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12:00 AM
Wildlife go straight to get their life essentials while as humans created many many junks.
4 hours later…
3:57 AM
Dumb question what does bool foo{}; leave foo as?
Its false right?
It doesn't give compilation warning/error?
4:13 AM
@Mikhail true
Somebody said it was undefined but Idk, I read it like bool foo{0} ...
by which I mean it's true that it's false
4:37 AM
Is it normal that my 3yo daughter can unlock doors from the outside with ease
5:32 AM
Your daughter is talented (but I am not saying with what).
Modern day slavery ... includes forced labour. I wonder how many people don't want to work 9-6, 5 days a week if they don't need to.
Oo, did I say 9-6, 5 days a week? I mean, it maybe more.
The key, is not how many hours you work, it is whether you want to work for so long on the task(s) you have to do.
2 hours later…
8:01 AM
Most people will not develop noticeable symptoms from a fleabite.
Really? Then I am not like most people.
Also this is not the first time I suffer from flea bites weeks after the pets moved out of the place. They were not my pets and belong to people who used to live in the place.
Last time flea infestation lasted for months, and there were no pets. Fleas were left behind by pets owned by people who used to live there.
I am super allergic to fleas and flea bites have lasting effort on my skin for months. I hate fleas.
8:28 AM
Shocking truth: most people are not like most people
Idk, they have two eyes and stuff
Most people do not like most people ?
Turns out that experience makes us us express different characters
Thanks epigenetic
2 hours later…
10:41 AM
Q: Why does `ls` add a leading whitespace to its output for certain directories?

StackedCrookedIf I use the ls command in my home directory each line of output has a leading whitespace: $ ls bin Documents ... It only seems to do this for my home directory. Why does it do this?

^ Any ideas?
StackedCrooked is a new contributor. Be nice, and check out our Code of Conduct.
@StackedCrooked What? You are a new contributor?
11:28 AM
You know what the possessed in Exorcist and the superman have in common? They both can do what normal humans impossible to do physically.
6 hours later…
5:50 PM
A: Remove UI restriction against unprotecting questions less than 24 hours old

Ching chang ching sum ting wongo back to China first, no one wants you, y'all eat shit.

^^ The OP doesn't even look Asian. lol
Missing context: There's a deleted post by the same user that is clearly racist towards Chinese.
1 hour later…
7:09 PM
@TelKitty New on that site, apparently (at least in terms of number of posts, not necessarily length of time since he joined).
7:55 PM
@Mysticial Huh.
8:17 PM
Do any people know how to block commerrcials on youtube app?
How to skip the must see part?
I tried my ad blocker, they can at most block the part after 5 seconds
but for obligatory part, nothing helps
yesterday I encoutered a 20 seconds must see commercials
and I just closed the video
8:29 PM
I just use uBlock Origin.
It blocks everything.
1 hour later…
9:46 PM
Thanks! but are you it also works for the smart phone app? I think the youtube app is really persistent
But i will try
10:20 PM
The YouTube app doesn't allow any kind of ad blocking.
Why would Google give you any control over that?
They want you to watch as many ads as possible.
10:40 PM
I am not Google, so why should I watch ads?
I am free to do whatever I want
10:57 PM
Q: Is Azure's blocking of port 25 by default anti-developer?

Peter David CarterAzure blocks port 25 and open sending of mail by default for their VMs. However, if you pay them enough money, the block is lifted. They imply this is something to do with preventing spam, yet are people willing to pay Microsoft a lot of money less likely to generate spam? Ethically, therefore, i...

^^ /cc @Borgleader The comments...
Godwin's Law odds on that one before it get deleted?
@Mysticial I'd say 5:3 odds that it's deleted first.
@JerryCoffin Obviously anyone here can change those odds in an instant. :)
@Mysticial True. And no, I'm not working very hard at taking that into account, just guessing at how long it typically takes before either of those kicks in, and it seems to me like deletion votes usually happen faster.
Quote from adblovker:
But there is no way you can remove ads from a native YouTube app because it won’t work. To remove ads from apps that use HTTPS connections AdLock has to launch a MITM attack and replace their security certificates with its own security certificate. But starting from the last Android update to Nougat all apps with API Level 24 and above, and YouTube is among those apps, don’t trust third-parties’ certificates authorities for secure connections. That means YouTube app just won’t launch if we try to replace its security certificate with AdLock’s one to remove ads.
I don't why dns filter is useless with YouTube app? :/
11:18 PM
@JerryCoffin I'm impressed it's not deleted yet.
It's gotta be one of the stupidest comment threads I've read in a while. Good way to end a long day at work.
@Mysticial I think you out a word.
Interesting, Chrome didn't underline the word "stupidest" as not being a word. Is it officially part of the language yet?
@Mysticial Likewise.
@Mysticial Working really hard at resisting the temptation to reply with something about that being the stupidest idea I've heard in years... :-)
@JerryCoffin The feeling I get is that "stupider/stupidest" is basically a stronger version of "dumber/dumbest". In the sense that the object you're trying to describe is so stupid that it even makes the speaker stupid by not using proper English.
aww..... finally deleted. No Godwin's Law.
@Mysticial One step further, and you're into "D'oh!" territory.
@Mysticial And as you can see, I did contribute to the odds a bit... :-)
11:31 PM
@JerryCoffin :(
@Mysticial lol
@Mysticial But only out of civic duty. Honest!

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