Yay for chat move semantics and stealing jokes.
such a rich feature set for such a underused part of the site. Someones ROI calculation was waaay off on that one
And yet people keep complaining that you cannot mix multiline code with text.
also @Mikhail I don't know why so many people in Germany get their knickers in a twist for GMOs and atomic power. It always feels like an extension to the 68 movement generation. But the old folks don't act like 68ers in the rest of their lives/politics so I got no clue
at some point it seems self a propagating "because it's a popular opinion" thing
10:17 AM
There is a strong culture of "natural" stuff that I don't understand. It's probably related.
True naturalistic falacy is strong here in peoples heads
Waay too many actual doctors also offer homeopatic "treatment"
and health insurance pays for it in part
3 hours later…
1:22 PM
@Mikhail Who knew this creepy man was creepy?
Who could have guessed?
Who could have seen it coming?
6 hours later…
7:14 PM
@EtiennedeMartel Which creepy man? Stallman? Nobody could have seen this coming. I mean, he's only written blog posts for a decade or so claiming that having sex with children is harmless. How can anybody draw anything from that?
@JerryCoffin Wut. He really did that?
Not that I've cared enough to do any research.
@Mysticial "Everyone age 14 or above ought to take part in sex, though not indiscriminately. ...some are ready earlier."
Had he been working for a big company instead of MIT, he'd get a $100 million golden parachute.
@Mysticial This last weekend (under threat of losing his position, which he has anyway) he posted: "Many years ago I posted that I could not see anything wrong about sex between an adult and a child, if the child accepted it. Through personal conversations in recent years, I've learned to understand how sex with a child can harm per psychologically. This changed my mind about the matter: I think adults should not do that. I am grateful for the conversations that enabled me to understand why."
@JerryCoffin oooh. Hard to say if he really meant it or now.
7:29 PM
@Mysticial Yeah. In the end, I don't s'pose it matters a whole lot though. I doubt a lot of parents would look at Richard Stallman and think: "just the guy to take care of my teenage daughter!"
@Mysticial I've never taken RMS to be someone that changes their mind
7:45 PM
8:15 PM
Somehow this is the first time I've come across this map:
@Mgetz He is stubborn as hell, no doubt about that. At the same time, he's smart, and definitely places a high value on freedom (as he defines it). Certainly room for doubt, but there is enough doubt I guess I feel obliged to give him the benefit of the doubt.
@JerryCoffin his definition of freedom is so unusually I would hardly call it freedom at all.
Where does Torvalds stand on the stubbornness scale?
@JerryCoffin he strikes me as a zealot
@JerryCoffin maybe you can call it unrestrained capitalism, that seems like the most accurate description of what he is advocating.
8:31 PM
@Mysticial I'd say unusually stubborn, but less so than rms.
@Rick rms? Unrestrained capitalism? That doesn't sound like him at all.
9:17 PM
@JerryCoffin I wouldn't say it is entirely inconsistent, it's the way he structures the condition and frames the activity. "accepted it", so one member is being acted upon in two ways. First, they have to "accept" and then they are on the receiving end of "it". He does not mention the state of either party, it does not seem like its important to him. It sounds like a transaction.
Was he not aware that children had psychological states prior to someone telling him?
@Rick I find it hard to guess with him. My guess would be that he was aware children had psychological states, but didn't think/realize that they'd be affected (at least to a noticeable degree) by having sex with an adult. But that's obviously speculation on my part--I have no real evidence to support it.
@Rick My point was mostly that he's been accused pretty frequently of being a communist (or similar), so "unrestrained capitalism" isn't something I'd have expected to hear applied to him.
@JerryCoffin lol Some say the communists might be better at capitalism than the capitalists.
The more I look at the news the more I think I should tape my mouth. Say something controversial and the whole world's against you.
9:41 PM
@Rick I can probably find somebody who's said almost anything. :-)
@andreyrk I think you've put your finger on what's likely to become a serious problem. The long-term storage of everything said online may well have a significant chilling effect on freedom of speech in the long term.
@JerryCoffin You can't judge people by their hearts, only by what they do and what they say. The Athenians believed in democracy but not for women. The founding fathers believed freedom but not for Africans. Communists are secular but they outlaw homosexuality. People hold lots of weird and conflicting beliefs.
