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12:00 AM
@TelKitty Sure. But there's a lot of space that's used little (if at all) for either people or food. The overall population density works out to about 2 hectares per person.
@JerryCoffin And oxygen provision? That's assume it's not too cold or too hot and with enough rain to provide for vegetation and other more complex lives.
@TelKitty Here we're talking about the same number of people as now, just evenly distributed. We already have sufficient oxygen, and distributing people evenly wouldn't change that.
Oh, BTW IMHO, the whole LGBT promotion thing is also a good curb for birth rate. Since human babies are mainly conceived when a woman mates with a man. I did say mainly, of course there can be otherways ~shrug~
@JerryCoffin Yes, of course we have enough oxygen, otherwise a good percentage of us would have died from suffocation. But then we become fat, because less oxygen and more carbon dioxide in air </Telkittys_weird_theories>
12:24 AM
@TelKitty Does sounds somewhat unusual.
On the other hand, it means I don't have to take the blame for being overweight, so I'm suddenly convinced that it's probably accurate... :-)
1:21 AM
As a Giraffe, my square footage is better than public transport. All y'all should be more Giraffe!
@CaptainGiraffe Indeed we should. Unfortunately, most of use can but aspire to such heights.
2 hours later…
3:36 AM
As the founder of a few biz & organisation, I need better networking skills. Anyone want to networking with me, anyone?
3 hours later…
6:57 AM
@TelKitty I think you're looking in the wrong place. I suspect most of us here are only interested in networking that's done between computers (and routers, switches, etc.)
1 hour later…
8:24 AM
@JerryCoffin I am listening ... would that be the legal way or, err ... the more versatile way?
@TelKitty I'm a lot less certain that I can give a meaningful guess about that.
9:05 AM
You're receiving this monthly email because you turned on Location History, a Google Account–level setting that saves where you go in your private Timeline.
I ... did?
No matter how prepared, I am still astonished by google's intrusion of people's privacy.
Reminds me to dump Android phone. Paid hefty price on a phone that sells my data. I feel like an idiot.
3 hours later…
12:36 PM
@Mysticial lol just read about "Plundervolt" this really is a bad week for intel
12:51 PM
I'm gonna write my own debugger to replace gdb. Printing "no such value" for every expression can't be that difficult.
2 hours later…
3:09 PM
@JerryCoffin ISWYDT
@JerryCoffin It's basically still the same. Somehow I can't keep up the habit of frequenting chat since the volume went under a critical bar (not just a quantitative thing, I mean, seeing Telkitty post this or Mikhail asking "anyone working on something interesting" into the void daily doesn't keep me around)
@nwp "this variable was optimized" is much harder though
3:31 PM
@sehe it's always been very passive for me. I struggle to engage on topics outside my direct interests. So a lot of things discussed are just noise to me.
1 hour later…
4:47 PM
@sehe I’ve been meaning to bring up old stuff but I keep distracting myself
5:30 PM
@Mgetz So that's the SGX one.
It affects servers? Servers aren't OC'able. You can't control the voltage on them.
@Mysticial yep people were going "this doesn't apply because I can just force set voltages in the bios". Which might work for desktop parts but won't work for x299 at all
@Mysticial well you shouldn't be able to, but apparently intel exposes the FIVR via an MSR
So they only lock the multiplier, but not the voltages?
@Mysticial looks like it, and based on the fact there was an undocumented MSR for the voltages even multiplier could potentially be modifiable
If you have access to such MSRs in a cloud machine, you might as well just DOS it by crashing it.
@Mysticial depends on what your purpose is. If you're intelligence or organized crime getting someones private keys might be worth a lot more
more and more cybercrime is state sponsored
5:51 PM
some interesting undocumented MSRs and bits there
1 hour later…
7:04 PM
@Mgetz Even if it's not state sponsored, a lot of private criminals would like to get the private key for something like a bank.
Hey. I may soon join @Mysticial in not clicking on the button to see rep changes. They seem to have changed it from that horrendous green to a nice baby-blue color, so I no longer feel a compulsion to do whatever's necessary to get rid of that ugliness.
@JerryCoffin the line between state sponsored and criminal is very very fuzzy in the russian speaking parts of the world
@Mgetz (and quite a few others as well). But even in, say, the United States, I can easily imagine quite a few private individuals who'd love to have a bank's private key. Likewise in France, Germany, Italy, etc.
@JerryCoffin of course, that said I don't see most of those organizations been as savvy as some of their overseas counterparts
7:21 PM
@Mgetz Fair enough. Hijacking a truck or selling heroin certainly doesn't require nearly as much sophistication...
@JerryCoffin or as much paper trail
@Mgetz That too, now that you mention it.
Like it or not RICO was insanely effective. If not for that the mob would probably run this country
Silly trivia of the day: heroin was originally a prescription drug. The name was apparently derived from its "heroic" pain killing properties...
@Mgetz I'm not sure I'd go quite as far as "insanely effective". I'm also tempted to ask for proof that organized crime isn't running the country, but I guess I'll restrain myself for now. :-)
@JerryCoffin "No comment"
well comment: US organized crime is not
7:25 PM
@Mgetz Good call.
@Mgetz What organization ever really is, when you look closely?
@JerryCoffin The line between the GRU and the russian mob... isn't what it used to be
The US military is frequently cited as the largest and best organized on earth. But at least when I was in the Air Force, "organized" was far more a dream than a realistic goal, not to mention an actuality.
@JerryCoffin well best funded at least
That said reading about some of the issues the navy has I'm surprised we haven't seen more deaths in 'accidents'
@JerryCoffin oh it did just turn green.
@Mgetz I'm not entirely convinced that it ever really was nearly as clearly defined as many people like to believe. Then again, I'm not sure the US gov't has been particularly free of mafia influence within (at least) the last 50 years.
7:31 PM
@JerryCoffin we know it wasn't during Kennedy. So highly likely LBJ had some ties. Nixon hard to say but likely due to COINTELPRO. Ford, probably but they likely hid it from the president, ditto carter. Who knows after Reagan
but I'd guess the answer is: probably
@Mgetz Bottom line: it's something of a wave function, going up and down, but rarely above or below a certain level (and never completely going away).
Probably, I don't think anyone anticipated the current situation however
@Mgetz Probably not. At least the US mafia probably didn't--I'm sure they don't like being displaced. But in another way, something similar was probably inevitable. Reducing the mafia's influence left a power vacuum, so to speak, just waiting for some other criminals to fill it.
True, and the new ones were a lot more ruthless
@Mgetz That may be true, but I'm not sure. The mafia was utterly ruthless about some things. I tend to guess that the difference is more than we kind of understood the mafia's rules, and probably don't understand these rules as well, so they're ruthless in ways we notice more because it's more unexpected.
@Mysticial Damn! I swear it was baby blue a few minutes ago, but now it's back to that nasty green again.
7:42 PM
@JerryCoffin I think like any incumbent they were fat and happy and were both unprepared for the federal heat that RICO brought, but also competition from the new comers
that lead then to take a less violent stance than they might have previously
@Mgetz It does sort of fit with the old observation that throughout most of Europe in the middle ages, it took roughly three generations for a family to go from "biggest, meanest, nastiest warlord in the vicinity" to "God's chosen and anointed leader of his sacred country."
8:20 PM
I love how people are getting their panties in a twist over the mac pro when you can get much more expensive machines (with more RAM) from other vendors
8:33 PM
@LucDanton The condition know as life, I suspect
@JerryCoffin Contrast to the 3 months required in modern days
@JerryCoffin Same here. Funny how that goes. I suppose it just indicates a general distancing from the site (no longer engaging in most ways, with some exceptions)
Apparently I still sometimes click through the profile page
8:50 PM
@JerryCoffin I meant blue. I saw the blue, and now it reverted to green.
9:30 PM
Q: Why are reputation changes in the header sometimes in blue and other times in green?

ShepmasterEarlier today I got a blue notification about rep changes: And just now I got the regular green notification: Is there a distinction between the two colors? I notice that the blue counter has a different offset (I can see more of the star, for example). Perhaps this is an A/B test?

A: Reputation changes showing with blue background

Aaron ShekeyTiny bug there with a variable rename. Our variable literally named @green was coming out blue. CSS 😛

1 hour later…
10:38 PM
@Mysticial They reverted the bug fix...
@sehe but at least I've been doing more Raku, though with that being said I have been doing more Raku
11:12 PM
@sehe Yeah, my interest in the site has been dropping for quite a while, and the whole Monica situation has really soured me. I still answer a question now and again, but kind of grit my teeth and remind myself that I'm trying to help the person with the question, not really the site. Certainly don't spend time in review queues any more or anything like that though...

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