@JerryCoffin It's almost like tattoos. You might not end up regretting it later, but the possibility is there. It's surely already doing its thing
@Rick To summarize: the Athenians were rational, the founding fathers insane, and the communists stupid. :-)
9:57 PM
When I was single and actually cared about such things, I figured in a perfect world, the vast majority of men would be openly gay.
10:10 PM
I figured it would be like ancient Rome. But really I have no Idea.
I think it should be done as an experiment. Put some toddlers on an island with no predators and some food and see what happens in 35 years.
@Rick They'd all still starve, because they wouldn't know what was food and what wasn't.
@JerryCoffin you supply them with some food for some time. It can be dispensed from a hampster like contraption.
@JerryCoffin Are babies able to avoid eating their own shit?
I think babies eat their own shit all the time
@Mysticial Most parents try to assure they never get a chance. But on their own, no.
10:20 PM
@JerryCoffin Given the double negative here, that means : Yes, babies will eat their own shit?
"Most" parents. hahahahaha
what do you think probiotics are
@Mysticial Oh, you think kids will actually eat their own shit. like shit it out and swallow it back down. Animals don't do that why would they?
Oh wait I think pigs eat their own shit.
@Rick Humans have one of the most helpless babies in the animal kingdom. So I'd expect anything.
And I mistyped "animal" as "anime". Fuck me.
Which I mistyped again typing that.
@Mysticial Yes, babies will eat their own shit, given a chance.
@JerryCoffin Got it. :) I figured you'd the best person to ask here since you've had 4? of them?
@Rick Obviously the overpaid version of amateur biotics.
@Mysticial Yeah, 4 (though based on the food bills, it seems like more, especially since the two older ones are now teenagers).
10:28 PM
I guess humans haven't had to evolve shit-eating resistance as babies (among other things) since the parents alone are enough to prevent that.
@Mysticial they say food allergies are becoming more common because kids don't have enough shit in their diets
@Mysticial Actually, we probably had it (to at least some extent) at one time, but have more or less bred it back out--we do our best to assure that every baby survives, regardless of how poorly adapted to survival it might be.
@Rick I've never seen it blamed specifically on lack of shit, but there does seem to be fair support that lack of playing in the dirt (and such) is a real contributing factor. And not just for food allergies either.
@JerryCoffin There's probably some feedback loop here. Human babies are costly to have and raise. (9 months + X years to be independent - usually serialized on the 9 months) Therefore to maximize survival, you need to ensure that every baby survives. Then the baby loses resistance to various things - thus making them even more costly to raise.
@JerryCoffin shit, dirt It's the same thing, microbes.
Whereas other organisms just spam offspring and hope that some will survive.
10:35 PM
@Mysticial you know how many sperm die trying to make it to the egg. It's a galactic genocide.
Intuitively speaking, it seems that natural selection would be faster and stronger for the latter (spamming offspring).
@Mysticial Probably, at least to an extent. Humans used to be much more tolerant of babies not surviving. Families with 10-12 children (and a few attempts that didn't survive more than a week or two) was pretty common. But it also used to be that children were a source of cheap labor, expected to pull their own weight by the time they were teen agers. Now children are much more of an expensive luxury.
But it goes beyond that. I heard from somewhere (no idea how true it is) that menopause evolved to extend the life of women so that they can care for the grandkids and such. IOW multi-generational natural selection.
@JerryCoffin I'd tempted to throw out anything that happened in the last ~200 years because that isn't enough time for any significant evolution to happen.
Or even the last 1000 years.
@Mysticial I've never studied it to be sure, but given the rate of Down Syndrome (for one obvious example) as mothers get older, I'd guess it was more selection to prevent that.
@JerryCoffin Given all the risks of later life pregnancy, it seems like it would be reasonable to evolve a biological mechanism to avoid it altogether.
10:45 PM
@Mysticial Yeah, I wasn't think so much of evolution having happened. But from an evolutionary viewpoint, you're almost certainly correct--mammals in general invest a relatively large amount of time and effort into each of their fairly small number of offspring. Quite a few fish, insects, etc., routinely lay more eggs in a day than the number of children a woman could possibly have in her life.
Speaking of keeping effort to the bare minimum...
Q: Write a C++ program that reads integers from standard input until end of file. Print out the largest integer that you read in, on a line by itself

Jaymee HyppoliteWrite a C++ program that reads integers from standard input until end of file. Print out the largest integer that you read in, on a line by itself. Any erroneous input (something that is not an integer) should be detected and ignored. In the case where no integers are provided at all, print NO IN...

But even though he couldn't be bothered to rephrase the homework statement into the form of a question, at least he did include some code.
Another thing to consider with human babies is that even as adults we're pretty helpless. Virtually every other large mammal or reptile out there comparable in size can kill and eat us. (not even counting all the smaller things that kill biologically - i.e. poison)
But we offset that with intelligence.
@Mysticial Puberty has been taking less time to begin on average, so it's likely a pretty important factor in play here, since menopause is related to the loss of ovules, and as they begin to be released starting on puberty.
@Mysticial Our real strength is adaptability.
@JerryCoffin A large part of that would come from intelligence.
Oh, we have one other point that's fairly interesting: we have much better endurance than most species. People in decent physical condition can catch wildlife like deer: we just keep on running, and catch them when they collapse.
10:58 PM
we do? didn't know that.
@JerryCoffin I think humans just scale well. The more our numbers the more we dominate. On our own, we are sorta helpless.
I'd have relied on a bow and arrow to kill a deer.
@Rick That's a symptom of specialization.
Even if the babies did survive, without humans to teach them what we've learned, they would have no proper way to communicate, or do anything more than a chimpanzee would
@Mysticial Quite true--but the fact remains that we can survive conditions that kill virtually anything and everything else.
@JerryCoffin At least no human would be able to survive in Chicago today if we weren't smart enough to put on clothes.
11:00 PM
@Mysticial Most would--but for quite a while, there was a fair amount of argument about how humans survived long enough to invent these things, because we are slow and weak compared to most other animals.
@JerryCoffin There might've been a tipping point where we mastered the tools well enough (intelligence) that it allowed physical strength to regress.
@Mysticial I would call it the hive mind. We are the only large mammal that act's like ants, termites, and bees and other such insects.
@Mysticial Indications seem to be that no, the species existed (and thrived) for quite a while before we invented things like bows and arrows (or even spears).
@Mysticial It also seems we have been self-domesticating ourselves over the last few hundred to thousand years, thus becoming less aggressive as well
Then people will try to make plants grow with brawndo.
11:07 PM
@Mysticial also we are not the first humanoids, you are forgetting about neanderthals.
they had a bigger brain
@andreyrk Not sure how much of that is cause, and how much is effect--but what's considered normal testosterone level for a man today is hypothesized to be lower than we're told was normal 80-100,000 years ago. For example: psychologytoday.com/us/blog/beastly-behavior/201701/…
@Rick I'm not saying that intelligence is all that matters. It's just a (big) factor.
I think the next big step is genetic engineering.
Maybe like Gattaca
@Rick We've been doing that for generations. At most, we might make it less haphazard and accidental (but probably only a little less).
@JerryCoffin Also the mothers should be shorter!
11:19 PM
@JerryCoffin yeah but human breeding always been about preserving wealth, not the betterment of the species. The value in this is in making it available to everyone.
I just recently learned. This is relevant to my interests. A shorter wife => less cells to mutate and produce pear-shaped stuff: less general stress on the body.
@CaptainGiraffe you want a short wife. why not a giant wife
@Mysticial This is why I'd argue the most important invention is not the wheel or something silly like that. It's the purse/handbag/waterskin.
@Rick The short wife lives longer and is healthier.
@CaptainGiraffe so do Midget people live longer than normal people?
@Rick Never heard about an elf, what are they? short like dwarves? Did you just edit-troll me?
@Rick No, they have stuff to combat from birth.
11:28 PM
@CaptainGiraffe I think your theory is not correct about living longer
@JerryCoffin That's actually exactly what I read about, here: psychologytoday.com/us/blog/beastly-behavior/201909/…
@Rick It's not my theory. It is the compiled empiricals of the medical science.
I have been reading that templates are bad in game programming, any taught?
they seem to really helpful no?
@LumbusterTick No, its not bad, they are agnostic to your libraries.
@CaptainGiraffe I don't think I edit trolled you, it just worked out that way :-).
11:30 PM
@LumbusterTick If you look through the transcript, you'll quickly find the degree of regard we have for "gaemz coderz".
@LumbusterTick Yes, they are.
I dont understand jerry
@LumbusterTick We frown upon these questions.
@CaptainGiraffe I would feel uncomfortable dating a short women
@LumbusterTick Most of what people have to say about game programming, we find more entertaining the educational (i.e., we laugh at them).
frown? Is this chat room not for helping?
who decides this
11:33 PM
@LumbusterTick the committee
ok so let me rephrase , when should I use templates in c++
I walked around town today. It was a beautiful day. But by god the women were short!
I couldn't figure it out.
Then I realized I had my terminal/computer glasses on.
hmmm I sense rudeness
@LumbusterTick no. donät ask that here.
@LumbusterTick Each person decides for him/herself. But no, this one is more for unwinding and entertainment.
Specific questions about C++ development/coding (and such) mostly belong in:

C++ Questions and Answers

Solve problems and approach solutions. Just ask and lurkers wi...
11:34 PM
@LumbusterTick I saw you use Unity, I also do! Anyways, this chat room is actually not great for broad concerns such as that, if I might suggest I'd attempt searching for related questions on the main website, and if you cannot find it ask one
@LumbusterTick This question would require at least 2 books and 1 history lesson to deal with fairly.
oh ok but I saw people asking questions in chat rooms also for quick answers
@LumbusterTick In my opinion, that's general enough to discuss here. The answer I'd give is "pretty much anywhere they seem to be helpful."
Why did the women become so short just because I had my reading glasses on?
11:36 PM
@CaptainGiraffe Go see you a therapist
@LumbusterTick At the same time, @CaptainGiraffe does have a point: any simple answer is going to be very general and incomplete.
@LumbusterTick Ah, excellent advice.
@CaptainGiraffe You need new glasses. The ones you have are out of style, so of course women are short/terse with you when you wear them. They're called birth control glasses for a reason.
@CaptainGiraffe was this the moment you realized you were attracted to short women, because of how the glasses distorted reality?
haha What the fish jerry
11:40 PM
@LumbusterTick No, I didn't say anything about fish eyes.
So I wear my avatar for a reason. Normally I regard people in the 5'2 to 6'0 range as normal people. My brain think this is the height humans should be.
I meant to say wtf
If I see a 6'7 I think that is one tall mother.
@LumbusterTick As I said, we're mostly about unwinding here. And the giraffe has at times even noted that he appreciates my (admittedly strange) sense of humor.
@CaptainGiraffe 5.2 is too short
11:41 PM
By just changing glasses (I think) all of a sudden people became their true height.
@Rick 5'2 is not normal for you?
@Rick A matter of taste, I guess.
@CaptainGiraffe don't you want to be able to look people in the eye when you talk to them
@Rick Yes, but I always need to look downwards from the horizontal.
@Rick And, yes I'm going to die early because of my many cells.
@CaptainGiraffe always, why?
@Rick The only person I've met that was more Giraffe than me was a world famous basketball star.
11:47 PM
@CaptainGiraffe a lot of Scandinavian women are tall, they are built like tanks.
@CaptainGiraffe Maybe. There certainly seems to be a correlation, but I'm pretty sure it's too weak to draw definite conclusions about individuals. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/1600586
I can't imagine you standing out from the avg by that much.
@JerryCoffin Tanks are built to blend in to the natural environment.
@CaptainGiraffe Apparently not the greatest of them all though. Wilt actually had an almost unnaturally short neck considering his height otherwise.
@JerryCoffin Yes, of course the individual plays a big role.
@JerryCoffin It would have been neat to meet Wilt =)
11:51 PM
@CaptainGiraffe Indeed it would have.
@JerryCoffin Japanese women ranks very high in longevity, they are apparently 150cm tall on average.
@CaptainGiraffe Japanese people in general rank high in longevity, but most people seem to think that's at least partly due to diet.
@CaptainGiraffe why are you trying to live longer anyway? What's the objective?
@Rick Good question
@Rick Me? No, I'm very content in the way things are.
11:54 PM
Philippine people don't have nearly as great a life expectancy, but higher rates of malnutrition and violent crime play into that pretty heavily.
@Rick Why do you ask? Or rather, what made you ask?
@CaptainGiraffe I find it weird that you worry about this
@Rick I don't.
@CaptainGiraffe but are you getting married or something?
@Rick No. How old am I ?
11:57 PM
and you are choosing a wife based on her size?
@CaptainGiraffe I don't know
Me choosing a wife, size would be a factor.
@Rick I believe your guess is a bit (like around two decades) low.

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